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will ultimately prove curses: unsanctified deliver ances serve only to aggravate your guilt, and reserve you to a more insufferable destruction. Again, guard against DELAY: Á time enough yet, has deceived thousands. You know that a ship is never in so much danger of being lost, as when she is pressed by a heavy gale of wind, and without sea room; then the sight of land under her lee, dismays her helpless crew. SO THAT sinner, is in the most imminent danger of being lost, who puts off religion till the voyage of life is nearly finished, when he has no ROOM for repentance. Then the violent storms of sin and pain, agitate his body and mind; whilst the sight of death, and the awful shores of an eternal world; presage his endless woe! Therefore SEAMEN, bear-a-way from the perilous track of sin, while you have sea-room; and regulate your course by the gospel chart.

2dly, To the PIOUS. Though seamen labour under great disadvantages to religion, yet, many masters and men, are found in that part of the community, whose lives are an honour to their christian profession. Their tongues freed from cursing and bitterness, are employed in the ennobling exercise of prayer and praise. They live "Godly, righteously, and soberly," amidst their profligate shipmates;

Against example firm,
And resolutely good.

They also maintain a most profitable correspondence with Christ; the "Hid treasure" of whose glorious gospel, they esteem more precious than the gold of Opher. Richly freighted with those celestial goods, and favoured with the auspicious

gale of divine grace, they bend their course to heaven, --the cape of GOOD-HOPE. Pious seamen, accept a word of ADVICE. See that See that your lives are EVEN, with the gospel. As you square the yards, with the lifts and braces; so adjust your conduct, by the doctrines and precepts of Christ; uniformity, is the chief excellence of religion, and the brightest ornament of its professors. Mind you preserve "A good conscience;" that is the christian's RUDDER. As the helm governs the vessel, (without which she would be under no direction) so conscience, regulated by the word, and spirit of Christ, commands the whole man; and keeps him in the track of duty. Then beware, lest you unship your spiritual rudder, by running foul of the rocks of sin, and so fall off from your christian course, Also, prize a good hope. That is the SHEET-ANCHOR, Of of your minds; which if cast into the ocean of divine mercy, and taking hold on Christ; will enable you to ride out all the storms of life, with ease and safety. And remember, that a ship without BALLAST, is in great danger. So that soul, which is not settled by the grace of God, is in the utmost hazard of going to leeward, or of being upset. Then see that your souls are well ballasted with divine grace, that will hold, and keep you steady to your course; even when adverse winds, oblige you to beat your passage through. Also, suffer a word of CAUTION. Watch against the grand ENEMY; remember, he always hoists false colours, and makes a prize of the soul, under the disguise of a friend; therefore study acquaintance with his devices, and man the gang-ways of your souls, by incessant watchfulness and prayer; lest he should board, and take you captive. Guard against LEAKS. Consider how minutely you search the decks, sides, wales, and

bottom of your ships; and when at sea, you often sound the pumps, and if you find water in the hold, the brakes are instantly shipped. Mind you manifest an equal care against leaky hearts; sound them frequently by the rod of a faithful examination; and should you spring a leak in some unhappy storm of temptation, man the pumps of sincere repentance, and repair it by humble prayer. For to neglect this, would be as fatal to your souls, as a disregarded leak would be to a ship; it would sink you down to perdition. And mind that you never PUT-BACK. Many have gotten under weigh, and while the weather was fair, appeared to have good head-way, and seemed as though they would make a prosperous passage to the port of glory. But alas! When the winds of adversity began to roar, the billows of tribulation run high, and they were Tossed with tempest," they "Cast "Cast away their confidence," and again put-back to their native shore,

Where sin lulls all asleep.

Ah! How difficult it is to arrive safe across the ocean of time; to conquer enemies, get through intricate straits, weather perilous storms, steer clear of fatal rocks, and to sail at last with "An abundant entrance;" into the fair haven of endless 'tranquillity:

Where not a wave of trouble rolls,
To heave the peaceful breast.

But above all, cleave to Christ, he is your MAINSTAY: upon which the mast is not more dependant for its support, than you are upon him for strength; he is your strong hold, who alone can prevent your minds from being carried away by the terrible storms of sin. And make Christ your PILOT. For


as the case, and safety of a vessel, (especially in à dangerous sea) depends upon the skill of the steersman; so your security, relies wholly upon the guidance of Christ. Then every moment pray,

O Lord, the pilot's part perform,

And steer me through the dreadful storm,
Then winds and waves with all their force,
Cant drive me from my christian course.


Finally, Receive a word of CONSOLATION. courage yourselves in the Lord your God; he has graciously promised, that when you pass through the waters he will be with you, and the floods they shall not overflow you. And should his unerring wisdom suffer you to perish in the deep, even then it shall be well with you; the loss of a momentary life, will gain you another, and a better; the billow which buries your bodies in the sea, will kindly waft your happy souls,-home to Christ. Remember with what longing anxiety you look out for land after a tedious voyage, and how glad to set your foot again upon your native shore. Then how attentively should you watch for the glorious appearing of the blessed Saviour, and your Father's house above; whilst you exult at the thought of that triumphant joy, which will ravish your hearts when you arrive safe in Immanuel's land, and set your foot upon the shore of eternal glory. Now farewell. And as you have the NEW JERUSALEM right a-head, make all the sail you can, steer by the gospel compass, keep steady to your course, and may the Lord grant you a prosperous gale, and a safe arrival in the land of REST.

And may I meet you THERE! Amen.


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