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GRAND LODGE, June, 1825. I certify, that, pursuant to a resolution of the Grand Lodge, of January 17, 1825, the R W. Grand Master, James Harper, esq. the R. W. Past Grand Master, Josiah Randall, esq. and Brother Thomas F. Gordon were appointed a Committee to compile and report the Constitutions, Rules, and Regulations for the government of the Grand Lodge, and the Lodges under its jurisdiction, and that the said Committee reported the following work, which was unanimously approved by the Grand Lodge on the 18th day of April, 1825.


Grand Secretary.

Note.—The price of a Warrant (page 135) is, by typographical error, stated to be $1: it should read 81, say eighty-one dollars.



An Historical View of Masonry.

Page. 1. A notice of the principles and objects of Masonry, 1 II. Its conjectural history, or its relations to the ancient secret societies,

18 III. The history of Masonry in Great Britain,

37 IV, Its introduction and progress on the continent of

59 V. Its introduction and progress in the United States, 63 VI. Historical notice of the Arch degree,

78 VII. The Bodleian Manuscript,



BOOK II. General Polity of Masonry. 1. The ancient charges, as first collected and published in 1723,

97 II. The original constitutions,

109 III. The constitutions of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, 130 IV. The Pennsylvania constitution of the Royal Arch, 171


Ceremonial of Masonry.
I. Prayers used in Lodges:
Sec. 1. Ancient prayer used in opening a lodge,

182 183 ib.

2. At the making a brother,

3. At the closing of a lodge,
II. Charges used in Lodges:
Sec. 1. Charge to the G. M. at his installation,

2. Charge to a Master of a lodge at installation,
3. Charge at opening a lodge,
4. Charge at closing a lodge,
5. Charge at initiation to first degree,
6. Charge on passing to second degree,
7. Charge on raising to third degree,

184 186 188 190 191 194 196

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