The Leadership Genius of George W. Bush: 10 Commonsense Lessons from the Commander in Chief

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John Wiley & Sons, 14 мар. 2003 г. - Всего страниц: 316

"Finally, a fun-to-read book about George W. Bush that details the secrets to his success!"
Ken Blanchard, coauthor, The One Minute Manager

"Political journalists love graduate student intelligence, the ability to make clever allusions in seminars, and in 1999—2000, they hassled George W. Bush for not having it. They didn’t realize what this book succinctly displays: that the President has something far more important–CEO intelligence, the ability to ask tough questions, garner essential information, and make discerning decisions. Such intelligence can be fostered and honed, and this book shows how."
Dr. Marvin Olasky, Professor of Journalism, The University of Texas at Austin, and Editor in Chief, World magazine

"Put aside politics and read this book right away for its true wisdom and concrete advice about leadership. The authors have done a brilliant job explaining the leadership style that makes this President so effective. Any leader can learn from the philosophy, strategy, and tactics in this book."
Bruce Tulgan, founder of RainmakerThinking, Inc., and author, Winning the Talent Wars

"Thompson and Ware make a compelling case that this President who ‘loves to be underestimated’ has a highly effective approach to leadership that is humane, direct, and at times, truly transformational. Many in business today could benefit from reading this book."
David M. Abshire, President, Center for the Study of the Presidency

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Chapter 1 What Do You Stand For? Identify Core Values
Chapter 2 Where Are You Going? Inspire Through Vision
Chapter 3 Can I Trust You? Become Credible
Chapter 4 Bring in the Right People Part One Dont Be Afraid to Hire People Smarter Than You
Chapter 5 Bring in the Right People Part Two Leave Em Alone
Chapter 6 Encourage Collaboration Build Alliances
Chapter 7 Give It to Em Straight Communicate
Chapter 8 If Its Noon I Must Be Jogging Be Disciplined and Focus
Chapter 9 Intuitive Wisdom Trust Your Instincts
Chapter 10 Getting Results Hold People Accountable
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CAROLYN B. THOMPSON is President of Training Systems, Inc., a customized performance improvement and HR consulting company dedicated to helping small- and medium-size organizations enhance their ability to recruit, inspire, and retain quality leaders at every level. An experienced manager, Carolyn has held numerous leadership positions in chambers of commerce, public library boards, and global associations, including the International Society for Performance Improvement. Ms. Thompson is the author of several management books and has been the subject of articles in Working Woman magazine, Inc. magazine, Redbook, and BusinessWeek.

JAMES W. WARE is a partner of the Focus Consulting Group, Inc. The firm works with leaders to develop mission and value statements that are the foundation of sustainable growth. He is a recognized authority on the connection between creativity and business and has delivered keynote speeches on this topic to audiences around the world. Ware is a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®?qualified instructor, and a certified mediator for the Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago. Previously, he has been an instructor at the Keller Graduate School of Management and a trainer for Interaction Associates, global consultants for Facilitative Leadership training. Ware has a degree in philosophy, an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago, and earned the CFA (chartered financial analyst) designation.

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