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hold real or personal property for her sole and separate use, whether actual and continued change of possession of the property mortgaged, owned by her before or acquired in any way during marriage, and is are absolutely void as against creditors and subsequent bona fide purnot liable for the debts of the husband. She has free and full control chasers, unless such mortgage be recorded in the office of the county of the same, and may convey, devise, or encumber without the con- clerk of the county where the property is situated. When duly ex. sent of her husband, but is liable for all debts contracted by her be- ecuted, acknowledged, and recorded the mortgage is valid as against fore marriage and after, on account of her separate estate, and can

third persons for the term for which it is given, and for 2 months there. be sued for the same. She may make and hold deposits in savings after; but the mortgage remains of full force and effect as between banks. She is entitled to dower in all the real estate owned by the the parties thereto until the statute of limitations interferes. When husband during coverture unless she has barred or relinquished the the mortgage is duly recorded the mortgageor may retain possession same. The husband holds the wife's realty unless she left by a for- of the mortgaged property, but it is made a criminal offense to sell the mer husband issue to whom the estate might descend. A woman be

same or to remove the property out of the county without the con. comes of age at 21, but may marry at 18 without the consent of her sent of the mortgagee, the penalty being imprisonment in the peni. parents. Probate of Wills.--No wills made within this State (ex- tentiary not exceeding 10 yrs. Rights of Dower.-The rights of a cept such nuncupative wills as are mentioned in section No. 6 of married woman in this Territory are very nearly the same as those chapter 66 of the Revised Statutes) shall be effectual to pass any es

of an unmarried woman as respects her property both real and per. tate, whether real or personal, nor to change or in any way affect the sonal. She may make a will, sue and be sued, make contracts, carry same, unless it be in writing and signed by the testator, or by some

on a trade or business, retain her own earnings, and hold property, person in his presence and by his express direction, and attested and real or personal, with the rents and profits of the same, in her own subscribed by two or more competent witnesses in his presence; and name, free from the control and interference of her husband, the if the witnesses are competent at the time of attesting the execution same as though she were femme sole and unmarried; and her propof the will, their subsequent incompetency, from whatever cause it erty is exempt from execution or attachment for the debts of her may arise, shall not prevent the probate and allowance of the will if husband. She has also all the rights of an elector, and may hold it be otherwise satisfactorily proved. Insolvencies and Assign- office and vote at all elections in the same manner as other electors. ments.-Insolvent law by which debtor is discharged upon surren. She may not, however, be appointed administratrix or hold that dering property and complying with law. Drummer's Tax.- trust after marriage. Dower and tenancy by the courtesy are abol. None. Business Licenses.- None required except for hawkers ished in this Territory, and in lieu thereof the statute of distribution and peddlers. Places of Record of Deeds and Mortgages in gives to the surviving husband or wife, if there be no children, the each County.-Deeds, real estate mortgages, and judgments re- entire estate of the deceased, real and personal, after payment of corded at county seats; chattel mortgages recorded in town or city debts, provided the same does not exceed the sum of $10,000. Record. records,

ing Deeds.-Deeds must be made in writing and under seal, (a scroll is

sufficient,) atte ted by one witness, acknowledged before some person COUNTIES. COUNTY SEATS. COIXTIES.


authorized by law to take acknowledgments of deeds. A married Adams.. ..Friendship Manitowoc.

.Ashland Marathon


woman may by deed or mortgage convey her real estate in like Barron ... Barron Marinette..

.Marinette manner as she might do if she were a femme sole. Probate of Bayfield Bayfield Marquette...


Wills.- No statutory regulations exist in this Territory as to the
Green Bay Milwaukee.

Alma Monroe

Sparta execution and proof of wills. A compliance with the common
Grantsburg Oconto.....

...oconto law is all that is required as to wills executed in or out of the Calunet... .Chilton Oneida....


Territory. Wills must be proved and allowed in the probate Chippewa. Chippewa Falls Outagaie.

. Appleton Clark. Neillsville Ozaukee.... .Port Washington

courts in the county where the deceased resided, or, in case of Columbia.. .Portage Pepin....

.Durand non-residence, in the county where the real estate or a part thereof Crawford... ..Prairie du Chien Pierce..


may be situate. Exemption Laws.-A homestead consisting of Dane.. MADISON Polk.

Osceola Mills
Juneau Portage.

.Stevens' Point

a house and a lot or lots in a town or city, or land not exceed.. Door .Sturgeon Bay Price...

.Phillipsing 160 acres, the value not in either case exceeding $1,500, is Douglas. Superior Racine.

Racine Dunn.

allowed to a householder occupying the same. Also the following Menonionee Richland.. Richland Center Eau Claire ..Eau Claire Rock

Janesville property of a householder being the head of a family and residing Florence. .Florence St. Croix.

Hudson with them is exempt: Wearing apparel, family Bibles, pictures, Fond du Lac.. Fond du Lac Sauk..

..Baraboo Forest.... ...Crandon Sawyer...

school-books, cemetery lots, bedding, furniture, provisions, or such

Lancaster Shawano.

.Shawano other articles as the debtor may select, not exceeding in value Green

.Monroe Sheboygan.... .Sheboygan $500; tools, team, and implements, or stock-in-trade of a mechanic,
Green Lake.
Dartford Taylor...

Dodgeville Trempealeau..


miner, or other person, kept and used for the purpose of carrying on Jackson.........Black River Falls Vernon..

Viroqua his business or trade, not exceeding $300, are exempt; library, inJefferson. „Jefferson Walworth

. Elkhorn struinents, and implements of any professional man, worth not more Juneau... .. Mauston Washburn..

Shell Lake

than $:300. The person claiming exemption must be a bona fide resi. Kenosha.. Kenosha Washington..

West Bend
.Kewaunee Waukesha

Waukesha dent of the Territory. Arrest for Debt.-Issues for fraud. At.
La Crosse.
La Crosse Waupaca...

Waupaca tachment.-Issues against non-resident, absconding, or concealed La Fayette. Darlington Waushara...


debtor, or for concealing his property, and for fraud. Executions Langlade. Antigo Winnebago..

..Oshkosh Lincoln..... ......Merrill Wood........... ..Grand Rapids and Stays.-Execution issues immediately; no stays allowed except

in Justice's Court, 30 to 60 days. Limitations.--Open accounts, 4

yrs.; written accounts, 5 yrs.; sealed, 5 yrs. Preferences under WYOMING.-Legal Rate of Interest.-Twelve per cent. Assignment.-Not allowed. Insolvencies and Assignments.Game Laws.-Elks, moose, deer, mountain sheep or goats, ante- Assignments regulated by statute, which forbids preference. Credit. lopes or buffaloes, Dec. 1-Sept. 1; ptarmigan, grouse of different ors accepting from assignee their dividend are obliged by the statute kinds, and sage-hens, Nov. 15-Ang. 1. Mechanics' Lien.-Me- to release the assignor from all further liability. Limit of Juris. chanics and material men have a lien for labor and materials em- diction.- Justice of the peace, $100. Drummer's Tax.- None. ployed or used in the creation or repair of buildings. The claim Business Licenses.-Required from peddlers and hawkers only. therefor must be made out and filed by original contractor in 90 Places of Record of Deeds an Mortgages in each County.days and by others in 50 days from the time the work is finished or Deeds, mortgages, chattel mortgages, judgments, mechanics' and the last item of material furnished; and proceedings to foreclose the other liens recorded at county seats. lien must be commenced in 6 months after lien filed. Any person

COLYTIES. COUNTY SEATS. COUNTIES. COUNTY SEATS, performing any work in the making or repair of any article of per- Albany.

Laramie City Laramie.. CHEYENNE CITY Bonal property has a lien for the same for his charges. Chattel Carbon..

..Rawlins National Park Reservation........

Vatrona Mortgages.-Mortgages of personal property must be executed and Converse


.Sundance Sheridan . acknowledged in the same manner as conveyances of real estate, and, Fremont

Lander Sweetwater......Green River City unless accompanied by an immediate delivery, and followed by an Johnson.

.Buffalo Uinta..



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