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Published Four Times each Year, in January, April. July, October

The Quarterly Review

JANUARY, 1912. 1. The History of Majority Rule. By Th. Baty, LL.D. II. New Light on George Sand. III. Fiji as a Crown Colony. (With map.) By Sir Everard Im Thurn, K.C.M.G. IV. The Elizabethan Reformation. By the Rev. Prof. Whitney. V. Music and Drama. By W. H. Hadow. Vi. The “Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum." By Dr. A.W. Ward. VII. The Philosophy of Henri Bergson. By Sydney Waterlow. VIII. The United States Steel Corporation. By Edward Porritt. IX. Turkey Under the Constitution.

X. The Growth of Expenditure on Armaments. By Edgar Crammond XI. The Duke of Devonshire and the Liberal Unionists. XII. Tripoli and Constantinople. By Dr. E. J. Dillon. XIII. Home Rule Finance.

The Edinburgh Review

JANUARY, 1912.
1. The Place of Doctrine in War.
II. The Elizabethan Playwright.
III. Chatham and the Country Life of his Day.
IV. Auguste Rodin and his French Critics.
V. The Wessex Drama.
VI. Changes of Current in Political Thought.
VII. The Sovereignty of the Air.
VIII. William Pitt.
IX. Russo-Chinese Relations (A.D. 1224-1912).
X. Scottish Songstresses.
XI. Great Britain and Europe.

Price, $1.25 each

Leonard Scott Publication Co., 249 West Thirteenth St., New York

new york

The Berlitz School of Languages

NEW YORK, Madison Square (1122 Broadway) Harlem Branch, 343 Lenox Avenue Brooklyn Branch, 218 Livingston Street

Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati, San Francisro, Orange, Paris,

London, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Constantinople, Brussels, Geneva, Havana, Buenos Aires, Rosario, Montevideo, Cairo, Algiers, Christiania, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Etc.

Over 350 Branches in the Leading Cities of the World Pupils traveling may transfer the value of their lessons to any other Berlitz School

Superior Native Teachers Students from the first lesson hear and speak only the foreign language and thus soon begin to think in the same.

Trial Lesson Free

Lessons Privately and in Classes, Day and Evenings, at Sehool or Residence

Recent Awards Paris Exposition, 1900, Gold Medals; Lille Exposition, 1902, Grand Prize; Zurich Exposition, 1902, Grand Prize; St. Louis Exposition, 1904, Grand Prize; Liége Exposition, 1905, Grand Prize;

London Exposition, 1908; Grand Prize. For Self Instruction and Schools without Berlitz Teachers the following books are highly recommended : French with or without Master, 2 vols, each, $1.00 Smattering of Spanish

$0.30 German 'ist vol. $1.00, 2 vol. $1.25 French Comedies, each

$0.25 Spanish

2 vols., each

French Novelettes, each




INCORPORATED 1892 THE THE New York School of Applied Design for Women was organized for the purpose of

affording to women practical instruction which will enable them to earn a livelihood by the application of ornamental design to manufacture and the numerous arts and crafts.

No fixed period for the course of instruction is established. Each pupil is allowed to proceed as rapidly as she masters the successive steps in the course of instruction, and she is allowed to pass from the Elementary Department to that of the Applied Design whenever hei attainments justify the promotion.

The ability and industry of each pupil thus largely determines her rate of progress and the length of time during which she will be obliged to remain in the School, but the Ele mentary Department is intended to cover a year and a half for those students who have had no previous instruction in drawing.

No examination is required for entrance into the Elementary Course. Studer liberty to choose which of the Advanced Departments to enter after passing the examinations.



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Characters and Events of Roman History

By Guglielmo Ferrero

The book consists of a group of studies of the great men and great ladies of
ancient Rome and of critical moments and events in Roman history. Among
the people and subjects treated are “Corruption" in Roman history, The Le-
gend of Antony and Cleopatra, Nero, The Relation of the Conquest of Gaul
to the Development of modern France, Julia and Tiberius, Wine in Roman
History, and Roman History and Modern Education. Interesting, entertain-
ing, picturesque, full of pregnant ideas, this volume of Professor Ferrero's is
sure to find an absorbed audience that will be richly rewarded for the close
attention they will give it.
Price, $1.50 net; carriage extra

G. P. Putman's Sons

The Spell of Holland

By Barton E. Stevenson A charming and delightful book of travel, a book as charming as the country it describes and as delightíul as a trip through Holland always is. Mr. Stevenson's narrative is alive with humor. Every page has a twinkle in it, and some have two or three. Yet it is filled with information, served up in so smiling a way that one scarcely realizes one is learning as well as enjoying. There are numerous photographs taken by the author, and a helpful folding map. A true book of Holland study! Price, $2.50 net; carriage extra

L. C. Page & Co.

The Wit and Humor of Colonial Days

By Carl Holliday

The author of this book finds the beginnings of American humor in the very
beginnings of American life and settlement. And he advances many an amus-
ing argument in support of his proposition. He performs a real service in
demonstrating that our Revolutionary forefathers enjoyed a laugh and often
indulged in it-an idea that will be new to many people. Drawing upon many
forgotten sources for his material Mr. Holliday has recreated a new chapter in
early American history, the study of which as he presents it, will be found as
entertaining as it is new.
Price, $1.50 net; carriage extra

J. B. Lippincott Co.

Charles Dickens as Editor

By R. C. Lehmann This most important of the Dickens Centenary publications contains some 400 letters of the great novelist, only a handful of which have ever before been published, and all of them written at the most interesting period of his life. They voice Dicken's intimate opinions on his literary contemporaries and things in general. One group of them tells of his second American tour, this book is handsomely printed and is illustrated with photogravures. The lovers of Dickens will find it a welcome addition to their shelves. Price, $3,25 net; postpaid $3.45

Sturgis & Walton Co.

The Common Faith of Common Men By R. H. Potter

A group of helpful and suggestive papers whose general scope is admirably
expressed in the title of the book.
Price, $1.08 net

Teachers College Columbia University

Breakfast Cocoa

George Wendern
Gave a Party ...


Is of Unequaled Quality


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This fine story, which promises to be the novel of the year, is begun in Blackwood's Magazine for January. It is bound to attract wide attention and win, both for its author and for “Maga'' a host of friends.

(Blackwood's Magazine is easily the foremost family magazine published in Great Britain. It has a fine literary quality that is essentially its own. The original English edition may be had from the American publishers for $3.00 per year; Canada, $3.35; just about half what it costs in England.

Trade-Mark On Every


53 Highest Awards in
Earope and America

U.S. Pat. Off,

Dorchester, Mass.

Established 1780


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National Insurance in Englard Notable articles on one of the most important modern economic problems,

authoritatively written and of deep and serious import: The Insurance Bill in the Commons

The National Insurance Act

Both the above articles appear in the Fortnightly Review for January.
The State Insurance Act

A notable paper in the Contemporary Review for January.

An exhaustive review of the whole problem, with a Note on Hospitals under the Act as

published in the Quarterly Review for October, 1911. Price, post paid, $1.25

249 West 13th Street, New York

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