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Statement of

Aldo, Lee, president, Connecticut Vegetable Growers' Association,
Milford, Conn....

3056 Althouse, Clarence R., vice president, Eastern Farmers Union, and

cochairman, National Poultry Farmers Association, Trenton, N. J. 3260 Angevine, George, Connecticut Poultry Association, Warren, Conn. 3072 Barrett, Evans H., Keene, N. H.

3108 Barton, William, Freehold, N. J.

3255 Baruch, Bernard M., New York, N. Y.

3288 Benham, Stanley H., president, Dairymen's League Cooperative Association, Millbrook, N. Y..

3173 Berger, Irving, Council of Poultry Organizations of New Jersey, Lakewood, N. J..

3232 Berghold, William F., New York, N. Y.

3239 Bishop, Jack B., Steuben Area Potato Council, Wayland, N. Y. 3285 Blencoe, Adelbert H., Cooperstown, N. Y.

3282 Bliss, Claud E., Jr., Cooperstown, N. Y.

3282 Branon, Mrs. Mary B., State Rural Life Chairman, National Council of Catholic Women, Fairfield, Vt.

3060 Brownell, Forrest, Johnsonville, N. Y

3286 Browngardt, Theodore, Sprakers, N. Y.

3290 Candage, Everett C., temporary chairman, Commodities Committee,

Schenectady County Farm Bureau, Rotterdam Junction, N. Y.- 3279 Casler, Warren, Fort Plain, N. Y..

3290 Chadwick, Clifton, Randolph Center, Vt-.-.

3153 Chase, Addison, Sprakers, N. Y...

3290 Clark, Marvin W., president, Richmond Cooperative Creamery, Williston, Vt..

3024 Colby, James, Litchfield, N. H.

3109 Cole, Stacey W., West Swanzey, N. H.

3105 • Conner, Lester, Henniker, N. A.

3106 Cramton, Cyrus E., Castleton, Vt-

3132 Dailey, Norman, president, Eastern Federation of Feed Merchants, Inc., Narrowsburg, N. Y

3264 Daniels, James P., mayor, Middleburg, N. Y.

3222 Davis, Amherst W., president, Suffolk' County Farm Bureau, Mount Sinai, N. Y...

3279 Dillenbeck, Alton, Fonda, N. Y

3290 Drake, Clifford S., Cooperstown, N. Y

3282 Dudley, George C., Connecticut Milk Producers Association, Litchfield, Conn.

3075 Dunklee, Ernest W., Windham County Farm Bureau, Vernon, Vt.. 3138 Edmunds, Ferrin, president, Potato Industry Council of Maine, Fort Fairfield, Maine.

3036 Edson, J. Leo, president, New England Milk Producers Association, Inc., Plainfield, Vt.

3005 Eastman, Howard, Vermont Certified Seed and Potato Growers Association, Hardwick, Vt--

3066 Evans, Harold J., secretary-treasurer, New York Cooperative Seed Potato Association, Inc., Georgetown, N. Y

3256 Fitts, Perley I., Commissioner, New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Concord, N. H..

3098 Francisco, Harry, Amsterdam, N. Y.

3290 Froberg, Burton, president, Rhode Island Association of Farmers, Inc., Lafayette, R. I.

3127 Gerisch, Mrs. Frances G., Ashfield, Mass...

3062 Grant, 0. L., Liberty, N. Y.




3068 3012 3146 3273 3282


3274 3152 3282





3286 3287



Statement of Continued

Gray, Earl N., president, United Farmers of New England, Inc.,

Morrisville, Vt.
Griffin, W. W., president, Vermont State Horticultural Society,

Burlington, Ví.
Griggs, Lawrence E., Morrisville, Vt..
Gude, Arthur, Alstead, N. H.
Hakes, A. D., Pitcher, N. Y..
Halbert, Robert M., Gilbertsville, N. Y..
Hardison, Lewis M., president and general manager, Clark Seed

Farms, Richford, N. Y.
Harriman, Hon. Averell, Governor of the State of New York, Albany,

N. Y..
Heller, Paul, secretary, Artificial Breeding Council of New England..
Hinman, Carlton J., Cooperstown, N. Y.-
Hubbard, Oliver J., chairman, committee on national farm legislation,

New Hampshire Poultry Growers Association, Walpole, N. H.-
Humphreys, George, president, Oneida County Farm Bureau, New

Hartford, N. Y.--
Hussey, Frank W., executive vice president, Potato Industry Council

of Maine, Presque Isle, Maine.---
Hutton, William A., president, Connecticut-Massachusetts Tobacco

Cooperative, Somers, Conn.---
Huxtable, James F., president, Herkimer County Farm Bureau;

director, Young Farmer Group; advisor, West Winfield Future

Farmers, West Winfield, N. Y.
Jaffe, David, Glen Wild, Ń. Y.
Keane, Edmund J., vice president and director, agricultural program,

Merchants National Bank & Trust Co., Syracuse, N. Y.-
Kelsey, Monford S., president, Tri-State Milk Producers Cooperative,

Inc., Canastota, N. Y..
Klemme, Donald, chairman, Montgomery County Dairy Committee,

Fort Plain, N. Y.
Kniffin, Milo R., president, First National Bank, Cobleskill, N. Y.
Korzeniewski, Leon, Morrisville, N. Y.
Kubis, Andrew J., Cooperstown, N. Y.
Kubis, Michael, Cooperstown, N. Y.
Kupchunos, Benedict, Wapping, Conn.
La France, Morris, Randolph Center, Vt
Lasbury, Ralph C. Jr., director, the Shade Tobacco Growers Agricul-

tural Association, Inc., Hartford, Conn..
Lehman, Hon. Herbert H., a United States Senator from the State of

New York..
Lent, Frank B., marketing counsel, Metropolitan Cooperative Milk

Producers Bargaining Agency, Inc., New York, N. Y--
Lyons, James G., assistant commissioner of agriculture, State of New

York, Albany, N. Y.--.
Masten, Edward C., general manager, Manchester Dairy System, Inc.,

Manchester, N. H.
McLeod, Donald, president, New Hampshire Horticultural Society,

Milford, N. H.
McSparran, J. Collins, secretary, Pennsylvania State Grange, Harris-

burg, Pa...
Mills, Jesse E., president, Massachusetts Turkey Growers Association,

Paxton, Mass.
Newberry, Ellsworth S., South Windsor, Conn.
Newton, Park, Georgia, Vt.
Orr, Samuel J., manager, Connecticut-Massachusetts Tobacco Co-

operative, Holyoke, Mass...
Packard, Arthur, Jericho, Vt--
Pero, Joseph G., manager, Pero Orchards, Manchester, Conn..
Perry, Walter J., Savoy, Mass..
Phillips, Edwin R., Cooperstown, N. Y.-
Piseck, Stanley A., Newport, N. Y..
Renouf, Henry, Belchertown, Mass.
Richmond, Mrs. Doris, East Charlotte, Vt.-
Richmond, Fred L., Charlotte, Vt..

3290 3201 3227 3282 3282 3095 3123








3097 3089 3009

3084 3122 3133 3134 3282 3251 3136 3152 3149






3263 3207




3233 3216

2998 3138 3272

Statement of-Continued

Roberts, Frank W., secretary, Connecticut Vegetable Growers Asso

ciation, Middletown, Conn...
Schmuckler, Arnold, director, Inter-County Farmers Cooperative

Assn. Inc., Woodridge, N. Y.
Schumacher, Raymond, president, Ocean County Board of Agricul-

culture, Toms River, N. J...
Shaul, Kenneth A., president, Schoharie County Cooperative Dairies,

Inc., and president, Mutual Federation of Independent Coopera

tives, Inc., Cobleskill, N. Y...
Slocum, Louis, executive secretary, Eastern Farmers Union, Trenton,

N. J.
Slusarczyk, Ed, farm director, Station WIBX, Utica, N. Y,
Smith, Dean, Rhode Island Association of Farmers, Inc., Lafayette,

R. I..
Smith, Donald L., executive secretary, Vermont Cooperative Council,

Barre, Vt..
Smith, Harold J., president, Bellows Falls Cooperative Creamery,

Cuttingsville, Vt.
Smith, Paul, assistant commissioner, Department of Agriculture and

Markets, Albany, N. Y.
Smith, William T., II, Elmira, N. Y
Stafford, Henry, chairman, Dairy Cooperative Marketing Committee,

Bethel, Vt.
Stoddard, Henry A., Vermont State Grange, Bellows Falls, Vt..
Stout, Stanley E., Penn Yan, N. Y.-
Sykes, Christopher B., vice president, North Worcester County Dairy-
mens' Association, Ashburnham, Mass., and also representing
Central Massachusetts Dairy Association, Southeast Quality Milk
Producers' Association, North-Central Massachusetts Dairymen's
Association, and Southeast Worcester County Dairymen's Asso-

Talmage, Ferris G., East Hampton, N. Y.
Tuttle, Arthur, director, Inter-County Farmers Cooperative Asso-

ciation, Inc., Woodridge, N. Y.
Van Derwerken, James E., Central Bridge, N. Y.
Varney, Harry, Jr., Charlotte, Vt----
Wade, Robert L, Massachusetts--
Waldo, Antonio G., secretary, Canastota Growers Cooperative Asso-

ciation, Inc., Canastota, N. Y.
Wallace, Keith, president, Vermont State Farm Bureau, Inc., Bur-

lington, Vt.
Webster, Dean K., Jr., president, H. K. Webster Co., Lawrence, Mass.
Weiss, Harold, Farmingdale, N. J.
Wickham, Don J., president, New York State Farm Bureau, Hector,

N. Y..
Wilber, Stanley R., Gilbertsville, N. Y.
Wood, Roy W., Pittsford, Vt---
Wright, Archie, president, Farmers Union of the New York Milkshed,

Ogdensburg, N. Y..
Wyman, Mrs. Raymond, secretary-treasurer, Vermont Turkey

Growers Association, North Hartland, Vt.
York, John C., Eastern Milk Producers Cooperative Association,

Inc., Syracuse, N. Y..
Zelnick, Joseph, Freehold-Lakewood-Farmingdale Cooperative of

Farmingdale, Freehold, N.J..

3111 3217

3284 3288 3030 3074


3118 3129 3243

3224 3282 3139








Montpelier, Vt. The committee met, pursuant to notice, at 9:00 o'clock a. m., in the House of Represetatives room, State Capitol Building, Senator Allen J. Ellender (chairman) presiding.

Present: Senators Ellender, Holland, and Aiken.
Also present: Representative Prouty (Vermont).
The CHAIRMAN. The committee will please come to order.
The committee is very glad to be here this morning.

I have before me a list of witnesses numbering a little over 60, and I want to give assurance that this committee will make every

effort to hear all of you.

As I indicated last night to some of you, I wish that the witnesses present would listen to the testimony and try to omit as much duplication as possible as we go along. In that way I am sure that we will be able to hear everybody. The list that I have before me was sent out of Washington by one of our secretaries and that was made up from a list of witnesses who desired to be heard, who wrote in to our committee. And as they wrote in, their names were placed on the list. I am using that list but I wish to say that in order to try to get as many of the witnesses who represent particular groups to testify, I may have to skip around a little bit to have them in order. However, if I do overlook some of you at first, I will come back to the list.

We have people from Maine interested in potato growing, which is an important segment of their economy. Then we have the dairy people. And we have the small grain and poultry people.

We will make every effort, as I said, to give all of those who represent those various commodities an opportunity to have their say.

I was informed by the clerk of the committee that by calling the head of, let us say, the dairy group, that 1 will speak for 2 or 3 or 4 who have given in their names. And if I am correct in that, that will, of course, eliminate the testimony of quite a few witnesses who are on this list, but my suggestion is that the witnesses in that group make themselves available, so that in the event that this committee desires to ask questions, for that purpose.

Another thing I wish to state is this, do not be guided by the tone of the questions that the members of the committee ask you. We do not want to be judged by the questions we ask as to our views on any particular subject. If a witness takes the negative or the affirmative on the question, we will just take the reverse of what he does in order to bring out all the facts. That is the only reason why that is being done.

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