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sacraments, are bound to praise him, who now “alteth” them from sin to righteousness, and will hereafter exalt them from dust to glory. Since few of my readers may, perhaps, have met

, with a paraphrase on the foregoing Psalm, that has hitherto, I believe, only made its appearance in a periodical publication or two, I shall take the liberty to subjoin it, as a piece, which cannot but be acceptable to all true lovers of sacred poetry. It was written, as I have been lately informed, by the learned and ingenious Dr. OGILVIE, at sixteen years of age.



BEG IN, my soul, th' exalted lay,
Let each enraptur'd thought obey,

And praise the Almighty's name.
Lo! heaven and earth, and seas and skies,
In one melodious concert rise,
To swell th' inspiring theme.

Ye fields of light, celestial plains,
Where gay transporting beauty reigns,

Ye scenes divinely fair;
Your Maker's wondrous power proclaim,
Tell how he form d your shining frame,

And breath'd the fluid air.


Ye angels, catch the thrilling sound;
While all th’ adoring thrones around

His boundless mercy sing;
Let every listening saint above
Wake all the tuneful soul of love,
And touch the sweetest string.

Join, ye loud spheres, the vocal choir ;
Thou, dazzling orb of liquid fire,

The mighty chorus aid: Soon as grey evening gilds the plain, Thou, moon, protract the melting strain,

And praise him in the shade.


Thou heaven of heavens, his vast abode ; Ye clouds, proclaim your forming God,

Who call’d yon worlds from night : “ Ye shades, dispel!”—th' Eternal said; At once th' involving darkness fled, And nature sprung to light.

Whate'er a blooming world contains,
That wings the air, that skims the plain,

United praise bestow :
Ye dragons, sound his awful name
To heaven aloud; and roar acclaim,

Ye swelling deeps below.

Let every element rejoice:
Ye thunders, burst with awful voice
To him who bids


His praise in softer notes declare,
Each whisp'ring breeze of yielding air

And breathe it to the soul,

To him, ye graceful cedars, bow;
Ye tow'ring mountains, bending low,

Your great Creator own:
Tell, when affrighted nature shook,
How Sinai kindled at his look,

And trembled at his frown.


Ye flocks that haunt the humble vale,
Ye insects flutt'ring on the gale,

In mutual concourse rise ;
Crop the gay rose's vermeil bloom,
And waft its spoils, a sweet perfume,

In incense to the skies.

Wake, all ye mountain tribes, and sing;
Ye plumy warblers of the spring,

Harmonious anthems raise
To him who shap'd your finer mould,
Who tipp'd your glitt'ring wings with gold,

And tun'd your voice to praise. .


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Let man, by nobler passions sway'd,
The feeling heart, the judging head,
In heav'nly praise employ ;
Spread his tremendous name around,
Till heav'n's broad arch rings back the sound,
The gen'ral burst of joy.


Ye whom the charms of grandeur please,
Nurs'd on the downy lap of ease,

Fall prostrate at his throne;

Ye princes, rulers, all adore;

Praise him, ye kings, who makes your pow'r
An image of his own.


Ye fair, by nature form'd to move,
O praise th' eternal Source of love,
With youth's enliv'ning fire:
age take up the tuneful lay,
Sigh his bless'd name-then soar away,
And ask an angel's lyre.



The children of Zion are excited, 1-3. to rejoice, and sing the praises of their King, on account,


4. of the salvation which he has already wrought for them, and which will hereafter be completed in them, when, 5. they shall enter into his rest, and, 6-9. triumph with him over the persecuting powers of the world, and all the opposers of Christ, on whom will then be executed the judgement written. The Jews, mistaking, as usual, the time, place, nature of Messiah's glorious kingdom, imagine this Psalm will receive its accomplishment, by their being made rulers of the nations, and lords of all things here below.


1. Praise ye the LORD. Sing unto the LORD a new song, and his praise in the congregation of saints. 2. Let Israel rejoice in him that made him, let the children of Zion be joyful in their King. 3. Let them praise his name in the dance; let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harps


Christians are now the people, to whom belong the names and characters of" saints, Israel, and "children of Zion." They "sing" this holy "song," as the Psalmist hath enjoined them to do. They sing it "new" in its evangelical sense, as new men, celebrating new victories, new and greater mercies, a spiritual salvation, an eternal redemption. They “rejoice,” with hearts, voices, instruments, and every other token of joy," in him who hath made” or created them again, in righteousness and true holiness; they are" joyful in their King," who hath himself overcome, and is now leading them on to

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