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Head of Dept. IV A4 of RSHA, and Chief of Sub-section "b"

thereof charged with "The Solution of the Jewish Question". EPP, FRANZ, RITTER von

Reichsleiter; Reichstatthalter Bayern; SA-Obergruppenfuehrer;

Head of Colonial Policy Office of Party; General der Infanterie. ESSER, HERMANN

Staatssekretaer and head of Tourists Division in Reich Propaganda Ministry; Praesident of “Reich Group Tourist Traffic" (Fremdenverkehr) ; Vice-President of the Reichstag ; State Min


Generaloberst-Commander of Belgium and Northern France. FALKENHORST, NIKOLAUS von

Generaloberst-Commander in Norway. FIEHLER, KARL

Reichsleiter; Chief of the Party Department for Municipal Policy; SS-Obergruppenfuehrer; Chairman of the Congress of German Municipalities; Oberbuergermeister Muenchen; Mem

ber of the Academy for German Law. FISCHER, ERICH

Head of Home Press Division in the Reich Propaganda Ministry; Head of office for “German Press” in the Press Department of the Government; Head of Political Press section with Reichs

pressechef (RL). FISCHER, HUGO

Head of Culture and Exhibitions sections in Reich Propaganda

Department of RL. FOSTER, ALBERT

Gauleiter, Reichsstatthalter and Reichsverteidigungskommissar

Danzig-Westpreussen. FRANK, DR. HANS

Governor-General of Poland; Reichsleiter until 1942; Reich Minister without portfolio; SS-Obergruppenfuehrer; President of the International Chamber of Law (1941–42) and of Academy of German Law; Member of the Reichstag; Leader of National

Socialist Lawyers Bund (1933-1942). FRANK, KARL-HERMANN

German Minister of State with rank of Reich Minister; Hoeh

erer SS und Polizeifuehrer “Protectorate” and Sudetenland. FREISLER, DR. ROLAND

President of the People's Court; Prussian State Councillor; Member of the Academy of German Law.

Minister of Interior (1933–1943); Reichsprotector of Bohemia and Moravia; Reichsdirektor of Elections (1933-1943); SSObergruppenfuehrer; Reichsleiter; Head of Nazi Reichstag Delegation; Member of Reich Defense Council; General Plenipotentiary for the Administration of the Reich (1935-1943);

Reichsminister without Portfolio (1943-1945). FRIEDRICHS, DR. HELMUT

Head of Section for Internal Party affairs in and deputy head

of Chancellery of the Party. FRITZSCHE, HANS

Ministerialdirektor, Reich Ministry of Propaganda; Plenipotentiary for the Political Supervision of Broadcasting in Greater Germany; head of Broadcasting Division in Propaganda Min


Reich Minister of Economics; Member of the Ministerial Council for Defense of the Reich; Plenipotentiary for Economics; President of the Reichsbank ; Vice-President of the Reich Chamber of Culture; formerly Chief of Press of the Reich Government (1933-1937); member of Reichstag (1932-1933); and State Secretary in the Ministry for Public Enlightenment and

Propaganda (1933-1937).

General der Infantrie; SA-Gruppenfuehrer; Minister in Seyss-
Inquart Cabinet; German General Plenipotentiary in Austria in


Chief of “Amtsgruppe D” in the Economic and Administrative Main Office (Wirtschafts- and Verwaltungshauptamt) of SS; Commander of Concentration Camps; SS-Gruppenfuerer; Gen

eral-leutnant d. Waffen-SS. GOEBBELS, DR. PAUL JOSEF

Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda; Member of the Secret Cabinet Council; Chairman of the Interministerial Committee on Air-Raid Damage; Reichspropagandaleiter of the NSDAP; Reichsleiter; President of the Reich Chamber of Culture; Stadtpraesident, Gauleiter, Reichsverteidigungskommissar of Berlin; Reich Plenipotentiary for Total War Ef


Successor designate No. 1 to Hitler; Reich Minister for Air; President of the Ministerial Council for the Defense of the

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Reich; member of the Secret Cabinet Council; Reich Forest Master; Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force; Prime Minister of Prussia; President of the Prussian State Council; President of the Reichstag; Plenipotentiary for the Four Year Plan; Head of the "Reichswerke Hermann Goering"; Reichsmarschall; SS

Obergruppenfuehrer; SA-Obergruppenfuehrer. GREIM, ROBERT RITTER v.

Generaloberst, C.-in-C. of the Air Force (OKL) 1945. GROSS, DR. WALTER

Head of Racial Policy Department of the Party; high official in the Chancery of the Party; Hauptdienstleiter; Head of the

Science Division in Ideology Department (Amt Rosenberg). GUDERIAN, HEINZ

Generaloberst, Chief of Staff of the Army (OKH). GUENTHER, DR. HANS K. F.

Professor of racial science at Jena. HAENEL

Head of Amt II, Reich Main Security Office; SS-Obersturmbann

fuehrer. HALDER, FRANZ

Colonel-General; Chief of Staff of OKH (until summer 1942). HANNEKEN, HERMANN von

General der Infanterie; Military Commander in Denmark until


Professor; Generalmajor (retd); President of Society for Geo

politics; Publisher of periodical "Die Geopolitik." HENLEIN, KONRAD

Gauleiter and Reichsstatthalter Sudetenland; SS-Obergruppen

fuehrer; member of the Reichstag. HESS, RUDOLF

Successor Designate No. 2 of the Fuehrer; Deputy of the
Fuehrer for all Party affairs; Reich Minister; member of the

Reichstag until 1941.

Formerly SS-Obergruppenfuehrer and Chief of the RSHA. HIERL, KONSTANTIN

Reichsleiter; Reichsarbeitsfuehrer; Reichsminister; member of

the Reichstag; Generalmajor. HIMMLER, HEINRICH

Reichsfuehrer SS und Chef der Deutschen Polizei; Reich Commissar for the Strengthening of German Folkdom; Reich Min


ister of the Interior; Reichsleiter; Chief of the Replacement

Army; Military Chief of the Volkssturm. HITLER, ADOLF

Fuehrer u. Reichskanzler; Fuehrer of NS Party and Movement; Commander-in-Chief of the Wehrmacht; Commander-in-Chief of Army; Chief of Cabinet; Chief of Reich Defense Council;

Chief of SA.

General der Infantrie.

Colonel-General (1944); Chief of Operation Staff of High Com

mand of OKW (1939-1945). JUETTNER, HANS

Head of SS Operational Main Office and Command of the Combat SS; Permanent Deputy to Himmler as Commander of the Replacement Army; SS-Obergruppenfuehrer; General d. Waf


Chief of SA Command and Permanent Deputy of the Chief of Staff; Chief of Mounted SA; SA-Obergruppenfuehrer; Member

of the Reichstag. KALTENBRUNNER, DR. ERNST

Chief of Security Police and Security Service; Chef des Reichssicherheitshauptamtes (Reich Security Main Office); Member of

the Reichstag; SS-Obergruppenfuehrer; General der Polizei. KEITEL, WILHELM

Generalfeldmarschall; Chief of the High Command of the Armed Forces (OKW); Member of Cabinet with rank of Reichsminister; Member of Secret Cabinet Council; Member of Ministerial Council for Defense of the Reich; Member of Reich De


Generalfeldmarschall; C-in-C. South West and Army Group C. KITZINGER, KARL

General der Flieger. KLAGGES, DIETRICH

Ministerpraesident, Minister of the Interior, of Finance and of

Education, in Braunschweig; SS-Obergruppenfuehrer. KLEIST, EWALD von

Generalfeldmarschall. KLOPPER, DR. GERHARD

Ministerialdirektor; Staatssekretaer and Expert for Govern

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ment Affairs in Party Chancery; Oberdienstleiter; SS-Gruppen

fuehrer. KOCH, ERICH

Oberpraesident and Gauleiter of Ostpreussen; Reich Defense
Commissioner for Wehrkreis I; SS-Gruppenfuehrer; Reich

Commissioner of Ukraine, Bialystak.

Staatssekretaer to the Plenipotentiary for the Four Year Plan (Goering); Prussian State Councillor; Chairman, board of directors, Hermann Goering Werke Saltzgitter; SS-Obergruppen

fuehrer. KRAUCH, DR. KARL

Plenipotentiary of the Board of the Four Year Plan for questions of chemical production; acting head of the Department for Expansion of Economic Life (Wirtschaftsaufbau); Chairman,

board of directors, I. G. Farben; Wehrwirtschaftsfuehrer. KRAUS, ERWIN

Commander-in-Chief of the NSKK; Inspector for Motor Training in the Volkssturm; Member of the Reichstag; Plenipotentiary for Motor Transport in War Industry (under the Four

Year Plan). KREBS, HANS

General der Infanterie; Chief of Staff of OKH. KRUPP von BOHLEN und HALBACH, ALFRED

President of Friedrich Krupp Company, took over sole ownership in 1943; Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of

the Reichsvereinigung Eisen; joined NSDAP in 1936. KRUPP von BOHLEN und HALBACH, GUSTAV

Chairman of Board of the Friedrich Krupp A.G.; Pioneer of
Labor; awarded Party's Golden Honor Badge and the Eagle

Shield of the Reich.

Generalmajor; Assistant to Admiral Canaris, Head of Intelligence Section OKW (Abwehr); became Chief of Abwehr Sec


Reichsminister; Chief of the Reich Chancery; SS-Obergruppenfuehrer; Member of and Secretary to the Secret Cabinet and the Ministerrat fuer die Reichsverteidigung; Preussischer

Staatsrat; member of the Academy of German Law. LANGE, DR. KURT

Commissioner for Currency, Banking, Insurance in Reich Ministry of Economics; Vice-President of Reichsbank; Deputy

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