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was taken over by Governor-General SA Obergruppenfuehrer Dr. Frank." (3216-PS)

An affidavit of Walter Schellenberg, bureau chief in the RSHA, reads as follows:

66* * From the beginning of 1944 on the SA also participated in many of the functions which had previously been entrusted only to the SS, SIPO and Army, for instance the guarding of concentration camps, the guarding of prisoner of war camps, the supervision over forced laborers in Germany and occupied areas. This cooperation of the SA was planned and arranged for by high officials in Berlin as early as the middle of 1943 *" (3232-PS)

E. Special Responsibility of Goering for the SA Program.

Hermann Goering participated in the conspiracy in his capacity as an SA member and leader. In 1923, Goering became Commander of the entire SA. A few months later Goering participated in the so-called Munich Putsch. SA troops participated with him in this action.

Goering's intention to employ the SA as a terroristic force to destroy political opponents is shown by a speech made by him on 3 March, 1933, at a Nazi demonstration in Frankfurt Am Main (1856-PS). Goering spoke as follows:

"Certainly, I shall use the power of the State and the police to the utmost, my dear Communists! So you won't draw any false conclusions by the struggle to the death in which my fist will grasp your necks, I shall lead with those down there. Those are the Brown Shirts." (1856-PS)

The importance of the SA under Goering in the early stages of the Nazi movement is shown by a letter written to Goering by Hitler (3259-PS):

"My dear Goering:

"When in November 1923 the Party tried for the first time to conquer the power of the State, you as Commander of the SA created within an extraordinarily short time that instrument with which I could bear that struggle. Highest necessity had forced us to act, but a wise providence at that time denied the success. After receiving a grave wound you again entered the ranks as soon as circumstances permitted as my most loyal comrade in the battle for power. You contributed essentially to creating the basis for the 30th of January. Therefore, at the end of a year of the National Socialist Revolution, I desire to thank you wholeheartedly,

my dear Party Comrade Goering, for the great values which you have for the National Socialist Revolution and consequently for the German people.

"In cordial friendship and grateful appreciation.


"(s) Adolf Hitler!" (3259-PS)

Although Goering did not retain command of the SA, he at all times maintained a close affiliation with the organization. This is shown by the photographs of Goering participating in SA activities which have been mentioned previously. In 1937, Goering became Commander of the Feldherrnhalle Regiment of the SA This was the Regiment which was employed in the occupation of the Sudetenland. (3214-PS)


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the document, is the official exhibit
number assigned by the court.

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Official NSDAP circular entitled
"The Social Life of New Germany
with Special Consideration of the
German Labor Front", by Prof.
Willy Mueller (Berlin, 1938).
(USA 326)....

Memorandum to Hitler from Pub-
lic Prosecutor of Dresden, 18 June
1935, concerning criminal proce-
dure against Vogel on account of
bodily injury while in office. (USA
Law to insure the unity of Party
and State, 1 December 1933. 1933
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 1016.
(GB 252)...

Confidential report of SA Brigade-
fuehrer, November 1938, concern-
ing destruction of Jewish property.
(USA 425)....

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Decree enforcing law for securing
the unity of Party and State, 29
March 1935. 1935 Reichsgesetz-
blatt, Part I, p. 502..

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depicting the history, work, aim
and organization of the SA. (USA
Settlement of Relationship be-
tween NSDAP and Stahlhelm
(Steel Helmets) published in Na-
tional Socialist Party Press Service
release, 21 June 1933...
Extracts from Organization Book
of NSDAP, 5th, 6th and 7th edi-
tions, concerning SA. (USA 430)
(See Chart No. 17.).

Ordinance for execution of decree
of Fuehrer concerning position of
the Head of Party Chancellery of
16 January 1942, published in
Decrees, Regulations, Announce-
ments. (USA 410)............


Order concerning the Roehm purge
and appointment of Lutze as Chief
of Staff, published in Voelkischer
Beobachter, 1934. (USA 412)...
Pamphlet No. 12 in a series en-
titled "Here Speaks the New Ger-
'man". Speech made in January
1936 by Victor Lutze, Chief of
Staff of SA, subject: "The Affairs
and Tasks of SA". (USA 413).... V
Extract from The Third Reich, by
Gerd Ruehle..

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the SA of the NSDAP, published
in Munich, 12 December 1933.
(USA 427)..

Memorandum from Supreme SA
Headquarters, 19 March 1934,
concerning organization of the SA
and collaboration between Wehr-
macht and SA. (USA 431)..
Letter from the Reich Military
Ministry, 26 May 1933, suggest-
ing that an SA branch and Reich
Defense Council be united....
Memorandum of SA Headquarters,
January 1934, concerning assign-
ment of Wehrmacht officer to
Training Division of SA. (USA

Extract from book entitled "Con-
centration Camp Oranienburg".
(USA 423)..

Affidavit of Gottlob Berger on the
composition and activity of the
Henlein Free Corps in September
1938. (Objection to admission in

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evidence upheld.) (USA 102)..... V
Excerpts from The SA Man. (USA
414; USA 415; USA 416; USA 417;
USA 418) (Referred to but not
offered in evidence.)..
"The Nazi Plan", script of a mo-
tion picture composed of captured
German film. (USA 167)..







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