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VII 183





Statement of PW Ernst Walde,
13 December 1945. (GB 278).
Telegram signed by Gen. Chris-
tiansen, 21 September 1940, rela-
tive to application of capital pun-
ishment in connection with
Railway strike in Holland. (GB

Draft of directive, 14 June 1944,
from OKW to Supreme Com-
mander of "Luftwaffe", regard-
ing treatment of Allied" Terror-
ist"-flyers. (GB 308)..
Draft of directive of Chief of
OKW, 15 June 1944, to German
Foreign Office at Salzburg, con-
cerning treatment of Allied "Ter-
rorist"-flyers. (GB 309)...

Draft of directive, 15 June 1944,
from OKW to Supreme Com-
mander of "Luftwaffe" concern-

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ing treatment of Allied "Terror-
ist"-flyers. (GB 310). .


VII 234

Letter from Reichsmarshal to
Chief of OKW, 19 August 1944,
regarding treatment of Allied
"Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 312)... VII
Draft of communication from Am-
bassador Ritter, Salzburg, to Chief
of OKW, 20 June 1944, on treat-
ment of Allied "Terrorist"-flyers.
(GB 313)....


Note of OKW to Supreme Com-
mander of "Luftwaffe", 23 June
1944, regarding treatment of Allied
"Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 314)....
Note of a telephone communica-
tion, 26 June 1944, with regard to
treatment of "Terrorist"-aviators.
(GB 316)....

Note from OKW to Supreme Com-
mander of "Luftwaffe", 4 July
1944, concerning "Terror"-flyers.
(GB 318)..

Letter of Liaison Staff at Supreme
Headquarters, Armament Procure-
ment Office directed to General
Thomas, Chief of Wi Rue Amt,
Berlin, 25 November 1941. (USA

Economic Policy Directive for
Economic Organization, East,
Agricultural Group, 23 May 1941.
(USA 316)...

Correspondence between Schacht
and Goering, March-April 1937,
concerning price control. (USA

Minutes of meeting on 12 Febru-
ary 1940, under Chairmanship of




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(1) Between 1919 and 1941, Hess held the following positions: (a) Member of the Nazi Party, 1920-1941 (3191-PS).

(b) Deputy to the Fuehrer, 21 April 1933 to 10 May 1941 (3196-PS).

(c) Reich Minister without Portfolio, 1 December 1933-10 May 1941 (3178–PS).

(d) Member of the Reichstag, 5 March 1933-10 May 1941


(e) Member of the Council of Ministers for the Defense of the Reich, 30 August 1930–10 May 1941 (2018–PS).

(f) Member of the Secret Cabinet Council, 4 February 1938 -10 May 1941 (1377-PS).

(g) Successor Designate to the Fuehrer, after Goering, 1 September 1939-10 May 1941 (3190-PS).

(h) General in the SS (3198-PS).

(i) Private Secretary and A. d. C. to Hitler, 1925-1932 (3192-PS).

(7) Head of the Central Political Committee of the N.S.D.A.P., appointed 15 December 1932 (3132-PS).

(k) Reichsleiter of the N.S.D.A.P. (Member of the Party Directorate) (3198–PS).

(1) Member of the Reichs Defense Council (2261-PS).


The Nazi Party was the conspiracy's main instrument of control. As its directing head, Hess used this instrument vigorously to advance the purposes of the conspiracy. He thus played a decisive part in the preparation and execution of its criminal designs.

Hess began his conspiratorial activities immediately upon the termination of World War I by joining militaristic and nationalistic organizations. He became a member of the Thule Society and of the Free Corps Epp. In June 1920 he joined the Nazi Party, receiving membership card No. 16 (3191-PS; 3347-PS).

By 1923 Hess was an SA leader and head of the Nazi University Organization in Munich. He took part in the Nazi Putsch of 8-9 November 1923. As a result he was tried and convicted on a charge of high treason (3132-PS). He spent 72 months of his 18 months' sentence with Hitler at the Landsberg Fortress

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