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File notes on conference in Fueh-
rer's train on 12 September 1939;
report on execution of Jews in
Borrisow; and entries from diary
of Admiral Canaris. (USA 80)
(Referred to but not offered in

"The Nazi Plan", script of a mo-
tion picture composed of captured
German film. (USA 167).
German Foreign Office memoran-
dum, 19 August 1938, on pay-
ments to Henlein's Sudeten Ger-
man Party between 1935 and 1938.
(USA 96)...

Dispatch from German Minister
in Prague to Foreign Office in Ber-
lin about policy arrangements with
Henlein, 16 March 1938. (USA

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Supplement No. 2 to the Official
Czechoslovak Report entitled
"German Crimes Against Czecho-
slovakia" (document 998-PS).
(USA 126)..

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Polish demands made on Czecho-

Notice from the Foreign Office,
24 September 1942, concerning
evacuation of Jews from Occupied

File of correspondence and reports
by Dr. Haushofer on Asiatic situa-
tion. (USA 790)....

Examples of violations of Interna-
tional Law and proposed counter
propaganda, issued by OKW, 1
October 1938. (USA 90).

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Memorandum from Chief of High


Command to Navy High Com-
mand, 18 May 1941. (GB 146)... VI
Directives for Armed Forces 1939-
40 for "Fall Weiss", operation
against Poland. (GB 41)..





Letter from Jodl enclosing memo-
randum on conference between
German and Italian Generals on
19 January and subsequent speech
by Hitler, 20 January 1941. (GB

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Keitel's appendix of 24 November
1938 to Hitler Order of 21 October
1938. (GB 33)...

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Ribbentrop's actions as Foreign

Minister, from International Bio

graphical Archives, 22 April 1943.
(GB 130).....



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Decree of the Fuehrer concerning
exercise of Governmental Author-
ity in Netherlands, 18 May 1940.
1940 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I,
p. 778. (GB 154)...

Extract of 29 November 1941 from
Intercepted Diplomatic Messages
sent by Japanese Government be-
tween 1 July and 8 December
1941. (GB 148).

Extract of 8 December 1941 from
Intercepted Diplomatic Messages
sent by Japanese Government be-
tween 1 July and 8 December
1941. (GB 149). . . .
Note of conversation between
Reich Foreign Minister and Duce
in presence of von Mackenson,
Alfieri and Bastianini, 25 Febru-
ary 1943....

Memorandum of conference be-
tween German Foreign Minister
and Count Ciano in presence of
Keitel and Marshal Cavallero, 19
December 1942. (GB 295).
Notes on discussion between Fueh-
rer and Horthy on 17 April 1943.
(GB 283)....
Memorandum on reception of
Hungarian Prime Minister and
Foreign Minister by German For-
eign Minister on 29 April 1939.
(GB 289)...

Memorandum on second confer-
ence between German Foreign
Minister with Hungarian Prime
and Foreign Minister on 1 May
1939. (GB 290)..
Minutes of conference between


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penfuehrer Ribbentrop. (GB 294). VII
Draft of directive, 14 June 1944,
from OKW to Supreme Com-
mander of "Luftwaffe", regarding
treatment of Allied "Terrorist”-
flyers. (GB 308)..

Draft of directive of Chief of
OKW, 15 June 1944, to German
Foreign Office at Salzburg, con-
cerning treatment of Allied "Ter-
rorist"-flyers. (GB 309)..

Draft of directive, 15 June 1944,
from OKW to Supreme Com-
mander of "Luftwaffe" concerning
treatment of Allied "Terrorist”-
flyers. (GB 310)...








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