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port the armament industry.
(USA 46)...


Survey report of German Naval
Armament after conference with
Chief of "A" Section, 9 September
1933. (USA 50).

Letter, 13 June 1941, requesting
decision on action against enemy
submarines and Order to attack
Soviet submarines, 15 June 1941.
(GB 223)...

Raeder's report, 12 December
1939, on meeting of Naval Staff
with Fuehrer. (GB 86).

Memorandum from Raeder to
Assman, 10 January 1944, -con-
cerning "Barbarossa" and "Wes-
eruebung". (GB 81)...

Extract from German Naval War
Diary, 21 December 1940, p. 252.
(GB 455)...

Naval deception and camouflage
in invasion of Norway taken from
file of naval operation orders for
operation "Weseruebung". (GB

Extract from German Naval file,
9 August 1941, concerning Order
to blockade Norwegian ships...
Extract from German Naval file,
13 July 1941, concerning prepara-
tions for laying of minefield near
the Bosphorus..

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Directives for Armed Forces 1939-
40 for "Fall Weiss", operation

against Poland. (GB 41)..

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Extract from Naval War Diary.
Questionnaire on Norway bases,
3 October 1939. (GB 82)...



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Extract from Naval War Staff
files, 18 March 1941, concerning
audience of C-in-C of Navy with
Hitler on 18 March 1941.


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Memorandum, 11 June 1940,
signed by Raeder. (GB 214).....
Concealed Rearmament under
Leadership of Government of
Reich, from "Fight of the Navy
against Versailles 1919-1935".
(USA 41)..

Memo by Raeder, 10 January
1943, entitled: Importance of Ger-
man Surface forces for conducting
of war by powers signatory to
Three Power Pact. (GB 230).....
Order from Command Office of
Navy, 12 March 1934, signed in
draft by Groos, concerning prep-
aration of auxiliary cruisers. (USA

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File of Russo-German relations
found in OKM files covering period
25 August 1939 to 22 June 1941.
(USA 136)...

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Extracts from War Diary of Ad

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Statement VII The Development of German
Naval Policy 1933-1939, by
Erich Raeder, Moscow, fall 1945... VIII
Statement VIII The Breakthrough in the Channel
Early in 1942, by Erich Raeder,
Moscow, 30 August 1945....
My Relationship to Adolf Hitler
and to the Party, by Erich Raeder,
Moscow, fall 1945..

Statement IX






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