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nations, and before whom the Lord hath begun to drive out the nations by little and little.

Ist, To you that are at peace with the nations of hell, at peace with the devil, at peace with your luils; I would speak a word to you, I. By way of conviction. 2. By way of counsel.

1. For your conviction. Is it not evident, that the moit part are at peace with hell, being ignorant of the fin-mortifying principles of the gospel, being fighters of the means of converfion, living in security under all the calls of heaven by the word and the rod, and living in enmity against the power of godliness, indulging themselves in many known fins, and knowing no restraint from finning, taken from its nature, but from its confequents only.. Are there not many here, that liave nations of lufis swarming in their heart, yet were liever convinced of, or made to know the plagues of their own heart? Some will say they have a good heart to God, even though their mouth be filled either with curfing, lying, swearing, and slandering; or else with nothing but vain, frothy, carnal, worldly discourse. What! shall we think you have a clean heart, when you have such a foul mouth? Does not Christ say, “ Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh?” When a man fees abundance of smoke coming out at the top of a chimney, he may say, for certain, that is a sign of much fire in the hearth : so, when there is nothing but vain, worldly words in the mouth; we may fay, there is much vanity and corruption in the heart. Carnal lips that are not Maped for any spiritual discourse, except in liypocrisy and deceit, discover a carnal heart. Oh! how many here are willing flaves to the nations, the Canaanites, the lasis of the flesh! Of all flaves, they are in the worst case that are fold; of these that are fold, they are in the worst case that are put in prison ; of there that are in prison, they are in the worst case that are bound and chained in prison : yet such slaves to fin and luiis are all here by nature, fhut up in close prison, bound and chained there; fhut up under unbelief: and unbelief is such a cruel jailor, tiiat, while you are shut up under it, it will not so much as suffer you to list up


your head, or to louk up to heaven for deliverance. Oh! how miserable is this thiraidom that you are under! For these nations that rule in you, and over you, and under which you are bearing arms against the God of heaven, will, at lalt, destroy you for ever, if they be not destroyed in time; if thcy be not put out of your heart, they will keep you out of heaven; yea, if they be not driven out of your heart, they will drive you to hell. If that legion of lufis, that you are in league with, be not caft out of your heart, by the power of that glorious Captain of salvation, that cast out a legion of devils out of one man; then you must lay your account with it, that, like the swine possessed of the devil, you will be driven down to the sea of God's everlasting wrath, and drowned in perdition. But then,

2. I would offer you a word of counsel. O will you break league with these cursed Canaanites, and come and take on with our glorious Captain of salvation, that can drive them out before you? O finner! man, woman; young and old; you that have been a slave to the devil all your days, a llave to the numerous nations of luits, that, as sure as God lives, will keep you out of heaven, and drive you to hell, if they be not driven out; will you come and take on with our glorious Lord Jesus, whole office and work, as a Redeemer, is to force out the nations before you ? Our Captain-general hath sent us, as officers under him, to cry in the public meetings and assemblies of this fort, saying, Whosoever will, let bin come, and take on to be a feldier under the King of kings, and Lord of lords, against the king of hell and the nations of lusts, that would keep you out of heaven: and as we are warranted to declare them curfed with bitter curses, that will not join in this war, according to what is said of Meroz, Judges v. 2 3. “ Curse ye Meroz; curse ye bitterly the inhabitants thereof, because they came not to the help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against the mighty :” So we are warranted to declare to finners, that there are here the greatest encouragements that ever were offered to foldiers, to excite you to take on with him. Why, he offers you money to bear all your charges; “I counsel you to buy of me gold,

, tried


tried gold :” he offers to take off your filthy garments, and to clothe you with change of raiment, the King's livery : yea, he offers you a coat of mail, that will defend you against the shot of death, and the fhot of devils ; the robe of his own righteousness, a garment of salvation : he offers you further, that, if you be wounded in the war, he will give you a balm to heal your wound, the balm of his own blood: yea, if you take on with him, he offers to do all your works in you and for you; yea, to fight all your battles, to drive out all the nations before


and then to crown you as a conqueror; yea, and more than a conqueror, even though you have done nothing of yourself. He offers to give you all the armour you need for the war : do you need the sword, the breast-plate, the helmet, the shield, mentioned, He himself is the great magazine of all the military provision; and therefore, if you take on with him, you ihall want for nothing that is necessary for carrying on the war to a complete victory. O come and take on with him for wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption; take on with him for armour, and strength, and victory, and all.

But, say you, what mean you by taking on with him? I know not how to take on with him. Why, Sirs, to take on with him, is to believe in him. But what am I to believe, say you, that I may take on with him ?

(1.) You are to believe, that he is speaking to you, and inviting you to take on with him ; even you mani, you woman. Let none here say that there was not a word spoken to them at Carnock: nay, I take you all to witness, that have ears to hear, that the Lord is, by the poor mortal that is here preaching, speaking to every one of you, and saying, “ To you, Oman, do I call, and my voice is to the fons of men ;” and he is entreating you to take on with him. Believe that he is speaking to you, and that this gospel-offer is to you.

(2.) You are to believe that you cannot believe. This were one good step towards faith, to believe that you are an unbeliever, and shut up in unbelief as in a prison, which none can open but the Captain of salvation. And therefore,


(3.). You are to believe in him for grace to believe in him, or to come to him for grace to come to him, and to take on with him for faith, as well as for other things, because he alone is the Author of faith. He never called any to bear the expence of one jot, from the beginning to the end of the war, out of their own pocket; and much less the expence of this great thing we call believing, which is the effect of the exceeding greatness of his almighty power. And then, having believed these things,

(4.) You are to believe his word, that he will not fail you in a jot of what he is offering to you. Take his word for it that he will do as he hath said unto you; and trust him that fpeaks to you by us.

To take on with him by faith, is to take his word, who is truth itself, for your security; and lay the stress of the whole war upon him, saying, Lord, art thou calling me, even me, that have been a slave to the devil and nations of lulis? Art thou calling me to take on with thee? Content, Lord; Come thou and reign over us, as the trees faid, in Jotham's parable, Judges ix. 10. Come thou and reign over me, and be thou my glorious Captain, to fight for me, and to slay all the nations of lusts in my heart. And if you, indeed, take on with him in this manner, he will do as he hath said ; he will put out the nations before you by little and little. -May the Lord back his call with power,

2dly, To you that are believers, on the field of battle, making war with the nations, the spiritual Canaanites; and before whom the Lord hath begun to drive them out by little and little : I should offer you, 1. A word of Comfort. 2. Of Counsel.

[1.] For Comfort, O believer though the nations be greater and mightier than you, yet the Lord hath engaged to drive them out; there is a power in Christ, the believer's Head and Husband, that will, in process of time, bring every power contrary to him in subjection ; it is in Christ that believers shall be more than conquerors. It is very grievous to the believer to feel the assaults of



fin, fuch as that of pride, filthiness, covetoufacís, unbclief, Atheism, and enmity: but it is the privilege of the believer, that he hath such things that he may be humbled, not that he may be conquered and destroyed thereby. You know, a trake may be so handled, by taking out his iting and teeth, that it cannot hurt us, though it touch us; yet we abhor it for the nature of it, and are afraid to have it come near us : even fo, fin is in such a manner handled by our Lord Jesus Christ, that it cannot hurt the believer in Chrilt; hence the believer is many times more afraid than hurt : yet it is very becoming the true belicver to hate fin from the very nature of it, and stand at a diflance from it. Mean ti:ne, you have the greatest encouragement in the world to fight against the nations of enemies, the nations of lufis; for the battle is the Lord's, he stands engaged to put out the nations, Deut. vii. 17, 18. Were there an uncertainty of the victory, you might be discouraged, and loath to undertake fuch a warfare. But now, when the Lord haih allured you of the victory, and that you have lis blood, his Spirit, his faithful promise for it, there is no more ground of discouragement.

OBJECT. Oh! what confort can I take, when I find the nations of enemies and lusts still living and lively; yea, strong, mighty, and prevalent, and even growing stronger and stronger upon my hand, instead of being fubdued and destroyed ?

Answ. Perhaps it is so between battles, or single combats, that you have with your corruptions ; but do you not find your Captain coming sometimes in to your ainstance, and making up all that you lost, by his gracious, powerful, sanctifying, and comforting presence ? And thus, do you not find, even after fin's victory over you, which makes you judge the nations are increasing on your hand; do you not find, I say, your hatred of fin increased, your self-abhorrence increased, your dependence on the Lord for strength increased, your de. fire to be rid of sin increased, and your heart longing for the final victory over the nations, and the full poffellion of Canaan? Why, what is this but the Lord your God putting out the nations before you by little


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