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pense his reveald Will; in fuch a Manner, that any ordinary Capacity may be enabled to apprehend the Drift and Design of the Holy Scrips gutes)upon all Occasions;; ceither when they peruse them at home, or heat others read them by small Portions at a time, in the Psalms and Lessons appointed for the daily Service of the Temple."

For whatever Dangers and Difficulties may have been furmis’d, as attending the Study of them, the whole Scope of the facred Writings, from the Beginning to the End, ap+! pears evidently to be but this one, The Salvation of. Mankind through



Jt's Us Christ. Which being at tainable only by a proper Faith, and a good moral Lífe, the Bible contains nothing but what ire lates to one or the other of thefe ; nothing but Genealogies, Types, Predictions, and Demonstrations, concerning the Me SSIAH; and Institutions, Precepts, Exhortations, and Examples, for living righteously.

Therefore, that I might not burden, either the Reader or my felf, with more than was necessary, and perhaps fafe upon this Occasion, 'I have omitted consulting any of those very learned Authors who have written professedly upon the fame Sub



ject, except Sigonius; and him, more
for Method than anything else;
keeping as close as possible to the
express Sense and Meaning of the
Scriptures; which I take to be the
best, if not the only allowable Inter-
preters of what themselves contain.


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