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Miller: 168, 615; Dr. August Norrbom: 564; Dr. C. J. Södergren: 263; Ralph A. Strom: 382, 399, 548, 623. The following new hymns (text) will be found in this book: Rev. Gustav Erikson: 578; Anna Hoppe: 6, 14, 15, 42, 55, 69, 73, 79, 82, 83, 87, 138, 152, 171, 176, 177, 185, 192, 193, 194, 393, 394; Rev. S. M. Miller: 140, 168, 615; E. W. Olson: 43, 323, 444, 605 (2, 3); Rev. E. E. Ryden: 141, 189, 256, 495, 556, 581, 590; Dr. George H. Trabert: 142, 247; Rev. C. A. Wendell: 496, 560, 680. In addition, this work contains translations from Swedish sources to the number of one hundred and nineteen.

To the best of its ability the Committee has tried to follow the instructions of the Synod, at the same time giving respectful attention to suggestions and criticisms offered by individual members of the Synod. At the instance of the Synod, translations from the Swedish "Psalmbok" have been solicited through the Church press, and as far as possible the results have been used. In accordance with definite instructions by the Synod, choice hymns from other sources have also been selected. Every effort has been made to find suitable tunes, not too heavy for the average congregation to sing, nor too light for becoming dignity at our public worship. Practically all the best loved chorals will be found in the Hymnal, and so will a large number of other tunes which have endeared themselves to Christian hearts.

Grateful acknowledgment is rendered in every instance where hymns and tunes are used by permission of the owners of the copyright, and the utmost care. has been taken to guard against infringement of such rights. Should any case of such trespass inadvertently have occurred in this work, the publishers will be glad to make the proper amends.

It is not without regret that the Committee herewith brings its work to a close, for it has truly been a labor of love. If the wishes of the Synod have been reasonably well fulfilled; if our people will find the book serviceable; and above all, if it can serve, in some small degree, the purpose of the Lord Jesus Christ, for love of Whom we have labored, the Committee will feel abundantly satisfied.

Rock Island, Ill., April 23, 1925.

C. W. Foss,






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The Hymnal

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