Military Cold War Education and Speech Review Policies: Hearings Before the Special Preparedness Subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, Eighty-seventh Congress, Second Session...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1962 - Всего страниц: 3502

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Стр. 1325 - Force, the Chief of Naval Operations and the Commandant of the Marine Corps in overseas areas on attache or mission aircraft.
Стр. 1319 - It would be impossible to carry out this important undertaking without the complete support of the Chief of Naval Operations, the Secretary of the Navy, and the other senior officials in the Department.
Стр. 935 - Can such wars flare up in the future ? They can. Can there be such uprisings? There can. But these are wars which are national uprisings. In other words, can conditions be created where a people will lose their patience and rise in arms? They can. What is the attitude of the Marxists toward such uprisings? A most positive one.
Стр. 971 - Thank you. (Whereupon, at 11 am, the committee was adjourned, to reconvene at 3 pm of the same day.) AFTERNOON SESSION Chairman PRICE.
Стр. 936 - Our new policy gives us the flexibility to choose among several operational plans, but does not require that we make any advance commitment with respect to doctrine or targets.
Стр. 990 - ... FCDA, 1951-54; Assistant Administrator, 1954 . Member, Industry Evaluation Board, Department of Commerce since 1951 (excerpted from Who's Who in America, vol. 30, 1958-59). Additional notes : 1951 to present: Agency representative, Planning Board, National Security Council ; 1954 to present: Lecturer, National War College, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Army War College, Air War College, Air Command and Staff College. VINCENT P. ROCK, DEPUTY DEBECTOB OP PBOOBAM AND POLICY Education:...
Стр. 915 - Develop long-range plans supporting area objectives. (3) Produce or procure materials to support the programs of the services. (4) Provide for review, assessment, and evaluation of the effectiveness of the overall internal information and education programs.
Стр. 934 - It is not enough, however, for us to have weapons that can survive an enemy attack and that can penetrate enemy defenses. In a world in which both sides may be capable of inflicting severe damage on each other, we must have machinery for the command and control of our forces, which is itself able to survive an attack and to apply the surviving forces in consonance with national security objectives.
Стр. 914 - ... successor, Nikita Khrushchev, has said that our grandchildren will live under communism. I cite this material because I want you to know the spirit in which I believe the education program of our Defense Establishment should be conducted. The threat is clear and it is immediate.
Стр. 1305 - The subcommittee will take a recess until next week subject to the call of the Chair. (Whereupon, at 3:15 pm, the subcommittee adjourned, subject to the call of the Chair.) MARSHALL'S RECOMMENDATIONS TO SUBCOMMITTEE BIRMINGHAM, MICH., May 12, 1962.

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