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upon the accession of the present family to the throne, will be found deserving parti. cular attention in such a period as the present. It must be a public benefit to have such a favoury entertainment made accesfible, through the Press, to all who regard the means of their own spiritual improvement, or that of others; and we hope, that, through the divine blessing, the long-prevailing rage for frivolous or dangerous read. ing, may, in some measure, be counteracted, by such solid and useful publications as the present.

Thus far we have taken the liberty to express ourselves, in compliance with the request of those concerned in the present Publication.


ARCH. BRUCE, Minister of the Gospel at Whitburn.

John Brown, Minister of the Gospel at Longridge.

RoB. PATERSON, Minister of the Gospel at Biggar.


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THE Author of the Discourses now of

fered to the Public, is so universally known, and his character as a practical and evangelical writer is so fully established with religious persons of all denominations, that, in regard to the present Publication, it

may suffice to state, that the Discourses in this and the succeeding Volumes, are all of them upon important Subjects; some of them uncommon and striking. They were composed by the Author in the early part of his ministry, and in the most vigorous period of his life, as will appear by the dates prefixed to them; on which account, as well as to distinguish them from preceding Publications by the fame Author, though they are the last offered to the Public, they appear under the title PRIMITIÆ; and as the whole of the remaining Manuscripts of the hand-writing of the worthy Author, as far as is known, are in the possession of the pre


fent Publishers, for the purpose of accomplishing the present publication, the title ULTIMA is added ; intimating, that it is almost certain, that they are the Last Remains that will meet the public eye, as a genuine production from the pen of this able Divine.

After the ample recommendation by the Author's near relation, and two other re. spectable clergymen, contained in the preceding pages, it will be necessary only farther to add, that there Discourses have been faithfully transcribed from the originals in the Author's hand-writing, and correctly printed from them. It is not doubted but that these volumes will be highly accept. able to the religious of all denominations, who, we truft, will unite with the Editor and Publishers, in fincere and fervent prayers, that, through the divine blessing, they may be extensively useful.

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