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pastoral oversight, except what I be

MISSOURI. stow on them, while attempting to pre

From the operation of various causes, this pare the way for gathering churches at other points. The church at Union state, so rich in agricultural and mineral reGrove has received two individuals by sources, has not received its proper share letter, since my last report, and are, 1 of missionary attention. Lately, however, believe, increasingly anxious on account some, who are prepared to enter the of their own destitute condition and the great field at the West, are turning their desolations around them. This church inquiries toward this section. has 13 members. The church at Al- An inhabitant of Missouri, long familiar bany is now laboring with a very try- with what are called “waste places," deing case of discipline, but appears dis- clares, after a recent tour in the North posed to meet this and other responsi- Western part of the state, “ Although I have bilities with christian decision and zea). The church at this place was organized formerly travelled for six or eight years in last December, with 12 members. succession, 10,000 miles annually, have They have had preaching but two Sab- never had my spirit so stirred within me in baths since; but with energy and de- view of the religious destitutions of our voted zeal, have maintained their meet. country, as it has been in view of what I ings for prayer, and their efforts to save have just seen." He then goes on to state, souls. During this time five have been that the Platte country, which lies in the added by letter and one by profession. N. W. corner of the state, is now more This last is a man in middle life, and is densely settled than any other portion of a remarkable illustration of the power the state, except St. Louis county. One and grace of God.

county in that district, and that the smallest

county in the state, now numbers 12,000 Souls in peril.

inhabitants; and yet it is but five years

since it was purchased from the Indians, In connexion with Brother Holbrook or white men were allowed to settle on of Dubuque, we have just closed a

any part of it. Two years ago, the steammeeting which has been blessed of boats carried produce into the county, now God. Brother H.'s preaching was in they visit it with very little freight, and redemonstration of the Spirit, and with turn loaded down with produce. There power. As it is a busy season with the are three or four county seats, and one farmers, but few attended except on the large trading lown on the river, in the Platte Sabbath. But numbers were deeply af- purchase, and yet, as will be seen by the fected, and are now in an inquiring correspondence below, there is only one state. It is at the peril of souls that Presbyterian minister in all that country, they are left without preaching.. But which is over 100 miles in length by 60 they must be left.

I shall visit and miles in breadth. There are eight or ten preach one or two days, and then leave


in the state, containing them for engagements 40 miles distant. I leave these awakened souls with a

each from 500 to 1500 inhabitants, which heavy heart. When will our brethren are entirely without Presbyterian of the East look at these fields, and Congregational preaching. No state in come in numbers sufficient to reap the the Union is increasing in population and whitened harvest ?

wealth more rapidly than Missouri. Its

principal city, St. Louis, enjoys the preMinisters of Christ, do ye mark this appeal? eminent advantage of a position in the Know ye the worth of a soul ? Believe ye that centre of the great valley of the West, and it may be lost, and lost forever? And that a direct steam-boat communication North, it is your work—a work to which you have South, East and West, on some of the been called by Heaven, to preach salvation largest rivers in the world. What other to those that are ready to perish? Why, city can boast of an increase like that which then, must they perish }

has raised the population of St. Louis, in the last four years, from 12,000 to 32,000 ?



any kind.

And yet, so less wise than "the children of Gospel preached. Warsaw, in Benton this world” are "the children of light," that co., promises to be the most important this commanding point and its adjacent place in S. W. Missouri. In the vicinity territory, are almost overlooked by Protes. are a few Presbyterians. A minister tants, while in the conclaves at Rome and of this denomination never preached Vienna, all its advantages are discussed and there, and there is little preaching of

One individual there has appreciated, and an army of ecclesiastics is said he would give $50 towards the poured in to gain and to hold this fair pos- support of a minister. Rev. Mr. Ryland, session for Antichrist. The rich of Catho- from Tennessee, expects to move here lic Europe buy the liberty to sin, and the this fall; if so, we shall be able to poor give the price of their toil and pain, | occupy this field to better advantage. and straightway, cathedrals, colleges, bun- The Presbytery met on the first of neries and schools spring up on our soil as June, at Little Osage church, in Bates if by magic. It is a shame, that these co. The meeting was interesting ; things sbould be so, while so many edu- some seven or eight made profession of cated ministers in the eastern states are religion. It would have done you good going about seeking places of settlement!

to see the joy and gratitude that filled

the heart of the pastor of that church. In the following extracts from missionary One gray headed father, who had long reports, the reader will not fail to remark been a soldier of the cross, and had the encouraging aspect of those infant raised a large family, rejoiced over the churches, as seen in the harmony of the last child hopefully converted. May people, the desire for preaching, and the in-, such scenes often occur in these wes. creased attendance on public worship, tern moral wastes. even under unfavorable circumstances. Surely, when such a state of things exists, in a region of so vast extent, with so few laborers, it is impossible not to feel the From Rev. E. A. Carson, Saranna,

Andrew co., Mo. force of the Savior's words, “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few. A remote, extensive and needy field. Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his During the three past months, I have harvest."

been kindly aided by your Society, to preach the precious Gospel in the Platte country. My labors have been mainly

within the bounds of the churches of From Rev. E. P. Noell, Bolivar, Mo. Pisgah and West Union. These

churches which I have organized durThe field referred to in the following re- | ing the past year, are sixty miles apart, port, is in the S. Western portion of Mis. consequently my labors have been souri, on the head waters of the Osage arduous, yet I trust beneficial. Great River.

harmony prevails. They are situ.

ated in a new and growing country, Since my last report I have occupied and much good may be anticipated my large field to the best of my ability. from faithful missionary labors. My Brother Renshaw is employed by the field of labor is quite too large for one Missouri Dom. Miss. Soc., to assist minister to occupy. Often have I me. We preach in seven Presbyterian raised the Macedonian cry, and 0, neighborhoods. The extremes are sixty will not the friends of Zion unite with miles apart. We generally bave large me in invoking a blessing from the congregations, that listen attentively to Lord of the harvest upon the destitute the word. Our Presbytery is large. churches? In its bounds are many neighborhoods The country is new, but densely wbere there are but few professors of populated. The appointed means of any denomination. In many of these grace are appreciated highly, and much places it is very important to have the seriousness is often apparent in the

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congregations. A temperance society cited our hopes that the Lord is about has been formed in West Union church, to grant us a revival. The temperance of about 40 members, and one has cause prospers. united with the church during the last We have no Sabbath school for the quarter. The members of the Pisgah want of a house in which to meet. church live in different counties. My We have one, however, in progress, appointments are infrequent at any one which will probably be finished soon. place ; yet the people will often attend I feel like casting the world behind my although living at a distance of many back, and giving my whole time and miles. The little churches to which strength to the Lord. Accept my hearty I minister, gratefully appreciate the thanks for the aid furnished by your pecuniary aid of your Society afforded Society. them in assisting to support their missionary.

I desire earnestly that our moral destitutions may incite the friends of

From Rev. W. T. Dickson, West Ely, the Redeemer to pray for the descent

Mo. of the Holy Spirit upon my own soul, and upon these multitudes, who, although in a christian land, emphati

A steady increase. cally sit in the region and shadow of death.

Our congregations are larger than The state of society has much im- usual, and give good attention to the proved since my arrival here, yet much, preaching of the Gospel. The Sabbath very much remains to be done. Could school has increased in numbers and I confine my labors to a smaller field, interest; and I have lately established doubtless the results would be more

a catechetical class, which promises to perceptible, but as there is not another

be useful, I have also commenced Presbyterian clergyman within a hun. preaching on Sabbath evenings in the dred miles of me, I must be content country, out of the bounds of this confor the present to labor under circum- gregation. On the last Sabbath there stances peculiarly disadvantageous.

were at least 100 individuals, who met to hear preaching, in a neighborhood 5 miles distant. The temperance cause still flourishes. Since my last report,

nearly 40 have pledged themselves to From Rev. Amasa Jones, Deep Water, abstain from all that intoxicates—a numHenry co., Mo.

ber that I did not suppose could be

found in this community, unpledged to “A cloud of mercy."

temperance ; yet I find there are still

a few, though very few left. My time since the commencement of

Installation. the present year, has been divided between Deep Water and Oseola. I Since my last report, I have attended assisted in organizing a church at the a meeting of presbytery and synod. latter place, which probably will com- The church here presented a call to prise some 16 members. This is an have me settle as pastor, which I acimportant point, and a field, which, if cepted. A committee from presbytery well cultivated, will yield a glorious installed me pastor, on the first Sabbath harvest. The congregations are large in May. The congregation was very and uncommonly attentive. The church large and solemn. Installations are at Deep Water is small, but its mem- rare in this state. I trust it may not be bers are active, and we trust the bless- long before they are more common. ing of God will crown our endeavors to The state of feeling in the church is glorify Him. A cloud of inercy seems very good. There is a spirit of peace to be hanging over us, and some pre- and prayer; and there are some few cious drops have already fallen and ex- cases of inquiry.


I have also labored in the vicinity of

Platteville, eight miles from the village. From Rev. A. M. Dixon, Platterille.

On the Big Platte I recently held a

meeting of three days. The Holy Ghost Platterille.

fell upon us; the backslider was reThis place, containing 800 inhabitants, is clairned, the bearts of Christians melted Dear the little Plaite River, some 16 or 18 together, and the proud heart of the miles from the Mississippi, 25 from Galena, formed a church there of fourteen mem

sinner was made to bow to Jesus. I and the same distance from Dubuque. It has bers, and six others were propounded. a small mill stream on one side, and an ex. The interest is partially kept up. They tensive forest of hard wood umber on the are determined, by the help of the Lord, other, with prairie all around, and rich beds to have a place of worship before winof lead ore nnder the soil and in the surround. ter. They have a Sabbath school and ing country. There are here facilities for a temperance society, embracing the ina flourishing inland town. The church was fluence of the neighborhood. formed by Rev. Messrs. Kent and Hale, about three years ago. They are exerting themselves to erect a building, to be occupied both as a place of worship and an From Rev. J. Porter, Green Bay, academy, the completion of which is ex

W. T. pected the present autumn. Mr. Dixon, who now supplies the pulpit, having devoted Advance of Temperance. himself particularly to the interests of educaliun, will then take charge of the academy In distant settlements, in the bounds with from 10 to 100 pupils. Of course, an of this church, the Lord has been gathefficient pastor will be needed for the con sering some into his fold by the power of greyation. There is work enough in the bis Spirit, and in such a way as to vicinity for two or three ministers, did the glorify his own name : and in this town, resources of the missionary treasury justify we have had a surprising and delightful their appointment.

Washingtonian triumph.

The overflowing eye, the half uttered During my labors in this place for the groan of a full soul, and the delightful nine months that are past, there has been spirit of a christian fellowship, witnessan increase of interest in religious feel- ed in our sanctuary and in our prayer ing. Fifteen bave been added to the meetings, has testified that God's rechurch. The number that attend the freshing, vivifying Spirit was still with preaching of the word on the Sabbath us. He hath heard us in producing a has more than doubled. The church, pleasing civil reformation, which we though it numbers some fifty-seven trust confidently is making the paths members, is weak. Almost every thing straight for a still more delightful

and radical moral reform. that can be done in a pecuniary way, is done for the erection of a large and con

revivals have prepared the way for the venient house, which is now nearly fin- change which now rejoices this whole ished. We have made contributions at community, except those who deeply the monthly concert for Foreign Mis feel that the craft by which they have sions; the Bible cause is managed with their wealth is in danger; and this interest and efficiency; and some two change, we must believe, will be fol. hundred have joined the Washington lowed by a more extensive revival of Temperance Society during the last pure religion than we have ever yet winter. This cause is doing well

. enjoyed. The Sabbath school, numbering 70, is

We had for months desired a visit sustained with interest. There is also froin some reformed inebriate, thinking a Bible class connected with the then an impulse would be given to the school.

cause of total abstinence, which we

could not otherwise effect. But our This should not be confounded with the Platte isolated situation prevented the gratitiRiver, West of the Missouri.

Our past

cation of that wish. At length, however, in this territory had presented its claims the delightful reports that poured in to the united congregations in town on upon us from abroad, in connexion with the previous Sabbath ; on which occathe prayers of the people of God here, sion, about $60 was collected for the set the ball in motion. At our first cause. meetings this spring, few were present but the old, tried friends of temperance, The Indians spreading the Bible. and some of the converts of last winter. But in a few weeks, a band of men, of The Agent was delighted with his good minds and esteemed in the com- visit to the Stockbridge Indians, who munity, (except for their unfortunate subscribed $20 to send the Bible to the thirst for poison,) men whose lovely fa- | destitute. The Oneidas raised $40 for milies had almost despaired of earthly the same object. How much more bliss, inarched manfully up to the secre- tolerable it will be, in the day of judg. tary's table, and pledged themselves ment for these Indians, than for millions solemnly before a delighted audience. in our land, who, though they have the That was a joyful night to our church Bible, will not read it, nor send it and community. The influence of that abroad! scene spread like electricity around us. Hope, to which many wives had been A changed neighborhood. almost strangers, was lighted up in their hearts. Week after week, the work Last week I returned from a visit of went on, until almost every man that a few days at the Stockbridge Mission. had been intemperate, and who has any I made an appointment as I passed up, self-respect left, has joined the happy to return and attend a meeting in one ranks of the reformed. Our immediate of the neighborhoods mentioned above, influence has been more directly over 15 miles from this place. A great and the Protestant population; though many delightful change has been witnessed Catholics have joined our society. Now, in that community since I first visited the Catholic priest, aided by the Bishop, it twenty months ago. A tavern then at present here, is presenting the cause was there kept by a gentleman formerly before his subjects, and on the Sabbath from New-England, of much energy he expects them in a mass to take the of mind and practical sense ; but he pledge. I am confident that a majority called himself an atheist, and in conwill do it, and it will be a triumphant sistency with that belief, he sold spirits day for this frontier, where Alchohol's in abundance to Americans, French and seat has so long been. The poor In Indians. His aged father lived not far dians around us, many of them yet re- distant, and his mother was the only main his victims. But teniperance shall professing Christian, except Papists, in triumph and they will be free.

the region. A sister of his, however,

had been hopefully converted, and uniAn incident.

ted with our church. Soon another

sister was apparently renewed and en. An incident connected with our court,tered into covenant with us. About which was recently in session, will the same time this landlord's wife and show something of the change in pub- eldest daughter became decided as lic opinion here. The grand jury in- Christians, and joined the Methodist posed a fine upon its members for late class. These four christian sisters, attendance. By this means a little sum with no minister to aid them, assisted had accumulated at the close of its by a man of the Brothertown nation,

The question then arose, commenced a Sabbath school and reguWhat shall we do with it? Instead of lar meetings on the Sabbath, our church expending it for wine and cigars, one furnishing them a small library. This member moved it should be given to they have continued more than a year, the American Bible Society. The mo- though they have had preaching, I tion was seconded, and passed unani- think, only three or four times. Some mously! The Bible Society was of the blessed results of their labors, thought of probably, because its agent in connection with the prayers of Chris


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