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and parents, from this place and vicinity, , to the people of God in this new went to Logansport, and united with country. the friends of the Sabbath school cause in a proper manner. A year ago, the

We wish our able ministers-strong men, Sabbath schools united with us at Peru and men of experience--to note those conin a similar celebration of that day. cluding words. “It is a great pleasure to These celebrations have done much for me, to minister to the people of God in this the Sabbath school cause in Miami new country.” Yes, it is a luxury to give county. The one that we had in Peru a cup of cold water to the pilgrim in the a year ago, led to the formation of desert, dying from thirst. It is a privilege several schools in the north part of this to put food to the lips that are famished ; to county. These schools had a celebration on the fourth, by themselves. I pour oil and balm into the swollen and was present and delivered an address. fevered wounds of those ready to perish. Those in attendance cculd not have “The whole need not a physician, but they been less than 400. This was a great that are sick” feel their need, and blessed is assembly for the woods. All seemed it to minister to their relief. pleased, and much good, I cannot but Are there no able pastors so situated, that think, will be the result.

without injustice to their families, or to their

existing connexions, they can go and beRevivals.

come sharers in the privilege of the mis

sionary who makes the foregoing report ? The church in Pleasant Township, Like him, they would probably have to Wabash co., has had a gracious out- make sacrifices, and to endure hardness ; pouring of the Holy Spirit since my but if those sacrifices were made in the last report.

This commenced soon spirit which we trust has actuated him, they after the meeting of Presbytery attoo might taste that hidden manna, might Peru. Several were hopefully con- drink of those sweet waters that spring up verted early in the summer. In the family of one of the elders, four ob- in the soul of such, and only such, as follow

Christ in bearing the Cross. tained hopes. Brother Carnahan and myself, have just closed a sacramental meeting with this church. It was one of very great interest. Eighteen were

OHIO. received to the church by profession of their faith, and two by letter. Many Instruction in the Word. obtained hopes during our meeting. Several of these will unite with the A number of the church members Presbyterian church; others with the are “praying souls,” who are living for Methodist and Baptist churches. Zion, in all the ways of family religion

To the church in Franklin township, and education, and in the various arsince my last report, two have united rangements of christian beneficence. on profession of their faith. One of Soine of our young men are quite prothem has since died, rejoicing in her mising. In a Bible class and prayer Savior. She had a great desire to meeting, at my house on Sabbath evemake a public profession of religion ning at 5 o'clock, they investigate the before she died, and to partake of the word like ministers. Every one preLord's Supper. Though sick with the sent, (about 25, mainly young people,) dropsy, and confined to her bed, at the reads a verse, and asks such questions time, I did not feel at liberty to deny as he pleases; and when he is through her request. Accordingly, I convened a with his questions, the field is open for few of the brethren and sisters together others to ask additional ones. Maps, in her log cabin, and received her to Commentaries, and Bible Dictionaries, the church, and administered to her the are on hand, distributed around among Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. She them. The interest thus awakened, is said it was a precious season to her. sometimes great, and streams from the She died too days after, aged 18 years. river of life flow out “to make glad," It is a great pleasure to me, to minister I trust, in due time, "the city of our God." I discipline my own family in | to assist the wife in presenting it. I the same way at our morning and eve-began to feel that persons might be ning devotions, and have found no orthodox and yet not be very liberal. method of Bible class instruction equal I was encouraged to gather this church, to this, to secure attention, awaken in- from the instruction given me by Dr. terest, develope the intellectual powers, Woods, in the sermon he preached at or impress the heart with truth. my ordination from Paul's conscio ad

This exercise is in advance of the Clerum. “I have become all things Sabbath school lessons, and covers the to all men, that I might by all means same ground. So that, although I am save some." I tried with all my might not indulged with that greatest of all to infuse spiritual life into their dead blessings, the special outpouring of forms. One of the elders remarked, the Spirit, yet I am quite sure that seed after meeting, that he never before in is sowing here that will spring up and all his life, heard instructions fastening bear fruit for God, as it is not after His obligation on the parents baptizing their manner, to wield His two edged sword, children, to train them for God-or to by an instrumentality, however humble that effect—that is, obligation flowing and unworthy, without a corresponding from the ordinance. So you may pereffect. One of our young men is in a ceive they are under a new influence. course of collegiate study; and will not, And where will not the Puritan I am persuaded, stop short of the influence finally extend, and leave a sacred ministry as a post of usefulness. blessing. Another is making his plans, to commence the same course in the fall; and a third will do it, as soon as providence sball permit. We have a very good APPEAL FOR MINISTERS TO N. w. oho. church library, though not large, and one of the same character for the Sab- From Rev. B. Woodbury, Bowling bath school.

Green, O.

Becoming all things to all men. Williams, Henry, Lucas and Wood

counties are already considerably setI have visited the little church in tled. Comparatively few, however,

, in this county, made up of a will respond at once to an educated Scottish population, and received by, thou devout ministry. The wandering letter and profession 12 persons, mak- Levites have got the start of God's peoing the number in the church now ple, and the people are fond of religious twenty-three; and baptized 13 chil-i teachers whose characteristics are the dren. I also administered the Lord's nearest assimilated to themselves. Rev. Supper to them, for the first time, since Mr. Tucker is in Defiance, the souththey were constituted a church. I was east corner of Williams co., at the june"hardly matched” in bringing myself to tion of the Maumee and Anglaise rivers. bend to their notions. They were from this place the county seat has been dissenters from the Scottish establish- recently moved to Bryan, a central ment, from the neighborhood of Edin- | town, where an enterprising community borough, though strait Presbyterians. is rising up, without a ministry of the They must have a “table,” and yet word, such as, according to our standthey had none, and so they sat onard, they ought to have. The Farmer benches facing each other, as if a table church is about five miles from this; were between. I must take a large and then there is little St. Joseph, slice of bread and break it in two, and Fayetteville, and other places of some give half to the person at the head of interest

, as embracing, more or less, a the table on one side, and the other half dense population. The whole county to the other on the opposite side, while is open to your Society, except the corthe elders stood at the foot of the table ner occupied by Brother Tucker, and to receive wbat was left.

a German Reformed Presbyterian, In baptizing a child of a believing mainly among Germans-Deacon Enwife, they would not suffer the husband | sign and Judge Parker of the Farmer


chuch, offer board to a missionary one right stamp, moving in harmony, would year. The Farmer church would be move this whole community, and erect his home for the present. He should standards that would not only attract reconnoitre the county.

attention, but gain the confidence of the Henry county is also a wide and in- people. Men of piety, active, laboring teresting field open to your missionaries. men, are rather especially required, the We have no hold there except a Sabbath people think they must have the greatest school, furnished by me with a library. and best. But men of good common At Napoleon, there are a few eastern sense, of wisdom, and enterprise will Christians, mainly women; but num- fill their eye; “ off band,” men as to bers there (it is a county seat) would hail preaching, will suit best, but good seran educated man of almost any deno- mons delivered easily, and with dignity mivation, with much cordiality. The and earnestness, will be well received country is fine on both sides of the river. though written out. Lucas county is better supplied, the population greater, and furnishing important localities. The supply is composed of Mr. Haswell of Toledo, Mr.

Indications of Progress. Johnson of Amboy, and myself, one fourth of the time at Waterville.

I have gratifying evidence of the acMaumee city is now destitute ; Man- ceptableness of my labors to my people, hattan a desolation; and other considera- and hope that I labor not altogether in ble places, where other denominations vain in the Lord. The congregation fills have - flashed out,” are destitute and our small house from Sabbath to Sabwishing a minister. They wish a min- bath. ister to settle with them in Waterville, Infidelity, which has formerly flourishpreaching there one half of the time and ed here, is visibly declining. A promithe other half elsewhere. I think they nent, and indeed the leading infidel, (an could raise in such a case, in provisions Abner Kneeland atheist,) has subscriband labor, for a minister's support $200 ed $3 for iny support this year; and in a year, and perhaps more. Something reply to a hint from me a few days ago, could be raised elsewhere. They ear- touching his inconsistency therein, he restly request you to help them to a min said he had come to the conclusion that ister, in that case I could devote my a bad system is better than none.' whole time to Wood county. The Another, an apostate and an atheist, conFreedom church have $70 raised for a fesses that he prays and cannot help man one fourth of the time, and are ur-it. gent for a minister.

The Sabbath is gaining outward res

pect, if not reverence. Our reformed ** Important jast now."

inebriates, among whom are backsliders

and infidels, generally hold out. The How important to get on a number Sabbath school comprises about oneof men here just now of the proper third of the congregation, and is interstamp! the field is completely open. esting. One of the cases of hopeful Perrysburgh is destitute, a devout, able conversion alluded to is of a member of laburing man is needed there—besides a class of young ladies. other interior towns, spoken of in my One fact indicative of progress among former letters. Let men be sent here us is, that measures are being taken to and be seen, and they will be caught build a good meeting-house, and another, up. Pray respond to the call of our that the Society have contributed, belittle association, and send at LEAST side other things, some $400 during FOUR.

the last year towards a parsonage, and The great difficulty has been in this another, that the subscription for the valley, that there has not been ministe- expenses of preaching, &c., is nearly or rial help enough to carry out general quite $75 more this year than it was measures, or to create a body of influence, last, and we hope that shall at given points on particular occasions. be able to do without your aid after this Half a dozen permanent ministers of the year.



Diffeulties arising from an inadeFrom Rev. J. W. M.Cormick, Green

quate viinistry. land, Ross Co., O.

The fatigue, the sacrifices to be made,

and the patience to be exercised in this Extension of Usefulness.

region for the upbuilding of Christ's

kingdom, is not fully realized by any My labors during the summer have but those who bear the burden and heat been a little more arduous than usual, of the day. Never was there more he. inasmuch as I have been attempting to resy afloat than at the present. Infideliextend my sphere of labor. Frankfort ty in its varied forms is showing itself is a village four miles distant from my without a blush. Fanaticism cries aloud residence, containing about five hundred for union. This union, with the great inhabitants. It is the oldest town in mass, is to be effected by discarding the Ross county, and, though there have principles of Christianity, and virtually been Presbyterian churches and minis- renouncing the Cross of Christ. Campters in the vicinity for years, yet there bellites, Arians, Universalians, are so never has been any effort made by our filled with a spirit of proselyting that they denomination to build up the Redeemer's compass sea and land. Added to these are kingdom there until this summer. Two the Arminians, so zealous for numbers benevolent and able men, living in the that they encourage all, without regard Deighborhood, formed the plan some two to character, to join them, and often inor three years ago of building a meet- fluence many by saying, “ In the church ing house in Frankfort

. The resolu- is the best place in the world to get retion was carried into execution, and ligion !” Now, owing to this looseness now there stands in thai village a neat among professed christians, together and commodious Presbyterian church. with infidel tactics, the public mind has I was invited early in the spring to make become poisoned, and what but the Gosthat one of my preaching places. Ac- pel of Christ can ward off the distruccordingly I have been during the sum- tion with which it threatens the church! mer preaching there, about once in two weeks on Sabbath afternoons. The at. tendance has been unexpectedly large,

NEW-YORK, and I regard it as a field where some good may be done. As the incipient From Rev. P. Barbour, Fort Ann, N. Y. results of my labors in that place, at

Light through the clouds. our last communion here, eight or ten from Frankfort and the vicinity united In looking back upon the past, as I with the church at Greenland. Most close my last quarter of my second of them were heads of families, and had year's labor with this people, I see been in connexion with churches in much cause for humility and gratitude. other places. It is probable that a church Humility, that I have done so little and may be organized in that place at some ' done it so poorly, and gratitude that time not far distant; and it is hoped God has done so much as he has sor us, that Frankfort and Greenland may be and done it so freely. The Lord has able before long to sustain the preached been better to us than our fears or our Gospel themselves.


While the temperance cause has Although the policy of the Society is to more than sustained the ground it occuconcentrate the labors of its missionaries as pied last year, (which was somewhat much as possible, yet in circumstances like doubtful, it being considerably in adthe foregoing, every missionary should re

vance of any thing it had done before,) gard himself as charged with the responsibi.

and the society has exerted a whole.

some influence all through the town, lity of nursing into a healthful state the we have also been permitted to enjoy a surrounding communities. In this much most precious revival of religion in a good may be dune, not only by saving indi- | part of it, which almost all christians vidual souls, but by laying foundations of had agreed in considering hopeless. future churches.

| The Universalist had nearly occupied.


the ground. Seventeen have united were. And I have four times as many with the Presbyterian church, as the hearers as there were when I first came fruit of the protracted meeting held early here. in this spring. Two of the number were adınitted at our last communion, some two weeks since; two more have been examined, and with others are

[For the Home Missionary.) waiting. A number have united with

GRATUITOUS SUPPLY other churches.

A Sabbath school has been organized in the neighborhood with over 50 scho- LIBRARIES FOR THE WEST. lars, which is kept up with spirit. We have obtained a new library of about

Special Notice. 70 volumes. I meet with thein fre. quently for their encouragement.


At a stated meeting of the Board of Of. weekly prayer-meeting is sustained, ficers and Managers of the American Sunwhich has not been done before for years. day-school Union, held on the 20th of A weekly female prayer-meeting is also June, 1842, the following plan of carrying held among them. I have preached out the resolution of the Society, adupted with them a fourih of the time through at the late annual meeting, was laid before the spring and summer season.

the Board, and approved and ordered to I have organized schools in two neigh-, be published. borhoods besides the one named above,

Attest : FRED. A. PACKARD, Rec. Sec. and we are now making arrangements for a celebration of all the schools in

In furiherance of the wishes expressed by town.

the Society at iis late annual meeting, the Board of Officers and Managers of the

American Sunday school Union, would res. Pastoral incidents.

pecifully present to the churches and the

benevolent people of our country, the followI have spent considerable time in ing plan of operation for supplying destitute visiting froin house to house; and also

schools with libraries, in visiting the sick. There is a street

Ist. It is not understood to be the wish on the Lake shore which is thickly in

of the Society, that the Board should at all habiied, which seems to belong to no parish of any denomination. I find relax iis efforts, for the establishment of there three sick persons lingering upon

Sunday.schools, by missionaries en ployed their beds. One of them four and halt for that purpose, as this ever has been, and miles from me, is very near her end. should always be, an object of chief concern. Sbe was trained up in a wicked family, 2nd. In soliciting donations froin the (her father hung hinselt in a drunken public, our agenis will make the supply of fit two years since,) and expresses a books to destitute schools a prominent object; strony hope, and a willingness to leave and they will be prepared with statements, the world. Another is a very intelligent furnished with unq:estionable authority, 10 woman, and able to converse freely, sustain their appeal. though her disease is pronounced incurable. She has a deep sense of sin and school Journal (and, if necessary, in other

3rd. Notice to be given in the Sunday: depraviry, and of the vavity of this world's goods, and is cheerfully patient, but does papers) of the wish of the Board, to ascernot feel that confidence which is desira- rain whol schools require aid, and such noble. The third is an old lady who has tice plainly to set forth the particular items joined no church, but I think yives some of information which are desired. evidence of having been pious for some

41h. The Bi and will be glad to receive aptiine. I have visited these as if they be- plications, not only from destituie schools longed to my people. Some from that and districts, and through pastors, and priquarter occasionaliy attend my ineetings. vate persons, but from missionaries of any

My nieetings on the Sabbath are alto religious denomination, to whom our publicagether more orderly than what they lions would be acceptable.

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