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churches to obtain the stated ministry, | From Rev. B. F. Morris, Warsaw, I. and the destitute settlements to organize churches, where the prospects were It is the wish (and they are about such as to justify their doing it

. And I making the effort) of the church here to have the happiness to report that three secure my labors three-fourths of the of the churches have obtained supplies. time, if not all the time. The main diffiThree churches have been formed, and culty in the way is the house in which the prospect is, that in four or more we worship. It is owned by a private other places churches will very speedily individual, and steps are aboui to be be formed, with a determination to main-taken to purchase the building. If they tain the stated worship of God's house. succeed in that, I feel as if one desiraThe attention that has been paid to the ble point had been gained in planting Sabbath school and the temperance cause the true gospel in this rising town. It in these churches and settlements, has is a great drawback upon the usesulness been encouraging. The number of ei- and success of a minister to be constantther scholars or members, I am unable ly coming in conflict with others, or even to state accurately.

to alternate with another denomination,

whoin we esteein and love. Vacancies,

Encouraging Progress. The number of destitute churches within our bounds, as they exist at the We are not left in the forlorn state of present time, are, one in Lasalle Co., “baving no hope” in regard to the pros. five in Will Co., two in Keodall Co., pects and triumphs of Bible truth, and two, I think, in Kane Co., besides two or the prosperity of our beloved little three in the extreme northern portion of church in this village. It is true we the state, that are but partially supplied. have had to contend against a host,

The settlements that deserve atten- mighty and bold, of counteracting indution are scattered in every direction. ences. For the last four years, adverse At least two whole counties that will nat- winds have been blowing hard against urally fall within the same field, where the Zion of God. And so peculiar, so there is no church of our denomination, strong, and so threatening did these opand scarcely any preaching of any cha- posing powers seem to be, that we beracter usually called evangelical. I gan sometimes almost to despair. But could with a bleeding heart reiterate the we feel that a better and a brighter appeal for help, that is with every morn has begun to dawn. The darkbreeze saluting your ears from this wide ness and dreary desolation which reignvalley. We want men. If we must ed so long, and with such power, we “preach the gospel to every creature,” feel is beginning to give way before we must have many more men on this the combined influence of evangelical same field, over which I have been truth and holiness. The last year has ranging the twelve months past, through been a period of advance. The church, the heat and cold, the wet and dry of by the addition of several excellent and this country

interesting members, by profession, and But with them, we must have some- a number of devoted Christians by letthing more. These men must be sus- ter, has been, through the grace of God, tained ; and your Society must be ena- greatly strengthened and built up. The bled to sustain them. They will here attendance on public worship, both as it meet poverty—and what is worse, with regards numbers and constancy, has much indifference. An interest in the been increased during the last year. preached gospel must be formed in many Our conferences and prayer-meetings, cases, and your missionaries will have of late, have not only been large but to be upheld by the friends of the Cross, unusually interesting. The Spirit of while he forms it. His hands and his God seems to be descending in sweet heart will be filled, and his whole time and heavenly power upon the hearts of occupied to a degree that will leave him the brethren. Our church discipline but little leisure for secular pursuits, has been carried out with some degree and hardly time to study economy.

of faithfulness, and practical efficiency; the solemn act of excommunication hav- || all, he has gained business fast, and is ing been passed on one or two mem- now going ahead of all the lawyers in the bers, who were leading men in our vil- county ; as a man, he is deservedly lage ; and this, I think, gave us some popular; and as a Christian, he is reconfidence, even among the impenitent. spected and useful. He finds that reThe brethren now are harmonious in ligion is no hindrance to his success in their feelings, and hearty in their co-op- business, and feels that the badye of eration to labor for Christ and his king- Christ is no dishonor to his manliness, dom. On the whole, evangelical prin- or to his profession. Oh, if all our ciples are in the ascendant, and the young men in mercantile and profeskingdom of our glorious Redeemer sional pursuits, would "go and do likeslowly, yet steadily, advancing. We wise,” it would not only be to their pewant, however, a still greater, o, how cuniary advantage, but result in a glomuch greater-display of the goodness rious impulsive movement to the cause and mercy of our Heavenly Father. of Christ over the earth. He that hoOur hearts are enlarged, our prospects noreth God, him will God honor. are brightened, our hope is increased. May the Lord pour down his Holy Spirit upon his little church here.

How to make a Prayer Meeting inte


I love dearly the precious prayerFrom a Missionary Report. meetings. They are the sweetest and

richest spiritual seasons that Christians Godliness is Profitable. have this side of heaven. They are the

spiritual thermometer of the churchI cannot forbear to relate an inte the link that binds our Sabbaths togeresting fact of a young gentleman in ther. We have recently had precious and the legal prosession, who setiled in this profitable prayer-meetings; and they village last spring. He came here to

were made so in this way :--The breth. seek a fortune and fame, by pursu- ren proposed that we should have speing, with energy and perseverance, the cific subjects of prayer when we met; duties of his chosen profession. A

first, to give definiteness to our petistranger, unknowing and unknown, he tions; secondly, that we might think, planted himself down in our place. and study, and pray, over them, during Soon after he had got fairly fixed, he the week. The first object, and the called on me, and informed me that he proper one, presented, was the influence desired to connect himself with our and importance of the descent of the church, as he had determined now to Holy Spirit. The effect was highly act out the life of a Christian. I was beneficial. It gave a quickening imdelighted with his noble frankness, and pulse to their hearts, unity to their petiwas encouraged to hope that God intend- tions, faith to their prayers, and evidented him for great good to this place. In ly brought souls in communion with pursuance of his resolution, he joined the Holy Ghost. I think it an admirathe church, by public examination and ble plan to give interest to prayer-profession, and united his lot, (in com

meetings. pany with another young man,) to the little band of Christ's disciples in this place. He has run well. His christian character has been open and decided.

INDIANA. He is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. He is active in all that per- From Rev. Calvin Buller, Boonville, la. tains to the prosperity of Christ's king- Revival.-United Labors, dom, and bids fair to be an eminently devoted and useful man.

Speaking of a protracted meeting, Mr. B.

remarks: Now mark the result in regard to his business and standing. As a lawyer, Our meetings have been conducted just commencing his profession, in a with entire harmony of different denominew country, and an entire stranger toll natious; and among the good effects

resulting, Christians of different orders | delightful, and in some instances overhave met in brotherly love, and have whelming. Within the last few weeks, been refreshed; the unrenewed have the interest has been of an encouraging been awakened ; more than forty have character, and on the last Sabbath we manifested deep concern ; not far from received seven on profession of their twenty have indulged the christian faith to our communion. Our Sabbath hope, and will (some have already) schools, one in each church during the unite with the different churches that past summer, have been prosperous, they shall choose. Among the converts considering the embarrassment under is, I trust, my eldest son, fourteen years which we labor for the want of libraof age. May I be thankful and hum- ries, having but very small and trifling ble! Several of those who have in- libraries connected with each. I pray dulged hopes are those who formerly that God may bless the A. H. Mi s., were opposers to temperance measures, and raise up patrons to supply it with and some were intemperate. They can the means of sending the Gospel to the now see,

and are ready to acknowledge destitute in our land! the connection between temperance and religion.

My sphere for preaching is enlarging. I have now five or six places, separated from four to sixteen miles, besides oc: From Rev. J. H. Shields, Greencastle, casional calls still farther, and in them

Ind. all I have access to the ears, and perhaps to the hearts, of a great many : and the Lord has blessed me with continual" There was great Joy in that City," good health. Pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, We have been engaged, al cost all run, and be glorified.

the fall, in most interesting meetings. During the meeting here, fifty-six were added to our number, and several others

are rejoicing in the pardoning grace of From Rev. J. A. Carnahan, Dayton, Ind. God. Dozens more are deeply awak

ened, and we hope will soon find peace Fruits of a year of Revival.

in Christ.

This great work is not confined to In my last report I mentioned the any particular class or age, but among reception of fifty-five persons to the the converts you may find the aged churches in which I have the pleasure man, with his locks whitened with the of laboring, on profession of their faith, frosts of near eighty winters, and others, during the past year up to the 27th of down to the youth of twelve. You April. We have received to the may find parents, with their children, churches of Oxford and Dayton, since and a number of very interesting young that time, on profession of their faith 17, men, among the converts. There was six of whom were baptized. These are one remarkable instance of God's anthe fruits of the continued revival which swering prayer. A lady from the coun• cominenced about the first of the year try came in, and united with our church, 1842, and which has continued with requesting us to pray for her husband, greater or less interest up to this day. who was a wicked man, and somewhat Two more have been examined by the intemperate. On the next day, he sessions, and will be received at a future came and joined the Washingtonian period. Some others among us are Temperance Society. On the Sab. anxious. We have now received sixty- bath, he was at our church, much confive on profession of their faith since cerned for his soul. From that time, the commencement of this revival. he was found, every night, at our inqui

These scenes of interest will not be ry-meetings, and during the week, was forgotten by your missionary and the rejoicing in the love of Christ, with his churches to whom you have extended happy wife. This man is near sixty the helping hand. They have been years old.


and solemn awakening, five of whom

have attached themselves to the church From Rev. John B. Saye, Bentonville, and several others were hopefully conPolk Co.

verted. On Monday, before preaching, Revival.

we had a temperance address, then

presented the pledge, to which 62 sub. I now record one of the most inte. scribed. This was the first effort that resting revivals I have ever witnessed. had been made in the place on the subIn some of my former reports I have ject, except a sermon which I preached mentioned the rent condition of c. there six weeks before. Two weeks church; but the scene has changed: ing in Tazewell, when fisty more sub

afterwards, the Methodists held a meet. At a sacramental meeting at that church, on the second Sabbath of Au

scribed the temperance pledge. Great gust, so great seemed to be the instru- is the change for the better wrought in mentality of truth, in the hands of the

Tazewell. The citizens have banished Spirit

, as to all appearance entirely to the traffic of ardent spirits from their cut down the former enmity existing town, and in exchange, they have embetween brethren, and to bring many of ployed a minister to locate in Tazewell

. the impenitent to the foot of the cross.

In the close of July, I held a twoSeveral returned to the church who had days meeting in a densely populated broken off. Many who had not spoken neighborhood, assisted by Rev. John to each other for years, were melted Dyke, where, on the Sabbath, about down in feeling, met, and still meet to 200 of our hearers who could not get converse freely and in friendship.

room in the house, were exposed to the In my other places of preaching an open air, at which meeting we had increased interest seems to be taken in about 20 anxious, and received two matters of religion; also an increased members on examination. I told the attendance and attention. There seems

people that if they would build a meetto be a good many cases of awakening ing-house I would preach monthly for throughout my missionary field. I re

them. My proposition seemed to meet ceived into C. church on profession 14, the wishes of the people. I expect to restored 2.

continue to preach there.

In Jacksboro, assisted by two brethren, I held a sacramental meeting which

embraced the first Sabbath of August From Rev. W. Graves, Knox Co., Ten. last. The people were very attentive.

On Sabbath after communion, we gave Protracted meetings and Revivals. an invitation to the anxious, when many

came forward, who manifested much Since my last report, within the concern for the salvation of their souls, bounds of my field of labor, I have wit- 7 of whom gave evidence of a change nessed and enjoyed several revivals of of heart. religion ; the fruits of which have greatly rejoiced saints on earth, and doubtless angels in heaven. In Tazewell where brother N. Hood and my- From Rev. John Dyke, Knox Co., Tenn. self have alternately been preaching monthly, we had the Rev. Robert Glenn In September last, I commenced a and H. F. Taylor to assist us with a protracted meeting in a neighborhood sacramental meeting last June, which where a few of the members of Unitia was well attended. At the commence- church live, for their accom inodation. ment of our meeting, many more than At the beginning of the meeting, I felt usual atiended. The meeting went on that it was almost in vain to labor there, with additional interest and increased but soon our drooping spirits were reattention to the administration of the vived. The Lord commenced a preword. God's people were much en-cious work in the beginning of the couraged and stirred up to diligence, meeting; and during its progress, 26 while many sinners were under deep were hopefully converted. Many more



were still inquiring, What shall we do, doing good. They are held during the to be saved ? Afterwards, 10 more were intervals of divine service, and nearly added on examination, as the result of all the congregation who are not ema meeting at the Unitia church. Since ployed as teachers, attend, either taking that time, 10 more have presented an active part or listening to the exerthemselves, as desiring to become mem- cises. Thus infidels and sceptics are bers of this church. The work is still often brought under the influence of going on, prostrating sinners on every truth, which is the sword of the Spirit. hand.

Toils and Rewards of missionary


An eastern clergymar can have no

adequate idea of the labors of a faithful From Rev. 0. C. Thompson, St. Clair, minister at the West. In almost all Mich.

situations, there is pastoral labor

enough, without the preparation of a A very intelligent and amiable wo

single sermon. We are often finding man, a member of my congregation in those, who, at the East, maintained a this place, died a few days ago, under fair standing in the church of Christ, circumstances that occasioned an un- but now, by their conduct, are not disusual feeling Conscious of her ap- tinguished from the men of the world; proaching end, she spent her last mo- and it is the unceasing care and solici. ments in earnest warnings to her hus. tude of the faithful pastor, how be shall band and friends, to prepare for eterni-rescue them and their rising families ty, and obtained a solemn promise from from the fearful influence of errorists her husband, that he would not neglect and unbelievers. In our ministerial it any longer.

visits, we are obliged to ride a great Since I last wrote, I have the happi- distance, and traverse every place ness to state the evident conversion of within our limits, which is not too new a mother of a large family. Her influ- to contain a dwelling, and frequently ence is happy in her family, and I hope where the roads are almost impassable. will be so in the church and community.

We speak of the labors, but not of the Her husband, who has been an intem- trials of a new country. For although perate man, is reformed by her influ- we have many privations, yet we have ence, and has joined the temperance so- never tasted the luxury of doing good, ciety, and prays in his family. Five as we have here; and after riding with Sabbath-schools are kept up within the

my wife four or five miles, in a rude range of my labors ; some of them are conveyance, over a road scarcely pass. very interesting. One is lately estab-able, and finding at length the desired lished in a Scotch neighborhood, where habitation, which most would pronounce I have preached a few times. llad our quite unfit for the abode of human bepeople the means to go on and establishings, we are inore than repaid, by meetreligious institutions, I think we should

ing perhaps a poor, isolated, neglected have occasion to be much encouraged. disciple of Christ, who is overjoyed to

behold the man of God come to admin. ister consolation, and express sympathy

under her trials and bereavements. O, From Rev. J. W. Smith, Grand Blanc, it is good to give but a cup of cold waMich.

ter to a disciple, in the name of Christ !

It brings a present reward. It is good The Universalists have made a des- to carry the lambs of Christ's fold in the perate effort to introduce their sen- bosom, to support the weak, and to timents, and to entice the youth, who raise up the bowed down. were apparently studying the Scriptures with interest and profit, into their ranks. Our Bible-classes are very interesting, and we cannot but think are

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