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From Rev. Seth Hardy, Pinckney, in imminent danger for eternity-when Mich.

I find the greater portion of my beloved

congregation impenitent, how can I A pleasing Change.

rest? 0, I need more faith, more love,

more zeal, more self-denial, more During tbe year, a very pleasing knowledge, more of every qualification change has evidently been going on in for the gospel ministry. God has not this community. Efforts to advance left me without seals of my ministry the temperance cause have been very the past year. Glory to him alone. much blessed. Party feelings, and ani- Your aid has enabled me to preach the mosities, which were prevalent at the Gospel where, I trust, sinners by it have commencement of the year, have, in been brought to Christ. Fifteen have a great measure, subsided. Our Sab- united with this church by profession bath-school, which is rather large for a during the past year. A few others new place like this, has been maintain- have expressed hope, under my labors. ed with interest, and has continued to

My congregation must soon comexert a very happy influence on the mence a meeting-house. We cannot minds of the young. Its good influ- increase much until we have a new ence has evidently extended to some in house ; nor do I expect that we shall inore advanced life. Several of our be independent of aid from abroad until Sabbath-school scholars venture to

one is erected. hope that, during the year, they have passed from death unto life. Since the commencement of my missionary year, the church has received some accessions.

Testimony of a Pioneer. When we consider this thing, we are constrained to say, we have great occasion for gratitude and thanksgiving to the since I arrived in Michigan, under

It is now more than thirteen years great Head of the church, for the many commission from your Society. There mercies and blessings we have been pernitted to receive at his hand. We are now only three Presbyterian minisare also constrained to acknowledge I have witnessed great changes. The

ters here, who where then in this field. our indebtedness to your Society, for the assistance kindly afforded ; aside from population has increased from less than which, we could not have been enabled

30,000 to more than 200,000. Large to persevere in preaching the blessed villages now exist, where then was an

unbroken wilderness. More than 100 Gospel of our Lord and Savior in this

churches now exist; then there were new but interesting field of labor.

not more than 10 of our order. As a pioneer, I have struggled with difficul

ties and privations—but have never In labors abundant,

regretted that I came to Michigan. I

thank God for sending me here, and Nearly every Sabbath I have preach- permitting me to labor so long on this ed three times, and attended to my field. I was invited, nay urged, to take Bible class in the intermission. Be- charge of two churches in the state of sides this, excepting perhaps two months New-York, each of them able,and willing in harvest and sowing, (the evenings to sustain the ministry; but I had set my being short,) I have generally preached face toward this field, and declined the from two to five times in the week, invitations. I do not regret, nor have I sometimes more, and have endeavored ever regretted my decision. Although to visit as much as circumstances would I leave not all the social and religious permit. No eastern minister needs privileges enjoyed by my eastern more time in the study than I do. I do brethren; yet I have had the privilege, not learn that any of my people wishin my feeble measure, to aid in laying me to perform any more labor. The the foundations for many generations. opposite of this has frequently of late I have had the privilege also of seeing been expressed. But when I see souls the superstructure going up, and the all around-parents, youth, and children, wilderness blossoming as the rose. My poverty has deprived me of many faci. “Where shall we look for ministers for lities for studying the word of God. I those churches, and to occupy other have lived almost without a library; fields that are white already to harvest ?" but I have been permitted to see the We owe much to your Society ; withdivine seal laid upon my poor labors, out its aid the Gospel could not be susand the wanderer restored to the favor tained in this place. of heaven,

Shall I then regret that my lot has been cast in these ends of the earth? Here I may feed those who are hun

OHIO. gering for the bread of life ; instead of expending my little energies upon those already surfeited. I rejoice then in my

From a Missionary in N.W. Ohio. field of labor—I do not wish to exchange it. Here I have spent my best

The way of the Lord preparing. days of labor. Here I am willing still to endure privation, until my Master in I have gone beyond the particular heaven shall say, “ It is enough,” and limits of my field, and preached in six or call me to bis rest. Here I expect to seven different towns. At S., in comdie, and hope to rise and joyfully meet pliance with the urgent request of the some who, through my unworthy instru- people, I recently held a meeting of two mentality, have been led to the Savior, days' continuance. More than seventy and who shall be welcomed to his glo intelligent, enterprising young men berious rest.

long to the town—all, it is to be feared, impenitent. A congregation of between

two and three hundred might be col. From Rev. S. Carey, Lapeer, Mich. lected every Sabbath if some faithful

minister could go among them; and yet A new field-Revival:

the people have had no preaching, ex

cepting as I have occasionally visited The people in this country are mostly them. We expect to make an effort from some one of the eastern states, in- soon to form a church there. Perhaps telligent and enterprising. Although there was never before so favorable an this place is comparatively new, yet I opportunity for exerting an influence in find that much has been lost to the this vicinity in favor of Presbyterianism, church by not having the regular mi- or orthodox sentiments. There has nistrations of the Gospel at an earlier been a happy change of feeling in reperiod. As in the parable "when men gard to an edueated ministry. The slept” the devil has sowed the seed more intelligent portion of the commuthat produced a luxuriant harvest of nity will not attend the meetings of sin. Six months since, this church those whose only evidence that God has numbered twenty-five. During a few called them is, “ that they can preach months pașt the Lord has favored this so well when so ignorant." Could I place with a revival of his work of grace have the aid and sympathy of some dear among his people. About 25 have been brother, by the blessing of God, a great added by profession and by letter. We moral revolution might be effected. rejoice that some, who a few months My labors are now so scattered, that I since were living without hope, are now fear much of their effect is nearly lost; rejoicing in prospect of glory and im- and yet I cannot confine them to a narmortality.

rower field without injuring the feel

ings of many whom I believe love the Destitutions.

Savior. “Feed my sheep," is his com

mand. I have to labor single-handed A few days since I attended the and alone. I believe protracted meetPresbytery of which I am a member. ings would be attended with great good, A great number of churches were al- could we have the requisite assistance. most entirely destitute of the preaching If I have aid it has to come thirty or of the Gospel. The inquiry was, forty miles; and those brethren that distance have more than they can do in | 23. In reviewing the labors and retheir own fields.

sults of the three and a balf years which Since this letter was written the A. H. M. I have spent with this people, I see S. has sent two promising laborers to that much which demands gratitude. When

I commenced here, we had but 14 memregion. Let the church remember them in

bers ; now we have 59, and have dig. her prayers and almsgiving.

missed to other churches 6, and lost one Encouraging

by death. Then, we had no Sabbath

school, now we have in connection with But notwithstanding all the adverse our church two schools, each averaging circumstances, good has already been 40 scholars, and each possessing a pretty effected, that calls for unfeigned grati- good library. Then, we had no place tude to God. There has been a decided but a school or court-house in which to improvement in the state of things at worship God; now, we have a good P. Last season, a preacher was driven meeting-house up and inclosed, with a away from the place—and when I first comfortable room in the basement, neatly began to bold meetings there, the con- finished. Then, our Sabbath congregaduct of many was quite disorderly—they tions averaged 50, now they will aveseemed to spurn at the truth ; but the rage 150. Surely we have much reaLord enabled me to preach fearlessly, son for gratitude to God; and we will and now I have not a larger or more be grateful! Surely we have much to still and attentive congregation in any encourage us; and we will take cou. place. I trust the way is preparing for rage, and go on in the strength of the a glorious revival. The impenitent Lord of hosts ! seem troubled that there are so few professors of religion among them. The Doubtless, so far as means are concerned, fact bas particularly attracted their the good people of that congregation have notice and they begin to inquire why is furnished by far the largest share ; and yet it so? I put up with a man, a few they probably would have failed in the efforts weeks since, who has recently built a frame barn. As there was only one

to sustain a minister and build a church, had room in his log-house, I went to the not the Home Missionary Society extended a barn to study on Sabbath morning-he helping hand. Who of our benefactors does followed me, and seemed much affected not congratulate himself, that his donation has at his condition, as an impenitent sinner. assisted to accomplish this and similar happy He has till lately not attended

results ?

any meeting. One of the most influential men in the place has lately expressed the hope that he has secured an inte.

Want of Ministers. rest in Christ; and I think an inquiring feeling is spreading among the people. Some persons who have travelled in the

I have organized four Sabbath- West, affect to discredit the accounts that are schools-a!l in a prosperous condition, given of the destitution of ministers there . particularly the one in R. on the border | We know not how to account for such increof Michigan; there is seldom any | dulity, when we are constantly apprised of preaching on the Sabbath there, but facts like those set forth in the following lettoore attend the Sabbath-school than

ter from Central Ohio. possibly can get into the house in which it is beld.

Our Presbytery (Marion) has adopted a plan of missionary effort by which

we hope to supply the people of every Frem Rer. E. Buckingham, Coshoc- neighborhood, where we can collect a

congregation, with preaching, at least

once in a month. Our plan is, to divide Beview of Labor.

our territory into circuits, and each cir.

cuit into stations, for regular preaching. We have received to the church, Each minister we expect will take a since the commencement of this year, circuit. Even this plan will still leave

ton, 0.

many places where we can collect pret

CANADA. ty large congregations, destitute of From Rev. D. Dobie, Huntingdon, Ca. preaching on the Sabbath, until we can get more ministers to labor with us.

In my last report, I stated that a se. Pray ye the Lord of the harvest, that "ries of meetings had been held in a vilhe send forth more laborers into his lage 36 miles distant, and that about 25 barvest!

souls had been hopefully converted. I
have now the pleasure to state that, at

their own request, a church has been

formed, composed of 17 members, and From Rev. J. Gray, Cohoes, N. Y.

to be governed by the formulas of the

Presbyterian church in the U.S. They On reviewing the past, we have great have established a Sabbath-school and reason to rejoice in the goodness of God two weekly prayer-meetings; they in crowning our feeble efforts with have a meeting for prayer and exhortasuccess in winning souls to Christ, tion on the Sabbath, at which the elder When I came among this people their presides. He is a young man, the capcongregation numbered about thirty. tain of a steamboat, of remarkably fine Now, the house is full, and the church disposition, and good talents. Before and congregation are the largest in the his conversion, he bore a striking revillage. There have been received into semblance to the young man mentioned the church, during the past year, 40 in the Gospel ; but according to his members. The three Bible-classes are public confession, which no one suspects very interesting, and the Sabbath- of insincerity, he bad not the least conschool is increasing in numbers and in- cern about religion, until about the beterest. During the last quarter much ginning of the present year.

It was has been accomplished in the cause of then, for the first time, that the preachtemperance. But the general prostra- ing of the Gospel aroused him, and so tion of manufacturing interests in this soon as he heard, he believed. The place has greatly embarrassed us. I change was a sudden one, but it apthink the prospects of this society are pears to have been a thorough one, exvery flattering, if they can get over the tending to the performance of every present crisis, and be united in a inin- known duty. If this man be a true ister. Our prayer-meetings are well convert, God has rewarded me for all attended. The young converts appear my labors and privations, a thousand

and a thousand times.

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very well.


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On the foregoing Correspondence.

1. The Spirit of God appears to be moving silently amid the missionary churches. 2. There is a very general increase in the attendance on the public services of the sanc

tuary; and especially in the number and prosperity of Sabbath-schools. 3. Almost every missionary speaks of the wide openings for labor around him-openings, so

numerous that he cannot, with all his efforts, occupy them. Surely, the Lord is preparing the way for a great work! How wide the fields, how white-but where are the

laborers ? 4. What a lamentable fact it is, that the Home Missionary cause is not better sustained! If

it had an income of $200,000 the present year, it might employ a large class of ministers whom it cannot now afford to employ, and hundreds of those needy and perishing seulements would have their churches, their revivals, their eminent and useful saints, their triumphant conquests over death; infidelity and error would be held in check, and Christ would have the glory! And must, must it be, that this shall all fail, because his people do not furnish the means? Is it true, that the chain of causes and instruments is all complete except that link which is supplied by earthly treasure ; and for want of this, it must continue incompleto, another and another year, and so on, indefinitely ?


PUBLIC SENTIMENT REVIVING IN under the control of the Gospel than ours ?

FAVOR OF HOME MISSIONS. Where can either the men or the means be A strong conviction is beginning to mani found, to answer the great cry for help that fest itself in various parts of the country, that

goes up to heaven, from off the face of the

whole earth? it is high time to give greater prominence to the claims of the Home Missionary enterprise.

We trust, therefore, that the considerations Individuals and associations without con

set forth in the following papers will be recert, and without being acted on by any garded, not as antagonizing the interests of

these two great departments of evangelical influence on the subject, except that which is common to the whole christian labor, but rather as expressing some impor

tant truths as to the way in which the whole public, are speaking out, and demanding, in

vast work of evangelization may be most language not to be misunderstood, that a gTeater proportion of the benevolent efforts effectually and widely carried on, in all ite of our churches should be directed to com

appropriate extent and grandeur. plete the conquest of our own territory to

HOME MISSIONS. Christ Many expressions of this feeling

Action of the Pastoral Union of have reached us, not only by oral communi

Connecticut. cation and by correspondence, but also through the public papers. Among others, The following paper, adopted at the the two articles which follow, are regarded meeting of the Pastoral Union at Kilas peculiarly important, from the sources | lingly, Westfield, Nov. 23, 1842, is from which they emanate, and the conse

taken from the N. E. Puritan of Dequent influence which they may be expected cember 9th. to exert.

REPORT OF COMMITTEE. From these articles, it is not to be understood that Home and Foreign Missions are in


OF GOD, AND THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF any respect rival enterprises. It is the obvi. ous intention of the authors to express their


GOROUS PROSECUTION OF THE WORK OF persuasion, not that our own field should have

HOME MISSIONS.” all the cultivation, and the foreign field be abandoned; but that in the order of nature The importance of sending missionand of duty, and in obedience to an enlarged aries to the unenlightened parts of our christian policy, the American churches country, and the responsibility of the should, for the present, lay out their main

American churches to do this, appeared strength in subjugating this whole land to the most obvious to the Pastoral Union from sway of the Gospel. To do this, is the order the following considerations :

1. Within the limits of our own of nature for this is the field in which God has planted them, and to which they are

country, there are thousands and even bound by ties which exist between them and millions of people who are destitute of no other land-it is a field which no other

a preached Gospel, and of all the insti

tuted means of grace, and are as really Proiestant people will or can adequately cul

perishing for lack of vision as any part tivate. This course is also required by a

of the heathen world. The wide exrise policy, and is not only necessary, in the tended territories of the West are fast way of self-defence against evils that threaten peopling, not only with emigrants from to overwhelm our civil and religous freedom, our old settlements, but with a tide of but it is also necessary to any further enlarge- foreigners from all parts of Europe, ma. ment of operations for the conversion of the ny of whom are as ignorant of the Gosheathen. What a little way will three or pel of Christ, as any of the inhabitants, four hundred thousand dollars per annum go of Asia, or of the Sandwich Isles. towardst hat scale of effort which is necessary Here, there is unquestionably a vast to evangelize the pagan world? And how is / field for somebody to occupy. enough to be raised from a country no more 2. This is a field which lies immedi

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