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brethren have been permitted to preach || multitudes are gathered into the ark of the unsearchable riches of Christ. We safety. generally bave good congregations on We have one Sabbath school of about the Sabbath, that listen with attention twenty scholars with a library of about to the preaching of the word.

60 volumes. We find difficulty in this There has been an unusual attention new county in getting up and sustain. to religion and religious things in this ing Sabbath schools. First, we can county, for the past year. The Spirit seldom find a house convenient for the has doubtless been moving upon the school to be taught in; and, second, great deep of the hearts of the people, There is difficulty in obtaining suitablo preparing the way for the preaching of teachers. There are many good men the Gospel. And “ he that goeth forth in the churches at the West that are and weepeth, bearing precious seed, not good teachers for the Sabbath shall doubtless come again with rejoic- school. Never having enjoyed its ading, bringing his sheaves with him." vantages themselves, they are not so The year past has been a year of hard well able to impart them to others. labor. The field being so large that I The Sabbath school is the place to have had to travel about tbiee thousand raise up efficient members for the miles.


What can the churches do, if Home
Minions are not sustained

From Rev. J. T. Tucker, Hannibal, Mo. We have only raised nine dollars and

Temporal trials and spiritual blessthirty-seven cents for Home Missions,

ingu. which has been paid over to the Missouri Dom. Miss. Soc. Times are so My labors in this town commenced bard, and money so scarce, that many Nov. 1340. I found a church organa comfortable livers find it difficult to get ized, but weak and dispirited, having money to pay taxes. The churches for nearly a year been destitute of a would be liberal if they had the means, stated ministration of the Gospel. A but property will not bring money. house of worship, of convenient size, had Corn at 37} cents per barrel, and wheat been erected and enclosed, but within at 25 cents per bushel, finds few buyers. was wholly unfinished. For some While times remain thus, what can we months, my pulpit was a rough plank do for the cause of benevolence? We placed across two saw logs, and the bless the Great Head of the church for seats of my hearers were a singular the Home Missionary Society, to aid medley of all sorts of unsightly fixtures. feeble churches in sustaining the means We began

in weakness, and in of grace. Without the fostering hand weakness have toiled onward. But of that Society, the feeble churches at though most severely straitened with the West cannot live. None but He hard, and still harder times, until little that knows all things can tell the good of worldly treasure has survived to us, that that heaven-born institution has God has blessed us, beyond our hopes. done at the West. Let your imagination During my first year here, we finished pass over this great land, and see the our house neatly and comfortably; and churches that have been built up by its immediately, the Lord himself was missionaries : go mingle with those lit- pleased to consecrate our temple by a tle flocks, and sing with them the delightfuloutpouring of his Spirit. And songs of Zion, and hear the missionary, once again has the same rich blessing with tears in his eyes, and a Savior's visited us during the year now closing. love in his heart, warn sinners to flee In these two revivals, and at the interthe wrath to come,- and you will be vening seasons of communion, we have prepared to bless God for the Home received sixty-one members by prosesMissionary Society. Go travel over the sion. Most of whom have honored their wide, uncultivated fields of the West profession of piety, though a few have and you will learn that the H. M. S. bas disappointed our expectations of their much yet to do, before these perishing steadfastness.

During the same period, thirty-one | been the defender of free principles of have joined us by letters from other government against tyranny! churches. We have reason to bless the Almost every existing despotism of Lord, that, while in temporal things he Europe is a Protestanı kingdom! The has seen fit sorely to chasten us, in spi. Pope can exert no influence on the ritual mercies he has greatly enriched Roman Catholics of this country, detriour inheritance.

mental to our institutions, if he would; The past two years have indeed been therefore, all the hue and cry against a season of unprecedented revival in Catholic designs on our liberties is the churches of this section of our calumny, falsehood, persecution ! state. It has been the privilege of se- [Consequently-shut your eyes, my veral of us, stationed on these frontiers dear friends, he might have added-and of Zion, to labor together in protracted fear not, that in your slumbering heedefforts, which have been the means of lessness, we the staunch advocates of adding between 3 and 400 mem- ' civil and religious freedom, will not bers to the number of God's professing molest you.] people. Many of these seasons have Can Americans be deceived by such been to us as “ the days of heaven.” falsehood and sophistry as this?

Visit of the Roman Bishop.

Our enterprising and promising vil. From a Missionary. lage has at last drawn the notice of his reverence, the Roman Catholic “Bishop Pray for the amicted Missionary. of St. Louis," and he has very lately honored us with a visit, introductory, I The past three months have been to doubt not, to a farther acquaintance. me, a season of peculiar affliction and Being directly on the Mississippi, 150 tria). On the 14th of Sept., I was atmiles above that city, and admirably tacked with bilious congestive fever. located for commerce, of course we It was unusually severe this year, and could not always escape this infliction. proved the messenger of death to very It is coming, but we are not at all many in this region. My wife was atalarmed.

tacked with the disease on the same There are but very few Romanists day with myself, and in one week was here. The bishop, therefore, undertook carried to the grave. So sudden was in his blandest, most conciliating man- her departure, that I had scarce ten ner, to state and defend the position minutes notice, though lying sick in occupied by his church. He delivered the same room ;-and then she was two public addresses, both of which I entirely insensible. But though she attended and noted. Here is a speci- was not permitted to express her views men of his doctrines :

in the immediate prospect of death, her Protestants contend that the Bible is life affords the best of evidence that she the only and sufficient rule of faith and "slept in Jesus," and has joined the practice. Roman Catholics deny this, bright throng who “have washed their except as the Bible is interpreted by a robes and made them white in the blood priest.

of the Lamb." This sudden and unCatholics affirm that in matters of expected bereavement, in my weak religious faith, a priest cannot era, state, brought me to the borders of the though in other things he may. grave; but the Lord raised me up and

Therefore, says the bishop, religious enabled me to say, “Thy will be done.” doctrine is not a subject for every one's My recovery, bowever, has been very investigation!—but for the priests alone, slow. I was confined to the house but as its infallible expounder!

two weeks, and was then able to ride God pardons sin, not on the penitent's about and visit in the congregation for supplication for mercy, but through the two weeks; when I was attacked with priest, as his appointed agent of abso- ague and fever, which reduced me lution.

to a state of weakness, that, in connecThe Catholic church has always tion with the extreme severity of the weather during the last month, has pre- || moulding the very foundations of sovented me from preaching; and most ciety, as in the year just closed. And of the time, even from visiting:

I rejoice and bless God, that he has But, though bereaved and afflicted, I enabled me to continue in this field, would be satisfied with this—“It is the and to bear a part in this so glorious a Lord, let bin do what seemeth him work. Since I first came into this good.” May these trials prepare me field, I have seen an entire change in to labor with more fidelity and success the character of the population, over a in the cause of our divine Redeemer. district of 6 or 7 miles, by 15 or 18.

The character of this church is not so Afterwards, the missionary writes

much altered, as they were externally I have been prevented from finishing more of a moral people froin the first this report sooner, by a protracted though there is great improvement here meeting at St. F., which was intended too. to be a communion season ;" but we were disappointed in the help expected, and my own health failed. But my la

WISCONSIN. bors and exposure brought back the ague; and before the meeting closed, I From Rev. A. Gaston, Delaran, Wis. was called away by the death of my little daughter who had been for months

Send du ministers. with slow but steady degrees " languishing into life." The Lord, in his in- I bless God, who has put it into the inite wisdomn, has released her from the hearts of his children to feel for the sufferings of earth to join her happy desolations that prevail; and has caused mother in that glorions city from which them to help build the waste places of sin and death are forever excluded. You Zion. Without their aid, many of the may well suppose that in the midst of most extensive and fertile portions of all these accumulated afflictions, 1 our land must be left destitute of Gossometimes exclaim, “All thy waves pel influences ! They are doing a noand billows are gone over me;"—yet, ble work, and yet it is but doing their when my feet were ready to slip."'the duty, though they give not only their Lord has sustained me,

and will, I trust, substance, but themselves also, to evanbring nie out of the furnace "puritied gelize the world. and ineet for the Master's use.'

Did every minister, and every pro. I write this with fever burning in my fessed Christian, each for himself

, feel veins,

the responsibility that rests on him as a steward of God, and would he act up

to that responsibility, we should not From Rev. F. R. Gray, New Provi-long have to plead with our brethren, dence, Mo.

to come to our aid in laying the foun

dations of Zion in the beautiful and There is a very marked improvement extensive regions of the West. Nor in some parts of these congregations, in would the church be tardy in supplying the observance of the Sabbath ; though the means, to sustain the laborers in there is room for still further improve God's vineyard. It must be owing to a ment. I hope the work that has been forgetfulness of that great truth that thus progressing will continue, until, in we are laburers for God, and not for a moral aspect, this part of Zion shall ourselves, that so few men are ready, be as the garden of the Lord.

and so few means furnished, to build the

waste places of our land. “ The hat. Grateful retrospect.

vest is plenteous,” but where are the

laborers ? In looking back to the beginning of During the last quarter, my labors last year, and tracing events along to have been as arduous as I could well where we now are, I can say, that in endure. I have four regular preaching no year of my ministry, have I seen a places on the Sabbath ; which has change, that looked so much like new compelled me to travel fourteen miles

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every Lord's day. In each of the con- | the bread of life? I know of no one gregations the attendance is respect who could be obtained; and yet I have able, and the attention to the word no doubt of the importance of the step preached, very good ; but my labors are to the interest of religion, if there were too much diffused to be productive of a laborer to occupy the field. much immediate success. They ought When I view the prospects of this all to be concentrated at Delavan ; part of the country, I rejoice, but I “reand would be, were it possible for me joice with trembling." There are a to be sustained here exclusively. multitude of errorists, disseminating

We are now compelled to seek a their delusive and fatal doctrines ; and place of worship distinct from the one but few who proclaim the truth as it is we have formerly occupied. We have in Jesus. The soil is now peculiarly succeeded in getting for every alternate favorable to the growth of truth or erSabbath merely, the second story of a ror; society is now in a forming state, blacksmith shop. The room can be and many have no fixed religious belief. made comfortable. What would the re- Before they came to this part of the fined and wealthy churches of the East country, they were bound to some resay to an exchange of situations with ligious society, by the ties of relationus for a time? Do they not know that ship, interest or habit. But now, these no more self-denial is required of us, cords are broken, and they are as ready than of them ?—that we and they are 10 embrace any system of religious beequally bound to spend and be spent in lief as if they had formerly been conthe service of Christ ?-that we are but nected with none. T'he seeds of error, their agents, employed in these outposts so abundantly sown in this fertile soil, of Zion? I am not ashamed to preach will spring up and produce their approin a blacksmith's shop. Wherever the priate fruit. If truth could meet and people will assemble to hear, there will oppose it, we should not tremble for the I proclaim the message of God's word, issue. But how many plants of error and seek the renovating influences of will grow up to maturity before the the Spirit to bring men from darkness truth can even take root! How many to light-from the power of Satan to minds will be poisoned, how many souls God. I have preached in log-houses, ruined, how many obstacles thrown in and in framed houses ; in barns, and in the way of future efforts to build up the school-houses ; in churches, and in kingdom of Christ ! The answer to court-houses ; in taverns, and in state- these questions will depend, in a great houses; in kitchens, and in parlors ; in measure, upon the present efforts of the sitting rooms, and in dining-rooms; in church to carry forward the enterprise ball-rooms, and in bar-rooms. But, in which your Society is engaged. thanks be to God, that I am permitted any where, to preach Christ and him crucified to dying men.




We give a few extracts, as samples of

many, showing the extremity of pressure upMore ministers needed.

on the people of the West. In such circum

stances, the feeble churches are thrown al· I have before mentioned the destitu- most entirely upon the benevolence of their tion of this region. We have need of brethren at the East, for the enjoyment of a minister in this immediate neighbor- their christian privileges. hood; the field of labor is wide and encouraging. I have thought much of or. If imperious necessity did not comganizing a church about 4 miles dis-pel me, I would not, considering the tant, where the people are anxious for state of your treasury, ask for assisit, and would go forward to build a tance. But what shall I do? I have a house of worship immediately. But family to provide for, and my principal should I do it, who would break to them dependence is on your Society.

Of pork and wheat we have an abun- | Pork has been hauled to P. this fall, dant supply, but, these are only a small and with difficulty sold for one dollar part of what is necessary. Our chil. per 100 lbs. and in one or two instances dren must be clotbed, as well as fed. as low as 75 cents per 100 lbs. Wheat Every thing purchased of the tradesman can hardly be sold, by hauling it off 15 requires ready money. General confi- or 20 miles to the river, for 25 cents dence is destroyed, and no credit is giv- per bushel. For beef cattle and horses en, and I can purchase no clothing, or there is no sale; in short, there is nothing groceries, without the cash. But I can that will command money here. If it not get money here, and I shall be under had not been for the aid received from the necessity of leaving for some other the A. H. M. S. I should have been place, or seeking some other employ- compelled to break up ere this, and go ment if I do not receive aid from you. to some other field, or enter into some

My people are kind and affectionate, other avocation. but they do not pay me,--they are now indebted to me for the principal part of their last year's subscription.

From Rev. C. B. Barton, Newburg, III. Another writes :

Grateful recognition of missionary As to the benevolent enterprises of

aid. the day, our people feel a desire to con

If it had not been for the assistance tribute ; but what shall they give ? of your Society I know not how I could Produce they have in abundance; but have remained here this year. The it will not bring cash at any price; and first year, the church determined if posits nominal value is next to nothing. sible to support their minister without Good wheat is but 28 cents per bushel, assistance from abroad; and they did it. after hauling it 30 miles to market; But the second they could not; they oats and corn are from 6 to 10 cents per subscribed all they were able, (and bushel, and pork from 1 to 1t cents per more,) and then said we will ask the A. pound, payable in merchandise, at a H. M. S. for enough to enable our minhigh profit. There is not supposed to ister to stay with us ; if our request can be money enough in circulation to pay be granted, then shall we continue to our taxes ; and I ask again, what can the enjoy here the rich blessings of the people do?

sanctuary we prized and left in our na.

tive land. Their prayer to you, and to Again, another missionary says :

their Heavenly Father, was heard and

answered. Yes, it is through the beneI do not know that I can convey to ficence of your Society that a little band Fou a definite idea of the scarcity of of Christ's flock, numbering 35 commogey. A few facts may help. One municants, with their families and of the deacons of this church has just friends, here in this western region far left my bouse, and told me it was im- from the land that gave them birth, and possible to collect the subscription at the abundant means of grace there enpresent—said he could not pay bis own, joyed, are permitted to enjoy the stated because he could not get the money- ministration of God's word. Blay the he had not been able to get $5 for any blessing of God rest upon your labore thing he had to sell since last spring- of love in this western region. We can that since May last, he had not received truly say, "silver and gold we have one cent for any thing he had to sell. none, but such as we have (our prayers This man is a farmer, a good ınan, a and sympathies,) we give you." prudent man, has plenty of oats, hay, corn, pork, &c. &c. but cannot get Changes in twelve years. money for it at any price. He had Dearly 3000 lbs. of pork for sale, but I have recently taken a circuit of could not sell it, and has been compel- about 250 miles over the central part of led to salt it. Many persons are unable our state, and I can assure you, the feel. to get money enough to pay their taxes.lings that were awakened in my mind

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