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of grace, as vred by our denomination. || considerations. And not among the Who are these miners? And to whoin least of these, is the cheering circum. are you giving the Gospel ? Simply to stance that we have a few tried ones to 80 many souls? Is this the only motive hold up our hands-brethren and sisters to move the eastern churches to give of prayer-and such too, as manifest an the Gospel to this mining region ? No; ardent solicitude for the welfare of here are congregated the song of eastern Zion-whose burden it is, that this enfathers and mothers. You give the tire territory, and this great valley, and Gospel to your own children. Go into the world, may become converted unto a muner's cabin, and whom do you find ? God. Another cheering indication of Two or three young men of intelligence good is the formation of a county Bible and thought. Inquire into their origin Society. And of this we are happy to and history, and you will find one a say, it has traversed almost the entire broken merchant of New-York, who county, entered into every house and has come to make a “raise;" another, every log-cabin, and supplied the destithe son of a merchant in Buston, and a tute with a copy of the Holy Scriptures. third, the son of a Connecticut farmer. The results bave been salutary. AnoThey have left their parents, their ther, is the onward course of temperbooks, their preaching, all behind. And ance. will you not furnish the means of grace

A few weeks since we were visited to your children? I was talking with by a reformed drunkard itom Ohio, who one young man who had come froin the has given a new impulse to the cause, East, he told me he had a mother and and waked up the sleeping energies of sisters at home, who were pious. He not only its friends, but enlisted new bad been induced to go into a grocery, energies. A goodly number have signed to deal out spirituous liquors. He said the te-total pledge; a few drunkards his mother and sisters would weep if, have been reformed; and we hope the they knew what he was doing. Bul, days of drunkenness and of the distillery says he," when I write I do not tell are about to be numbered in our village this part of the story.". So, hundreds and town. of eastern youth will fall, if the means But let me say we are encouraged of grace be not brought before them. mostly, because at the present time, and Ths influence of the Gospel alone will for some weeks past, there has been a enable these and other youth to with rising interest among the members of stand teinptation.

the church. The Spirit of God seems to be moving in the midst of us.

Not all dark. A missionary concludes his report, as fol. From Rev. 8. Chaffee, Salem, Racine lows :

Co., Wis. Every year and every month brings In Salem we have had an interesting something new and encouraging to such state of things. As a result, difficul. as labor to promote the good of the ties between professors and others have community. Discouragements give been reconciled. Fifteen persons have way, and we trust the time is not distant, indulged hope in the pardoning inercy when this little church, planted in the of God; and a number of backsliders wilderness, will not only be able to sus. have been professedly reclaimed. tain the institutions of the Gospel with. Among the cases of recent hope, are out further aid, but will most heartily five men with their wives. Dangerous contribute to carry forward the opera- errors seem to be giving way under tions of your benevolent Society. the power of truth.

One preacher,

who has advocated dangerous sentiThe dawning day.

ments, is now troubled about his soul.

There is a great change in the moral We feel encouraged by a number of aspect of things here.

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Light arising in darkness,

A peculiarity in the above case is

that it was a time of great stupidity at I am bappy in saying, that there is a B., and she was boarding in a rum-selling general increase of feeling in the con- tavern. Her husband also is a thoughtmunity on the subject of religion, and less man. But her parents were pious. that the Lord seems to be ready to have she feels that she has been brought to mercy upon Zion, and that the time to repentance in answer to the prayers of favor her has come. The servants of Iriends. the Lord are beginning to “take pleaeure in her stones and favor the dust thereof." Some of the members of the

ILLINOIS. church are " between the porch and the altar,” crying, “ Lord, spare thy people,

Assiduity of the adrcrsary. and suffer not thy heritage to be reproached.”

In one neighborhood, about 6 miles from our place of meeting, where re

sides one of our elders, and where a From Rev. C. C. Cadwell, Rochester weekly meeting has been kept up, 6 and Cadwell's Prairie, Wis. or 8 persons have been hopefully con

verted, and in other parts of the sociсty, The privileged chamber. now and then an individual has mani

Tested a hope. These instances of die The Lord has made a breach in our vive mercy and grace have operated ranks, in the death of a much beloved favorably upon the church, and some sister in Christ. Of her, we can truly of the members have appeared to be say, "blessed are the dead that die in more engaged, and to manifest a more the Lord.” During her sickness she deep interest for Zion, than was ever was calon and tranquil. She anticipated known here before. But as the church her departure with joy, and seemed to awakes, and is more faithful, the enemy say with the Psalmist, “ Though I walk seems to take the alarm; more has been through the valley of the shadow of done to counteract religious influence death, I will fear no evil, for thou art here the season past, than ever before. with me." It was a pleasure to be in A society of Universalists has been her sick chamber; for it seemed to be organized, and preaching obtained for the gate of heaven. She talked to all i one half of the time. They begin to who approached her. She delighted

boast of soon becoming the most flourmuch in prayer.

She was beloved ishing and prosperous society in the while living, and her death greatly place. And they indeed make great lamented.

efforts to build up their cause. And in

many cases, they do apparently quiet One taken and another left.

the consciences of sinners, by promisa

ing them life. They pretend that they About the middle of December, a Mr. have nothing to sear in another world, W. called upon me quite early in the that all their punishment is in this life. morning, desiring me to go down to This doctrine is so pleasing to those Burlington, (5 miles below this,) and who wish to live in sin, that many are see his wife, who was under religious carried away with it. A great effort is concern of mind. Brother C. being made in all this region to build up this with ine, we went, and found Mrs. W. delusion. A two-days meeting was laboring under a very deep sense of her held in our place, a few weeks since, situation as a sinner. For three days by them, and some who have been and nights she had neither eaten nor serious heretofore, have joined their slept. Such was the agony of her feel ranks. And now, since they have ings, that she opened her whole heart found, as they pretend, that God has to us, and appeared to listen as for her no terror for the wicked, they are prolife. We pointed her to the Savior. ressedly happy. Such is the infidelity The last time I saw her she was rejoi-that stalks abroad in this western coun. cing in hope, indicating her faith by her try, and its influence is tremendous. works.

It strengthens the bands of the wicked

You may

by promising him life. Some of this had come, and on the 21st December class pretend, that they know all about Jast she fell asleep, and as we trust, the “partial religion" of those who be- went to be with Christ. lieve in eternal damnation, for they imagine my feelings, when I found that once professed it themselves. And I could not go to see her, as she drew even some of their preachers are from near to death, for want of the means. this class. The Mormon, Campbellite, But I think I have learned to be still, and the Christian delusions, are getting under such providences, and know that quite a strong bold in many places in that the Lord reigns. Something of a this far West. So that, to all human debt must have been contracted during appearance, this beautiful country must her sickness of 12 weeks; what sum, soon be flooded with error and delusion. however, I have not been informed; And the few feeble churches which are but whatever it be, I have at present planted here, must most assuredly go no means to pay. Thus you see the down, unless the Gospel is sustained trials of missionaries. Their situation among them.

is often very distressing. But this is

also right, and I trust I can say in view. Home Missions, or no churches.

of all these things, the will of the Lord Ministers could not live here and be done! I do not write thus, brethren, preach the Gospel, without the aid because I am at all disheartened. No, which they receive from your Society. he has promised, that they shall all

the Lord is doing all things well, and I have received during the last year work together for good to them that tbus far, from my society in cash, five dollars only, and that would not pay my

love him. And such a promise is postage, and my people are willing to enough to sustain under any trial. do what they can. Some of my church The most perfect system of charity that have scarcely seen a dollar in money man could devise, and the most abundant for several months. Lands around us

means, might not be able to anticipate all the are now. in market. And one of my elders told me yesterday, that he should individual hardship may not sometimes occur..

cases that should arise, so that instances of not attend the sale, for he could not But the trial of our brother, as mentioned. get money to pay, and must let it rest and run the risk of losing his farm. above, might have been relieved. A special, And there are many in this situation in arrangement, not provided for in his commis.. this section of the country.

sion, might have been made, by which he

could hasten to the couch of his dying comAffecting illustration of hard times. panion. The bosom friend who had with

him travelled the road of life so far-had My church, perhaps, are as able to shared in the anxieties and toils of his minissupport the Gospel as any other within try so intimately and so long, might have 50 miles of me, excepting one ; and yet breathed out her life in his arms, and her with my small family of two children spirit ascended to heaven wafted by the only, I can but just bring the year round breath of his prayer. And why was this not with the aid I receive. And this year done? It was because he knew, that such is I expect to fall in arrears. My family the limited support which the churches afford has been visited with sickness and death. In August last, a tumor ap: and that a special favor can rarely be shown

to this cause, that all its means are pledged, peared on the breast of my wife, which the doctors told her would probably

to one missionary, but at the expense of prove a cancer. She felt desirous of another. And thus he shrank from revealing going among her friends at the East, his need, until it was too late to obtain relief.. where she thought she might find bet- This should not be so. The Society ought ter medical advice than in this country. to be so sustained as not only to be able to By borrowing, I raised thirty dollars for pay its laborers as their wages become due ; her, and she went to R-N. Y., and but also that they may not fear to ask for etopt at her brother's. She immedic special grants, whenever the providence ately bad the best belp that could be of God—as in this case-may seem to refound. But all did not avail ; her time quire.



From a Missionary on the Canal. she, hastily removing her handkerchief.

" It's the clergy,'' whispered one of the My visits to the sick and destitute What followed, of unburdening her

women. The load was half removed. are not without interest - illustrating overladen heart, and of efforts of con, that scripture; “In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold solation, need not be detailed. She had not thy hand, for thou knowest which This was the last of her children.

indeed passed through deep waters. shall prosper, this or that, or whether both shall be alike good.” Along the Acquaintance and friend had been put line of our canal, many families have had sickness and death, without any not repine-the Lord gave, and the

helpless grandchildren. But she would christian friend to administer a word of Lord had taken away, and blessed be consolation to the dying, or to direct the mourner to the Friend of sinners. the name of the Lord.” The services Since I have occupied this station, i proceeded; the physician, one or two have been repeatedly called to attend contractors, and perhaps half a dozen the funerals of such.

others, were Americans; the rest were

Roman Catholice. Seldom have I en.

joyed such freedom in speaking of the A daughter of the Pilgrims comforted. love of Christ to a perishing world.

Many of my hearers were bathed in Early in the spring of 1842, I was lears. I returned home, filled with called to a scene of this kind. The peace and joy, and thanksul that I had day was very hot ; the roads extremely been permitied to dry that “poor old bad ; the distance, 10 miles out, and woman's” tears, and testify of the my bealth quite poor. I wished to be grace of God. excused; but the messenger was im- Recently, I have been called again portunate. “Indeed," I said, “I do to that same neighborhood. The denot think I can go; and besides, your ceased, in this case, was from a repeople (he was a Catholic,) do not like spectable Protestant fainily in the north to attend funerals where Protestant of Ireland—had been on the public clergymen officiate." • Well,” said works of Illinois four years—his wife the man, “but do come, if it is only for had been carried off by a fever-and the poor old woman's sake. She is a bis only son, a fine young man, bad Yankee, and feels dreadful bad. In a been killed while blasting rocks. On moment, the scene was before my the funeral occasion, above referred to, mind—a widowed mother, in a land of this man was present; and the dis. strangers, weeping over the lifeless course made a deep impression, and I body of a beloved child. I accompanied trust a saving one, on his mind. He the messenger to the house of mourn. was continually referring to it in his ing. Around the miserable log-cabin, sickness, saying to the neighborswere gathered some fisty Irish Catho- | "Jesus loved sinners-Jesus died for Jics. As many more had crowded sinners—it does me good to think of it, within. In the coffin lay the lifeless to feel it in my heart. I can now die form of a female, whose sun had gone happy.” And when in the agonies of down while it was yet noon. On one death, he wished the physician to get side were ranged four little, weeping me to attend bis funeral. From all i orphans, almost too young to realize the can learn, I think he must have died greatness of their loss. On the other in the triumphs of faith. Little did I side sat "the poor old woman,” with think, when I demurred about going to her face hid in her handkerchief. Her the first funeral, what the truth was frame shook violently; her heart was designed to accomplish in that beready to burst. Her neat and genteel nighted place. appearance indicated that she had not always lived in those associations. I It is tlius, adds our missionary, that this took my place by her side, and in a Society is in a thousand instances, opening low voice, said, " Mother, why weepest streams in the desert, and in the parched thou?" “Who calls me mother ?said places pools of water.

Revival in Greenville, III. dedication day seemed to be the beginRev. Robert Stuart writes :

ning of a new era in the history of this

little church. Much of darkness and The Lord has blessed us greatly. On discouragement that had previously the first day of the new year, our househung over the church, were dispersed"; was dedicated to the worship of Al- and brighter skies appeared. In Febmighty God. It was a good day; theruary, twelve additional members were Lord seemed to be present to accept received ; three of them by letter, but the offering at our hands.

At the same one of these was a backslider reclaimed; time, souls, undying souls, were pub- and now, with his wise, who on this licly consecrated to his service. Eleven occasion first prosessed Christ, are towere received two by letter. This gether rejoicing in the service of God.

Appointments by the Executive Committee of the A. H. M. S., from February 1st

to March 1st, 1843. Ra-appointed.

Rev. S. Carey, Kensington, Micb. Rer. J. D. Moore, Black Rock, N. Y.

Rev. P. S. Cleland, Greenwood, Ind. Rev. R. Wilson, Chapinsville, N. Y.

Rev. John Ballard, Griggsville and vicinity, In. Rev. Hiram Gregg, Hume, N. Y. Rev. Joseph K. Ware, West Dresden, N. Y.

Not in commission last year. Rev. W. Day, Enfield, N. Y.

Rev. C. W. Cherry, Canoga, N. Y. Rev. M. Holmes, Ellicottville, &c., N. Y.

Rev. L. L. Rodcliff, Harmony, N. Y. Rev. F. Kyle, Lumberland and Barryville, N. Y. Rev. R. L. Sears, Greenfield, Ipd. Rev. C. W. Treadwell, Moreau, N. Y.

Rev. Lycurgus P. Kimball, Columbus, III. Rev. John Moase, Livingstonville, N. Y.

Rev. Isaac E. Heaton, Mount Zion, Wis. Rev. Jesse Wimpey, Dahlonega, &c., Georgia. Rev. M. W. Henderson, Providence, Mo. Rev. G. S. Johnson, swon Creek, Amboy, &c., 0. Rev. E. G. Brailford, Platteville, Wis. Rev. Moody Chase, Parkersburg and Baiubridge, Rev. A. Bachellor, Russell, Edwards, &c., N. Y. &c., lod,

Rev. B. B. Cuiler, Lawrenceville, N. Y. Rev. T. Lippincott, Marine and Bunkerhill, II. Rev. Joseph H. Jones, Cleveland and Constantia, Rev. C. Cory. Milgrove, Iod., and Sherman, Mich. N. Y. Rev. Jobo W. Pierce, Hudsou, Mich.

Rev. Daniel Emerson, Newton Falls, O. Rev. A. Govan, Bruce, Mich.

Rev. Theron C. De Pew, Little Elkhart, Bristol and Rev. Asa Donaldson, Dover, Ill.

How Patch, Ind. Rev. P.S. Van Nest, Flint, Mich.

The Treasurer of the American Home Missionary Society acknowledges the receipt of

the following sums, from February 1st to March 1st, 1843. MAINE

Greenwich, a Friend, to const. Zopbar
Sumper, a Friend, by Rev. A. Cummings,

5 00
Mead a L.D.,


New Haven, North Ch., by J. Merriman, 326 86 Boscawen, Mrs. Martha A. Gerrish, L. M.,

Sutfield, First Cong. Ch. Ladies' Sew. by Rev. B. P. Stone, 30 00 Soc., by Lucy King,

5 00 Jaffrey. Cong. Ch., by Rev. J. D. Crosby, 11 75 West Greenwich, a Friend,


NEW YORKMiddlebury, Prof. 8. Stoddard to const.

Albany, 4th Presb. Ch., by J. Smith, 103 36 his son, Solomou P. Stoddard, a L. M.,

Bellport, L. I., Lad. Sew. Soc. in full to $30; A. Wilcox, L. M., $30; Prof.

const. Rev. George Tomlinson a L. M., 20 00 Twjuing, $10; H.1. Wilcox, $5; Miss

Brooklyn, N. Y., 30 Presb. Ch., Mon. Con. A. M'Donald, $3 ; Mrs. Hannah Foot,

coll.,. by A. Edwards,

18 52 $5; Prof. Adams, $3,

86 00 Friend, $60; George A. Talbot, L. M., Wallingford, Cong. Soc., by Rev.S. Mar.


90 00 tindale,

10.00 Carlisle, Presb. Ch., $25; Rev. C. Wads. MASSACHUSETTS

worth, $25, by J. Smith,

50 00 Missionary Society, by B. Perkins, Ass't

Chuzy, by Rev. Joel Fisk,

5 00 Treas.,

200 00 Jay, coll., $3 51; N. T. Manley, 75 cts., Andover, legacy of Miss Elizabeth Ste

by Rev. J. Manley,

4 26 vens, by W. Johnson, Jr., through B.

Lansingburgh, 20 Presb. Ch., E. J. Wil. Perkins, 100 00 lett,

5 00 Northampton, Friend, 9 00 Mayville, by Rev. J. Scott,


Mount Hope, Cong. Cb., by Rev. G. Newport, Mrs. Dr. Satterlee, 10 00 Turner,

5 00 Providence, High St. Ch., Female mem

New-York city, viz: ber, of which 830 is to const. Rev.

Brainerd Ch., by W. L. Booth, 150 00 Leonard S. Parker a L. M., by Mrs.

Mercer St. Ch., T. Allen,

10 00 Apn G. Gireen,

45 00 West Presb. Ch., Sal, Sch. Miss. Assoc., CONNECTICUT

by S. H. Crane, Treas..

58 89 Bristol, in part of legacy of the late

B. Strong, $10; Henry Rowland, $10, 20 00 Thomas Wilcox, by B. Ély, Ex'r., 70 00 •Peru, by Rev. S. Cook,

9 00 Colebrook, a Lady, to const. Mrs. Jerusha

Rondout, Mon. Con. coll., by Rev. J. H.
Bass a L. M.

30 00

25 00 Smithfield, by Rev. W.J. M'Cord,

% 50

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