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intense and overwhelming emotions of

INDIANA. meeting her murdered husband, who was brought to her house the day after From Rev. R. Hawley, Bloomington, the report arrived, and of the funeral

Indiana. which took place the following day from our church. On that occasion I preach

A season of refreshing. ed to the largest and most solemn au. dience, I think, ever assembled in Green The communion meeting commenced Bay. And I hope the event will be in Putnamville on the 11th instant, and sanctified to the salvation of many souls.i was blessed with the influences of the

On the first Sabbath in March, this Holy Spirit. We continued it seven beloved christian sister I publicly bap-days. We had inquiry meetings in the tized, with five other adults, and admit- morning, followed by preaching, and ted to the church with twenty-five again preaching at night. Our congreothers, on profession of their faith. It gations were large and very solemn. was a delightful and most solemn Sab- The people of God were greatly revived. bath. Thirty-five have joined the Me. This was, and continues to be, a rethodist church during the winter, and freshing season. Some of those who twelve were confirmed by the bishop expressed solicitude are now indulging the last Sabbath in February. There hope, and others are still serious. One are several now indulging hope that of this number is the head of a family, have not made a public profession, and and has now erected the domestic altar. many are now convicted of sin. The All the others are young persons, and, tone of piety in the church, as well as with this individual, also children of the in town generally, seems greatly deep- covenant. ened, and the converts of last year have many of them grown delightfully in grace. Though there have been sixty added to the church since the com. From Rer. Thompson Bird, Thorntown, mencement of my labors with it, yet it

Boone Co., Ind. does not seem able at present to sustain its pastor without the continued aid of

Revival. your benevolent Society. The hearts of many are trembling through fear of

The quarter now reported has been coming embarrassments, and many are one of much interest to us, and cause of now severely feeling it. But should great gratitude to God. You have ere the Lord spare us another year, we hope this, perhaps, learned that the Lord has, to require of you but half the amount, during the fall and winter, visited with appropriated to us this year. Indeed, the outpouring of his Spirit, many of we have in our poverty this year re- our churches in the Wabash Valley. turned $70 to the A. B. C. F. M., and Though the most undeserving of all, he our Juvenile Missionary Society has has not passed us by without a blessing. raised $10 for the American Bible So- We held our quarterly communion on ciety for foreign distribution. Near a, the third Sabbath in December.

We dozen of the children of that Society began the services on the Wednesday have been hopefully converted; they evening before, with a prayer-meeting are also members of the Sabbath school. appointed with special reference to imA lad of this number, about 10 years ploring the blessing of God on old, apparently regenerated about a church, and to ask his forgiveness for year since, seems to have been blessed our offences. It was a delightful seaas the means of converting his father son-preaching during each day, and and mother, the father having been a also at night. The Lord gave us pleasreading, thinking, and decided unbe- i ing manifestations of his presence, in liever for many years. The mother, in quickening his children, and in causing relating her feelings before the church, sinners to ask, with treinbling anxiety, said : " My little son often asked me to what they must do to be saved. There pray with him during the year, but I are now thirteen persons indulging always put him off until now.”

hope, others still anxious.


'Almost all indulging hope are the

MICHIGAN. children of our church-members. God has permitted them to see, that their From Rev. M. Harrison, Jackson, Mich. prayers have came up in remembrance before him.

My congregation continues large ; Compared with large churches at the the church united and prosperous. The East, ihis may seem a day of small Sabbath school is unusually flourishing. things; but it is not so with us, and we ! superintend a Bible class of adults at desire to humble ourselves for our un-, intermission, and regularly preach a faithfulness, and at the same time to third sermon at evening to a full ascall on our souls to praise God for his sembly. wonderful goodness to us.

A few days since I returned from Somerset, twelve miles south of this, where I spent a few days, and received 16 on profession to the Presbyterian church in that place. A pleasing

work of grace is still in progress there. From Rev.P.S. Cleland, Greenwood, Ind. They have no pastor, but have bad oc

casional assistance.

The state of religion in this village Results of a Revival.

and vicinity is pleasant and prosperous,

and great harmony prevails. Our new As the result of the season of merci-church edifice of brick, 42 by 60 feet, ful visitation enjoyed by this church, is advancing, and we hope, on the first come 18 persons have united with it on of May, to commence the use of it, profession of their faith in Christ. Two although it will probably remain unhave united with the N. Providence finished inside for a long time to come. cbarch, and one with another branch of

The triumph of temperance in this Christ's family. Others are known to village is well nigh complete. I lechave been deeply concerned about their tured repeatedly, giving a history of the salvation, who, it is hoped, will confess cause as I witnessed its progress at the him before men, before many months East. An interest was awakened which

led to a request that I would send for

reformed lecturers, which I did. The Progress amid difficulties.

result has been glorious. The best scholar and lawyer in our village, who

was well nigh lost to society, is now preThe past year has been one of great sident of the Washingtonians, constant mercy to my family and to my people. at church, and a devoted friend of ours. We can raise our Ebenezer and truly The number reclaimed is unknown to say, " hitherto hath the Lord helped us.

me. Our village is redeemed. Though the earth has not yielded her wonted increase, and the silver and the gold have almost entirely disappeared, we have been more than compensated

OHIO. in spiritual favors. I am persuaded that the cause of truth has made essential | From Rev. E. Buckingham, Coshocton, progress. The principle of benevolence

Ohio. has been confirmed and enlarged in many minds. A considerable amount It affords me great pleasure to relate of funds has been pledged to aid one the dealings of God with us. About of our literary institutions. Contribu- the first of February, the Lord came tions have been made in both of my down in power. Christians were humchurches, to the treasury of the A. H. bled in view of their past sins, and burM. S., through your Agency for the dened with a sense of the condition of West. This church has recently made the impenitent. They became fervent a good subscription to the Bible cause, and importunate in prayer. In answer to aid in supplying this county with the to their supplications the Lord blessed word of God.

This truth, and the ordinances of his

shall elapse.

house, to the awakening and conversion | labored altogether in vain. My own of souls. Our meetings continued faith has certainly been increased of inore than two weeks, were full and late. I have tried to consecrate my solemn. We cannot tell how many powers anew to God. I do love to souls have been hopefully converted labor for souls. Brethren, pray for during these protracted exercises. us. Pray for the descent of the Holy Twelve have already made application, Spirit upon the heart of your missionand been received under the care of the ary, and upon all this region. session of our church; others will be received soon. The Methodist Church has received several inembers since the

Is there not a very perceptible connection close of our meeting. This revival has between the revived faith and zeal of this migreatly strengthened and encouraged

nister and the following results communithis feeble church. It has brought to cated in his next report? Speaking of a proour aid several families of intelligence tracted meeting, he writesand influence, who have hitherto not been identified with any congregation. This feeble church feels truly grate

Christians gave up their business for ful to your Society for the aid which a season, and labored and prayed for you have afforded them. Had it not

the conversion of sinners. The Spirit been for your help a minister could not verted. At the close of the special

was poured out and sinners were conhave been sustained by the church.

effort about forty professed to have submitted their hearts to God. The great

majority of those who professed converNEW-YORK.

sion appear well, and encourage the

opinion that they have indeed been From Rev. Hiram Gregg, Hume, N. Y." born of the Spirit.” The manner in

which the meeting was conducted was For some four or five weeks we have calculated to leave a good and perma. been enjoying a precious revival; quite nent impression, and a good impression a number the members of the Bible was made upon the community. The class have been converted, and some

church was blessed. heads of families. In all, we trust there

About the time the protracted meethave been between 38 and 40 con- ing closed here, the state of things in versions, all very interesting cases, the W. congregation became very and among the most respectable of the interesting. The result was about place. We received an addition to the 30 cases of hopeful conversion. Some church of 21 by profession, and one by of these were cases of very great inteletter. The good work is still going on, rest. One of them, a man of extensive and we trust many more will be brought influence in the community, on the to bow at the feet of the Savior. I be- second evening met the Lyceum, which lieve the church is perfectly united, held its weekly meetings within a few and we feel that we have great reason rods of the church-introduced some to be thankful to God, and to humble strong resolutions against the effort ourselves in the dust before him.

Christians were making, but was finally induced to come into the church before the meeting closed, was deeply convict

ed, and in a few days was rejoicing in Cause and Effect.

hope. Subsequently his wife, her sister,

and a servant girl, followed—a whole In a report of his labors the last autumn, household ! a missionary gives the following account of At the regular quarterly communion the state of his feelings :

in W., thirteen united with the church,

all on profession of their faith, save I am conscious of great unfaithful. ene-als adults, and ten of them heads ness, but as I review the first half of of families. The accession is a most my present missionary year, have the important one, an accession of real consolation of believing that I have not strength to the church.


Appointments by the Executive Committee of the A. H. M. S., from April 1st to

May 1st, 1842.

Not in commission last year.

Rev. Ward Childs, Sheldon, N. Y. Rev. Geo. Hornell, White Lake and Independence, Rev. P. W. Gray, Hamburg, N. Y. Mich.

Rev, Wm. Clark, Red Creek, N. Y. Rev. W. Day, Enfield, N. Y.

Rev. N. 8. Smith, East Aurora, N. Y. Rer, R. E. Wilson, Hammondsport, N. Y.

Rev. S. Dupton, Huron, 0. Ker. Oren Johnson, Kennedy'sville and Avoca, N. Y. || Rev. Levi Rose, Barton, U. C. Rev. N. B. Dodge, Bates co., Mo.

Rev. Nathaniel Pinne, Union Center, N. Y. Rev. Philander Bates, Utica, Mich.

Rev. C. B. Barton, Newburg, III. Res. Courtney Smith, Warrensburg, N. Y.

Rev.Calvin Butler, Boonville, O., and Warwick, Ind. Rev. C. M. Seaton, Mooers, N. Y.

Rev. C. Cory, destitute places in St. Joseph's Pres. Rev. C. C. Stevens, Elizabethtown, N. Y.

Rev. G. C. Wood, Manchester and Whitehall, III. Rev. s. Nason, Eckford, Mich.
Rev. Lutber Shaw, Algonac, Mich.

Rev. A. M. Dixon, Platteville, Wis.
Rev. Joseph Rieger, German Ch., Higland, III. Rev. P. W. Nichols, Prairie du Sac, Wis.
Rer. 8. Kittredge, Bedford, Ind.

Rev. John C. Holbrook, Du Buque, Iowa.
Rev. M. Ordway, Pike Grove, Wis.

The Treasurer of the American Home Missionary Society acknowledges the following

sums, as reported by Auxiliaries and expended on their respective fields, or received

into the Treasury, from April 1st to May 1st, 1842. MAINE

Gay, $1; A. Weed, $1; C. Abels, 0 50; Missionary Society,

$7,249 99 A. Wheeler, $2; F. Parsons, 0 25; J. NEW HAMPSHIRE

Parsons, 0 25; Mrs. H. & P. Goodwin, Missionary Society,

4,396 62 $1; I. Lyman, $1; Mrs. L. Lyman, $1; Jaffrey, coll

. by Rev. J. D. Crosby, 14 26 Miss S. A. Rowley, 0 25; L. H. MerVERMONT

chant, $3; Mrs. P. Pratt, 0 50; P. HamMissionary Society,

2,769 27 lin, $1; B. Sears, $2; R. Boland, $1, 36 16 Bridgewater, in part of legacy of the late

NEW-YORKWm Thomas,

150 00 Bolton, Presb. Ch. and Soc., by Rev. C. Middlebury, Prof. 8. Sloddard,

15 00 Smith, $23 92; Mrs. C. Smith, $2, 25 92 Windbam, Cong. Soc. Mon. Con. coll.,

Brooklyn, First Presb. Ch., coll., by R. by Rev. S. R. Arms,

40 00 J. Thorne, $223 51 ; Rev. Dr. Cox, $5; MASSACHUSETTS

S. B. Hunt, $5; G. M. Atwater, $3 ; Missionary society,

11,562 05 S. W. Torrey, $3; J. D. Hurlbut, $20, 259 51 Asdoser, legacy of the late Rev. E. Por

Second Presb. Ch., Ladies' Benev. Soc.,

23 18 ter, D. D., by s. Farrar, 1,100 00 Central Agency, Utica, N. Y.

4,008 71 Hadley, Gen. Benev. Soc., of which $100

Chester, Presb. Ch., by Rev. T. J. Hasis to const. Rev. Joseph W. Curtis a


23 00 L.D., $182 66; Dorothy Williams, $10;

Delhi, Presb. Ch., by Rev. 8. G. Spees,

22 81 Ladies' H. M. S., to const. Miss Emily

Edinburgh, Cong. Ch., by Rev. R. A. Ward, of Richmond, 0, and Mrs.


18 75 Susan Gaylord of Hadley, Life Mem

New Rochelle, Mrs. Lucy Smith, L. M., 30 00 bers, $60,

252 66

New-York city, viz: Lowell, Mrs. Eanice Hale, $15; Ladies

Bleecker St. Ch, James Roosevelt, for freigbe, $3,

18 00
$50; A. C. Posl, $25; D. Renoud, $2;

77 00 Northampton, Isabella Thompson,

4 00 Carmine St. Ch., Sab. Sch. Assoc., by Peppereli, Ladies' H. M. 8.,

62 00
Mr. Crane,

172 89 Suurbridge, a friend, by Rev. D. R.

Central Presb. Ch., Mrs. Simonson, Austin,

100 00

$5; J. M. Halsted, $20; Mrs. MillsUxbridge, Sab. Sch. to const. Denc.

paugh, $2; A. R. Wetmore, $10,

37 00 Chandler Taft a L. M., by W. C.

Duane St., Ch., N. T. Jennings,

15 00 Capron,

30 00
Houston St. Ch, Sub. by J. G. Brower,

38 09 West Springfield, in part of legacy of

Mercer St. Ch., Mon. Con, coll., by T. the late Rev. J. L. Pomeroy, by L.

S. Nelson,

47 33 Stroog, Esq.

250 00

Murray St. Oh., Sab. Sch. Miss. Assoc., 250 00 RHODE-ISLAND

Second Avenue Ch, J. M.Comb, $25 ; Missionary Society,

1,075 00

Rev. J.J. Owen, $5; Mrs. Owen, $3 ; Providence, Ladies, for freight, by Rev.

Jason E. Owen, 0 50,

33 50 Dr. Tucker,

2 00 Spring St. Ch., Mrs. Dr. Pation, $5; CONNECTICUT

Mrs. Stickney, $1,

6 00 Missionary Society,

4,421 27 A Lady to const. Rev. E. Robinson, Greenwich, Miss Sarah Mead, by Miss

D. D., a L. M.

30 00 S. Lewis, 100 00 A. P. Cumings,

10 00 New Haven, to const. Mrs. S. Maltby,

H. Leet,

10 00 Miss Amoret Maliby, and Miss Harriet

Palmyra, 8. Jessup,

1 00 G. Maltby, Life Meinbers,

100 00 Pen Yan, Presb. Ch., by E. P. Jones, 20 00 Chapel' $t Ch., Sab. Sch., by H. N.

Poughkeepsie, Presb. Ch., in full, to Whittlesey,

25 00 const. David Boyd, Esq., and Stephen James P. Hart, L. M., $30; Friend, $2,

H. Bogardus, Life Members, by A.
by J. A. Blakeslee,
32 00 Lathrop,

25 00 Ridgefield, Elisha Hawley, 10 00 Saratoga Springs, Rev. C. Eddy,

10 00 Saybrook, Fem. Miss. Soc., by Miss S. J.

Sheridan, by Rev. E. Taylor,

16 00 Hotchkiss, Trea,

36 00 Western Agency, Geneva, N. Y. 3,420 30 Sharon, D. Gould. $10; J. A. Elliott, $1;

NEW JERSEY R. Smitb, $I; Miss C. Sears, $1 : Mrs.

Elizabeth Port, Cong. Ch., Mon. Con. E Smith, $1; A. Orton, 0 16; A.

coll., by J. M. Ropes,

1 00 Bolaod, $2; Mrs. 8. Chapman, $2;

Newark, legacy of the late Miss Fordyce, Cash, 0 35; C.F. Sedgwick, $1 ; Miss

by A. Nichols,

335 00 B. Reeve, 0 25; B. Hamlin, 0 75; C.

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Philadelphia, H. M. S.,


Johns Island, Rev. Elipha White, L.M., 30 00 OHIO

Berlin, individuals, by Rev. J. Labaree, 5 00 Central Com. for the West,

2,600 00 Locke, by Rev. J. N. Whipple,

5 00 Marietta Agency,

448 20 Western Reserve D. M. S.,

1,118 62 INDIANATerre Haute, First Cong. Ch., Mon. Con. coll., to const. Rev.

A. Jewett,
L. M., by E. Flint,

50 00
Alton Presbytery, viz:

38 06 Bellville,

50 00 Bethel, Bond Co.,

5 00 Collinsville,

15 06 Edwardsville,

10 00 Jerseyville, $15 57; Rev. A. P., $2 44, 18 01 Monticello,

50 00 Upper Alton,

13 87 Elk Grove, by Rev. D. Rockwell,

5 00 Mill Creek, by Rey, E. G. Howe,

3 00 MICHIGANWebster, coll., $13; Ladies' Sew. Soc., $10, by Rev. C. G. Clark,

23 00 IOWAMarion, by Rev. W. C. Rankin,

2 31 Yellow Springs, by do.

69 CANADA Home Missionary Society,


95 68

$56,285 03 JASPER CORNING, Treasurer. Receipts of the Central Agency at Utica, N. Y., from March 11th to April 29th, 1842. Rev. A. Crane, Secretary. Binghamton, coll., $45 26 ; Curtis Thorp,

in full to const. himself a L. D., and his
sister, Mrs. Mercy Fitch a L. M., $75;
Col. Ely, $5; Elias Hawley, $15; Mrs.
Hawley, $5; Young Ladies' D. M. S.,
Miss S. M. Bailey, Treas., $20;

165 26 Cincinnatus, in part,

13 00 Clinton, bal. of coll, $14 02; Young Ladies' Social Circle, $4,

18 02 Cortlandville, Rev. P. Lockwood, $10;

Mrs. Lockwood, $5, in full to const.
Mrs. Lockwood a L. M. ; 0. Stimson,
$5; Fem. Circle of Industry, in full to
const. Henry Nelson a L. M., $10;
coll., $17,

47 00 Coventryville, by Mr. Wright,

12 08 Gilbertsville, J. H. Gilbert,

41 28 Greene, by A. G. Orton,

30 00 Guilford, to const. Rev. J.L.Janes a L.M., 30 00 Homer, coll.,

100 00 M'Grawville, by E. B. Fancber,

20 00 Madison, by Mr. Platt,

21 75 Morrisville, coll., $24; M. Harrington, $6, 30 00 New Hartford, bal.,

1 00 Norway, by T. w. Duncan,

3 00 Norwich, by J. F. Dean,

15 33 Oriskany Falls,

5 00 Preston, coll., $25; H. Dyer, $25,

50 00 Pulaski, by S. Clark,

11 50 Rome, First Ch., bal., $2 ; Second Ch., $32 36,

34 36 Sherburn, coll., $41 40; T. Engs, $5; to

const. Rev. George H. Hastings a L.M., 46 40 Sidney, by Mr. Janies,

11 75 Smyrna, by G. H. Hastings,

9 50 Utica, Cong. Soc., bal.,

2 00 West Coventry,

50 00 Worcester, by Mr. Moase

25 00

The Treasurer of the Massachusetts Missionary

Society acknowledges the receipt of the following sums from Dec. 1, 1841, to April 1, 1842. Warcham, Rev. Mr. Nott's Society, 34 11 Lowell, First Ch. and Soc.,

180 50 East Falmouth, Rev. Mr. Lewis' Society, 13 50 Belchertown, Rev. Mr. Oviatt's Society, 21 79 Plympton, Deac. C. Bumpas,

1 00 South Royalston, E. Whitman,

1 50 Oxford, Ladies' Sew. Soc.,

16 00 Chelsea, Ladies' Miss. Soc.,

15 00 Charlestown, Winthrop Ch. and Soce,

103 00 South Reading, Fem. Cent. Soc.,

18 18 Middlesex, North and vicinity, Char. Soc., 106 00 Acton, Rev. Mr. Woodbury's Soc.

14 75 North Reading, Rev. Mr. Orcutt's Soc., 10 00 Reading, James Nichols,

1 00 Taunton, Rev. Mr. Cobb's Soc.,

13 58 Hatfield, Sab. Sch. coll.,

3 00 Mansfield, Rey. Mr. Blake's Soc.,

20 00 Gardiner, Cong. Soc.,

3 50 South Reading, Rev. Mr. Emerson's Soc. 45 00

Ladies' Miss. Sew. Circle, 30 00 East Haverhill, Rev.Mr. Cushing's Soc.,

12 50 Templeton, Rev. Mr. Sabin's Soc.,

40 00 East Medway, two individuals,

4 00 Dunstable, Male and Female Assoc's, 20 25 North Rochester, Rev.Mr. Briggs' Soc., 30 00 Worcester, Union Ch, and Soc.,

93 86 Worcester, Rev. Mr. Sweetser's Soc.,

$62 75; Hon. Daniel Waldo, $100;
Misses E. & S. Waldo, $100 ; Mrs. E.
Salisbury, $100,

362 75 Fitchburgh, Ladies' Sew. Circle, $58;

legacy of Mrs. Sally H. Merriam, $40;
Sab. Sch. Assoc., Rev. Mr. Bullard's
Soc., $6 12,

104 12 Malden, Ladies' Benev. Soc.,

11 00 North Hadley, Rev. Mr. Beaman's Soc., 17 50 Presscott, Rev. Francis Wood's Soc., 10 55 Dedham, Fem. D. M. S.,

28 33 North Middleboro, Rev. Mr. Colby's Soc., 5 00 Westminster, Rev. Mr. Smith's Soc.,

37 00 Plymouth, 3d Ch. and Soc.,

63 18 Braintree, Mon. Con.,

35 16 Boston, Rev. Joseph Emerson,

10 00 West Medway, legacy of Mrs. Polly Mann, 50 00 West Boylston, Rev. Mr. Cross' Soc., 22 35 Lowell, Sab. Sch., 1st Cong. Soc.,

5 00 Sandwich, Evan. Soc.,

58 00 Fort Pulaski, Ralph Dunning, Esq., 2 25 Florida, Col. J. s. Vose, U. S. Army,

15 00 Berkshire and Columbia, Aux. Soc., J. W. Robbins, Treas.,

332 35 Medfield, Orthodox Soc.,

13 64 Attleboro, 2d Cong. Soc.,

30 00 Stoneham, Cong. Soc., Ladies,

30 00 Monson, A. W. Porter, Esq.,

100 00 Essex, North dux. Soc., L. H. Currier, Treas.,

75 00 Boston, Rev. S. S. Tappan,

8 00 North Oxford, Sew. Circle,

5 65 Dunstable, Mrs. Lucy Fletcher,

2 00 Easton, Rev. Mr. Sueldon's Soc.,

21 52 Phillipston, Rev. Mr. Lovell's Soc.,

$49 92; from the late Mrs. H. G.
Powers, $10,

59 92 Brimfield, Rev. Mr. Partridge's Soc., 34 00 Lowell, Appleton St. Ch. and Soc., Mon.C.C., 6 70 Carlislo, Evan. Soc.,

21 25 Truro, Cong. Soc.,

15 00 Lowell, Friend,

1 00 Woburo, Sab. Scb., 1st Cong. Soc., $30; Sew. Circle, $13,

43 00 South Royalston, Rev. Mr. Peckham's Society,

6 50 Taunton. H. M. S.,

100 00 Ipswich, Rev. Mr. Fitz's Soc. a Lady, 5 00 Tewkesbury, Rev. Mr. Coggin,

30 00

$793 23

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