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they have affected the whole nation, yea, even the nations of Europe. These causes are also temporary, and will pass away in a few years, probably in a few months. This is the calculation of shrewd men in the secular professions. They are willing to cast in their !ot with the people of the West, and grow up with the towns or settlements in which they live. And they are not disappointed; they attain to as great a proportion of competence and influence as the same class of men at the East. And so it will be with ministers. It is affecting to see young men of fine talents and education, expending the prime of their days in merely keeping alive some obscure church in the old states; when they might be laying the foundations of large and influential churches in central points at the West.

Again—We ask the hesitating candidate, what are his prospects if he remain at the East? If he possess no unusual attractions, he may find it difficult to obtain any better pecuniary support than if he should go to the West. Almost every eligible vacancy here is besieged by a multitude of candidates; and a man will not only consult his self respect, by turning his attention to the more needy states, but he will also be quite as likely to have his reasonable wants supplied. The guaranty offered by the Am. Home Missionary Society varies according to the circumstances of the field to which missionaries are sent; but in all cases, this guaranty, if not a full support, iş a great assistance; and no money pledged for ministerial support in our country, is more certain to be paid, than the grants of the Society. Ministers in debt for their education, and desiring to pay off their debts by annual instalments, will do well, therefore, to consider, whether, with these pledges of the Society, with a conscience cheering them with the persuasion of having done right, and with God's blessing, they are not quite as likely to be unembarrassed by pecuniary difficulties in the missionary field, as if they remain lingering around the older churches ?

But our last reply to the objection suggested, is, that the attention of the christian public is more and more turned to the condition of our own country; and we trust the time is at hand, when the Home Missionary will have as much consideration and sympathy, as his brother that goes to the heathen. It is our firm persuasion, that more will be done for Home Missions. Men high in official station, ministers and civilians, are becoming much interested in this cause. They are cheering us on by their gifts and their assurances of kind feeling. And the churches at large will not fail to coincide with these leading minds. They will not bear, that their strong young laborers should stand all the day idle, while the harvest perishes. It will soon be regarded as decisive of a man's unfitness for the ministerial office, if, without a plain exemption by the providence of God, he avail himself of trifling pretexts to keep away from the great and needy field.

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And in connection with Romanism in the United States.


In the Home Missionary for February last, total of foreigners who thus arrive annually we published an extract from a Western lin our territory; but our public papers newspaper, containing some particulars on abound with frequent notices like the followthe subject of emigration from Europe to this ing, from the correspondent of the N. Y. couatry. In that article it was stated, that Journal of Commerce, dated London, May, an agent from Illinois had been in England 1842. and on the Continent, and had succeeded in forming a company, for the purpose of send

Emigration is proceeding rapidly from ing out emigrants to the Western states. Ireland to America. According to the

Cork Reporter, the numbers from the Says the writer

10th of March up to Saturdaylast, at that “ From the little we have gathered 1542 - Quebec, 1211

port alone, amounted to—For St. Johns,

New-York, of the company and its purposes, we 733–St. Andrews, 204—in all 3,690. learn that it is constituted something Eight vessels have sailed from Derry after the manner of the company formed with 2,200 passengers. The Rothschild, for colonizing Australia.” When the for New-York, has sailed with a cargo agent left Europe,“ upward of $200,000" of passengers from Sligo. From the (nearly a million of dollars)" had been Broomielaw, Scotland, three emigrant subscribed. This sum, or a large por ships will sail for Boston. The Welltion of it, will be invested in lands,

ington, with 137 passengers, has sailed chiefly in Illinois and the territory of for that port.” lowa and Wisconsin, by the company. Offices will be opened in London, and In Germany also, the public attention is in some principal town in Germany, for extensively turned to the United States ; and the sale of the lands. Emigrants, who purchase, will be sent out in ships pro: sent year, is expected to be greater than in

the emigration from that country, the

previded by the company, which will saii direct for New-Orleans. From this any previous year.

From recent indications, there is reason place, where an office will be kept, they will be sent to their respective pur- to believe that this tide is swelled by direct chases."

efforts of the Catholic civil and ecclesiastical

authorities, for the purpose of gaining an asThe above is not the only evidence cendency for that hierarchy in this land of that emigration from Europe is to be stimu-popular freedom. At the late meeting in beluted by the agency of men who hope half of the Foreign Evangelical Missionary to make gain out of the emigrants, in the Society in Boston shape of profits on the lands sold, passage money, and commissions for transacting the those who have never been alarmed at

“ Rev. Mr. Kirk said he was one of necessary business. Persons from the city of New-York have recently gone to establish any thing Roman. He could not be

lieve that the Roman Catholic religion themselves in England for objects connected is going to be palmed upon the world with emigration to America.

where there is a free press and a free Although great numbers of these emigrants mouth. Let them come; but let not arrive in Canada, only a portion remain there, American Christians sleep. There are while the majority, it is supposed, find their one or two indications of the resurrecway to the United States. There exists notion of Romanism. The Abbe certain data from which to collect the sum has been aiming for years to induce the


Pope to cease being a tyrant, and be- || America" is the recent arrival of fourteen come a democrat. What first gave the Roman priests at the port of New.York, in priests the ascendency in the commu- the ship Argo. This circumstance has atnity, was, that they were the represen- tracted notice, in consequence of the number tatives of the people against the nobles. being so large; but the greater portion of The Abbe advised him to surrender his claim to civil authority, and go and detachments, and therefore are not particu

these foreign ecclesiastics come in smaller plant himself in Republican America. The Abbe has remarked of the Roman

larly noticed as clergymen. Catholic religion, that the dust of the

In connection with such facts as these, sepulchre was on it. It was supposed, how appropriate becomes the appeal of the in the French Revolution, that Catho- Rev. J. A. James of England, which we licism was dead. Not so. The revi- I have before had occasion to quoteving of the Jesuit order has given it new life. This order arose aiter the Popery has directed a Jonging eye reformation ; but on discovering its' to that immense tract of land, and has true character, it was suppressed. But, already felt the inward heaving or an now, that order is revived, and the in. ambition to compensate herself for her terests of Popery entrusted to its hands. losses in the old world, by her conquests They are now preparing young men in the new. The Valley of the Misfor their service in every part of the sissippi has been, no doubt, mapped as world. The Jesuits are going to act a

well as surveyed by emissaries of the part in the drama that will make hea- Vatican, and cardinals are exulting in ven, earth, and hell move. Satan is the hope of enriching the Papal sec by not going to give up his kingdom so accessions from the United States. easily as some suppose.”

Rouse and inflame the zeal of Protest

antism in America, to disappoint the In entire agreement with this idea of apostles of darkness of their wished planting the Papal power "in republican " for prey.”

Correspondence of the American Home Missionary Society. IOWA.

and calmly trusting in a crucified Sa.

vior. I asked her just before she died, From Rev. J. C. Holbrook, Du Buque, if the Savior seemed precious to Iowa.

her. " Oh yes,” said she," he is the

one altogether lovely.” A few hours Death of Mrs. Holbrook. before she died, she requested me to read

to her the beautiful hymn commencingWhen application was made to the A. H. M. Society for aid in my behalf,

* Jesus, lover of my soul, I was in Davenport watching by the

Let ine to thy bosom fly," dying bed of my beloved wife through

It the week, and preaching on Sundays in and never can I forget the scene. that vicinity. My points for stated

was near midnight, and a few friends preaching were three : Lyons and Bea- stood round her bed, as she was bolsterver Mills in Clinton couniy, and Pleas- ed up to ease her breathing, and as I ant Valley in Scott county, the most read, she manifested the most intense distant being 35 miles. These I

interest in the sentiment of the hymn.

supplied either personally, or by exchange

She had a little before expressed her with Br. Hitchcock of Davenport, when deep sense of unworthiness, and when I could not leave my wife. She was

the words were uttered sick about 8 months of consumption,

“ Vile and full of sin I am, during much of which time she suf

Thou art full of truth and grace," fered severely, and on the 14th of January she departed this life, peacefully, // they seemed to have been written ex

pressly for her case, and she signified | a tour to Wisconsin to visit several im- 1 her assent by a motion of the head and portant fields of ministeral labor, and whispering, for she could not speak, during my journey I had the pleasure of "yes, yes.” My niece who attended visiting several places where they were on her, with a pious physician, and a enjoying, or had recently enjoyed, inministerial friend and fellow missionary, teresting revivals—among them, Geneand myself, were the circle that sur- va, Milwaukie, (Br. Miier's church,) rounded her; and one afterwards re- and Prairieville, in all which places i marked, that she never passed a mo- preached under circumstances, to me ment of more intense interest than of deep interest. while that hymn was read. Here was a beloved friend about to launch into Revival in Potosi, Wis. the ocean of eternity, and most fervently did we all unite with her in the But of all the scenes through which words of the poet,

I passed, none equalled the revival at

Potosi, Grant county, on the Missis* Safe into the haven guido,

sippi River. Here was a little church O receive my soul at last !"

full of zeal and faith, whom the Lord And again,

had stirred up, and who were earnestly

praying for and expecting a revival, but “Cover my defenceless head

with no idea by whose instrumentality With the shadow of thy wing." it was to be carried on, and yet confi.

dent that the Lord would provide. It She anticipated a severe struggle at should also be remembered that there last, but God mercifully spared her that was po regular minister of our contrial, and shortly after the above scene, nexion nearer than Galena, (25 miles) she gently breathed her last without a and he alone in eight contiguous counstruggle or a groan ; and as her spirit ties. But the Lord sent Br. Peet and soared away on angels' wings to join the myself there, without any knowledge throog of the redeemed around the' on our part of the state of things, and throne, she might perhaps have heard at their request we commenced a series the voice of our prayer mingling with of meetings, and “the people with one the songs of heaven, as we bowed our' accord gave beed unto the things” that knees around her bed-led by my bro- we spake. The largest room that could ther missionary, who had kindly come be procured (a large store) was fitted a considerable distance to be present at up, and was well filled from the first the last sad scene, and in whose wel. with an attentive audience; and while I fare my wife had felt a deep interest. ' remained, which was ten days, the in

About a month before she died, and terest was continually increasing. We while confined to her room, she helped preached alternately, 3 times on the me to close the eyes of our youngest child | Sabbath and every evening during the aged 7 years, who was suddenly taken week. The last evening that I preachfrom us, and by whose side she was so ed, about 30 persons requested an in. soon to be laid, on the banks of the terest in the prayers of Christians, and " Father of waters," far from her kin- about 40 different individuals had done dred and native hills. Thus the Lord' so during the progress of the meeting, has been carrying me through scenes, of whom about 25 professed to have of trial and affliction, I have no doubt, submitted to Christ. Among the numfor the porpose of making me aber who asked prayers on the evening better minister of the Gospel, and bet- referred to, was à notoriously wicked ter qualified to administer to others, in man and a gambler, who was in tears their affliction, the consolations of re- during the whole evening. ligion.

An awful occurrence.
Labors in Wisconsin,

An incident occurred the comA few weeks after the death of my i mencement of these meetings, which wife, having received an invitation from affords a solemn warning to the impious your agent, Rev. Mr. Peet, 1 set off on and profane. While the brethren were

fitting up the store which they had hiredtelligent young man, who had been refor a place of meeting, a man passed by ceptly awakened, and who had even the door, towards night on Saturday, gone so far as publicly to ask the prayswearing in a most awful manner, and ers of Christians in his behalf, but whose cursing the ininisters, and the church, stubborn beart would not yield to the and all concerned in the proposed meet- claims of the Savior. He attended ing. He was then in apparent health ; nearly all our meetings, and intense but before 24 hours had elapsed, he was anxiety was depicted on his countea corpse.

nance. But in an evil hour, he went to He died in a building adjoining to listen to the Mormon preacher, and that in which the meeting was held, there he found a refuge of lies, and in a while I was preaching in the afternoon, short time came out a professed believer on the subject of the Deluge, and re- in that delusion. He was not however presenting Christ as the only ark of entirely easy ; he said that he intended safety for sinners, and urging them to to be baptised by them, and if he then enter while yet the door was open; and, found no relief, he should renounce the what is very remarkable, just while i system. But alas ! there is reason to was uttering the words, “ Death shuts believe, he grieved the Spirit, and was the door forever, and who knows but given over to strong delusions, to be. his hand is even now upon the door to lieve a lie," and this, too, while four shut some sinner out?"-he breathed other persons residing in the same house his last, and possibly within the sound with him, embraced the truth, and are of my voice! He was not an intemper- rejoicing in the hope of salvation by ate man, and the circumstances were Jesus Christ

. How different their prosaltogether so remarkable, that the im. pects and his for eternity! pression was very generally made, that There is probably no more soul-deit was a striking visitation of God, for stroying error at work in some parts of his impiety and blasphemy.

the West than this; it is by far more

dangerous than is generally supposed. Mormonism-Its pretensions and Its preachers are scattered abroad, and effects,

great as is the folly of the system, yet

I know that many persons are deluded Another fact, occured at Potosi, illus- by it, and these too not only among the trative of the destructive influence of ignorant, but among those of whom we Mormonism. Every minister knows that should expect better things. The whenever God's people are revived, and preachers profess to believe the Bible, put forth special efforts for the salvation and found their discourses upon it. They of sinners, then the devil stirs up his in- tind Mormonism shadowed forth in the struments to promote a revival of his Old Testament, and say that there has work. Sometimes he uses Universal- been no real religion in the world since ists; sometimes Infidels, and some the daysof the Apostles, until the latter times the Mormons. In this case, the day saints” arose. From Mark 16: 16, latter were his tools. As soon as they argue that baptism (by immersion) our meetings commenced, a Mormon is a saving ordinance, and that verses 17 preacher began to favor the people with and 18 of the same chapter are of his labors, to enlighten them in the unlimited application, and the promise mysteries of that system, and with the is now, ever has been since uttered, revelations said to bave been vouchsafed and ever will be in full force, and that to Joe Smith, the prophet of “the latter literally now, “signs shall follow them day saints." He was in the habit of that believe,” &c., “they shall speak announcing his appointments at the with new tongues”—“shall lay hands close of our exercises, at which he was on the sick and they shall recover,” &c., frequently present, in these words : and that these are the evidences of real “ There will be preaching at - by one faith. They profess to perform these of the Elders of Israel, commonly called | miracles. They also teach that all the Mormons.” He succeeded in drawing offices mentioned in 1 Cor. 12: 28, away and deluding some, and one case were designed to be perpetual, viz : was peculiarly affecting—that of an in- " apostles," “ prophets," "miracles,"

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