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been confirmed drunkards, have come || borers, at such a time as this, to thrust in out on the Lord's side and appear well. the sickle and gather the rich harvest ! There are some cases of conversion which are peculiarly interesting. There is one lawyer who has been the repre- From Rev. E. G. Howe, Mill Creek and sentative of this county in the state

Little Fort, Lake Co., Ill.
legislature, and a large number are
men of much influence in society.

Description of the Country.
There was one case of peculiar interest.
A gentleman from

who had

The western half of this county, amassed a fortune, and whose mind was

beautifully alternates with groves, and altogether engrossed with the world, prairie, and “bur-oak openings, and purchased last season a beautiful situa: is thinly settled. Through the eastern tion near this village, and arrived here half, runs the Des Plaines, which rises with his family in the fall. His wife a few miles W. of Racine, Wisconsin. was devotedly pious, and consented to This N. E. head-branch of the Illinois remove to this new part of the country, river, after entering the county, apin hopes that it might be the means of proaches, and continues to run within bringing her husband under the in about 4 miles of Lake Michigan, makAuence of the truth. When the protracted dow, between the river and the lake,

ing a narrow strip, woodland and meameeting commenced, he was unwilling in this, and a part of Cook counties. to attend himself, but was willing his family should attend in the daytime. He ex. But this narrow strip, of 3 to 5 miles pected to go to New-Orleans on business, wide, is itself divided in the middle, by and to start at the commencement of the the N. branch of Chicago River, which meeting But Providence hedged up Des Plaines and the Lake! Rising 6

runs between, and parallel with, the his way; the weather, which had been

or 8 miles south of the line of Wisconvery warm, changed and became very cold, and the river froze, so that it was sin, it keeps its parallelism most of impossible for him to commence his the way for 40 miles, into the heart of journey. He concluded to attend one

the city of Chicago, where it unites with

the south branch. From the farms of day, out of curiosity. His mind be. came interested; he attended every the waters run, partly to the Gulf of

settlers, within three miles of the Lake, meeting afterwards, and was one of the Mexico, and partly to that of St. Lawfirst who declared his determination to devote himself to the service of God. In view of what has been done, we can but exclaim, what has God wrought ! It has

The People-efforts to benefit thom. been evidently his work; and the glory

On this narrow strip of land, which is all due to his great and holy name.

is rather wet, and inferior for this part There still appears to be much in- of the state, there is a settlement of terest—and I cannot but hope the work Dutch, who have a minister in the south will continue to go on. The brethren in our church have established prayer church and a priest, in the middle, and

part of the county, of Irish, who have a meetings in the neighborhood, in va of Americans with Canadians and Porious directions, several miles distant, landers, among whom I minister at which seem to be blessed with the pre- Little Fort, in the north. sence of the Lord. God's people are

In the middle, among the Irish Cathomuch encouraged and stirred up to dili- lics, I had for a year been very anxious gence, and the enemies of religion to look up, and form into a congregation, iremble before the ark of God. There if possible, a few Protestant families, are also many interesting revivals of chiefly Scotch : but could never find religion in this part of the state. It is time, till another minister took off my truly a day of the right hand of the Most hands part of my charge of last year. High.

Now, since my last report, I have What a loss to the church, and to immor. to my own, and I judge also their gratifi,

visited and preached among them, much tal souls, must ensue from the want of la- cation and profit. Here they have lived


for four or five years, with scarcely any wards of forty years. He came to this Protestant worship. Some had never country at an early day and when he before heard a sermon in America. was quite young, yet it appears that at They had been cast down and despon- that time he was a professor of religion. ding. Now they seem quite animated In 1823, he was elected and ordained and grateful. Even two or three Ameri- an elder in the first Presbyterian church can Universalist families, the more that in Green county in this state, which I have felt perfectly frank and free in county then covered a great territory. declaring the whole gospel, have not been From that time to the time of his death a whit behind in desiring a continuance he held the office of ruling elder. He of my services.

outlived the church of which he was first These I shall render with the highest an officer; and in 1839, a new church pleasure, without neglecting my other was organized at Whitehall, near where 3 or 4 congregations, as God shall give he lived, and he installed an elder. No strength. Where the gospel truths are man in the county possessed more in80 attentively listened to, the time, fluence, in church or state, than Brother travel, and labor in ministering those Allen. From the year 1826, to the time glorious truths, which I hope do tirst of his death, he represented that county charm my own heart, carry with them in the state legislature ; and when he their own reward. “ To the poor the died, was the senator of the district in gospel is to be preached." These which he lived. Although he was confamilies are such. I sympathize with scious of his influence, yet I never knew them in their poverty. I love to sit a more meek, humble, and unassuming down in their humble, rude and unsight- man. He seemed to be just the man ly sheds, and encourage them to hold we needed; yet the Lord needed him, on, under losses, and wrongs, and un- and has taken him to himself. He skilfulness, believing that in three or died very suddenly; he did not consider four years, this soil will yield them an himself dangerous, neither did his famiabundance.

ly, until about three hours before his death. When informed by his physician of his danger, the first words that

he uttered were, “ Glory to God in the From Rev. G. C. Wood, Manchester, I. highest !" He then gave his family

such instructions as he deemed necessary about his temporal affairs, and

spent the rest of his precious tiine in A few mercy drops have fallen upon telling of the goodness of God, and us, and we have been encouraged to go warning and entreating all around bin forward and sow the precious seed ; to be faithful; and just before he died, feeling assured that the reaping time he raised himself up, and said, “I have would soon come if we continued to fought a good fight, I have finished my feel our entire dependence upon Him, course, I have kept the faith, henceforth who alone can give the increase. But ther is laid up for me a crown of the quarter that has just ended, has been righteousness, which the Lord the rightsignally marked, as a time of deep af. eous judge, shall give me at that day: fiction, in my own family, and also in and not to me only, but unto all them one of the churches under my care. also that love his appearing !”.

There are many interesting incidents Triumphant Death of an Etder. in the history of our departed brother,

which I have not room or time to men. The church at Whitehall a few weeks tion. In vain do we look around for: since, was called to mourn the loss of one to fill his place. one of their most active and efficient members. One of the pillars in that Devices of the Adversary. church has fallen. Brother John Allen, the individul referred to, was one of the We are constantly coming in contact oldest Presbyterians in this section of with errorists. These men who have country, having been a member for up- been trained in active service, although



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they may not be learned in books, are yet

MICHIGAN. acquainted with men, and know how to humor them. They will pre-occupy the ground where we have appointments, misrepresent the truth, and some of

Rev. 0. P. Hoyt, of Kalamazoo, them venture an attack-Universalists, writes as follows:Christians, or Unitarians, &c. I think no minister need be better prepared and

There are within the limits of 60 ready for an attack than he who is miles west and north from here, some placed on this frontier. But every thing 15 or 20 places, among them several of this kind serves to make the minister county seats, where churches could be acquainted with error, and with his own organized, and ought to be forthwith, if armor of desence, and his weapons of there was some one to attend to it. I

have intended to go out on a voluntary agency for that purpose. But my hands are fuil at home. Last winter, for nearly three months, I had to attend meetings nearly every day in my own church; and this summer, the work of revival is

going on wonderfully in the outskirts of I have found this to be a fact in a this town and others adjacent, so that I new country, that the people who are

cannot be away.

Brother C. has been not pious become attached to the de- compelled to spend half his time, for nomination that first comes among them. the last six months, in destitute churchThis is not often spoken of, nor duly ap- es, and towns with no church, in revipreciated. When individuals become vals. Every blow struck seems to tell pious, they already have their predilec- with great effect. It seems like the tions, and their homes previously cho- | sin of Meroz to leave the work around

This I have observed, and it may us undone. And all this rich and ripe be of use to you in sending out your harvest will perish soon, if no reaper laborers.

is found to gather it!



Appointments by the Executive Committee of the A. H. M. S., from May 1st to

June 1st, 1842.

Rev. R. Willoughby, Little Valley, N. Y.
Rev. J. B. Wilson, Chapinsville, N.Y.
Rev. G. T. Everest, West Dresden, N. Y.
Rev. R. Twitchell, New Hudson and Canadea, N. Y.
Rev. R. R. Demmmg, Norfolk, N. Y.
Rev. P. Ficld, Oriskany Falls, N. Y.
Rev. E. B. Fancher, McGrawville, N. Y.
Rev. Chas. Rechenberg, German Ch., Syracuse,

N. Y.
Rov. M. Harrington, Morrisville, N. Y.
Rev. M. C. Gaylord, Unadilla, N. Y.
Rev. J. R. Johnson, De Ruyter, N. Y.
Rev. P. Bailey, Hebron, N. Y.
Rav. D. Beers, Orient, L.).
Rov. G. G. Poage, Ridge and Cherokee, O.
Rev. Wm. Chamberlin, Alton, Presb., Ni.
Rev. N. Karreti, Brecksville, O.
Rev. E. Adam, Brunswick, 0.
Rev. T. J. Haswell, Chester and Potters ville, N. Y.
Kev. G. T. Hornell, Burmingham, Mich.
Rev. C. Cook, Aurora, Ili,
Rev. J. Wilcox, Geneseo, III.

Rev. J. Gibbs, Jersey City, N. J.
Rev. R. B. Bemeni, Springport and Tompkins,

Rev. Deodat Jeffers, Lawrence, Mich.
Kev. Josephus Morton, Somerset, Mich.
Rev. C. T. Prentice, North Fairfield, Ct.
Rev. E. D. Kinney, Darien, Ct.
Rev. T. Bird, Thorntown, Ind.
Rev. L. Farnain, Batavia and Big Woods, Ill.
Rev. K. Gaylord, Mouut Pleasant and Hartford,

Not in commission last year.
Rev. E. II. Stratton, Moscow, N. Y.
Kev. W. B. Heath, Pleasant Plains, N. Y.
Rer. L. Parker, Bloomingdale, Ill.
Rev. E. D. Champlin, Northern Ilinois.
Rev. Ira Mosley, Jay and Keepe, N.Y.
Rev. John H. Carle, Rondout, NY.
Rev. Harrison Heerinance, Milton, N. Y.
Rev. R. Stewart, Greenville, .
Rev. M, Kimball, Augusta, lll.
Rev. L. Spencer, Canton. III.
Rev. D. Jones, Lacon, ill.

$10 00

The Treasurer of the American Home Missionary Society acknowledges the receipt of

the following sums, from May 1st to June 1st, 1842. NEW HAMPSHIRE

Stopington, Aux. Soc., by Miss L. A. Hancock, Mrs. Elizabeth Low, L. M. in


20 00 full, by W. Lamson,

Sufficid, First Cong., Sew. Soc., $10; VERMONT

Friend, $3, by Miss Lucy King, Trea., 13 00 Orsell, F. Bodwick,

1 50 Vernon, Flavei Talcott, io const. Na. MASSACHUSETTS

thaniel H. Talcott and James H. TalMissionary Society, by B. Perkins, Ass't

coll, Life Members in full,

50 00 Trea,

500 001 Woodstock, First Cong. Soc., by Rev.0. Ambert, Rev. H. Humphrey, D. D., 25 00 Rockwood,

22 00 Bruidtree, ladies for freight, by Rev. Dr.


5 00
Ballston, Kev. T. S. Wickes,

25 00 Cumınington, First Cong.Ch., by Clarissa

Brooklyn, viz: Briges, 10 00 Second Presb. Ch.,

159 25 Hampshire, Miss. Soc., of which $60 is

Third Presb. Ch, by Rev. W.B. Lewis, 196 00 froin the H. M. S. South Hadley, to

Catskill, Presb. Ch, of which $250 is const. Peter Allen and Mrs. Elizabeth

from a friend, $295; James Millard, F. Harkes, Life Members, by E. Wil

$20; individuals, $6 12,

321 12 liams, Trea., 100 00 Coxsackie, Mrs. R. Hallenbeck,

40 00 Holden, Rev. W.P. Paine's Soc., by C.

Elizabethtown, Cong. Soc., by Rev. C. Chenery, 97 57 C. Stevens,

7 19 Milton, legacy of the late Nathaniel

Freedom Plains, by Rev.S. Mandeville, 8 63 Tucker, by B. Perkins,

1,445 01
Harpersfield, ladies for freight,

87 North Brookfield, Ladies' Sew. Soc., by

Hebron, Beuev. Soc., by Rev. P. Bailey, 25 00 Rev. Dr. Snell, to const. Mrs. Abigail

Kingsborough, individuals of Cong. Cb., J. Bachellor a L. M. 31 00 by Rev. E Yale,

9 00 Springħield, Hon. W. B. Calhoun, L. M., 30 00 Mouticello, Presb. Ch., by Mr. Adams, 15 00 Siurbridge, of which $30 is from Cyrus

New York city, viz: Merrick, to const. David Wright, jr.,

Allen St. Presb. Ch., Dr. T. Ritter, a L.M., the remainder from the cong.,

$10; D. O. Caulkıns, $5,

15 00 to const. Zenas Dunton, Perley Allen,

Bleecker St. Ch., Ladies, by Mrs. C. N. and S. A. Drake, Esq., Life Members, 127 00 Talbot, Trea.,

103 25 West Haverbill, from the late Mrs. Lois

Central Ch., J. C. Baldwin, L. D. 100 00 M. Smith, by Rev. A. Cross,

12 00 Madison St. Ch.. by J. A. Ackley, 104 36 Worcester, part of legacy of the late

Mrs. Davenport, by Rev. H. G. Ludlow, 50 00 Miss Webecca Waldo, by E. Washburn, 2,675 56 Miss Louisa A. Cowdrey, by Rev. Dr. CONNECTICUT


11 00 Chaplin, Friend, by Rev. E. Dickinson, 75 00 Onondaga Academy, by Miss Mary A. Durbam, Rev. D. Smith, D.D.,

3 00 Warner, Trea., to const. John L. Hen. Fairfield co., Aux. H. M. S., by G. St.

dricks and Miss Sarah C. Eaton, Life John, Trea., viz:


60 00 Norwalk,

170 09 Patchogue, L. I., Cong. Ch., Rev. B. Norfield, Cong. Soc., by Ref. Mark


8 03 Mead.

22 68 Peekskill, Payson Presb. Ch., Mon. Con. Fairfield, First Cong. Soc., by Rev.

coll., by Rev. D. Brown,

6 00 Mr. Atwater,

90 00 Poughkeepsie, First Presb. Ch., to const. Harwinton, Rev.C. Bentley,

5 00 S. C. D. Raymond, L. M., by Rev. H. New-Haven, West, Consoc., by A. Town.

G. Ludlow,

50 00 send, Trea., viz:

Rensselaerville, N. Y., from the late Miss Derby. First Cong. Soc.,

43 32 Mary E. Dayton, by Rev. G. Goodyear, 10 00 Middlebury, Benev. Assoc., $53 28; J.

Rochester. N. Y., Aristarchus Champion, 1000 00
Linsley, to const. Estber B. Linsley a

Rondout, Presb. Ch., Mon. Con.coll., by
L. M., $30; Eli Hine, $10,
93 28 Rev. J. M. Sayre,

15 00 Milford, First Cong. Soc., to const.

Ticonderoga, betsey Harris, by Rev. P.
Darius S. Brainerd a L. D.
102 42 Bailey,

2 00 Naugatuc,

20 00 Troy, Eliphalet Wickes, annual donation, 150 00 Orange. Leverett Treat, to const. Cal.

West Durham, legacy of the Miss Ana
vio Beacb a L. M.,
45 35 Scovill, by Rev. Dr. Porter,

50 00 Oxford, 21 00 Windham, Young People's D. M.S.

8 00 Waterbury,

52 00 Yorktown, First Cong. Ch., by Dr. White, 4 92 Wodbridge,

22 26 NEW JERSEYNew Haven, Mrs. Samuel Merwin, by A.

Newark, Colored Presb. Cb., by Rev. S.

5 00
E. Cornish,

5 00 New London, First Cong. Soc. subscrip

Orange, Second Presb. Ch., Young Peotion, of which $30 is from a sister, to

ple's Miss. Soc., to const. Miss Harriet const. Mrs. Mary E. Harris, of Canter

S. Park a L. M., by J. N. Hogan, Trea., 30 00 bory, a L. M, $197 58; Maternal

PENNSYLVANIA Assoc., 89 71; Sewing Soc., $14; Fe

Bethany, Mrs. Joann Bunnell,

1 00 male prayer ineering, $6 30; class of

Cherry Ridge, Mirs Maria Darling, by children in Sab. school, $225, 230 04 Rev. J. m. Babbitt,

3 00 Reading, Rev. J. Bartlett, 3 60 Philadelphia, John Borlaud,

23 00 Ridgeteld. ladies for freight,

4 00 OHIOSherman, Aux. Soc., by Rev. N. M. | Sandusky city, S. Moss,

2 00 Urmxton,

13 20 Watertown, Miss Polly Netueton), by South Britrin, a lady, 1 00 Rev. E. Judson,

30 00 Southington. Cong. Soc., of which $30 is

ILLINOISfrom Timothy Higgins, to const. Mrs.

Sparta, R. Bannister,

4 50 Jennette Higgins a L. M., by Rev. E. C. Jones, 124 54

88.976 32 JASPER CORNING, Treasurer.


Donations of clothing, $c.

Athens, Pa., Presb. Ch. and Factoryville, Norwalk, C., box $313 76 ; two boxes hats from N. Y., to constitute Rev. C. Thurston a Deac. Barnum.

L. M.,

30 50 Lowell, Mass., Rev. Mr. Blanchard's Soc., Mrs. B. Mount Pleasant, Wayne co., Pa., bal. of Wilde, Sec., a box.


75 From "Circle of Industry in this place," a box. Great Bend, Pa., Presb. Ch., bal. of coll., 5 00 Ridgefield, Ct.. Ladies' Sew. Soc., box, $50 01. No. 1, Bradford co., Pa.,

2 94 Sherman, C.., box, $57.

Wells and Columbia, Bradford co., Pa.,

45 Harpersfield, N. Y., box.

Seely Creek, Bradford co., Pa.,

4 93 New-York, Mrs. Mowatt, box, $30.

Montrose, Pa., Hon. Wm. Jessup, $25; Oakhain, Mass., Ladies, a box.

Jesse Lyon, Esq., $1,

26 00 Norfield, Ct., Rev. Mark Mead, I set Dr. Scott's Brooklyn, Susquehanna co., Pa., Presb. Ch., 11 00 Works.

Ararat, Brooklyn and Gilson churches,
(in part,) by Rev. S. Cook,

10 00 In the Number for May, the acknowledgment Carbondale, Pa., Presb. Ch., coll, and Laof $134 84 from the ladies of Buffalo, should have dies' Society,

60 75 been First Presb. Ch. balance of collection, $59 84; Hone dale, Pa., Presb. Ch., R. F. Lord, ladies, $75.

$10; J. S. Bassit, $5; S. H. Huntington,
$5; T. H. R. Tracy, $5; S. Darling, $5;

I. P. Foster, 85; W. Reid, $3 ; s. D.
The Philadelphia Home Missionary Society ac-

Ward, $3; D. Blanden, $3; T. N. Vail, knowledges the receipt of the following sums du

$3; L. Bron-on, $3 ; Female Soc., bal. ring the quarter ending April 30, 1812, viz.

of coll., $75; John Torrey, to constitute Newfoundland, Presb. Ch., bal. of coll., 10 00 his wife, Mrs. Rebecca Torrey a L. M., Augusta, Presb. Ch., N. J., bal. of coll., 1 13 $30; others, $54,

134 75 1st Presb. Cb., Wantage, N. J., bal. of coll., 8 00 Milford, Pa., Presb. Ch., coll.,

32 08 Boonton, Presb. Ch., N. J., bal. of coll., 2 11 Blackwater, Del., Presb. CL.,

7 00 West Milford, Presb. Ch., N. J., bal. of coll., 18 75 Indiau River, Del., do.,

8 62 Sparta, Presb. Ch., N. J., bal. of coll., 13 00 Laurel, Del.,

4 00 Lower Providence, Pa., coll. in part,

17 12 Washington City, D. C., a Friend, by Rev. 5th Presb. Chu, Philadelphia, Mon. Con.

A. Converse,

5 00 Coll., $100; George W. McCleHand, $50;

1st Presb. Ch., Philadelphia, J. B. Lapsley, J. W. Throckmorton, $25; George Hen

$100; cash, $100; A. Fullerton, $50; derson, $5; H. Sloan, $10; Alexander

James Fassitt, $50; Win. Wurts, $25; C. Read, $10; cash, $50; E. Brown, $2;

Tiogley, $20; James Bruen, $20; Samuel Thoinas Orr, $3 ; Mrs. E. B. Falconer,

Brown, $10; Thomas Harris, $10; Isauc $20; Mrs. Finch, $3: Miss Athenion, $5;

Dunton, $10; cash. $10; S. McLanahan, Miss Marshall, $4; friends to the cause,

$10; Jacob Dunton, $10; B. W. Tingloy, $5; Miss Osborn, $2 50 ; Mrs. Hurlbut,

$10; cash. $10; T. A. Riddle, $5; cash, $2; Miss Beach, $2; Miss Simons, $?;

$5; Thomas Roney, $5; J. S. Kneedler, Mrs. Marshall, $2; others, $23 75; avails

$5; cash, $5; I. B. Mclivaine, $5; Thomas of ear-rings, $10, (as far as collected,) 218 15

Stewart, $5; cash, $1; cash, $2; cash, $2; Pittsburgh, avails of one day in a new

a lady, by Mr. Crowell. $1 ; cash, $1; H. situation,

7 00 R. Davis, $10; J. Lapsley, $10; 1. I. Premium on Eastern funds,

15 75 Williams, $10; cash, $10; Mrs. Miller, Salem, Pa., bal. of coll.,

28 22 $5; cash, $5; G. Philler, $5; E. S. WheDundaff, Pa., coll. to constitute Rev. E.O.

lan, $5; cash, $5; Wm. Ashmead, $3; J. Ward a L. M.,

37 06 Burrows, Jr., $3; A. T., $3; T. M. M., J. C. Philips, Esq., in full of $10,

$5; S. H. Perkins, $10; H, Neill, $10; Bethel Ch., Pa., (in part,)

44 ladies, hy Misses Smith and Brown, Snow Hill, Md., Presb. Ch.,

32 50
$335 37, (as far as collected,)

921 37 Reading, Pa., Presb.Ch., Hoo. Wm. Darling,

West Chester, Pa., Mop. Con. Collu,

7 00 $10; E. Deckhert, $10; C. Davis, $5;

J. Crowell, Esq.,

10 00 Wm. Eckhart, $5; Mrs. Bell, $5; Mrs.

Franklin and Liberty, Pa., coll.,

10 00 Nagle, $3; Rev. Wm. Sterling, $7: va.

3d Presb. Ch., Philadelphia, A. Whilden, rious others, $27,

72 00

$25; C. Robb, $10; 1. Sparks, $10; J. Northumberland, Pau, Presb. Cb., coll. by

C. Farr, $10; Robert Clark, $10; W.C. Rev. A. Norton,

22 00 Donaldson, $5, W. Whilden, $5; Robert Elkton, Md., F. Henderson, Esq., $20; coll.

Clark, Jr., $5; G. H. Bergen, $5; coll. in church, $10,

30 00 in Ch., $26 31; various ethors, $58 50, Erie Agency of the P. H. M. S., 25 00 (as far as collected,)

169 81 1st Presb. Ch., Newark, N. J., coll. in

Philadelphia, Rev. F. Bartlett and wifo, in church, $79 62; Mon. Con. Coll., $25;

part to constitute their daughter, Miss Dr. Nichole, $7; D. Tichenor, $10,

121 62
Lucy Anu Bartlett a L. M.,

10 00 Wilmington, Del., D. E., Wilson, Esq., $8;

Corington, Presb. Ch., Tioga co., Pa.,, 3 00 Pencader, Del., coll. to constitute Rev.

Mendham, N. J., coll. in Ch., by Mr. Ebe-
James McIntyre a L. M.,

38 02
nezer Fairchild,

76 00 Christiana, Del., Rev. N. Patterson, $10;

“Cecil," through Post Office,

5 00 others, $10,

20 00 1st Presb. Ch., N. L., Philudelphia, coll. in West Nantmeal, coll. in church,

45 26

30 27 Neshamony, Presb. Ch., coll. in part,

10 25 Isi Presb. Ch., Southwark, L. Hartshorn, Pendleton co., Va., Michac) Mauzy, Esq.,

5 00 $5; a widow, $5; Wm. K. Brooks, $5; Gravel Run, Pa., Presb. Ch.,

3 00 Wm. Cunningham, $5; James Frances, Washington, Presb. Ch., Crawford co., Pa., 2 30 $5; Rev. R. Adair. $5; Mrs. J. Robb, Sugar Creek, Pa.,

1 80 $3; Miss S. Hari, $3; L. P. Lyle, $2; J. Meadville, Pa., Presb. Ch.,

36 00 Nell, $2; I. Boncastle, $2; others, $51 75, Harbor Creek, P:8., Presb. Ch., 16 00 (as far as collected,)

93 75 Mill Creek, Pa., Presb. Ch., 9 00 A friend, by Rev. Mr. Agnew,

3 50 Waterford, Pa., Presb. Ch.,

60 00


5 00

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