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ning, at twilight, the large brick court- | regret it; but rather rejoice that I am house was filled with attentive hcarers, counted worthy to toil and suffer for hungry for the Gospel. I was just able my Lord and Master. to preach-(the excitement supported me.) On three succeeding days, I preached twice each day, and held prayer-meetings and inquiry meetings; From Rev. R. N. Wright, Belvidere, administered the Lord's supper on Sab

Boone co., IN. bath, under the most interesting circumstances I ever witnessed.

Nine The last quarter, and indeed the half came forward for the first time, some of year that has elapsed since the date of them county officers. Many more anx- my present commission, has been with jous. The communicants were about us a time of mcre than usual religious 30 in number. And who were these? interest; and this interest has increased From almost every state in the Union, in all this region as far as I have had and every nation in the civilized world; the means of knowing. God is eviyet in the wilderness. Descendants of dently building up his own kingdom. the Puritans, Scottish Presbyterians, There is reason to believe the work reGerman Reformed, Lutherans, &c.ceived a more than ordinary impulse as One aged man particularly attracted far back as at the meeting of the Synod my notice. His residence was on the of Illinois, in October last, at BloomingMississinnewa, 16 miles from Wiuches- ton. The Spirit of the living God was ter, where they fit out boats for New- there; and many of the brethren in the Orleans. Let those who sit in cushion ministry seemed, at that season, to obed pews, and recline upon stuffed lean- tain a fresh anointing from on bigh, ers, and sleep comfortably under the and to give an assurance that God was preaching of the cross in our eastern about to appear in mercy and build up cities, think of Nathaniel Davis, on and beautily this part of his Zion. the banks of the Mississinnewa, setting Many, I doubt not, returned home, out by early dawn, and facing the cold praying that they might "be filled with breath of winter, 16 miles, clad in ihe Spirit,” and determined if possible “blue jeans" only suitable for a strain to be consecrated to God, like those er, and then see him silling in a cold who published the Gospel in the days court-house, (brick floor and no stove) of apostles and christian martyrs. with a three-cornered rail for a seat, How far the revivals in progress in wiping away the cold tears with his this state are the result of that meeting, hard hand from his hard cheek, occa- it is impossible to say, but many are sionally breaking forth into a hearty now enjoyed. acclamation or shout. He assured me In this immediate vicinity, Rockford that his prayers had been answered, is visited with an interesting work of for he had long been praying God to grace. I was permitted to labor there send him a ninister, and now one had a few days in a protracted meeting concome within 16 miles—and his prayer ducted by the pastor of the Congregaanswered.

“ Now lettest thou tional church in that place; and prethy servant depart in peace, &c.” He cious souls-we dare not say how urged me to go to his cabin, for then many-were hopefullyconverted to God. there would be a little jubilee. It was indeed interesting to see, as we

After spending four days in Winches- saw there, heads of families, men of ter, it seemed to be the ordering of Pro- years and influence, and those employvidence that I should visit Pleasant ed in the public business, come out Ridge, 10 miles south, where I spent and publicly avow their determination two days and labored incessantly, as- thenceforward to be devoted to the ser, sisted by brother Brice, in commission vice of Christ. Frequent meetings I from your Society, and whose labors learn are continued at Rockford, and have been abundantly blessed. the work is still advancing, and in the

I was absent 8 days; preached 17 Methodist Society large numbers, I am sermons; held many other meetings told, are hopeful converts. and travelled 136 miles. Yet I do not The church at Pekatonic, also in this


immediate vicinity, under the care of 1 of a disorderly walk. I have also seen brother D. Clary, is enjoying a powerful in an evening meeting, where there was revival; which has already materially no sympathetic excitement, but all was changed the aspect of the place, causing still and solemn, like the grave, an to vanish the difficulties of a distracted avowed infidel arise and renounce his church, and bringing many by the power infidelity, and with deep feeling entreat of the Spirit of God from death unto the prayers of Christians ; followed by life.

an almost hopelessly profane swearer, More remotely in almost every direc- and a fearfully wicked backslider, both tion revivals are spoken of as in pro- of whom expressed a determination to gress with greater or less power. In lead a new life, and bespoke the prayers fact, wherever in this region efforts of Christians in their behalf. And of more than ordinary have been put forth, these three men, the two, who are heads the Holy Spirit has blessed and con- of families, have erected the family versions have followed.

altar, and the third is believed now to In our own church an increased spi- be a praying man. Of a truth, the Di. rit of prayer was manifested at the be- vine Spirit is the agent in this revival. ginning of winter. This was evinced Nevertheless means have been emnot only in our social meetings, but ployed; the truth has been proclaimed, was found to be true in the case of and Christians have prayed and have those members of the church who are not been silent. isolated from one another, and so re- In conclusion, I must say, God is do. mote from the house of God as not fre- ing a great work in this region, much quently to be able to attend public wor- of it through the A. H. M. S., by the ship. God was pouring upon them the instrumentality of its appointed agents, spirit of prayer and supplication. In the missionaries, and if those men January, a protracted meeting was whom God has given property, above commenced and continued several the necessity of present consumption weeks in the Baptist church in this or investment, could see what I have place, which resulted in great good, seen, and feel in the manner we are especially to that church; which, though compelled to feel it here at the West, large, had previously been in a distract- that “the harvest truly is plenteous, ed condition, but now had its difficul- but the laborers few,” they would with ties happily adjusted. There were also fervor present their supplications to the many conversions, and more than 30 Lord of the harvest for more laborers, were baptized. At the close of this and not only this, but would give of their meeting, brother Smalley of Amazon substance, sufficient to send into the aided me in a continuous meeting in field twenty where now there is but one. our place of worship, for nearly two weeks, assisted, some of the time, by brother Clark of Elgin. Though the weather was unfavorable, being ex

Hungering for the word-charch or. cessively cold, yet numbers attended,

ganized. and the Spirit of God was there. How many were truly born of God, is not In December I was called to P. known. The family altar has been county to organize a church. I found a erected in 7 or 8 families, and it is ex- very interesting neighborhood there, pected 16 or 18 will unite with the mostly coinposed of New-England peochurch at the approaching communion. ple. That neighborhood is situated The work I trust is but just begun. It about one hundred miles from this is the work of the Holy Spirit. In its place. progress, under his ministration, I have I arrived in that neighborhood about seen Christians convicted of sin and nine o'clock on Thursday night, and stripped of their hope, and for a time in although the society were scattered ten an agony of soul very seldom witnessed or fifteen miles round, yet they were in the case of an awakened sinner,— all notified that night, and we had a and yet these Christians had always full meeting at ten o'clock the next been conscientious, and were not guilty morning. Iwo young men I believe HAMPDEN COUNTY (Mass.) not be so difficult as-it now is, to enlarge the HOME MISSIONARY SOCIETY. means of converting our whole land to God. From the Report of this Society, written by The wants of a perishing world deRev. A. A. Wood, Secretary, we extract the mand that we should make greater ef. following just and forcible remarks on the im- forts in the cause of Home Missions. portance of cultivating the whole field of our The hand of God seems to have desig. country.

nated this land as a mighty instrument

in the renovation of the world. His Indications of Providenco. providences all seem to tend to this. But

this great purpose can be answered only There seems to be written in all the by first preparing this instrument for its history of our country, in all its preser- work. If it be as we believe, the mission vations and privileges, in all its vast re- of this country to go forth in the per. sources, and in all the character of its sons of her sons and her daughters, to children, the sentiment that God has carry to the darkened and the destitute been raising up a people for some the bread and the light of life, then, first mighty_work, a work of mercy and of of all, must she be irained and educated love. For this was our country planted to her work. To do this is the object of by God-fearing men. For this was she this Society. Every spring that she preserved in her early struggles. For opens in the moral wilderness shall send this did the hand of the Almighty inter- out its life-giving waters to fertilize a pose in her hours of danger. For this desert world. Every church that she has he given her this mighty territory, plants becomes a radiating point not only made her the asylum of the wretched for its immediate neighborhood, but and the out-cast, bestowed upon her the scatters its light afar-a day-spring to blessings of freedom, given to the mass the nations. . To seek the conversion of her people the advantages of educa of the heathen, without the conversion tion, and, more than all, poured out upon of our own countryman, would be to her churches the blessings of his Spirit. seek the end without the means; while, Such privileges have not been granted on the other hand, every conquest which to other lands. They seem to have Home Missions make from our own been bestowed upon this, for the express population, raises up a new auxiliary to purpose of preparing a nation to be foreign effort." A single fact may mighty in every good work ; to raise illustrate this point. Thirty-seven years up a people, loving and serving and fear- ago there was scarcely a Presbyterian ing God, that shall be ready to go where- or Congregational church in what are ever and do whatsoever the Almighty | now the seventeen counties of western may bid them. Such a people can be New-York. Little was done there, trained only under the influence of a until in 1826 the agency for Home faithful, efficient and devoted ministry. Missions, in connection with the A. H. Such a ministry it is the object of this M. S., was established among them. Society to furnish.

Since that time, the churches on this

field, 264 of which have been aided by Wants of the World.

this society, have paid more than The peculiar mission and destiny of this $60,000 into the treasury of the Parent

Society, and given $40,000 to send the land is clearly indicated by Divine Provi- Gospel to the more destitute beyond dence to be that of a great evangelist to the

them. " In 1839 this small part of a nations of the earth. But how few are yet state, where Home Missions have been awake to this glorious fact! How little vigorously prosecuted, paid to the Ameearnestness is exhibited in preparing our rican Board of Foreign Missions, country for fulfilling its part in achieving the $14,000; which was more by $2,000 triumph of righteousness over the kingdom than was received from fifteen entire of error and sin! We could wish that the States in the south-west part of the truths so well expressed in the following re- Union, where Home Missions have marks might be imbedded in minds of all been comparatively neglected. In our our praying, giving Christians. It would then own county, ten churches that have been aided by this Society are now not not but feel that if we would secure only able to sustain the gospel without the safety of our land, we must do more assistance, but have paid into the trea- ihan we are now doing to bring it under sury of the American Board more than the influence of the Gospel. $2,850, during the last four years. In view of these and other considera

tions, we believe that this Society has Safety of our institutions. not received that aid from the churches

which its importance demands. We The safety of our country, and the feel that this society, second to none perinanence of our institutions, require other in its importance, should be seus to make greater efforts in the causecond to none other in its means of doof Home Missions. According to the ing good. last census, there were more than 700,000 white persons in our country, over 20 years of age, unable to read or write. A quarter of a million of these

FRANKLIN COUNTY (Mass.) reside in the western valley. In that

HOME MISSIONARY SOCIETY. valley, there are now three quarters of a million of children between five and

The Report of this Society embraces the fifteen years of age, utterly destitute of principal benevolent objects of the day, and Sabbath, or common school instruction. was drawn up by Rev. Theophilus PackIt is also estimated that there is in the ARD, JR. Concerning the Home Missionary whole country nearly half a million of enterprise, it speaks as follows :voters unable to read or write. Now it is a fact, that “ uneducated mind is edu- The cause of Home Missions appeals caled vice." “ Half a million of reck- powerfully to the patriot and the chrisless unprincipled voters, in the hands of tian for their co-operatior.. More than demagogues, may in our balanced elec- one third

of our population are destitute tions overrule all the property and wis- of an Evangelical Gospel Ministry. dom and moral principle of the nation.” | This proportion is rapidly increasing. We have besides, in the midst of us Should it continue to increase, as it has more than a million of foreign emi- done for 50 years past, till our populagrants, mostly from Catholic Europe. tion reaches 70 millions, is there not They have no sympathy with our insti- an awful prospect that “Ichabod,will tutions. They are completely under be written on the pillars of the Ameri. the control of an active but corrupt || can Republic ? From such a doom priesthood, and possess a power that nothing but the Gospel can save us. may, and ere long will be wielded with Look at the moral aspect of our counmighty effect against our civil and re- try. In large portions of it, violence, ligious institutions. Now, when we re- misrule and crime abound. 'Our Namember that two years ago there were tional Council presents scenes, over six millions in our country, living with which angels might weep tears of blood. out the Gospel, and not connected with Infidelity is taking deep root in the any religious society; that our popula- | West. Kneeland is spreading Atheism tion increases at the rate of half a milin Iowa. Campbellism is beguiling lion every year, and that a large pro- multitudes with a false hope of salvaportion of this falls into the Horne Mis- tion, upon their receiving immersion. sionary field ; that while, during the Mormonism is pouring its full share of last year, the American churches con corruption into the putrid mass. Rotributed only $92,463, to give themanism is aiming to take the whole Gospel to this destitute population, under its fostering care. the Catholics of Europe contributed Great as may be our need of political $138,170,-$45,707 more to establish reforms, the greatest desideratum of our Popery on the same field ; that we, to country at the present moment, in regive the Gospel to our brethren, are do- spect to all human instrumentality, is a ing only two thirds as much as they, to learned, faithful, holy ministry, stationteach a corrupt religion to strangers ;i ed all over the land, and pointing our when we think of these things, we can- | 17 millions of people to the LAMB of rode upwards of 20 miles that night, to | Sabbath school with a good library in give notice of my arrival.

successful operation; a temperance I staid three days; preached seven society embracing almost the entire times; organized a church consisting population; the monthly concert and of thirty-three members; baptized five semi-weekly prayer meetings regularly adults and eleven children, and admi- observed. Religious periodicals are nistered the sacrament. Fourteen of scattered through the community. the members were the subjects of a The church has enjoyed repeated relate revival which they have enjoyed in vivals, and about 40 have been conthat place.

verted. In the absence of the pastor,

the deacons and other members mainThis short extract suggests the materials tain meetings on the Sabbath, and in for much reflection. This missionary men- destitute settlements in the vicinity. tions that the settlement referred to was As the result of the preaching of the composed of New-England people. Let the Gospel, common schools have been susPilgrim churches see, in this case, an illus- tained, and a high standard of social, tration of the way in which their sons and intellectual and moral improvement has daughters wander far, far away from the in- been attained. By the agency of this stitutions of religion. A hundred miles must been planted, and an important influence

church and pastor, other churches have be traversed by the missionary who goes to exerted through an extensive region of rather this community into a church, baptize country. In short, the place is a moral heir children, and break to them the sacra

garden, compared with similar settlemental bread! Let the fathers and mothers

ments, left as thousands are, without of New-England, as they go up to their sanc- the preaching of the Gospel. Now, we tuaries, at "the sound of the church-going who have surveyed a multitude of these bell," think, also, of the two young men, western settlements, know what must riding over the prairies to spread the wel- have been the condition of that comcome news that a minister had come! Shall munity if your missionary bad not been these New-Englanders have the Gospel ? there. We know the intemperance Will those from whose altars and firesides and Sabbath-breaking, the gambling they have gone forth, follow them with the and profaneness, the neglect of educa. ministry, with their alms and their prayers ? tion and contempt of public order that If so, let them remember, that it is almost prevail where the Gospel is not brought wholly through the medium of Home Mis- to, and urged upon the people. Now sions, and kindred operations, that their in- contrasting this with other settlements, terest must reach its object. Let them re

and viewing its present influence on member, also, that time is precious—that a

the surrounding country, and its prosyear's delay often doubles the difficulty and I am pursuaded that men, not a few,

pective influence on future generations, expense of planting the Gospel in one of of equal piety, talents and diligence, those infant communities.

preach a life time in the East without accomplishing as much. I am not

aware that this is an extraordinary case. From a Missionary in Iowa.

Many cases equally illustrative of the The garden and the desert-what power of the Gospel might be adduced. makes the difference.

Now, while this settlement continues,

and its early history is remembered, the I rejoice that the friends of Christ American Home Missionary Society are taking more expansive views of the will be regarded as the agent of acHome Missionary enterprise. I have complishing this work. During six had some opportunities of witnessing years, the Society has devoted eight cheering results of the Society's opera- hundred dollars to the support of tions. A few months since, I visited brother Hazard. He could not have Lyndon, on Rock River, on an ex- | been there but for this aid. Will the change of ministerial labor with brother friends of this cause take courage, by Hazard. Here, as you are aware, is a viewing the results of a judicious apchurch of about eighty members; a propriation of this sum?

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