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ministration, all the great and preservative number, there will be left 260,000,000 for elements of government; and we are adopt- the great central region between the Aping in their stead mean standards of nation. palachian and Rocky mountains, and beal greatness. We profess great benevo. tween the Gulfof Mexico and Canada, and lence and some religion; but, we practise, for the country west of the Rocky mounon the most licentious principles. In a tains. Allowing the Oregon territory word, we are very deficient in a high, man- ; 10,000,000, there will be left 250,000,000, ly, honorable tone of moral sentiment. How for that portion of the American states ly. shali we improve it? What means can we ing in the basins of the Mobile, Mississipi, take to restore public virtue? It is worth and St. Lawrence. If to these, we add our while to think upon it, before it is too 20,000,000 for Canada, we have 270,000,000 late."

as the probable number that will inhabit the North American valley at the end of the one hundred years, commencing in 1840.

If we suppose one-third, or 90,000,000 of PROGRESS OF THE Great VALLEY-A this number to reside in the country as cullate number of Hunt's Merchants' Magazine, tivators and artisans, there will be 180,000has an interesting article on the Internal 000 left for the towns-enough to people Trade of this country, which contains some 360, each containing half a million. This curious but ingenious calculations in regard to does not seem so incredible as that the val. the future progress of the nation, in wealth ley of the Nile, scarcely 12 miles broad, and population. We give below the writer's should have once, as historians tell us, conestimate of the increase of population for the periods of 50 and 100 years :

tained 20,000 cities.

“But, lest one hundred years seem too " In 1840, the United States had a popu- long to be relied on, in a calculation having lation of 17,068,666. Allowing its future so many elements, let us see how matters increase to be at the rate of 33 1-3 per cent. will stand fifty years from 1840, or fortyfor each succeeding period of ten years, we

seven years from this time. The ratio of shall number, in 1940, 303,101,641. Past increase we have adopted, cannot be obexperience warrants us to expect this great jected to as extravagant for this period. In increase. In 1790, our number

1890, according to that ratio, our number 3,927,827. Supposing it to have increased will be 72,000,000. Of these, 22,000,000 will each decade, in the ratio of 33 1-3 per be a fair allowance for the Atlantic slope. cent. it would, in 1840, have amounted lo of the remaining 50,000,000, 2,000,000 16,560,256 ; being more than half a million may reside west of the Rocky Mountains, less than our actual number, as shown by leaving 48,000,000 for the great valley

With 300,000,000 we should within the states. If to these we add have less than 150 to the square mile for 5,000,000 as the population of Canada, we our whole territory, and but 220 to the have an aggregate of 53,000,000, for the square mile for our organized states and North American valley. One-third, or territories. England has 300 to the square say 18,000 000, being set down as farming mile

. It does not, then, seem probable laborers and rural artisans, there will rethat our progressive increase will be main 35,000,000 for the towns, which materially checked within the one hundred might be seventy in number, having each years under consideration. At the end of half a million of souls. It can scarcely be that period Canada will probably number doubled that, within the forty-seven years, at least 20,000,000. If we suppose the por- our agriculture will be so improved, as to tion of our country, east and south of the require less than one-third to furnish food Appalachian chain of mountains, known as and raw materials for manufacture for the the Atlántic slope, to possess at that time whole population. Good judges have said 40,000,000, or near five times its present that we are not now more than 20 or 30


the census.

that very

years behind England in our husbandry. If the West, the Board have just issued a CirIt is certain that we are rapidly adopting CULAR to the churches, presenting these des. her improvements in this branch of indus- titutions, and soliciting their more general and try; and it is not to be doubted,

immediate co-operation in meeting them. many new improvements will be brought || This appeal of the Board, and the efforts they out, both in Europe and America, which

are intending to make to obtain contributions, will tend to lessen the labor necessary in

not only from the schools, but from the the production of food and raw materials." | churches, it is hoped, will enable us, ere long,

to furnish all our brethren at the West the aid for which they apply.

The above statement seems proper as an

explanation of our delay, to those whose reNOTICE.

quests have not yet been answered. When (For the Home Missionary.)

our churches and schools have become fairly

enlisted in this enterprise, we shall hope to SABBATH SCHOOL LIBRARIES FOR answer more promptly all such applications THE WEST.

as our committee for disbursing the charities

of the Church shall recommend. Messrs. Editors—The February No. of the Home Missionary, it will be remembered, committee, would the applicants for assist

It would greatly facilitate the labors of this contained a proposal of the Mass. S. S. So

ance be more minute in their descriptions of ciety to furnish libraries, as far as they could the schools needing aid. The committeo obtain the means, for destitute Sabbath

would be glad to know the particular situaschools at the West. In March we began to receive applications for aid, and they have its relation to other prominent places-the

tion of the place where the school is located, continued to be received ever since, till the

number of inhabitants—state of society-fu. whole number of libraries applied for,

ture prospects of the place as to growth and amounts, at the present time, to 211. The Society is whol'y dependent for means with of members in the church applying for aid

importance-number of churches-number which to meet these applications, on the contributions of our churches and Sabbath and the number that, with suitable efforts and

number of scholars in the school or schools, schools. Little has thus far been done to ob. tain contributions, except among the schools;

books, might be enrolled, &c. and yet we have furnished, in answer to

It is believed that the schools at the West these calls, ninety-six libraries, of from $5 to would feel a deeper interest in their books, $25 worth of books each, amounting in all to should they be induced—where it is practiabout $1,050. There still remain unanswered, cable—to contribute something, though it be applications for one hundred and fifteen libra- but little, towards their purchase. ries.

A. BULLARD, In view of the number and urgency of

Sec'y Mass. S. S. Society. these calls, and the extensive destitutions at Boston, Aug. 8, 1843.

Appointments by the Executive Committee of the A. H. M. S. from July 1st to Aug. 1st, 1843. Not in commission last year.


Rev. C. S. Minor to go to Wisconsin.

Rev. S. R. Scofield, do. do. Rev. Charles Lord, to go to Missouri.


Rev. Charles R. French, do.
do. do.
Rev. John Lewis,

do. Rev. Thomas S. Vail, do. do.

Rev. E. D. Seward, do. do.
Rev. Ephraim Adams, to go to lowa.
Rev. Ebenezer Alden, do. do.

Rev. Lewis Benedict, to go to Illinois.

do Rev. C. $. Adams,

do. Rev. W. B. Hammond, do. do.

do. Rev. Darius Gore,

do. Rev. J. J. Hill,

do. Rev. Daniel Lane, do.

Rev. A. H. Gaston, to go to Michigan. Rev. Alden B. Robbins, do. do. Rev. Winthrop W. Wheeler, do. do..

do, Rev. P. H. Burghardt,

do. « Rev. Wm. Salter,

Rev. Anson Smyth,

do do. Rev. Edwin B. Turner, do.

Rev. John S. Kidder,

do. da Rev. Horace Hutchinson, do. Rev. Harvey Adams, do. do.

Rev. A. Muzzy, Bristol, O. Rev. Wm. A. Thompson, do. do.

Rev. John Williams, Charlestown, O.




do. do.

Re appointed.
Rev. Jonathan Cochran, Charleston, O.
Rev. F. A. Deming, Rome, O.
Rev. C. Osboru, Farmington Centre, O.
Rev. E. Buckingham, Cosbocton, O.
Rev. T. Bird, Thorntown, Ind.
Rev. M. M. Post, Logansport, Ind.
Rev. Jairus Wilcox, Geneseo, III.
Rev. E. G. Howe, Hebron and Hartland, III.
Rev. Jeremiah Porter, Green Bay, Wis.
Rev. M. W. Heuderson, Livingston and Davis

Counties, Mo.

Rev. Harvey Hyde, Saginaw, Mich.
Rev. Geo. Hall, Sidney Plains, N. Y.
Rev. W. E. Holmes, Columbus, N. Y.
Rev. E. B. Faucher, McGraw ville, N. Y.
Rev. M. Harrington, Morrisville, N. Y.
Rev. T. J. Haswell, Chester, N. Y.
Rev. N. Pinoe, Union Centre, N. Y.
Rev. A. Van Wormer, Panama, N. Y.
Rev. B. J. Lane, West Troy, N. Y.
Rev. E. Coleman, Sherman, N. Y.
Rev. C. M. Seatou, Mooers, N. Y.

The Treasurer of the American Home Missionary Society acknowledges the receipt of the

following sums, from July 1st to August 1st, 1843. MAINE,

New Haven, Ct., West Consoc., by A. North Bridgewater, Cong. ''h., $4, Sab.

Townsend, Treas., viz : sch., $1 50 ; by E. F. Duren, 5 50 Middlebury,


New Haven, a Lady,

2 00 Derry, First Cong. Cl., by Rev. H.

Naugatuc, of which $30 is to const. Little, 24 00 Rev. M. H. Eames a L. M.,

49 61 Jaffrey, Fem. Cent Soc., by J. M. Mel.


35 02 ville,

15 16 New-Hareu, Church-St. Ch., for freighi, Troy. Rev. Ezekiel Rich, by Rev. B. P.

$14; Sab. School, by Ellen M. Smith, Stone, 6 00 $10,


Mrs. Abby Salisbury, by S. E. Morse, 100 00 Dorset, Susaunah C. Jackson, $5; Huldah

New-London, First Cong. Ch. Sew. Soc., Martindale, $5; by Rev. J. D. Wick

by Miss Fanny Ledyard, Treas.,

50 00 ham,

10 00 North Greenwich, by Rev. C. Wilcox, 30 40 Royalton, John Francis, to const. himself

Norwalk, 2d Cong. Soc., to const. Rev. and Mrs. Rebecca Francis, Life Mem

Francis C. Woodworth a L. M.,

30 00 bers,

80 00 Norwich Town, Mrs. Hannah Lathrop, Windham, by Rev. S. R. Arms,

20 00 L.M., $30; Hou. Henry Strong, $20; Friend,

20 00 Mrs. Henry Thomas, $10; others, MASSACHUSETTS

$31 36; by Rev. II. P. Arms,

91 36 Missionary Society, by B. Perkins,

Plainfield, First Cong. Soc., to const. Rev. Treus.,

800 00 Andrew Duuning a L. M., by H. Sabin, 40 00 Amherst College, Officers and students,

Plymouth, Cong. Ch. and Soc., by Rev. by Mr. Joy, 25 75 E. Lyman,

60 00 Chickopee, for freight,

4 00 Upper Middletown, Cong. Ch., 826 32 ; Conway, Ch. and Cong., by Otis Child,

Ladies' Benev. Soc., 917 56; G. S. Treas.,

66 00 Bushnell, $5 ; by Rev. Z. Crocker, 48 88 llampshire, Miss. Soc., E. Williams,

Vernon, N. 0. Kellogg, $30; Allyn Kel. Trejs., (of which, a friend, Northamp

logg, $15,

45 00 ton, $100 ; “E," of Northampton, $50;

NEW YORKLadies of South Farms, by Mrs. Lucy

Brooklyn, First Presb. Ch., A Fisher, $5; Lymati, $14,)

400 00 H.C. Bowen, to const. Mrs. Edward E. North Brookfield, Ladies' Sew, Soc., in

Bowen, of Woodstock, Ct., a L. M., part to const. Rev. Thomas Snell, and

35 00 Mrs. Tirzah S. Snell, Life Members, by

South Presb. Ch., Mon. Con, coll. by J. Lucretia C. P. Soell, Treas., 54 00 A. Davenport,

15 57 Shrewsbury, Joseph Nourse, to const.

Busti, Cong. Cb. by Rev. L. S. Morgan, 5 00 Rev. James Averill a L. M.,

30 00 Canterbury, friend, by Dr. Armstrong, 5 00 South Hadley, Ladies' Benev. Soc., First

Jamestowl, Cong. $10 53; Rov. E. Parish, by Rev.J. D. Condit, for freight, 12 00 Taylor, $10 00,


Lumberland, Fem. Miss. Soc., by Rev. Branford, Mrs. Sally Gillett, by Rev. Mr.

F. Kyte,

2 62 Gillett,

15 00 New-York city, viz: Chaplin, Ch. and Cong., by Walter

Central Ch., F. Bull, 3 reams paper, Goodell,

26 00 valued at $10; Mrs. S. A. Haley, $1; Danbury, Ch. and Cong., of which $5 is

Mrs. Dr. J B. Smith, $2,

13 00 in part to const Deac. Oliver Stone a

Sabbath School No. 34, by Mr. Lester, 2 03 L.M., by Rev. R. S. Stone,

77 56 Widow's offering, $6 ; Ephraim KingsHartford, in part of legacy of the late

bury, $l; friend of Missious, $2;0. Normand Smith, by F. Parsons, Ex'r., 1000 00 L. Robbins, $5,

14 00 Mrs. Emily Webster Ellsworth, L. M.,

Patchogue, L. I., Cong. Ch., by Rev. H. by 0. E. Wood, $30; a friend, to


8 82 const. Miss Laura Ellsworth a L. M.,

Peekskill, Payson Presb. Ch., $10; a $30, 60 00 Lady, $5, by Rev. Mr. Brown,

15 00 Lebanon, Ct., South Soc., of which $30

Randolph, by Rev. E. Taylor,

16 47 is to const. Hubbard Dutton a L. M., by

Sheridan, N. Y., 22 Coog. Ch., and their
Rev.J.C. Nichols,

69 90
minister, by Rev. E. Raymond,

8 00 Goshen, Soc., by Rev. H. P. Arms,

21 64

Sherman, Cong. Ch., by Rev. E. Cole. Meriden, Ct., Cong. Soc., by Rev. G. W.


4 00 Perkins,

60 53

Sidney Plains, Cong. Ch., by Rev.
George Hall,

25 00


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Sinclairville, by Rev. E. Taylor, 8 00 The Philadelphia Home Missionary Society ec-
West Somers, Fem. Benev. Soc., by Rev.

knotledges the receipt of the following sums Mr. Brown,

15 00

during the months of May and June, 1843. Reo. Yorktown, Ch. and Cong., by Rev. S.J.

E. R. Fairchild, Secretary. White,

12 62 5th Presb. Ch., Philadelphia, E. Brown, $3; NEW JERSEY

Mrs. J. B. Southerland, 810; James AtBloomfield, Mrs. Pitt, to const. Jesse B.

wood, 810; Thomas Earp, $10; Erwin Pili, a L.M., in full, 21 00 Saflord, $10; Miss M. Baldie, $1,

44 00 East Bloomfield, Mrs. Caroline Steele,

3d Presb. Cb., Philadelphia, A. Whildin, to const. her niece, Miss Cordelia Ely,

$25; J. C. Farr, $10; C. Robb, $10; T. of New York a L. M., by E. H. Ely, 30 00 Sparks, $10; Mrs. Carswell, $10; Wm. Elizabethport Cong. Ch., by Rev. 0. S.

135 00

71 00

24 69

5 89

7 00

Taylor, $5; Wm. Worreli, $5: F. A.
St. John,

2 00 Raybold, Esq., $5; 8. Toby, $5; F. J. Elizabethtown, S. P. Britton,

5 00 Dreer, $3; Elizabeth Shaw, $3; R. W. Freehold, legacy of the late Dr. James

Davenport, $5; Mr. Baxter, and Mr. Co-
English, by Rev. D. V. McLean, and

buro, $6 ; G. L. Asbmead, 82 ; 8. Hent,
Dr. D. Polhemus, Exr's.

268 39

$2; Mrs. Lasalle, $2 50 ; James Robb, Newark, 3d Presb. Ch., $20 ; Mrs. Phebe

$2; Mr. Pearson, $150; L. Eldridge, Goble, by Rev. Dr. Bringmade, $10, 30 00

$2; others, by Mr. J. C. Farr, $43 66; A PENNSYLVANIA

Member of the Church, by Mr. Whildin, Montrose, from the estate of Miss Abigail

85 50; Young Men's Missionary AssoFoster, by J. Lyous,

17 00 ciation, by Mr. Queen, $3; Mrs. E. GreDISTRICT COLUMBIA

ble, $2; Edward King, $5 25,

173 0 Wasbin: ton City, Ith Presb.Ch., by Rev.

1st Presb. Ch., Philadelphia, A Lady, (at J. C. Smith,

66 75 Mon.Con.,) by Mr. Fassiti. $5; J. Wright, ARKANSAS

$5; Cash, hy Rev. Mr. Converse, $10; W. Fort Towson, Soldiers U. 8. Army, $7;

Raiguel, $10; B. Lapsley, $100; D. P. Mrs. G. C. Gooding, $5,

12 00 Alden, $5, OHIO

Clinton-Street Presb. Ch., Philadelphia, B. Bloomfield, by Rev. B. Y. Messenger, 5 00 W. Tingley, $20; J. M. Kennedy, $10; Hebron, by Rev. C. N. Ransom,

5 00 E. Dunbar, $5; L. $1; Miss Mary A. Orwell, by Rev. B. Y. Messenger,

13 00 Singer, $10; N. B. Thompson, $10; G. ILLINOIS

F. Dale, $5; Edward Miller, $5; Misses Jacksonville, Mrs. Sarah Wolcott, by

Gill, $5, (as far as collected,) Rev. B. P. Stone,

5 00 Madison Presb. Ch., N. J., W. Magie, $1; Sbaron, Presb. Ch., by Rev. D. Rock

coll. in cb, (in part,) $23 68, well,

10 25 Meudham, N. J., Presb. Cb., bal. of coll., MICHIGAN

by Mr. E. Fairchild, Green Oak, Presb. Ch., by Rev. C. G.

Rockaway, N. J., Presb. Ch., bal. of coll., Clark,

2 25

by Rev. A. D. Eddy, Northville and Nankin, Presh. Chhs., by

Reading, Presh. Ch., Pa., Mon. Con. coll., Rev. A. S. Wells, 5 00 $59 10; E Deckert, Esq., $10,

69 10 Webster, Presb. Ch., by Rev. C. G.

1st Presb. Cb., Washington, D. C. Juvenile Clark,

8 20
Miss. Soc., by Rev. Mr. Rich,

50 00 Ypsilanti, by Rev. J. Marsh,

18 75 Northumberland Presb. Ch., Pa., coll. in

part, by Mr. Vankirk,

$4,262 81 Norristown Presb. Ch., Pa., D. Getty. $5; J. CORNING, Treasurer. G. R. Fox, Esq., $5; Mary Dager, $21

J. K. Freediy, $2 ; Surau Jacoby, $2; Receipts of Central Agency, from June 1st to July Mrs. Streeper, $3 ; Mrs. Cook, $2; d. 5th, 1813

Teany, $1; T. Bell, $1; Mrs. McFar. Colchester, Miss Sarah Downs, to const.

land, $1; E. McElroy, $1; Rev. M. Mrs. Jane C. Downs L. M.,

30 00 Gould, $1; B. Powell, $i; others, $2237, Coventry,

1 00 Elkton, Md., Frisby Henderson, Esq., by Coventryville, to const. Rev. Crispus Wright

Rev. J. Mclotyre, L. M., 33 00 Great Bend, Pa, coll. in cb., (in part)

3 75 Fayetteville,

24 75 New-Berlin, Pa., Mrs. Townsend's School, Hamilton, by J. Foote, Esq., 20 00 by J. A. Cummings,

35 Homer, Sisters' Soc., bal., $6 90; Amos

Miss Catherine Hilt, by Mr. H. Perkins,

5 00 Rice, to coost. his son, Wm. Wirt Ric

Alexandria, N. J., Presb. ch., coll. in ch., L. M., $30; Dr. G. W. Bradford, in part

(in part,) by Rev. A. Converse,

10 00 to const. Mrs. Mary Ann Bradford L. M.,

Fairfield, N.J., Rev. Ethan Osborne, $15; bal. of coll., $18 84; per Dr. Brad.

Wilmivgton, Del., Hanover-Street ch., Fe. ford,

70 74 male H. M. Soc., by Mrs. Hall, $14 11; La Fayette,

27 42

A Friend, in part, to const. Rev. Wm. Madison, by Rev. M. Plati,

22 03 Hogarth a L. M., $20 ; Mrs. Boulden, Manlius, coll., $65 77; Fem. H. M. Soc., to

$15; (for the West.) Mrs. Porter, $50; const. Mrs. Sophia M. Cushman L. M., by

Mrs. S. E. Munroe, $2 ; Mrs. Mclntyre, A. Swith, $30,

95 77

$2; Mrs. McCorkle, $1; Mr. Kean, $10; Meredith, in full to const. Mrs. Lydia Ann

Mrs. Simpson, $25; others, $7 22; MaterEllis L.M.,

10 00

nal Society, $5; Mon. Con coll., $53 38; Otisco, coll., by J. C. Hitchcock, $34 95;

coll. in ch., $29 65 ; African Sab. Scbool, Fem. H. M. Soc., to const. Mrs. Margaret


167 18 Johuson L. M., $32 73,

67 68 Donion and Greensborough, Md., coll., by St. Lawreuce Co., D. M. S.,

18 75

Rev. G. L Moore, Syracuse, Cong. Ch.,

12 77

4th Presb. Ch., Wasbington, D. C., by Rev. Utica, Welch Cong. Cb., to const. Rev.

J.C. Smith,

22 00 James Griffitb L. M.,

30 00 East Whiteland, Pas, coll. in ch., by Rev. Walton, Wm. Townsend, 2 00 A. Converse,

13 00 Wampsville, bal.,

1 00 1st Presb.Ch. N.L., Philadelphia, in part) $466 91

11 91

56 37

20 00

100 00

15 00

6 79

$1013 25

[blocks in formation]

It is generally known to the Christian public, that the demand for ministers of the Gospel in our new settlements has of late greatly increased. The steady progress of immigration, the opening of large tracts of territory hitherto unoccupied, and, especially, the general outpouring of the Spirit of God, during the year past, have caused the cry of the destitute to come up, as it never has come before, asking for the bread of life.

At the same time, a corresponding degree of missionary enterprise has been imparted to the ministry. Men of God-trained to his work and filled with his Spirit-come in unwonted numbers, and pray the Executive Committee, with much entreaty, that they may have the privilege of preaching Christ to those who are ready to perish. Of these, a large proportion are young men—the recent graduates of our principal theological seminaries-concerning whose piety, talents and general promise of usefulness, their teachers and others bear ample testimony. Not a few Pastors, also, approved by the churches and by their brethren in the sacred office, have volunteered to engage in this work.

Regarding these facts as indicating the divine will; and believing also that the public sentiment of the churches requires immediate and vigorous efforts in accordance with these providential indications, the Executive Committee of the A. H. M. S. have made arrangements to send out a liberal reinforcement of laborers the ensuing Autumn. A much larger number have presented theniselves, than the Committee feel warranted to employ, without laying the case before the public. Nevertheless, relying under God, on the general interest expressed in the Home Missionary cause, they have appointed thirty-eight ministers of the Gospel, never before employed in this service, to proceed to destitute portions of the West. Some of these are already on the ground, and all, it is expected, will enter on their work early in October, provided the means of transferring them to the field shall be seasonably furnished. At present, the funds necessary even for the expenses of outfit for these laborers, are not at the Society's command; while the payment of drafts for its ordinary operations is in danger of being postponed for the same reason.



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