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A temperance Barbecue. The old citizens are under great ex

citement in consequence of the impuOne fact of interest ought not to be dence, lawlessness and wickedneks of omitted in this report. There was in the Mormons and their leaders. We this village, a mass celebration of the are on the eve of an outbreak, and I Fourth of July. In western phrase it should not be surprised to see very was called a Barbacue. There were

soon the scenes of Missouri enacted present on that occasion, about two thousand individuals of all classes and

It is a great calamity fastened on our from all regions. The celebration was county and state. They bave unsettled conducted on strictly temperance prin everything ; keep the county in con. ciples. Without any argument or ef. stant excitement, and exert a most fort, it was agreed by a general and withering influence on morals and reunanimous feeling, that the day should

ligion. What is to be the finale of be celebrated with spirit and honor, but this chief of all modern humbuge, I without spirils of alcohol. And so it know pot. One thing is certain, they was. Not a drop was brought on the are generally destituie of all christian ground. The result was, that 2000 character, and worse than all that has persons assembled to pay appropriate ever been said about them. The half, respect to the Anniversary of our Na. bardly bas been told. They are a great tion's birth, and from the beginning to hindrance to the Gospel in this region. the end, all was order, peace and the most perfect propriety. I acted as chap. Jain of the day, and mingled with the vast concourse, and never have I seen a more delightful scene-of a similar

Aid acceptable. nature. Scarcely did I hear a word that would offend the ear of virtue or

Your last containing a draft for $50, piety.

we regard as coming from the good band of God, through your benevolent Society. It is a great relief to a mis. sionary in the "far West,” located in a

new settlement, where but a mere pitFrom a Missionary near the Mormons. tance of money is at the command of

the inhabitants, to receive aid. Not a Mormonism is exerting a very great few of this community bave been absent and pernicious influence over this coun. Sabbath after Sabbath, for want of ty. Here is the seat of the Beast and means to obtain suitable clothing. A the falee Prophet. Here are 15,000 mind embarrassed with pecuniary consouls deluded, and under the absolute cerns is poorly prepared for the constant dominion of Joe Smith. He literally and arduous labors of a Gospel Minister. leads them whitherecerer he will. They What can a man do-harassed with have unlimited belief in his prophecies; wants which he is unable to supply, and no wickedness, however vile-no and ever perplexed with debt which he swindling, however great no black- has no means to cancel ? These new guardism, however low-no hypocrisy, settlements must be left to be .over. however errant, and no prophesy, how grown with the poisonous and deadly ever absurd and preposterouf, can break weeds of infidelity, unless the herald of the force of their belief in him, or dis. Jife and salvation is sustained. The H. sipate the dreadful delusion that covers M. Society meets the exigency of the their minds. I recently heard with niy the case. It comes to his relief. He own ears, these heartless leaders tell is encouragedmand with a heart overthe Mormons that they had a revelation flowing with gratitude, he consecrates from the Lord to tell them how they himself anew to God, and engages should all role. They one and all be- afresh in his labors of love. Jieved it, and voted in obedience to the pretended revelation. They now have

Never too busy to pray. all the offices, and the entire government of the county in their own hands. The uncommon pressure of businese

made it difficult to keep up the number || and valuable library. The youth and of meetings so much needed at such a children are much taken up with readtime. Our weekly prayer meeting has ing the books, and great good will no been kept up, however, and has usually doubt be the result. Our prayer is, been very interesting. The thought that the Lord may abundantly reward was suggested, a short time since, that the Sunday schools and friends in your possibly it might be wise to adjourn our city, for conferring on us such a blessweekly prayer meeting during haying ing. We feel grateful to them and to and harvest. I feel happy in being the Giver of all good. Had it not been able to say, that the suggestion met an for their benevolence, our school would immediate and decided repulse. The still be destitute of books, for our socievery thought was exceedingly distress. ty is too poor at present to purchase ing to some-particularly to some of them. the sisters, especially one, who attends constantly, though she lives a mile and a balf from the place of inceting, and always walks. How much consolation and encouragement this affords your

From a Pastor whose appropriation has missionary, you can better judge than

been reduced. he can describe. These lise-diffusing spirits in the church, are like wells of Although it would have been truly water in a thirsty land.

encouraging to us in our present embar. Our Sabbath school numbers between rassed and trying circumstances, to 30 and 40 children and youth, and is have the amount of our application in an interesting and prosperous state. granted by your Society, yet, the reaLast season only about ten attended. sons you assign for reducing it are The Bible class also is very well at-weighty. We feel that your Society tended.

hasi by its long continued fostering care, laid us under the greatest obligation to the churches ihe almoners

of whose bounty you are, and still more From Rev. H. Bergen, Kane Co., II. to the great Head of the church whose

is all the silver and gold, and cattle upThe Gospel is evidently making steady

on a thousand bills. Previous to reprogress among the people with whou ceiving your letter, my people, in view I ain called to labor. The attendance of their pressing calls the present year, on public worship is good in the places and the entire failure of their wheat crop, where I preach. Indeed, sometimes which is almost their only resource, waitmore come to hear, than can be accomo

ed upon me, through their trustees, to dated with any kind of seats. Although the annual subscription for the present

see if I would not relinquish a part of at our place, there is almost entirely a farming community; yet even in the year; to which I replied, in view of midst of harvest, when some were dis jacts, that I would, to the amount of oneposed to excuse themselves from attend third of the sun to be raised by them. dance, because of the fatiguing labors This I did by no means feel able to do, of the week, on the Sabbath many

with my large family, yet I felt it a were obliged to remain outside for want privilege to share with them their bura of room in the place of worship.

dens, and to trust to Him who provides

for the young ravens when they cry. Good effects of a Si S. Library

Hence this reduction, the present year,

will be sensibly felt by me ; yet I do Our Sabbath school at Sugar Grove, cheerfully acquiesce, believing that which was before quite interesting, has others need it more, or the Lord would been more than usually so of late. This not have so ordered it. increased interest is, for the most part, the fruit of the benevolence of friends to Unless the receipts of the Society shall be the Sabbath school cause at New-York, more liberal, the Executive Committee will be who sent us as a donation, a handsome compelled to a general reduction in cases of



renewed appropriations. We hope the churches From Rev. G. Gemmel, Buffalo Grove, applying for aid, will bear in mind, to ask for

Ill. the lowest possible amount.

The last quarter has been to me one of severe labor. I have preached during the quarter, in 10 or 12 different places,

besides supplying my own regular apFrom Rev. J. Wilcox, Geneseo, Ill.

poinlments, and I hope some good has been done.

The state of morals is much changed We have no revival of religion to re- here, and at Grand Detour, within a few port this quarter, yet we trust the Lord months. I bope ere long the people is with us, and building us up. The will be able to sustain a minisier in Sabbath is a day of rest to our souls as each place. They will make the effort well as to our bodies. Our congrega. at Grand Detour this fall. tions are full and deeply attentive to the preached word. Our Sabbath school and Bible classes are prospering. The temperance cause has received a new From Rev. L. Farnam, Batavia, III. impulse in our county during this quarter, by the return of our annual nieet

My congregations on the Sabbath ing on the day of our national anniver- have been larger, and less variable for sary. The day was delightful ; and the last three months, than they bave the long processions winding their way generally been since I came bere, and over our widely extended prairies, deck- the interest manilested in the truth, has ed with flowers, with their banners wave been greater. The Sabbath schools, ing in the breeze, accompanied with the and Bible classes, in both congregaspirit-stirring notes of miusic, was truly |tions, have been reorganized, and are in imposing. Nor was it without its ef- successful operation, though we are in fect in calling many a laborer to leave need of a new supply of books for them. his plough in the field, and to follow on We have some afflictions to fill us in the train, and participate-contrary to with “the spirit of heaviness." The his expectation in the morning in the little church of Big Woods have been events of the day. The beautiful grove called to part with one of their number selected for the place of meeting, was by death. Sister M-, the wise of the made vocal with the praises of God, first and for a long time the only deaand cheered by hundreds of happy cun in that church, has, 1 trust, gone countenances, embracing every age and huine to glory. For some time she had class in society, partaking freely of the been in a declining state of health, and frugal fare and flowing streanı, and lis- appeared to be ripening for a better tening with interest to the eloquent ad- word. She seemed to have a renewal dress on temperance, in connexion l of her faith and love during the revival with the exhibition of Dr. Sewall's last winter, and entered with deep, and plates illustrating the effects of intoxi- servent interest into the work of the cating drinks on the human stomach. Lord, nor did she again lose that interThus the day passed away with feel-est while she lived. In a state of most ings worthy of it. With no place to beavenly calmness and peace, she fell make or vend the poison in our new and asleep in Jesus. An iniant a few days rising county-embracing a popula-olii

, died the day before, and was placed tion of sume 1500 or more, ironi al

in the same coffin with her-both sleep most every country and chme—and with sweetly together beyond the reach of very few that use it, and a constant this world's storms. accession yearly to the ranks of total abstinence, the debou of intemperance can, with the blessing of God, be kept at bay

From a re-appointed Missionary. Your letten informing me of my reappointment for the present year, was were generally indifferent to the Sabreceived a few days ago. It would be bath ; some lounging at the taverns, a suppression of the truth not to say it some trading, some spent the Sabbath has relived my mind of much anxiety. in visiting, while but few regularly atI had endeavored to resign the whole tended the ineeting. It is true, oor somatter to the Lord, hoping and praying ciety have for two years held its meetthat the Committee might be led to such ings there, as being the centre of influa conclusion as would be most pleasing ence for those who resided 3 or 4 miles to Him. My constant prayer has been, off. A Baptist brother preached there that whatever might be the result, God once in four weeks. The Methodists would sanctify it to me, both as a Chris. had made appointments a year or two tian and as a minister of the Gospel. I since, but had left the ground as too unconsidered this as one among the “all promising for effort ; but at last God's things that would work together for mercy appeared. Besides those who good to them who love God, who are the bave united with other denoininations, called, according to his purpose.” Du- the Lord disposed the hearts of some 10 ring this suspense, I had requests from or 12 to come to us, who have appeared two different churches in this vicinity well, and perhaps will compare with any to labor among them, each of which is of the converts in stedfastness. We did able to support a minister without fo- not labor in vain. reign aid. I replied, that nothing but necessity would compel me to leave the present field of labor. The churches were both of them desirous that I should From Rev. E. E. Wells, Missionary remain; they were doing all for my sup- to des:itute places in the vicinity of port that could reasonably be asked in

Chicago their present poverty. I had no evidence that I could be any more useful Review of a year labors. in those other places than I have been here, where there is at present no other Since my last, I have organized a minister in the county of our denomina- church at Flag Creek—of 18 members tion. And then, that most precious -as the result of my meeting at that promise, which is consorting indeed to place. An interesting Sabbath school the missionary, viz. : “ Trust in the has been formed there, which is now in Lord and do good, and verily thou shall a flourishing condition. An accession

of 7 members has also been made to All these circumstances together si- the church on the Ridge. lenced my fears, and led me to labor

In taking a retrospective view of the on in hope.

whole year, I have to report the organization of three churches at impor. tant points in the vicinity of Chicagothe gathering in of 61 members—26 by

letter, and 35 on profession of their A changed Neighborhood. faith in the Redeemer, besides 12 which

I admitted into the church at Plainfield

-making in all, 73 members. Three Some time in February, a work of di- Sabbath schools have also been esta vine grace cominenced in Lof a blished, which I have been enabled very interesting character, and has, 1 to furnish with libraries, through the am happy to say, produced a marked liberality of eastern friends. The cause change in the aspect of that community. of temperance, and other good causes, It was the first general awakening that have been advocated, and a healthful was ever experienced in that neighbor- one of moral feeling and sentiment, as I hood. It had a reputation for almost trust, has thereby been advanced. It every kind of wickedness that could be may not be improper to state also, that named. Can any good become out of at the last meeting of the Fox River

has been often asked. The Union, the three churches were duly people in the immediate neighborhood represented and received into that body.

be fed.

I am, more than ever, impressed with, ferent churches here. We have rea sense of the importance of my field, ceived a new impulse in the temperance and of well directed missionary efforts cause. The old society has been rein other destitute settlements in this organized, and more than thirty new western country.

signers have taken the new pledge in this place and vicinity during the last quarter. Our temperance meetings

are kept up with interest, and as yet, A missionary Meld.

we are sanguine in the hope that we

shall soon accomplish much for this I have just returned from a short tour cause in these hills and vales. to the Mississippi, through the mineral

Since my last repori, a Sabbath school region. The whole country, from Lake has been organized in my church at Michigan to lowa, and beyond, presents, this place, well furnished with teachers, so far as our views of truth and order and numbering about eighty scholars, are concerned, a vast missionary field, with a prospect of still more. We are with little churches bere and there, greatly encouraged in this work ; it is like oases in the desert, to relieve the delightful to all concerned. The teacheye, and refresh the soul of the christianers are the praying members of my pilgrim. These little churches, with church, atid manifest much punctuality their ministers, under the fostering care and fidelity in their work. You do not of your Society, exerts a healthful need to be told that where this is the moral influence on the surrounding case, the pupils also will be interested. country, but they cannot supply the It has been judged expedient, that my destitution of the West. New laborers Bible class should be merged in the are needed; men of at least fair talents, Sabbath school, and that I should meet and of the true missionary spirit. Such the teachers at their weekly meeting. men will do good, and be respected; This I find to be a very edifying and and, in due time, sustained without for interesting exercise, and though an indi. eign aid. No good man, of respectable rect, yet a very efficient way of diffusing talents and standing, need be afraid of religious instruction, not being appreciated, after showing himself worthy. Here is matter, both for encouragement and

INDIANA. discouragement. Great good has been done, and therefore our labor has not been in vain.

The Christian reader will not fail to find in But the demand for laborers and churches, is the following missionary report, illustrations still so far beyond the means of planting and of the following truths ; viz :sustaining them, that our hearts almost faint 1. The harvest is plenteous and the labowithin us. We will not, however, despair of

rers are few. yet seeing the christian community awaking

2. The Home missionary needs a high deto the extent of the field, and the relative gree of every christian and ministerial grace, yalue of immediate efforts to cultivate it as it to sustain him in the trials and emergencies should be.

of his work.

3. These faithful servants of the Lord on the frontier have a just claim on the sympathy, the

prayers and the patronage of their brethren TENNESSEE.

in Christ. From Rev. G. A. Mathes, Rogersville From a Missionary in Randolph Con and vicinity, Tenn.

Ind. One of the chief encouragements

In labors abundant. which have cheered me this quarter, is the gradual giving place of prejudice I have preached generally from four and exclusiveness to more liberal and to five times weekly. Besides this, I charitable sentiments, between the dif- have three interesting Bible classes

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