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thus literally " feeding the hungry and cloth | ing abroad, he beheld indeed an immense field ing the naked.”. His benevolence was inge- for labor; but the ground was almost unbronious in obtaining, means for its exercise. ken. Every thing was to be commenced, and Many a time he stripped himself of garments all was to be effected by himself. Destitute necessary to his own comfort, to bestow them as he was of every human means of success, on some shivering victim of poverty. But he he applied with courage to his allotted task, seemed to delight in suffering himself, that and while he freely exposed himself to "the he might alleviate the sufferings of others. heat and burtben of the day," he prayed with Ingratitude on their part but inflamed his cha- fervor and confidence to the “Lord of the rity the more. The bigot, who drove him harvest, that he would send laborers into his from his door by day, could not prevent him harvest." In less than eight months he had from bringing clothes and provisions to his travelled more than a thousand miles on needy family by night. However careful he horseback, over roads almost impracticable ; mighi be to conceal his extraordinary good had visited every part of his extensive diocess, works, the general tenor and spirit of his con. and was as familiar with the minutest cirduct could not be hidden from the young ec- cumstance regarding its missions and those of clesiastics whom he taught by word and ex. the West in general, as if the whole of his ample. * The whole neighborhood valuai le life had been devoted to them exaround will attest the happy effects of his mis- clusively. In a short time he had opene sionary toils, his instructions, his prayers, his a college, established at his own expense & unquenchable charity. Where is the poor free school, which is attended by from sevenman's cottage that he has not entered as a ty to eighty pupils, and founded another for messenger of peace and mercy? Who was girls together with an orphan asylum, under sick, and he did not visit and comfort him? the superintendence of the sisters of charity. Who was in want, and he did not afford him, In order to carry on these various schemes poor though he was himself and always wish. of beneficence, and actuated by a spirit of ed to be—some charitable relief? What humility and self-denial, he submitted to road was there so rough, what weather so in many privations, which his declining health clement, what night so dark, that he would could ill sustain. The bishop, clergy, seminot fly on foot and alone, to minister the sweet narians and scholars of the college occupied consolations of religion ? Did scandals arise ? the same house, took their meals in the same How his soul burned within him, until the refectory, and in every respect constituted' scandal was extinguished and the evil reme. but one family. He reserved no privileges died! Were neighbors at enmity? He was to himself: he would have no advantages or seen cowering under the fury of a winter comforts which he could not share with all. storm, and pelied with driving sleet and snow, His labors were so multifarious and burthenas he returned a considerable distance from some, that they would scarcely be credible the blessed work of reconciliation. It was to those who did not know his wonderful acthe anniversary of that day on which our Sa- tivity of mind and powers of endurance. In vior died to make our peace with God. But addition to the occupations I have already who can recount the innumerable instances mentioned, he taughi theology in his semiof his disinterested zeal, his burning charity, nary, gave lessons in French in one of his acahis heroic self denial? How many of his demies, furnished a large amount of historivirtuous deeds-how many acts of benevo- cal and antiquarian information to the literlence, now known to none but God, will be ary societies of Vincennes, wrote twice a brought to light before the assembled uni. month to every priest in his diocess and mainverse on the great day, where every one tained an extensive correspondence with shall receive his proper retribution !

almost every part of Europe and America. He was appointed Bishop of Vincennes. He would gladly have avoided this appointment. He would have preferred an humble retire

Missionaries to lowa. ment to any post of honor, not to add of emolument, for that he ever disdained as unwor.

Our readers will be gratified to learn that thy of a priest. A splendid episcopacy he would undoubtedly have declined. But to nine of the eleven missionaries to lowa, make new sacrifices—to take up his lot in po- (two being detained by sickness,) whom we verty and privation among entire strangers~ mentioned in our last, as having received to go far from whatever was dear to him on earth-to be an instrument in the hands of their instructions in the South Church in Providence for spreading the glad tidings of Andover, Mass., Sept. 3d---met, by agreesalvation, and causing God's name to be honored in the rising West, and to use his influ: ment, in Buffalo, on Saturday, the 7th of Oc. ence in his mother country to procure mis- tober, on their way to their destined field sionaries and other moans, for carrying on the of labor, and were received with great work of redemption in the land of his adop- hospitality and kindness. On Sabbath aftion, this bis spirit of self-denial, his zeal, his charity would not permit him to refuse.

ternoon, they had the privilege of sitting At Vincennes he found himself in the most down together at the communion table, with trying circumstances. He was a stranger, the members of the first Presbyterian Church poor and alone. He saw around him liule more than the wrecks of the Catholio faith in that city. In the evening, a public meeting and discipline of the original settlers. Look- l of great interost was held, addressed by

Rev. Messrs SALTER, ROBBINS, E. ADAMS, || in the valley of the Mississippi. For in Hutchinson, and Lane, and also by Rev. the forcible language of Professor Post, 'A Prof. Post of Illinois College, who, with the plea for the West, is a plea for the East. If Iowa band and four other missionaries des- the West sins, the East will sin with her. If tined for Michigan and Wisconsin, left Buffalo | the West falls, she will drag down the East for Chicago the next evening, in the Missouri. || with her. The chain of great lakes on the We have heard, at the time of our going to North, and the Mississippi and her arms on press, of their safe arrival at the Manitou Isles | the West, whose navigable waters would in in Lake Michigan, and hope, in our next, to

a straight line, surround the globe, bind the record their welcome reception in the Territo- East and the West so indissolubly together, ry, which is to be the field of their future labor. that the fate of one, must be the fate of the

other.' The Buffalo Gazette of the 10th of Oct.,

“We cannot refrain from saying that we after making mention of their arrival and of have seldom seen so many men banded tothe public meeting which they addressed, I gether in an enterprise, who seemed to posremarks :

sess such sterling good sense, and humble “We are glad to see Protestant New || quiet characters, coupled with firmness and England alive to the necessity of scattering decision, as did these young men." religious and scientific light and knowledge

Appointments by the Executive Committee of the A. H. M. S. from Sept. Ist to Oct. 1st, 1843.
Re appointed.

Rev. S. P. Dunham, Logan, O.
Rev. D. Beers, Orient, L. I.
Rev. S. G. Lowry, Rockville, Ind.

Not in commission last year.
Rev. W. P. Hotchkiss, Centreville, Mich.

Rev. Luther Farvham, to go to Western Michigan. Rev. F. H. Case, White-water, Wis.

Rev. Henry Kingsley, to go to Kentucky. Rev. Asa Turner, half the time, in destitute pla• || Rev. John V. Downs, Northern Illinois.

ces in lowa.


The Treasurer of the American Home Missionary Society acknowledges the receipt of the

following sums, from Sept. Ist to Oct. 1st, 1843. MAINE

Miss. Soc., $26; by Rev. G. W. PerBelfast, John S. Caldwell, by H. David.


114 89 1 00 New London, Eumenean Soc., to const. Portland, David Hall,

5 00 George Richards, Mrs. Elizabeth Pool, Sumner, a Lady,

1 00 Miss Jane Wilson, and Miss Aon E. Waldo, Henry Davidson, 2 00 Gurley, Life Members,


New. Haven, First Cong. Ch., to const. Claremont, bequest of Miss Lucy Ann

Wm. G. Hooker, L. M.,

30 00 Whitllesey, by N. Whittlesey,

20 00 North Church and Soc., coll., by A. H. Portsmouth, North Church, by D. Knight, 50 00 Maltby,

251 36 VERMONT

Church St. Ch., Sab. School, by A.C. Townsend, Cong. Ch. and Soc., to const.


10 00 Rev. Horatio N. Graves, a L. M., 30 00 North Fairfield, Weston Cong. Ch., by MASSACHUSETTS

Rev.C.T. Prentice,

12 80 Missionary Society, of which $60 is to

Norwalk, First Cb., bal., 50 cts. ; Sab. coust. Rev. Alexander J. Sessions, and

Sch., Male Class, No 1, $2 75,

3 25 Mrs Mary H. Lord, Life Members,

1200 00 Ridgefield, bequest of the late Mrs. East Hampton, Hon. S. Willistoa, L. D.,

Clarissa Benedict, by R. B. Koe ler, and Mrs. S. Williston, L. M., 150 00 Ex'r.,

88 06 Edgarton, Miss C. Coffin,

5 00 Stopington, Ladies' Aux.. by Miss L A. Hadley, Miss Dorothy Williams,

10 00 Sheffield, Tr., of which $30 is to con* t. Northbridge, in full of legacy of the late

Mrs. Peter Crary, of New-York, a L.M., Miss Sarah Fletcher, by E.W. Fletcher, 147 50 and $5 is from Mrs. James Noyes, ia Coll., by J. L. Dickinson,

7 00 part to const. Joseph Cheeseboro, a L. West Springfield, in part of legacy of the

M.; Freight, $4,

00 late Rev. J. L. Pomeroy, by L. Strong,

NEW YORK Esq., Adm'r., 200 00 Argyle, Levi Hopkins.

20 00 Willianastown, Fem. Char. Soc., by Mrs.

Brooklyn, First Presb. Ch., John Rankin, 20 00 M. Smedley,

12 50 South Presb. Ch., mon. enn. coll., by CONNECTICUT

Mr. Davenport,

12 36 Branford, James F. Linsley, L. M, $30;

Catskill, avails of Juvenile Fair, by Rev. A. & 8. Linsley, $8; by H. E. Hodges, 38 00 G. N. Judd,

26 00 Brooklyn, Cong. Ch. and Soc., by Rev.

Malden, Ladies, for freight, by Rev. J. G. J. Tillotson, 76 75 J. Buck,

5 00 Greenwich, Ladies' Stilson Benev. Soc.,

New Rochelle, Mrs. Happah Brewster, Miss Sarah Lewis, Tr.,

350 00 New-York city, viz Meriden, Ladies' Miss Soc., $88 89; Juv.

Allen St. Ch., Dr. T. Ritter, "first

12 00


Duane St. Ch., W.M. Halsted, 100 00, Jaffrey, Mrs. Edith Parker,

3 00 Mercer St. Ch., Mrs. Parker, to const.

Keene, Coog. Ch., $61 25 ; mon. con. coll., Josiah W. Bissell, of Rochester, N.

$29 63; Individuals, $25 58,

116 46 Y., a L. M., $50, W. W. Chester,

Marlborou b, Coug. Ch., $17 95; Rev. G. $20, 70 00 Lyman, $4,

21 95 Spring St. Ch., M. H. Newman, 25 00 Harrisville, Mon. con. coll.,

10 75 Sabbath School, No. 34, by Mr. Lester, 1 62 Rindge, Cong. Ch., $24 32; Young Men's Poughkeepsie, Pr. Ch., by A. Lathrop, 50 00 Benev. Soc., $10; Ladies' H.M.S., $2575, 60 07 Praltsburgh, Mrs. Martha Waldo, 3 25 Roxbury, Cong. Ch.,

12 38 Rensselaer ville, Miss Phebe Dayton, $5;

Sullivan, Cong. Ch., $30 ; Deac. S. Frost, Mrs. E.C. Crocker, $5, 10 00 $3,

33 00 Windham, Mrs. Mary Richards, by Rev.

Swanzy, Cong. Chi,

11 50 G. N. Judd,

10 00 Troy, Cong. Ch., $21 33; Ladies' Benev. NEW JERSEY

Soc., 85 23,

26 56 Newark, David Hayes, to const. Mrs.

Winchester, Cong. Ch.,

23 00 Esther H. Tichenor, Richmoud, Va., a

Epsom, Cong. Ch.,

17 50 50 00 Dover. Cong. Ch.,


Hillsborough Center, legacy of Mre. 8.

10 00 Washington City, Ladies' H. M. S., by Mrs. H. Goodrich, 80 00 Portsmouth, Cong. Ch.,


Epping, Cong. Ch.,

6 94 Friend, by Rev. Dr. Armstrong,

5 00 Concord, First Cong. Ch., $20 46 ; N. Bal. NORTH CAROLINA

Jard, $2,

22 46 Davidson's River, Rev. H. F. Taylor, 5 00 Brentwoud, Cong. Ch.,


Stratham, Cong. Cb.,

8 00 New Salem, Presb. Ch., by Rev. J. D.,

Ackworth, Cong.Ch., $30; Mrs. B. Duncan, Wilson, 1 00 $30,

60 00 OHIO

Bristol, Rev. D. O. Morton,

5 00 Alexandria, by Rev. A. Boutelle, 10 71 Concord, East, Mrs. Webster,

1 00 Cleaveland, Mrs Lucy Day, by Rev. G.

Meredith Villuge, Mrs. Sanborn,

2 00 N. Judd, 10 00 Moultonborough, Mrs. Dodge,

2 00 Coshocton, Presb. Ch., hy Rev. E. Buck.

Bethlehem, Coug. Ch.,

8 50 ingham, 7 00 Frauconia, Coug. Ch.,

12 50 Gustavus, E. Linsley, 1 00 Sandwich, Cong. Ch.,

12 00 Middlebury, Ch. and Cong., by R. Keot, 26 Ov Muson, Cong. Ch.,

13 85 New Baltimore, Rev. E. Garland, 1 00 Nashua, First Coug. Ch.,


Brookline, Cong. Ch.,

20 00 Napierville, Cong. Ch., by Rev. J. H.

Hancock, Cong. Cb.,

13 47 Þreptiss, 6 70 Sanboruton, Cong. Ch.,

16 84 Sycamore, First Cong. Ch., by Rev. D. I.

Pittsfield, Cong. Ch.,

26 65 Perry, 4 00 Greenlaud, Cong. Ch.,

5 00 Waynesville, Ch., by Rev. J. Porter, 5 00 Teniple, Cong. Ch., $1375; mon. con. coll., MICHIGAN

$8 74,

22 49 Bloomfield, Presb. Ch., by Rev. G. East

Mount Vernon,

35 50 mad,

3 03 Littleton, Cong. Ch., $8; Abijab Allen and Moaroe, Presb. Ch., by N. R. Haskell, 15 00 Wife, $4,

12 00 Southfield, Cong. Ch., by Rev. G. fast

Gilmauton, Mr. R. P. Lane,

5 00 man, 97 Londonderry, Presb. Ch.,

17 01 IOWA

Hollis, Legacy of Ralph W. Jewett,

1 50 Marion, W. B. Ewing, by Rev. W. C.

Hudson, a female friend,

50 Rankin, 1 00 Dalton,

1 50 Priend, left at the office,

20 00

Peterborough, Presb. Soc., Gent. Assoc.,
$5; Mrs. Davidson, $20,

25 00
75 Langdon, Mrs. H. Prentice, $5; Miss H.

6 00 J. CORNING, Treasurer,

8. Prentice, $1,
Center Harbor, Cong. Ch.,

12 57 Donations of Clothing, &c.

Deering, Miss E. Fisher, $30; Mrs. A. Fish-
er, $15,

45 00 Oakham, Mass., Ladies' Benev. Soc., a box. Candia, Cong. Ch.,

65 00 Malden, N. Y., Ladies, a box.

Windbam, Presb. Ch.,

22 60 Windham, N. 8., a box, $30.

Northanıplou, Cong. Cb.,

5 09 Stopington, Ct., Ladies, a box, $140.

Bedford, Rev. M. Savage,

5 00 West Hampton, Mass., Ladies, a box, $28.

Concord, Rev. B. P. Stone, $5; Mrs. B. P. Granby, Cl., Cong. Soc., a barrel, $35.

Stone, $5; Rev. D. J. Noyes, $5; Mrs. Litchfield, Ct., box.

Calhoun, $5,

20 00 Calais, Me., Ladies, a barrel, $60.

Boscawen, East, Abiel Gerrish,

30 00 Danbury, Cl., a box.

Hopkinton, Cong. Cb., $11 86; Rev. Mr.
Stratbam, N. H., a box.

Kimball, $5; Mrs. Mary Farrington, $3 ;
Mrs. E. Kelly, $1,

20 86 Receipts of the New Hampshire Missionary Society Exeter, First Cong. Ch.,

13 31 for the quarter ending Oct. 1st, 1813. Rev. B. Pembroke, Cong. Ch.,

10 32 P. Stone, Secretary.

Westmjoister, V., Rev. Mr. Arnold,

5 00 Salem, Mon. con. coll.,

5 00 Guildhall, Vt., Rev. F. P. Smith,

5 00 Whitefield,

16 34 1 00

Northwood, Cong. Ch., Dalton,

30 00

Hanover, East, Rev. John M. Ellis,
Coos, Conference of churches,

Rye, Coog.Ch., $12 80; Mrs. Martha Page,

18 80 New Market,

50 00 Grafton Co., conference of churches,

Derry, Presb. Soc.,

25 50 Dublin,

10 00 13 12

Northampton, Mrs. Abigail Leavitt, Filzwilliam,

14 25 Hempstead, Cong. Ch.,

25 39 Gilsum, 13 79 Raymond, Cong. Ch.,

5 02

2 00 4 50 9 47

Vhe Treasurer of the Massachusetts Missionary | North Marshfield, Rev. Mr. Tappau's Soc., 720 Society acknowledges the receipt of the following Westford, Fem. Char. Soc.,

18 26 Skins, from June 1st to October 1st, 1843.

Newton, East Parish, Ladies' Miss. Soc., 23 OU
Dunstable, iwo Ladies, by W. Duon,

15 00 Millbury, 24 Cong. Cho 16 20 Marlborough, Rev. Mr. Day's Soc.,

20 25 Lincoln, Rev. Mr. Newhall's Society, 8 25 Lowell, Miss Esther Church,

5 00 Sutton, Cong. Ch. and Society, 87 25 Newburyport, Ladies,

30 00 Southborough, Ladies' Dom. Miss. Soc., 32 10 Bradford, Rev. Mr. Munroe's Soc.,

76 00 Nortls Andover, Rev. Mr. Page's Soc., 30 00 Wrentham, M. Everett, Esq.,

5 00 Plymouth, Robinson Ch. and Soc.,

14 00 Norfolk, Conference, Dr. E. Alden, Treas., 115 16 Reading, Young Ladies' Circle of Industry,

West Newbury, Rev. Mr. Edgell's Soc., 26 70 $13 55; two individuals, $2, 15 55 Athol, Rev. Mr. Chapman's Soc.,

10 00 Nedway, Mou. con. coll., Rev. Dr. Ide's

Boxford, Rev. Mr. Coggins' Soc.,

13 00 Soc.,

19 00 Worcester, legacy of Lorenzo Gilbert, Brookfield Assoc., Rev. W. A. Nichols, Tr., 82 00

Westboro, Sab, School Evau. Soc.,

6 70 Dudley, Cong. Ch. and Soc.,

19 30
Boston, a Lady, by Rev. Dr. Jenks,

5 10 Yarmouth, Rev. Mr. Chase': Soc.,

15 68 Randolph, Rev. Dr. Hitchcock's Soc., 45 24 Templeton, Ladies' Char. Reading Soc.,

Tewkesbury, Rev. Mr. Coggins' Soc., 66 49 $20 ; mon. con. coll., $35,

55 00 Beverly, Ren Mr. Fool's Soc., $14 61; Greenwich, Ladies' Dorcas Soc., 42 00 Augustus P. Chamberlain, $30,

44 61 North Falmouth, Cong. Soc.,

29 00 Plympton, Lucy Dexter, $10; Joseph Hop. Centerville, Rev. Mr. Bacon's Soc.,

17 50
kins, $2; Friend, $1,

13 00 Natick. Rev. Mr. Hunt's Soc.,

39 49 East Medway, Rev. Mr. Harding's Soc., 28 80 South Dartmouth, Ladies' Cent. Soc.,

10 00 South Middleboro, Rev. Mr. Colby's Soc., 4 50 Mansfield, Rev. Mr. Blake's Soc., 15 26 Bridgewater, Fem. Benev. Soc.,

6 90 A friend in Massachusetts,

300 00 North Chelmsford, Rev. Mr. Clark's Soc., 50 00 Ashby, Ladies' Association,

30 50 Salem, Benev. Assoc., Crombie St. Ch., 50 00 14 48

Howard St. Ch., Franklin, Rev. Mr. Sonthworth's Soc.,

11 00 Dana, Rev. Mr. Houghton's Soc., 8 70 Ipswich, Rev. Mr. Fits' Soc.,

92 90 Chilmark, Rev. L. A. Spofford, $1; Deac.

Salem, Conference of Churches, 862 60; I. Allen, $1, 2 00 Legacy of Lydia Thurlow, $100,

162 60 Woburn, Coll. in Sab. School, $10; Fem.

Manchester, Contribution,

56 30 Char. Read. Soc., $10,

2000 Beverly, Dave St. Ch., Ladies, $26 35; Holliston, legacy of Mrs. Betsey A. Burnap, 30 00 Friend, $8 50,

34 75 Millbury, 1st Cong. Ch. and Soc., 65 46 Gloucester, West Parish,

8 71 West Dracut, Rev. Mr. Merrill's Soc., 1143 Topsfield, Cong. Ch. and Soco

40 00 Sandwich, a friend,

3 00 Ipswich, a Lady, by Rev. Dr. Dana,

6 00 Brimfield, First Religious Society,

11 30 Receipts of the Western Agency et Genera, N. Y., Wareham, Rev. Mr. Nott's Soc.,

15 02

from September 1st to October 1st, 1843. Rev. J. Belchertown, Mrs. O. Bridgeman,

2 00

4. Murray, Secretary. Hadley, Teachers in Mount Holyoke Semi

Albion, R. Clark, L. M., in part, $20 ; V. V. nary, $127; pupils, $152,

279 00 Bullock, $20 82; T. c. Fapping, $10; Bedford, Fem. Chur. Soc., Rev. Mr. Emery's

Alexis Ward, $10; Rev. Mr. M.Harg, in Soc.,

24 50 part to const. Wm. M*Harg, of Albany, a Rntland, Rev. Mr. Clark's Soc., 67 50 L.M., $20; P. Dyer, $5,

85 East Cambridge, Ladies' Sew. Circle, 4 53 Benpington,

4 00 Newton, East, Parish, mon. con. coll., 29 57 Capdor,

5 12 Hubbardstou, Rev. Mr. Bidwell's Soc., 23 50 Centerville,

4 75 Medford, Rev. Mr. Baker's Soc., 56 45 Clyde,

2 00 Andover, Members of Phillips' Academy, 30 Ou Colden,

7 00 Wayland, Nirs. M. T. Bigelow, 30 00 Howard,

9 00 Canton, Evan. Soc.,

18 00 Ithaca, in part of legacy of the late Immap. Ipswich, Misses M. & L. C. Lord,

30 00 vel WiHiams, by S. B. Williams, Esq., 125 00 Newburyport, Capt. Robert Bailey, $20 ;

Lakeville, box, valued at $16; Cash,

6 25 Rev. Mr. Dimmick's Soc., $100, 120 00 Le Roy,

6 57 Medfield, legacy of A. Woodward, Esq.,

Ogden, Gent., in part, $30 69; Ladies' H. in part, 100 00 M. S., $35 12,

65 81 Methuen, Mr. Henry Spencer, 4 00 Ovid,

16 00 Cambridge, mon. con. coll., in Rev. Mr.

Parma and Greece Ch., $5; Ladies' Sew. Albro's Soc., 28 44 Circle, $2,

7 00 Princeton, Rev. Mr. Harding's Soc., 33 00 Pittsford, S. Lusk, $5; others, $5 27, 10 27 Brook tield Assoc., Rev. W. A. Nichols, Tr., 183 50 Prultsburgh,

13 50 Boston, a friend, by T. P. Tenny,

150 00 Rochester, First Pr. Ch., Erastus Cook, Charlestown, First Parish, coll.,

65 44 L. D., in full, $50; A. Gardner, L. M., Millbury, Jonathan Grout,

1 00

$50; Frederick Starr, 10 const. his son, Roxbury, Spring St. Ch.,

30 00 Frederick Starr, Jr., a L. M., $50 ; Rev. Quincy, Evau. Soc., Ladios,

9 30

Chester Dewey, in full to const. bis Framingham, Hollis Evaugelical Soc., 78 13 daughter, Sophia L. Dewey, a L. M., $15; Natick, First Coug. Soc., $37 50; legacy of

Rev. T. Edwards, to const. Mrs. C. H. Miss Rebecca Marshall, $50,

87 50 Edwards, a L. M., $30; Ebenezer Ely, Brighton, Rev. Mr. Adams' Soc.,

143 00 in full to cousl. Sheldon M. Ely, of RipHaverhill, Rev. Mr. Lawrence's Soc., 100 00 ley, a L.M., $25; others, in part, $51 66, 271 66 Newbury, Ladies' H. M. Soc., Bellville

Brick Church., Wm. Alling, $100 31; H. parish,

60 82

Lyon, $15; Mrs. Jacob M. Schermer. Amesbury, Legacy of Moses Richards, 300 00 horo, $25,

140 31 Essex, North, Aux. Soc., S. Currier, Treas., 650 00 Skeneateles, 2 boxes. $60; Cash,

1 00 Boston, S. Blokford, dec., by his mother, 8 50 Viepna, 1st Pr. Cb., by Mr. Griffith,

20 37 South Weymouth, Rev. Mr. Lewis' Soc.,


525 Ladies,

34 23 Malden, Ladies' Benev. Soc., 17 00

$808 68

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