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scended upon the mountains of Zion,” | visit, their joysul countenances, as well or like the rain that " comes down on as their lips and actions, bade me wel. meadows newly mown;" it seemed to come. Happy souls, they had just fall on all parts of the field at one and emerged from darkness into “marrel. the same time. Evidently the all-per- lous light?". About eight days before, vading Spirit of God was at work. No the wile yielded to the Savior's claims. travelling evangelist, or

evangelist, or protracted The husband soon followed. The family meeting, was instrumental in producing altar was immediately erected, on which, the excitement, though both have done, I trust, “ the sacrifice of broken hearts and will yet do much, we believe, for and contrite spirits," has been ever Christ's cause. To the glory of God since regularly offered morning and we record it, the blessing fell on evening. In my first visit we read the us like the manna in the camp of scriptures, talked much of the Savior, Israel. Every part of my field became sung a hymn, and prayed together. At at once an important point. The in- our communion in June, held in a barn, quiry was general—" What must we they, and 19 others, openly confessed do to be saved ?" To present the truth Christ before men. so as to lead souls to Christ was the Since the revival commenced our great object. Preaching on the Sabbath; prayer meetings are better atiended, and lecturing at different places some even. an additional one commenced. Two new ings in the week ; bolding occasional Sabbath schools bave been organized, inquiry meetings for the serious, and and that in K. has been sustained. In visiting from house to house, constituted 1842 a young lady commenced attend. the principal means used. The 19th ing that school with no knowledge of of March, 16th of April, and 11th of the English language, not even of the Juve, were our communion Sabbaths. alphabet. She was then without hope Fifty-three on these occasions joined in Christ. She has learned to read the the church-10 by certificate. Twenty Testament with considerable facility, were males, andtourteen heads of fa- and what is incomparably more valuamilies. At our communion the Lord ble, she is hopefully a “ new creature" was present, and they were precious in Christ, and a member of the church.

About five years ago a young The Sabbath school instruction was inintelligent couple removed from the strumental of both these results. Her State of New York, and settled in a re. German education is good. Three other mote corner of this field. Here they scholars, and three teachers in that were inconveniently situated in respect | school, have obtained hope and joined of religious privileges, and seldom went the church this year. to the house of God. They heard but tery few erangelical sermons in four years, and for inany months immediately preceding last March they had heard none at all

. But the “ Lord was found From Rev. C. A. Hoyt, Wilmington, of them that sought him not.” His

Clinton Co. Spirit visited them in their secluded retreat, and opened, softened, and sub- I have preached alternately at Wil. dued their hearts to the obedience of mington and Bethel on the Sabbath, and faith. There, alone, they were awaken- occasionally Sabbath afternoon, or dued and led to Christ. They talked, and ring the week, at Sabina, Port William, prayed, and repented together. No Harveysburg, Clarksville, and a few Christian pilgrim bad visited them to other places. The people seem anxious guide their souls to the Savior. No to hear, but we have received to our ininister had come to break to them the communion only five on examination, bread of life; and yet they found the and four on certificate. Of the five, Lord of life and glory. It was my pri-wo, a mother and son, had been devilege to be the first minister to enter prived of the regular ministrations of their dwelling. I went alone, though the Gospel for fourteen years. Of the an ulter stranger.

When I made other three, one was a husband whose known my name, and the object of my wife had long been waiting for the sal


vation of God, and whose heart is now other than the house of God, and the so full of joy that the earth seems to her very gate of Heaven. We have reason almost a paradise. I have frequently to be thankful for what we have expebeen called to visit the sick and afficted, rienced of the Lord's presence; and I but have nothing very special to com- hope and pray that he will continue his municate on this subject, except the kindness to us until we shall see a gehopeful conversion of a young man on neral awakening among careless sinhis death bed. His last words were, ners. “I shall rest in Heaven to-night.” If There are a few English in the imthe friends of Home Missions could mediate neighborhood where I live, and have seen the aged and pious grand- they earnestly requested me to preach mother, as she grasped my hand, and for them some part of my time. I have spoke by silence and tears what words complied with their request, and procould not express; or could they have mised to preach for them once every seen the unutterable interest with which four weeks; but this will not be althe dying young man caught every syl- lowed to abridge my labors among my lable which fell from my lips; or wit- own people. nessed the calm confidence and holy joy with which he repeated, “ I shall rest in Heaven to-night,” they could not regret the sacrifices they have made in Attention of the awakened diverted such a cause. Another young man

by controversy. lately died in hope. A short time before his death he said to his father, who was During the last winter the church very much addicted to profanity, “ Fa- was revived, brethren at variance were ther! I cannot die happy until you pro- reconciled, and difficulties of years' mise me that you will never swear standing were removed. Soleminity again." We have recently established seemed extensively to prevail; and it apa Bible class in Wilmington. We have peared as if the windows of heaven were one regularly organized Sabbath school, about to be opened, and the Holy Spirit 30 scholars and 6 teachers, and our poured out upon us. Just at this time a members assist in several others. We debate was entered into between two have one weekly prayer-meeting in neighboring ministers with a Univer. Wilmington, and one every other week salist minister. The result, as feared at Bethel. The cause of temperance by our church, was disastrous. Almost is on the advance. I am the only Pres- all the impenitent flocked to the place byterian minister in Clinton Co., and of excited, angry controversy. Although feel greatly the need of your counsel our church seemed to be revived and and your prayers.

blessed, but few sinners gave evidence of a change of heart. As the result, only four have united with us.

A church trying to help itself. Priva. From Rev. M. M. Jones, Welch Church,

tion. al Radnor, O.

Our new house of worship was dedi. For the last two months, it has been cated to the service of Jehovah last a very interesting time among us. The June. The occasion was of course one Lord has manifested his gracious pre- of great interest to this church. The sence, and the power of his grace in people struggled very unitedly and harreviving his professed followers. There moniously in the effort to build the is a deep and interesting state of feel- house. Though this required a great ing among us. Some time ago we ap- effort, our church have commenced pointed a prayer meeting for the express building a parsonage. They would not purpose of praying for an outpouring have commenced this undertaking at of the Spirit upon us : and we can truly present, if there had been a suitable say, that it was not in vain. The Lord house, or part of a house, for us to ochas verified his Many can say cupy. Although we are occupying the that the place where we met was none , &c., I cannot but feel that the Lord has back part of an old house, I could not used my feeble services for good. find it in my heart to complain, especially while our people were making so Yes, out of the tears and toils of the misgreat aneffort in their feebleness to build sionary, in his poverty and obscurity, there a commodious meeting-house. When I comes forth a blessing above all price. Those first made a move for building a new fertile regions will soon flow with milk and church, some said, Let us first build a honey, and be crowded with people, who will house for our minister. But I said, enjoy the advantage of well-established reliNo; for I was desirous that our growing congregation should be accommodated gious institutions; but how little can they with a house sufficiently large and con.

know what those privileges cost, what a forevenient. I felt willing io submit to the going of personal ease and intellectual ennecessary privations, that this people joyment, what hard work of body and mind, might build a house for the Lord. As what months and years of conflict and anxie. the effort will be so great for this peo- ty, to lay the foundations of their social and ple now to build a parsonage, I have de moral privileges! ducted seventy-five dollars from my salary for the coming year.

We continue our Sabbath school

during the winter, and it is flourishing. The salary in this case is only two hundred I have myself the charge of a class of and fifty dollars, including seventy-five from young men, and have visited all our conthe Home Missionary Society.

gregation during the year. During this period, I think, the various errors of this

region have not made much advance, As I feel that I am in the path of duty, except that of Universalism. The UniI trust the Lord will in some way pro- | versalists were greatly strengthened as vide. This kind people will not let us the result of the debate above referred suffer for the necessaries to eat and to. I intend, as soon as I can, to prodrink. Ought we to retrench our other cure some of the late works on that expenses, so as to live within our in- error. I do not intend to prepare myself come? I know not where to begin. I for a controversialist, but I feel it to be cannot retrench in my periodicals, for I important for all who are set for the de. have subscribed but for one. I canno: lence of the truth in this region, to be stop, adding to my scanty library, for I thoroughly furnished, to be prepared to am doing nothing at present for recruit meet every variety of error on all suitaing it. We cannot retrench in our ble occasions. clothing expenses, for we have purchased but a few articles of dress since we have been here. My first new coat for six or seven years was purchased

Plenty of Preachers, last spring. I do not suggest these as causes for being discouraged or dis- Our hearts are deeply pained, sometimes, heartened, for I believe we are in the to hear a person who has travelled as fast as path which Providence has marked out steam and stage can carry him, over six or eight for us, and if so, the Lord will provide. of the western states, in as many weeks, confiTrue, I do have seasons of feeling almost dently affirm, that the accountof the destitution disheartened, but not on account of my of ministers at the West is exaggerated. " He temporal wants, but because I seem to has been on the ground, and he knows that be so little usefu). Yet, when I look back four years to the time when I com- there are so many preachers there already, menced labors here, and contrast our that every little town has several, who, with present congregation with the one which their respective followers, are struggling for we then had, and look upon this church the pre-eminence, &c." Statements of this one-third larger than then, and look kind are often made, and almost always misupon our new Sabbath school library lead, because there is just enough of truth in and christian library in the congrega-them to make them influential; and yet not tion, and our new house of worship, enough to leave a just impression. It would be invidious for us to make a discrimination || ministers, to hold doctrinal protracted among preachers-characterizing some as meetings. useless, or worse than none--and in the columns of the Home Missionary this is seldom done. And yet, in justice to the ministers

MICHIGAN. whose correspondence forms the basis of our appeals for laborers, we are bound to state,

The new Missionaries to Michigan. that there are swarms of preachers in the West, whose presence and labors there do not veral have been stationed in the more desti

Among the laborers recently sent out, sediminish, but rather increase the necessity tute parts of Michigan. Of their arrival, and for intelligent, evangelical labor. Could they their promise of usefulness, an older missionabe personally known, and their influence appreciated by those churches which act ry uses the following language : through the A. H. M. S., we should need to

I cannot close this communication bring no other proof of the hapless condition without adverting to the very delightful of any region, than that such ministers are fact of the arrival of your missionaries, there. Their very zeal, crude and misguided destined for this district. It encourages as it is, augments the difficulty of doing good the hearts of the ministers not only, but on the soil which has been sowed with their all who love the interests of our Žion. tares or burnt over by their wild fire.

As is common with people from the Were it expedient, we could give from our East, they have suffered some by the correspondence some affecting illustrations climate, but have nearly or wholly reof this truth. But we will only ask our covered. They have been able, how. readers to imagine themselves in the situation ever, to give such exhibitions of of the writer of the following report, and their talents and piety as greatly to injudge of his claim to their sympathy and terest those who have seen and heard

them. They are now all employed in prayers.

promising fields of usefulness regardless

of discouragements. The last quarter has been a term of much labor and unusual anxiety, and struggling in spirit, for the welfare of From a Missionary employed to Visit Zion in this region. Clouds and dark

feeble Churches. ness hang over us and obscure our way. One year ago, there was an unusual Looking for the stayed. excitement in this region, on the subject of religion ;, but the course it would I have been so constantly occupied take was then uncertain. It is now that I have not bad time or opportunity developed. The


to write. I have travelled about a 1900 preachers urged men into their societies miles,and preached to average four times by hundreds and thousands. A reac- a week. I have visited after the ex. tion is now taking place—not more than ample of Paul, from house to house, one in thirly of them are indulging hope, searching out professors who have, in while the others are hardened more than some instances for years, been wanderbefore, and many of them are, seemingly, ing as sheep without a shepherd. The abandoned. None of them are bene- story of their privations is often heartfitted now, by any presentation of truth. affecting. One deacon said that there The doctrines of Grace, as taught by were four in his family members of the the Reformers and the New-England church, but they had not had the opporchurches, are not understood in this tunity of attending a season of commuregion, except by a very small number, nion for six years. Many others are and if they are presented, the cry of placed in a similar condition. Calvinism is enough to leave such a I have visited the sick and dying, ininister to preach to bare walls and and endeavored to iinpart such instrucempty seats.

tion as their circumstances demanded, An attempt is now being made, by and offer the last prayer that could the Presbyterian and Congregational be offered for their soul's salvation. Se. veral times I have been called to attend night, and on Sabbath organized a funerals, and to preach the Gospel over church of 10 members. Others will the remains of the dead.

soon join them. It was a day long an. My plan has been to visit a destitute' ticipated, long prayed for by those church. I search out its members, pro- Christians. Many tears were shed as posing such questions as the following: the memorials of a Savior's body and Do you live in the enjoyment of religon? blood were distributed. That evening Are you faithful in your attendance on a deep solemnity pervaded the congremeetings? Do you pray in secret ? (if gation. But the people came so far the head of a family.) Do you pray in that they could not go home at night, your family? On the whole, are you and consequently we could not continue making progress in the road to heaven? the meeting. Some of my visits will not soon be sor. At the close of the exercises Friday gotten. 09 there is something in the evening, several tarried. A season of pastoral visit that makes a deep and prayer was held. I retired to rest quite permanent impression upon immortal worn down in consequence of the labors souls. I have attended several seasons of the day. I bad but just closed my of communion, some of which were eyes to sleep when I was awakened deeply interesting and affecting. by the father, who, with a trembling

On one day I rode 22 miles, visiting voice, said his daughter had just come from house to house. On the succeed into the house, from which she bad been ing Sabbath I preached to an attentive absent a little time, and made an humble congregation, and made another ap- confession to her parents, saying she pointment to organize a church in two had found the Savior. I could over-hear weeks. I went to the place the Thursday the daughter exclaim in the ardor of her previous to my appointment, and found soul, So, what a Savior I have found ! the people collected together for a meet- How precious Christ is to me !" Hours ing. Such confessions as were made passed away before the parents and I seldom hear. Among those present daughter retired. There was joy on was one who had studied for the minis-earth, but in truth greater joy in try, and graduated at one of our col. heaven. leges, and been assisted by the A. E. Last Sabbath evening I closed a deepSociety. He had long and shamefully ly interesting meeting. I preached 15 neglected duty, but he now felt it to sermons in eigbt days, and visited 30 the bottom of his heart. He had left families. God was there by his Spirit. the employment which was once dear The last evening was full of power. to him, and plunged into the world; Several persons were almost overbut his confessions were frank, and his whelmed with a sense of their condirepentance apparently deep. I felt ittion. Three or four gave evidence of good to be there. I preached day and" a change of heart.


MISSIONARY REMINISCENSES. waters," the Illinois and other western

streams, were just beginning to find reDoing good by the way. lief from the imprisonment to which

stern winter had subjected them for an In the spring of 18— the snow, unusual length of time; and as they which for some time was seen mantling bore, upon their surface, immense quanthe prairies, had wasted under the tities of broken ice, they seemed to roll softening influence of a southern wind, on with a hasty and exulting flow, as if that for days, with its deep and strong not only joyful at emancipation, but concurrent, had been setting

up the valley scious that they carried their captor capof the Mississippi. “The father of tive. The prairies were just beginning to

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