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camp-meeting, and another such place of con- || churches who shall make report to the Home fusion and all sorts of noise, I think cannot be Missionary Society, that they have erected found in this world.

log houses of worship after the plan proposed

in your number for December. These libraNo education.

ries contain about eighty volumes each, and I found but few schools in this county, and will answer, whenever improved, as the foulmany of the people opposed to educated minis-dation of a good library for a new church and ters. The remark was made to me frequent.

congregation. ly, that they wanted heart religion, and they

Floping that much good may be effected by did not believe that a man that had an educa- the plan for building cheap and handsome tion could have as much religion as one that

houses of worship, had no education. In the latter case it came

I am yours, respectfully, from the heart-in the former from the head.


(For the Home Missionary.) LOG CHURCHES.

To Pastors and Missionaries at the

West. Five Sunday School Libraries offered.

Dear Brethren-Many of the churches and To the Secretaries of the A. H. M. S.- Sabbath-schools at the East, are evidently

Some person has sent me a few numbers feeling a very deep and increasing concern of the Home Missionary; and among them in regard to the moral and religious welfare that for December, 1843. In that number, of that portion of our common country, where you give a plan for the erection of cheap your lot, in the Providence of God, has been places of Worship, calculated for the new cast. They seem to be looking with special settlements of our country. In this plan you interest and hope upon your department of combine utility, economy, and beauty. I am labor in its behalf. And their concern in relsmuch pleased with it, and for two reasons ; tion to this matter, is not exhibited merely in one, that those who pursue the plan may act feelings; but also in their greater efforts both independently, and have a house of their own, to augment the number of your sellow-labor. without running in debt for its erection ; anders in the field, and to furnish the means of a second reason is, that it will put a stop in a increasing your own influence and usefal. great measure, to the system of begging mo. ney for building churches, which has been so Through the medium of the Mass. S. S. prevalent for a few years past. These fre- Society alone, these churches and schools quent calls have become very burdensome. have, since the last spring, sent out more than An agent called on me a short time since, one hundred and sixty libraries, to aid you in from lowa, and wanted money to build a establishing and sustaining Sabbath Schools moeting-house. I asked him how many fami- these helps" in the ministerial work. Their lies belonged to his congregation ; his reply growing interest in this enterprize, is maniwas, “ sir.” Hardly worth while, it appeared fested by their increasing contributions. The to me, to come all the way from lowa to beg present month we shall despatch to some porfor a church, when the whole congregation tion of your field, $100 or $500 worth of might meet comfortably in any of their log books; and we expect by the opening spring, houses. In another instance, an agent had to have received the means of sending to you the assurance to ask the public for forty thou- a much larger amount. And within the presand dollars to build a church in N. This sent year-should your applications seem to request was diciaied by sheer pride, and demand it, and should the churches and ought never to be encouraged.


schools meet our hopes—we shall forward to In order to encourage some of the feeble your aid not less than $4,000 or $5,000 worth congregations at the West, I send you five more. Sabbath-school libraries, to be given to the The object of this communication is, to sog. first five Congregational or Presbyterian gest to all those pastors and missionaries who

need libraries-either in sustaining schools titled, The Reading of the Bible," both of already existing, or in establishing new ones which ought to be in the library of every Sabwhere they, or members of their respective bath school in the land, that is exposed to the churches, can have the oversight of them, influence of the" Man of Sin.” should send to us their applications as early as

Yours, respectfully, may be. These applications should be as full

A. BULLARD, and definite as possible, so that our committee

Secretary Mass. S. S. Socioty. for disbursing funds for this objeet may be ablo Boston, Feb. 5, 1814. to judge, and decide correctly respecting them. No one, we presume, will apply for libraries, excepting those who are unable to oblain the means of purchasing them.

Applicants for S. S. Books. Among the publications of the Society, Missionaries desirous to avail themselves there are several volumes on Church History, of the offer of the Am. S. S. Union, or Mass. whose influence at the West, in reference to S. S. Society, to furnish Sabbath-school Romanism, we learn is very happy. We have libraries, are reminded, that their requests, also recently published a book, from the pen of with full and specific information, should be Dr. Pond, of the Theological Seminary, Ban- forwarded directly to the officers of those gor, Me., entitled, “No Fellmship with Ro Societies, and not to the Secretaries of the manism," and also an interesting volume, eu-. A. H. M. S.

Notice to the Missionaries of the A. II. M. S.

But you

Dear Brother-By the terms of your commission, it will be recollected, a Statistical Report is to be forwarded to the Society by the first of April. The data supplied by such Reports are indispensable for making out a full exhibition to the public of the doings of the Society for the year. We, therefore, make early and earnest request, that you will furnish the following list of particulars, in a special communication, by mail, as early as the FIRST DAY OF APRIL NEXT.

If by the terms of your commission, a quarterly Report is due from you to this office at that time, you can, of coursc, forward that on the same sheet. are requested, on no account, to delay your statistical Report after April 1st.

1. Name of the Church, with the township, county, and State ; and also the post-office address of the missionary.

2. Number of hopeful conversions.*
3. Number added to the Church by profession.*
4. Number added to the Church by letter.*
5. Number of Sabbath-school and Bible-class Scholars.
6. Number of Volumes in S. S. Library.
7. Number of Temperance Subscribers.
8. Number of Churches organized during the year.
9. Contributions to benevolent objects, such as

Home Miss. $
For. Miss. $
Bib. Soc.

&c. &c.

To be reckoned from April to April, if you have been in commission the whole year ; if pot, for the portion of the year, between these dates which your commission covers.

10. Other interesting facts, such as the erection and completion of church edifices, number of young men preparing for the ministry, Monthly Concerts, &c.

Affectionately, yours,


CHARLES HALL, Secretaries of the A. H. M. S.

Appointments by the Executive Committee of the A. H. M. S. from Jan. 1st to Feb. Ist, 1844. Rc-appointed.

Rev. Samuel Newbury, Allegan, Mich. Rev. R. E. Wilson, Haminondsport, N. Y.

Rev. E. J. Boyd, Brooklyn, Mich. Rev. L. Leonard, Portageville, N. Y.

Rev. Noah Cressy, Pinckney and Unadilla, Mich. Rev. Edmund Jugalls, Colden, N.Y.

Rev. L. Bridgeman, Lisbon, &c., Wis. Rev. Royal West, Fairpori, Perrinton, N. Y.

Rev. S. Chafee, Caldwell's, Prairie, &c.
Rey. Nathaniel Sumner, Davenport, N. Y.

Rev. C. E. Rosenkraus, Troy. Wis.
Rev. F.B. Reed, Westville, aud Moira, N, Y. Rev. L. Rogers, llebron and Montelona, III.
Rev. Sherman lloyt, Pleasant Pluias, N. Y.

Rev. Daniel Jones, Keokuk, lowa.
Rev. B. 0. Springer, Addison, 0.

Rev. Oliver Emerson, Clinton Co., &c.
Rev. B. Woodbury, Plaiu, Waterville, &c., 0.

Not in commission last year.
Rev. C. C, Cadwell, Little Fort, II.
Rev. George Gemmel, Byron, Ill.

Rev. Thomas Riggs, West Mendon, N. Y.
Rev. Elipi. Parker, Bristol, Mich.

Rev. Calvin Gray, East Aurora and S. Wales, N. Y. Rev. Chas. Kellogg, Richmond, Mich.

Rev, llequembourg, Dunkirk, N. Y.
Rev. L. S. Hobart, Chiog City, Mich.

Rev. George W. Seaman, Big Flats, N. Y.
Rev. 0. P. Clinton, Azialan and Atkinson, Wis. Rev. S. A. Rawson, Eden, N. Y.
Rev. Jannes A. Clark, Fort Badisou, iowa.

Rev. A. S. Kedzie, Hobart, N. Y.
Rev. J. F. Adams, Pitcher, N, Y.

1 Rev. J. B. Stoddard, Yorktown, N. Y. Rev. A. P. Bebee, Oriskany, N. Y.

1 Rev. John Krach, Evan, Luth. Ch., Madison, Ind. Rev. C. P. Bush, 10:h Church, N. Y. City.

Rev. Abraham Peck, do. do. Cinciapati, U. Rev. T. W. Howe, South Fork, 0.

Rev. S. Danvins, Bazetta, O. Rev. C. G. Selleck, Waverly. Ui.

Rev. D. II. Kingsley, Poinpey Center, N. Y. Rov. Janies Ballard, Grand kopids, Mich.

1. Rev. Thomas Anderson, Huntington, loud


The Treasurer of the American Home Missionary Society acknowledges the receipt of the

following sums, from Jan. Isi lo Feb. 1st, 1814. NEW-HAMPSHIRE

Enfield, Lad. Sew. Soc., h5 N. P. Pearce, 10 60 Antrim, Gent. Aszoc., $2; Ladies' As

Farmington, from the estate of Rev. E.
soc., $3 10, by Rev.B. P. Stone,
5 10 Gleason,

50 00 Hollis, Cong. Ch., in full to cunst. Rev.

Hartford, James W. Bunce, L. D. ia
James Aikin, and Dea. Isaac Farley

full, $75; Henry A. Wells, L. M., by
Life Members of the N. H. II. M. S. 15 00

C. Hosmer, $30,

105 10 Lancaster, Rev. D. Perry,

10 00 Lebanon, H. M. S., by Rev. J.C. Nichols, Saabornton Bridge, Cong. Ch.

2 00 Middletown, First Ch., Mon. Con. Col. VERMONT

$1269; Friend, by H. S. Ward,
$37 31,

100 00 Middlebury, Prof. Twining, $10; Prof. Stoddard, $10,

New Britain, First Con. Ch., to const.
20 00
Rev. C. S. Lyınan, L. M.,


New Fairfield Cong. Ch. and Soc. to Missionary Society, by J. Punchard,

const. Rev. Daniel C. Perry a L. M., $200 ; by B. Perkins, $2000,

2200 00
by S. Barnum,

30 00 Andover, South Parish, by Rev. J. L.

New Haven, Centre Ch. Sab. Sch., to Taylor,

32 06

const. Mrs. Leonard Bacon a L. M., Dorchester, legacy of the late John

$39 24; Ch. and Cong., of which $30 A. Chanuberlaiu, by J. Viotop, Ex'r. 2000 00

is from Thaddeus Sherman, L, M., Granby, Cong. Soc., by Rev. J. Bates,

$314 25,

333 49 $184; W. Belcher, $12; Benoni Pres.

North Woodstock, Village Corners, ton, $10; Andrew White, 10,

216 00

Coug. Cb. and Soc., by Rev. D. C. South Reading, Burrago Yale, L. D. in


40 00 full,

50 00

Norwich, a Friend, to const. Mrs. Har. South Weymouth, Elizabeth T. Lund, 10 00

riet M. Learned, L. M.,


Simsbury, B. Ely, $1 50; H. Ely, $1; Providence Benef. Cong. Ch., by B.

Friend, $1,

3 50 Dyer,

448 29 Stonington, Lad. Aux., by Miss L. A. Providence Richmond St. Ch., by D.

Sheffield, $20 ; a Friend, to coust. Mrs. Androws, 52 00 Maria Sinith a L. M., $30,


Westminster Ch. and Soc., by Rev. G. J. Bloomfield, E. B. Goodwin, by B. Ely, 2 50 Tillotson,

29 00

West Woodstock Lad. Benev. Soc., Mrs.

Danville, by Rev. E. Kingsbury,

3 00 Mary Ann Smith, Treas., by I. F. Wil

Galesburgh, a Friend, by Rev. M. liams,

8 00


Gap Grove and Elkhorn, by Rev. L. C. Brooklyn, 1st Presb. Ch., J. N. Judson,': 10 00 Gilbert,

5 64 20 Presb. Ch., Lad. Benev. Hebron, by Rev. E.G. Howe,

2 37 Soc., Mrs. Eliza R. Steele, Treas., 100 00 Knoxville, Miss Charevoy, by Rev. M. Rev. W. H. Bidwell, $50; Mrs. Mary


1 00 Baylis, $1, 51 00 Peru, by Rev. N. Hicks,

5 51 Catskill, S. 8. Day, in full to const. Mrs.

Quincy, Cong. Ch., by Rev. T. Baldwin, 12 50 Cornelia S. Day a L. M., 15 00 Rochester, by Rev.S. G. Wright,

10 00 East Hebron, Benev. Soc., by Rev. P.

Washington, by Rev. W. Andrews, 5 80 Bailey,

25 00

Waverly, Cong. Ch., by Rev. C. G. Fort Ann, Coog. Ch., by Rev. P. Bar


12 25 bour,

12 00 MICHIGANLumberland and Barryville, by Rev. F.

Brooklyn, Presb. Ch., by Rev. E. J.

6 06

15 00 Moira, by Rev. F. B. Reed,

5 00
Flint, by Rev. P. S. Van Nest,

14 34 New York City, viz:

Monroe, First Presb. Ch., by N. R. HasAllen St. Presb. Ch., Ladies, for

kol, $3; Ladies, by Mrs. W. H. Boyd, freight, 84, bal. on subscription, $14, 18 00


123 00 Bleecker St. Ch., Dr. James C. Bliss,

IOWA to const. Mrs. Martha Bliss a L. M., 30 00

Du Buque, Presb. Ch., by Rev. J. C. Brainard Ch., Gent. $199 51; Ladies,


15 50 $38,

237 51
Yellow Springs, by Rev. S. Payue,

4 70 Eleventh Presb. Ch., by E. B. Littell,

45 15

50 00 Mercer St. Ch., A. Averill,

25 00 Pearl St. Ch., a Lady, to const. Mrs.

$7003 28 C. H. Reed a L. M., $30; Coll., by

J. CORNING, Treasurer. R. Aikin, $54 87,

84 87 Sirth St. Ch., J. R. M'Comb, to const.

Donations of clothing, &c.
Mrs. Mary Lindeley, Green River,
N. J., a L. M.,

New-York, Allen St. Presb. Ch., a box, 70 00

30 00 Spring St. Ch., by S. Stiles,

5 62 L. B. Ward, $50; Mrs. C. Willett, to

Receipts of the Central Agency at Utica, N. Y., const. her son, Marinus Willett, a L.

from Nov. 20, 1843, to Jan. 4, 1844. Rev. A. M., $30; Friend, $10; Rev. J. H.

Crane, Secretary.
Agnew, $5; Samuel Walker, $5, 100 00 Augusta, by J. J. Knox,

32 16 Plattsburgh, Mrs. Ames, by M. Myers, 2 00 Camden,

29 54 Westville, by Rev. F.B. Reed, 2 25 Cherry Valley, by D. H. Littlo, Esq.,

26 72 Yorktown, by Rev. J. B. Stoddard, 16 00 Clinton, Coll., in part, $114 50; avails of NEW JERSEY

a donation visit at the residence of Rev. Elizabethport, Coll., by Rev. 0. S. St.

A. Crane, $32,

146 50 John, 200 Constableville,

1 25 Hanover, First Presb. Ch., by J. M. Jud.


2 20 son, 35 00 De Witt,

11 07 Morristown, Mrs. C. B. Arden, by Rev.

Fulton, Coll., $58 10; Juv. H. M. S., $2 40, 0. L. Kirtlaud, $50 ; Mrs. Charlotte

to const. Mrs. Sarah Wolcott and Dr. M. Condict, $5, 55 00 L. Lee, Life Members,

60 50 Newark, Third Ch., Young Ladies' Sew.


8 00 Soc., by Rev. H. N. Briosmade, D. D., 150 00 Leyden, R. Kimball,

5 00 Orange, First Presb. Ch., by A. Harri


54 00 son, Treas., 48 95' Marshall, by Mr. Raymond,

12 00 Second Presb. Ch., of which $100 is

Mexicoville, P. Chandler, $10; Coll. $7 20,

17 20 from M.0. Halsted, to const. Peter

Mount Vernon,

20 00 Campbell and Allen Dodd, Life

New Hartford, $46 83; Rev. D. Clark, $5,
Members, (and bal. of last year, by

in full, to const. Rev. Daniel Clark, Jr.,
Rev. J. S. Gallagher; Mrs. Mary

a L. M.,

51 83 Dodd, $3; Mrs. E. Harrison, $1,) 161 52 Oswego, First Presb. Ch., of which $15 is J. M. Linsic and Son,

5 00 in full, to const. Miss Mary F. Condit a Two children, $l; Friend, a New

L. M. ; $5, in part, to const. J. B. Park
Year's offering, $5,

6 00 a L. M.; and $7, in part, to coast. Miss OHIO

Harriet W. Condit a L. M.,

75 96 Charlestown, by Rev. J. Cochran, 8 00 Second Presb. Ch., Coll.,

15 00 Huron, Presb. Ch., $18 33; Rev. S.

Poolville, by Rev.s. W. Edson,

25 00 Dunton, $6 67,

10 00 25 00 Rutland, Kingston Centre, Presb. Chi., by Rev.

Springfield, by D. Clark, Jr.,

23 12 A. D. Clupman,

2 64 5 00 Volney, by Mr. Salmon, New Baltimore, by Rev. E. Garland, 13 75 Whitehall Presb. Ch., Miss B. Smith,

5 00 Walnut Creek, $7 45; Rev. E. Garland,

Cong. Ch., by L. Kellogg,

15 00 810,


$649 69 Little Elkhart, by Rev. T.C. De Pew, 7 50 Putnauville and Green Castle, by Rev.

Receipts of the Central Agency, Utica, N. Y., from R. Hawley,

6 50 Jan. 4 to Feb. 1, 1844. Rev. A. Crane, SecreILLINOIS

tary. Buffalo Grove, and Grand de Tour, by


4 50 Rev. G. Gemmell,

8 00
Conklin, by Rev. J. G. Lane,

25 00 Columbus, Presb. 'Ch., by Rev. L. P.

Fayetteville, bal., by Dea. J. M'Viccar,

7 00 Kimball,

5 00

Lowville, Miss Ruby Williams, to const.
Covington by Rev. E. Kingsbury,

3 00
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Tyler a L. M.,

30 00

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Meredith, by Rev. S. Ellis,

15 00 Hanover St. Ch., Wilmington, Del., Mon.

50 00 Middlefield Centre, by Rev. A. Parmelee,

Con. Coll, by Hon. W. Hall,

77 70 New Lisbou, by Rev. A. D. I!ollister,

6 63 Milford, Prer. Ch., Pa., Rev. Wm. Belden, Orisk any Falls, by Rev. P. Field,

17 74 $10; 1. H. Wallace, $3 ; H. Dupning, $2; Paris Hill, Coll.,

14 79 others, $17 25, by Kev. Mr. Belden, Richfield Springs, bal.,

5 00 $32 25; also by Rev. Mr. Hastings, St. Lawrence Co., D.M.S., 60 0:1) $0 50,

38 75 Unadilla, Coll., by Rev. Mr. Boyre,

4 00

Clinion St. Presb. Ch., Phils., Alexander

11 25 Vernon Conter, by Rev.Mr. Whaley,

Read, $i; James Bruen, $20,

25 00 VO ey, by Rev. Nr. Dady,

10 00 Christiana, Del., by Rev. Nicholas PatterWestford, fourth iostulment of Horace


17 50 Kelwo's bequest, Deac. John Krleo, Ex'r.,

Darby, Pa., Preeb. Ch., Coll., by Rev. M.

131 73 $100; Coll., by Rev. L. Clark, 831 73,

E. Croes,

10 58 Westmoreland, bal. of Miss Betsey Craue's

Neshamony Presb. Ch., Pa., Coll. by Mr.

160 70 bequest, by Deac. A. Pratt, Ex'r.,

J. Carroll,

14 00 East Whiteland Presb. Ch., Pa., Coll. in $553 34 Ch., by Rev. A. Converse,

13 00 Cherrytree and Greentownship Chr., Indi. ana Co., Pa., by Rev. J. Williams,

1 86 Receipts of the Western Agency at Geneva, N. Y.,

Springfield, Eric Co., Pa., $8 84 ; Girard, from December 18th, 1813, to January 18th, 1844.

Erie Co., Pa. $670; Beaver/lam, Erio Rev. J. A. Murray, Secretary.

Co., Pa., $2 37, by Rev. P. Chamberlaiu, 17 91 Buffalo, First Presb. Ch., Ladies' Soc. bal.

Smithport, (Cong. Ch.) Pa., by Rev. S. T. of $100, 9 29 Babbit

2 50 Churchville, by Rev. Charles Kenmore, 10 00 Eleventh Presb. Ch., Phila., Robert CorneClyde, by Rev. Mr. Bebee,

16 00 lius, $3 ; Ed. Spraguo, $3 ; Mrs. E. Grant, Colden, by Rev. Mr. Ingalls,

5 50 $2 50; Mis L. Grant, $2 50; C. B. DunEagle, by Rev. E. H. Danforth,

25 00 gan, $? ; A. M. Harkness, $2; James East Bloomfield, by Mrs. Porter,

3 50 llenry, $2; D. B. Kersbaw, $2; Mrs. Elmira, to const. Rev. P. H. Fowler, L. D.,

Senal and daughter, $2; Wm. Baner, and Mrs. P. H. Fowler, L. M.,

147 00 $l; Wm. G. Baker, $1 ; Miss E. J. Cal. Geneva, E. Dwight, $100; Rev. F. E. Can.

boun, $1; C. Cavanaugh, $1; J. Collins, non, $10; A. W. Langdon, $10; F. W.

$!; S. Garra, $1 ; J. M. Heston, $1; M. and Crittenden, 10; Miss Jeuniogs, 81; C.B.

A. Lutz, $1; S. Mathews, $I; Mrs. Neff, Smith, $1; 1. C. $0,50,

132 50 $1; R. R. Porter, $1; ), Richmond, $1; Genoa, First Presb. Ch., by Rev. Seth Smith, 56 34

M. II. Radford, $1 ; Jane Shunk, $1; Hamburgh, by Rev. P. W. Gray,

25 00

Charlotte Shark, $1; Mary Shoemaker, Huron,

6 60 $1; J. Smylie, $l; others, $19 50, (as far Ithaca, 'Timothy S. Williams, 2d quarterly

as collected),

59 50 payment,

25 00 First Presb. Chi, Washington City, D. C., Littleville, by Rev. Mr. Hurlbut,

5 00

Juv. Mis. Soc., by Rev. Wm. T. Sprole, Ovid, Dr. I. L. Eastman, in full, to make

(and formerly acknowledged),

50 00 A!rs. Sally Eastman a L. M., $20; others,

York, Pa., Presb. Ch., Samuel Small, $25 ; $36 50,

56 50

Mrs. M. Cassatt $12; J. Evans, Esq., $5; Owego, Cong. Ch., $89 22; Mon. Con.

J. L. Mayer, Esq., $5; Mirs Isabella Coll., $17 85; Ladies' Asso'n, $56 44, to

McDonald, $30: Mrs. Davidson, $5; Miss make Rev. Samuel C. Wilcox, L. D., 186 51 S. Montgomery, $15; James Johnson, Painted Post, by Rev. B. F. Pratt,

2 75 $3; Mrs. Spangler, $12; Mrs. C. A. Bar. Parma Centre,

12 50 nitz, $5; Miss Nancy Grier, $5; R. C. Pen Yan, E. Jones,

10 00

Woodward, 81; H.M. McClellan, $10; Perry Village, to make Mrs. Laura H.

Jacob Emmel, $5; Miss Bouie, $1 ; Mrs. Page a L. M.,

31 50

Bradford, $5 ; Miss Sarah Coleman, $20 ; Rochester, First Ch., Ebenezer Ely, $25;

J. B. Latimer, $5; Phillip A. Small, $10; Dr. M. Strong, $10,

35 00

Anna Leamau, $50 ; Wm. Mellvaine, $5; Third Ch., in full, to make Rev. A. G.

Miss Tabella Coleman, $25; Miss Mary Hall, a L.D., 76 00 Durkee, $2; as far as collected,

211 50 Richford, by Rev. D. S. Morse,

18 00 First Presb. Ch., N. L., Pbila., Wm. S. Rushville,

11 00 Krim, (by Dr. Carroll) $1 ; Adam HinScottsville,

2 00
kel, $3,

40 00 South Danville, Daniel M'Kerzie, in part, 25 00 Connecticut Farms, N, J., Coll. in Presb. Strykersville, Fem.Benev. Soc., 5 00

21 22

Ch., by J. W. Wade, Sweden,

16 00

Fifin Presb. Ch., Phila., G. W. McClelTrumavsburgh, in part, by Rev. Mr. Tay


100 00 lor,

26 75

Fourth Presb. Ch, Washington City, D. West Aurora, Needham, $10; others,

C., Jacob Gideon, (in full of $100,) by $11 91,

21 91
Rev. E. Phelps,

50 00
Berlin, Md., Presb. Ch., John J. Williams,
$1003 15

$5; Rev. I. W. K. Handy, $2; Wm.
Ncison, $1 ; Mrs. H. Stevensov,50 cents;

G. A. Parker, 50 cents ; Cash 50 cepts;
The Philadelphia Home Missionary Society ac.
knowledges the receipt of the follorin sums,

Miss Mary Hudson, 50 cents; L. A.
Powell, 95 cente,

10 25 during the months of October, Norember, and December, 1843. Rev. E. R. Fairchild, Secretary,

Honesdale, Pa., Presb. Ch., Coll. in Ch., by
Rev. G. H. Hastings,

140 00 vez. :

Duudafi, Pa., Presb. Ch., Coll. in Ch., by Snowhill, Md., Pres. Ch., Mon. Con. Coll.,

Rev. G. H. Hastings,

24 60 by Rev.J. J. Graff,

6 60 At Pittsburgh Office, Dec. 9th, 1842, from Cool Spring and Lewes Presb. Chs., Del.

Minersville Ch., $34. Also, April 20, A. Marshall, $10; L. West, $5; P.J. Hop

1843, írom Mr. Ronn, $5. Also, Sept. 8, kins, $2; A. Warrington, $1; others,

1843, from Mr. J. Wilson, $5,

44 00 $4 37, (in part),

22 37

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