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lake navigation, and without any means | worship is too strait for us; we hope of self-support, the frosts of winter to have a larger and more convenient closed upon them, and no alternative re- place soon. We shall have some addimained but lo force themselves by scores tions to that church also at their next into the poorly provided habitations of communion. A Sabbath school was their countrymen. Herded together as organized at that place last Sabbath they were in narrow abodes, by the com. under very favorable and encouraging bined influence of famine and personal circumstances. To all those who aid in impurity, they soon became victims to sustaining the missionary of the cross disease. In their distress they were not

we would

say, “ Brethren, pray for us." altogether neglected. The wakeful and sympathetic ear of Samaritan kindness was at length arrested by the sad tale of misery, and forth went the messen. From Rev. J. Foster, Oconomowoc, Wis. ger of mercy with relief without stint or grudging. Barrels of flour and meat Home Missions in Wisconsin. were despatched with praiseworthy

The longer I tarry here, and the more promptness. Many of their children were taken by Americans, so that now I travel, the more I see and feel the great it is very common to find a Norwegian

need and usefulness of Home Missions in

This territory. Between 60 and 70 boy or girl in American families. This people have a minister settled among and Presbyterian order. Fifteen ortwen

churches now exist of the Congregational them. They call themselves Lutherans. There is one family among them who ty of these are nearly or quite destitute

of have been in America for several years, than half of all must perish were it not

any preaching. I suspect that more and have become hopefully pious. They for the aid from your Society. I know speak and read English. They have of but two country churches in this very little intercourse with the others, owing, as they say, to the enmity exist county (Milwaukie) able to go alone. ing against them on account of their re- here has been decidedly good.

The effect of last winter's revival

Nearly ligion. They regard them but little bet. ter than the Catholics. Although they tained their hopeful standing. Some

all the supposed converts have mainattend on the outward ordinances of three or four have not yet joined us, but God's house, yet as a people they give will do so soon. no evidence of real piety. A Sabbath school has been established in this man's house, and all invited to attend. Some few, perhaps 15 or 20, have done so. It

A visiting tour. is to be hoped that by proper manage- The first house at which I called was ment, and pursuing a judicious course that of a leader in Universalism. The with them, their prejudice may ulti. mately be removed, and their hearts be attached to the “ blessed doctrine"

man was absent. His wife is strongly come accessible to the truth.

thought it a good thing to go to meeting if it were not wet, nor cold, and if the house were convenient. None of the

family have I ever seen at meeting. A From Rev. L. Rood, Muskeego, Wis. young man present fell to talking very

fast. He did not attend church at all; The church at Franklin is in a pros- thought all would be saved ; believed perous state, although at present but a part of the Bible was true, but soon said few members, yet at our next commu. that " it is no better than Josephus or nion we expect an addition of 8 or 10. Rollin;" and as to any hereafter, “ it Our congregations are very respectable is all mere theory or vision." as to nuinbers and interest, and are in- The next house was occupied by Gercreasing. The church at Caledonia is mans. We could not converse together in a prosperous state. Our congrega-enough to learn any thing satisfactory. tions are increasing, and the most con- At the next I found a woman who is venient place that we can obtain for somewhat thoughtful, and always ready

to attend church, but is opposed by her it is manners to ask you to pray before family.

Soon her husband and his going to-bed.” I endeavored to ask brother came in for their dinner. As God, by his Spirit, to convince of sin, soon as the ordinary civilities had pass- and appear in mercy for that family. ed, without any advance on my part, one As I was leaving in the morning the of them said, “ Well, I believe in Uni- mother said, “I had no idea that my versalism." The other said, “So do I, sons were haif so bad—I never talked and here's at ye.” I said I did not come with them”—and many other things she to dispute, but began to relate some of said with tears. my own experience. I had little reply, but learned on leaving that “they meant to form some belief before long—as soon as they had time."

ILLINOIS. In the next family I found the wife in the fever which follows the ague; I could say nothing to her. The husband From Rev. E. E. Wells, Sycamore,

II. came in, a member of the Methodist church. He introduced me to a cham.

The Storms. ber where lay a young man recently from England; and I had an interview

We have had, since the opening of with a spirit full of heaven. Consump- spring, embarrassments to contend with, tion had wasted his frame, his lungs peculiar to the season, the like of which seemed almost rotten, but bis soul rested has never been known before in Illinois. sweetly on Jesus. I prayed with him, We have had a series of heavy rains he thanked me and said, “ May we meet and driving winds, with but occasional in heaven!” This was a visit I shall intervals of pleasant weather. The remember. He soon after died in the streams have continued greatly swollen; faith. I found two sons of the next family at and others rendered impassable. The

many bridges have been carried away the plough. I began conversation on

"slues" (sloughs) which abound in this personal religion. They opposed conversation, but I persevered. One of them country and which are generally dry

through the summer, are still so many after a time shed tears, and said he had beds of soft mire and water ; with flag, not attended church for several years or prairie grass protruding above the promised to go, and to care for his soul, surface; consequently, whoever goes They have both attended some since. I

only a short distance from home, on entered the house, the parents were horseback, or with a team, and returns absent. The eldest daughter, of 19 without getting “slued,” as the cant years, said she went to meeting last in phrase is, thinks himself fortunate. her tenth year!—had been to no school, But little produce has been hauled to and was unable to read or write with market, and there has been a general facility. A younger daughter was in a

stagnation of business, excepting the similar state. I afterwards heard that

necessary work of the farmers about the parents are infidels, and opposed to home. Our village has been for a all religion-meetings, schools, tempe- portion of the time completely isolated rance, Bible and Tract societies. Yet from the

surrounding settlements. I know of no one of more landed pro- Owing to its peculiar location in a bend perty in the region.

of the Kishwaukie, and to its being

almost surrounded with running water, At another house, where the writer called

a good proportion of our congregation and continued all night, a mother was found have thus been providentially hindered who had been a member of a christian from attending meeting through the church, but had long been deprived of pri- whole summer. For the same reasons, vileges, and had sadly neglected her duty. I have been prevented from visiting my She was surrounded by a family of unbe- people, and holding neighborhood meetlievers. On retiring for the night

ings as much as I have been desirous

of doing, yet I do not feel that my labors One of them said, “ Well, I suppose I have been in vain. Our Sabbath meet

ings in the village are well attended | did not exert any influence upon the considering the circumstances above community, has been resuscitated and mentioned; and at C., where I preach placed upon a platform, where it can one fourth of the time, the attend. exert an influence for God. Tbere ance and interest manifested, have have been 28 added 10 our number, encouraged me to hope for a revival chiefly females. in that settlement. We now sus- (2.) A weekly prayer meeting has been tain with interest, a monthly church sustained by a part of the church which meeting, together with a "monthly con- had not sustained one previously; and as cert," and weekly church and female to members at least, is well sustained. prayer meetings in the village. At (3.) An interest has been felt, and our last church meeting preparatory to efforts have been made in sustaining the communion, a large proportion of the pecuniary interests of the church, the church contrived to be present, as which, so far as I can learn, has never we had set apart the day as a season been felt before. of fasting, humiliation, and prayer. We (4.) There is, with very little excephad a solemn time, and I trust not an tion, a spirit of union in views and unprofitable one. I would here add, feelings, and a brotherly love, which are that several persons in this vicinity are highly commendable. expecting to unite with us, most of While I think I can say all this has them by letter, the first opportunity. I resulted from your liberality and punctuam waiting and praying for a revival of ality, through the benevolence of the religion in this place. The circum- churches, in extending the helping stances that I have found myself placed hand, still, I would not have you think in through the past season, have led me that the work is done. I speak advisedto feel the need of more faith and pa- ly when I say, that it is but begun tience, and other graces, pre-eminently necessary to a missionary in this western field.

Hindrances in Southern Minoin. From a County on the Illinois River.

I have now been laboring in the ministry for more than ten years in this state,

and carefully watching the working of The sheep without a shepherd.

causes for good and evil; and I think I

am not mistaken in saying that I have I expect, as the weather becomes never known a season so unfavorable to cooler, to extend my labors more into the direct advancement of Christ's kingthe region around. I wish that your dom as the last three months. The Society could send a missionary into difficulties have been both physical and this county, especially into the east moral. Ist. The great rains and floods. part of it, to visit and preach in desti- 2d. Political excitements. The latter tute neighborhoods. Such an one would is destined to give trouble until after the be received with open arms and hearts presidential election. I confess I am at by very many, scaitered up and down a loss to see how to turn these things to on streams and across our prairies. If good account. In addition to these dif. I could triple my personality this day, I ficulties, sickness, fevers and ague are could employ each person to advantage threatening us, and already among us, in the service of my Heavenly Master. to an alarming extent. Physicians are

looking for more than an ordinary run Something accomplished, of bilious disorder this season, owing to

the excessive wet. But the Lord reigns, In summing up the labors of the and in some way will bring good out of year, I feel that though much remains to evil. This is cheering to the “watchbe accomplished here, yet that, under man.” But the worst feature belonging God, much has been done.

to these obstacles, is the connection of (1.) A church which was well nigh intemperance with political maneuverdead, and which in reality as a church, lling. The odious practice of buying votes with spirituous liquor has been car- | must be as wise as a serpent, and as ried out to an unusual extent. By this meek as a lamb, or nothing prospers. means the tide of intemperance has Then again we have Campbellism upon swept over our region with a force like the one hand, and on the other Morthat of the natural floods. We feel that monism-before us Armenians, and in we are called upon to betake ourselves the rear Antinomians. With these we anew to the temperance reform, or give have also Universalism, Deism, and up to total ruin. I am now making Atheism. efforts to call a county convention soon to take measures to meet the evil. May the Lord give us success.

Notions imported from the East. Southern Illinois cannot be saved without more laborers. Others may say

To increase our difficulties we somewhat they will on this subject, but it will be found that this is true. In the South times have an influence thrown upon us we have the butt end of the log to list, from the East. As the sun rises in that and but a few men to list.

quarter, many of our people feel that no darkness can come from thence, while probably it is true that more than one half of our troubles have been gendered in that land, in spite of Bibles, colleges

and benevolence. These “isms," when From a Missionary.

they have been formed by some creative genius, and worn out in their native

land, are then sent to the West as some Sources of trouble.

of the many wonders and blessings of

the nineteenth century. We hear of It seems to me that the churches in these things first by means of the press. this region ought to feel that the time The sound is to us as the noise of a is coming, if not already at hand, when gathering storm at a distance; but bethey must support their own worship, fore we have time to examine and ascerand their own institutions; and yet it tain the precise nature of the rumor, our is beyond my ability to see how they attention is arrested by a company of will manage to do it. Money is not to young disciples descending from our be had, our churches are mostly made rail cars, or coming up from our steamup of farming communities, and they are boats. They come, as they suppose, almost all of them embarrassed, having with light sufficient to dispel all our come to this country poor, and being darkness and set us free. We had an compelled to invest what capital they illustration of this in the advocates of had in their land, and then to go in debt Mr. Miller, after having greatly alarmed for something to sustain themselves and many of our people by the new light families, and to improve their homes. upon the prophecies; so that one man To discharge this indebtedness they re. seeing a balloon, which he did not unlied upon the products of their soil and derstand, passing over his farm in the industry. The failure of their crops, night, sprang from his bed, telling his the low prices of grain, together with family that the angel of death had now the innumerable inconveniences and made his appearance to do his work, embarrassing affairs attendant on a new and, giving them directions to go to country, continue to keep them in a prayer, he few from house to house, situation that but little can be expected pointing to the angel that was visible in from them. Connected with all this, the heavens, and calling upon them to we have come together from the four awake and pray, for that they would points of the compass, each one bringing either be in heaven or hell before mornwith him his preconceived opinions ; so ing. This gentleman informed us that that we are in some respects in the con- many of the orthodox already denied dition of the builders of the tower of the doctrine of the resurrection. But Babel, our language is confounded. whatever may be the result of all these The disadvantages growing out of this things, it is joyful to know that the Lord are neither few nor small; the preacher | God omnipotent reigneth.





The writer of the foregoing has set forth the the people collected on the Sabbath difficulties, and they are at once real and very to hear the Gospel. Some, who about formidable. The only remedy is patience in two months ago were living careless using God's truth, and faith in his promise to and unconcerned about their souls, are make it effectual.

now indulging a lively hope in the Re

deemer, and are looking forward with no “Apply the match.”

inconsiderable degree of interest to that Another says

one meeting, when they shall for the first There is much that is discouraging themselves to God by covenant.

time come publicly forward, and give

Since in this part of the vineyard, and but little in appearances to stimulate the my last report, we have received three servant of Christ to hope for immediate humble and consistent Christians.

to the church. They bid fair to be The ground is so fully occupied by every variety of religious denom

Sabbath Schools greatly needed. nation, that the influence which I can exert is, at most, but limited. And

Within the last two months I have orthere are so many errorists who have ganized two Sabbath schools. These long been exerting their proselyting schools are doing well. The scholars skill upon the unwary, that almost

punctually attend, and the teachers apevery body has a hope, and belongs to pear to be much interested in their salsome church. But such darkness of vation. The one organized among the mind on the subject of religion one colored people prospers. The scholars would scarcely suppose could exist in a who compose this school are from the land of Bibles. But if the plain truths youth of six years old, to the aged man of God's word will burn up these errors, and woman of sixty. I have been lateI will try to apply the maich.

ly much impressed with the importance of supplying every destitute neighborhood in our county with Sabbath schools

with a fresh supply of Sabbath school The flood.

books. There are many places in this As an illustration of the state of things oc- county where I might to great advancasioned by the high water, a missionary tage organize Sabbath schools, under writes :

the direction and superintendence of

pious persons. Many of the members Once I was obliged, by high water, of the church among whom I am labor. to remain four days longer than was ing live at the distance of 10 to 16 miles anticipated, at the place where I had from the house of public worship, at attended ihe annual meeting of the Fox which the schools are located and taught, River Association. I was made sick and of course, their children must and by swimming streams in getting home will remain for years without Sabbath from the meeting of the Association. school instruction, unless an effort is It took us, the first day, from 7 in the made to supply these destitute neighmorning till 6 P. M. to travel 12 miles; borhoods with well organized schools and the next day, the same time to and good libraries. get on 15 miles, besides being wet several hours the second day. The last

Revival of Temperanco.
Sabbath I was interrupted also in con-
sequence of high water preventing me

For the two past months we have from fulfilling my appointment.

been endeavoring to revive the temperance cause amongst us. There was a

society formed here some years ago on INDIANA.

the total abstinence plan, but all inter

est on this truly benevolent subject had From the Rev. J. G. Brice, Winchester. greatly declined, and those who had

been the most active and zealous advoAt S., in Henry county, there has cates of this great moral reform had been more than usual solemnity among grown cold and lukewarm; but within

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