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he last two months the friends of tem- My first visit to Winnemac was made perance are waking up amongst us. last February. It is the county seat of Our society now meets frequently, and Pulaski, and the place where the land interesting and able addresses are at office is located. Many of the inhabi. each of these meetings delivered. Be- tants have been in the habit of spending sides this, we have those whc are tra- the Sabbath in hunting and fishing. I versing the country and lecturing on am the first Presbyterian minister who this subject, and forming societies. The ever preached in the place. We have number who have connected themselves now a flourishing Sabbath school of 40 with the society in the town during the scholars, a library of 200 volumes, and past two months and signed the total' a temperance society of a large numabstinence pledge, is 108.

ber of members; which latter was I feel more and more the necessity of as much needed as anything else. having the West supplied with a sound, The last tiine I was there I constituted evangelical ministry. Almost every a church of nine members. The truth species of error is to be found here, and seemed to make an impression, and the people as readily embrace it. when on Sabbath the little company

gathered round the table of the Lord, the sight was affecting and charming. There is a settlement of Pennsylvania

Lutherans, on the way from Rochester Trom Rev. Thos. S. Milligan, Rochester, to Winnemac, two miles from the latter, Indiana.

to which I preach at 10 A. M., and then ride to Winnemac and preach in the

afternoon and at night; my custom is to 6 diocese” in Indianas

preach three times on the Sabbath, and

sometimes address the Sabbath school Since the first of January I have been besides. In addition to these regular preaching one-half my time at this places of preaching, I have preached place ; one-fourth in a neighborhood ten several times in different neighborhoods, miles north of this, in which reside a for the policy I have adopted is to carry few families connected with the church the Gospel as far as possible to every in this place. The remainder of my neighborhood of my "diocese," and as time I preach at Winnemac, twenty this embraces two counties entire, and five miles west. In 1839 a church of a part of a third, I have sufficient employdozen members was constituted here by ment-for which I feel thankful. But Rev. Mr. Wright, who preached a year. O that I were better prepared for the and then left ; since which time, until work, especially in holiness of heart! last fall, they had no preaching by Pres. In addition to preaching, I have supplied byterian ministers.

myself with several thousand pages of We commenced a Sabbath School in tracts, which I scatter abroad like the March, which is well attended, num- leaves of autumn wherever I go. I bering 50 scholars--all the children in have also received some books from the village, except those of one family, the A. T. S. to distribute. They go who are Roman Catholics. The library fast. contains 150 books. This town is situ. ated near the Tippecanoe river, on the

How a mother feels. outlet of the celebrated Manitou or Devil's Lake. Besides a flour and saw In connection with the statement of the mill, we have an iron sorge in active way in which a minister is obliged to extend operation, which manufactures 600 lbs. his labors, we give one example of the feelgood iron daily, from the ore which is ings cherished by some of the people of God found in the immediate vicinity. There scattered through the wilderness. Mrs. M., is an abundance of water-power not yet who is truly a "mother in Israel,” when she occupied. The population is rapidly first moved to Indiana and found herself with increasing, and thie soil generally good, a large family, where there was no stated consisting of prairies, “barrens," and preaching, was so deeply affected with the timbered land.

destitution, with the desecration of the Lord day, and the apparent indifference of the

OHIO, parents to the education of their children, that she spent many sleepless nights. She felt God the only source of hope. that she could not rest till some one should be sent to preach the Gospel to that famishing There has appeared of late to be a community. When, at length, a preacher stronger tendency of discouragement in came, she told him "she had been looking for this church, in view of the variety of him.” Indeed, such had been her anxiety on

influences exerted to destroy or distract the subject, that her husband, who prosesses them. But I have endeavored to counto disbelieve the Scriptures, feared that it teract this tendency by directing their would injure her health, and was most cordial his dealings with his church in past

attention to the promises of God, and 'in welcoming “the priest” to the settlement, | ages. At times during the past quarter and in contributing to his support.

I have felt not a little encouraged, from the very fact that I feel that there is no hope in our case except in God, and from being led to the throne of grace

with entire reliance upon him. All my Poverty abounding lo rich liberaliss. encouragement is derived from the cba.

racter ar promises of God. There is

nothing in the state of things here to A good man was once accustomed to say, afford much encouragement to those when in pecuniary difficulty, “ I must sub- who would walk by sight, unless it be scribe myself out;" that is, he looked upon in the application of the truth that his embarrassments as the indications of Pro. “ when the rage of Satan is peculiarly vidence that he had not been as liberal as he exhibited, he may be regarded as on the ought to have been in contributing to chari-, eve of defeat.” table objects, and he must immediately do works meet for repentance. Similar to this

The Trumbull Presbytery on Homo

Missions. appears to be the feeling and conduct of the man referred to in the following extract:

From Rev. C. Osborn, Farmington, O. One of the members of our church,

At the annual meeting of the Presbypledged to give to the Lord, some time tery of Trumbull, the anniversary of since, and on some occasion, the cir- this branch of the A. H. M. S. was cumstances of which are unknown to held. It was an interesting season. me, fifteen dollars. He came to me last Four interesting addresses were made week and wished to have me forward upon two resolutions, one of which was, the amount of five dollars paid over to

That we regard the vigorous prosecuthe Foreign Miss. Society, (American tion of the enterprise of the A. H. M. S. Board)—five dollars to the American in the West, as vital to the best interests Tract Society, and five dollars to the of our country and the world." This American Home Missionary Society. was ably sustained by showing the abThis man has had some severe reverses

solute necessity of the stated preaching of fortune. The Lord has taken away

of the Gospel to save our country from of late much of his property; but I trust the destruction with which it is threathe is a godly man, and all this is work- ened by the combined effort of every ing for bis good. He seems determined species of error; the dependence of erery to do something for Christ.

other benevolent operation upon this for permanent success, and the impracti

cability of securing the stated preaching How differently the loss of property ope of the Gospel throughout this western rates on many professors, who, instead of country without the assistance of this having their hearts enlarged, avail themselves Society, or some other to occupy its of their adversity as an excuse for withdraw. place, &c. Eight of the churches within ing entirely from the support of missionary, ihe bounds of this Presbytery are aided and other charities.

by some missionary society, and could

not, without great effort, sustain the || on my hands, what shall I do with Gospel ordinances without that aid. them? I have already taken one Sab

bath in eight, from Portland, to go to The above propositions are capable of abun. North Plain, and half of every fourth dant proof, and yet they are not generally Sabbath from Barton settlement, to go made the basis of a consistent practice. Even to East Plain. I would come down to in the West, the evangelization of that part preaching once in three weeks in each of our country is a cause far from being sus- place as formerly, but I have to preach tained by a steady pecuniary support.

in the same houses with other denominations who preach once a fortnight, and there would be interference. I

have no doubt if I could preach once a MICHIGAN.

fortnight at North Plain, I could gather From Rer. L. M. S. Smith, Lyons, Oh that God would send help!.

quite a church in a very short time. Ionia Co,


I rejoice to be able to say that we have manifestly the presence of the Spirit of God in the midst of this community. Soon after Mrs. S. com

First meeting of Ionia Presbytery. menced her Sabbath school, a year ago last winter, in our house, there were indications of good, in the conversion of We had a delightful meeting; six two young females, and froin that time ministers were present, a sweet spirit till the school was transferred to the of union pervading the whole. school-house, in the summer, there was, heart rejoiced in the Lord, and I said and indeed has been ever since, an evi behold what hath God wrought! Only dent seriousness on the minds of some two years since, the first of us came on in the school and out. The Methodists the ground, and not another has been in held a camp meeting in June last, while his present place more than eight I was gone to the Cleavelend conven

months. tion, and there were more conversions You will perceive that all of us, that from this place, and mainly from the have charges, are your missionaries, so Sabbath school, than in all the rest of that without the Home Missionary Sothe circuit. From that time and at ciety, our association could not exist. present, there have been frequent con- This is only another specimen of the versions here. I think God has blessed good you are accomplishing in the West. my public efforts some, but my private How can we, how can Christians here

I have spent a good deal but be grateful to you and the eastern of time in visiting, and I have no doubt churches for the aid thus bestowed. that by the blessing of God, the results are good. I have the names of 14, who The above is from a very new and still have professedly passed froin death unto destitute portion of Michigan, and yet what a life, and I hope the most of them are preparation for good has been made in the last truly converted, perhaps all. Two of them are wives and mothers.

year. Who can look upon so many lights

The remainder are young people. In one ing darkness, without thanking God for what

shining forth for the first time upon surroundfamily are a mother, daughter, and hired has been accomplished? But there is another girl; in another, two daughters and a son; in another, two daughters.

view of the subject. If so much may be done so

А number are yet in an interesting state easily and so soon, why should not other simiof mind, and I hope for a yet mightier lar enterprises be attempted ? There are many effusion of the Holy Spirit.

such spots in the West, still unblessed by the

labors of a resident pastor. Why may they After mentioning that he expected to organ- not have them? Who will furnish the means ? ize a little church, Mr. S. continues

Almost any christian merchant or farmer could

sustain one labourer without trenching on his But when I get 3 or 4 churches comforts. How many will try ?


ones more.

The kind of ministry needed. the meeting-house is in progress, and

the cause of temperance receives aid, From a Correspondent.

because your Society hare afforded as. Since I have been at the West I have sistance ; for without it I see not how been repeatedly impressed with the idea any of these objects could be secured. of the necessiiy of the Home Mission- Our society are few, very poor, and ary Society's operations to the religious with spare time sufficient to devote to

much scattered, and there is no one advancement of the western people. The people are poor in many instances. any one, and especially to all of these When their wheat crop fails, as it does things. Besides, I have formed another

church, in addition to the performance in this vicinity this year, they are

of much other missionary labor. This obliged to buy their bread stuff, and often run in debt in doing it. What is indeed but laying the foundations, and then could the people do without your

yet it is an important business. Society? Again; there are elements in the character of the people at the West

A missionary encouraged. that demand the preaching your Society furnishes. Some other denominations I am greatly encouraged in my work may pioneer, but they pioneer like the from the remarks of Professor Stowe wood-cutters in the slashes; they leave and others at the anniversary meeting a mass of impassable rubbish. They of your Society. Perhaps those good lead the way, but by no means clear the men little thought, when they were adway. One may be said to burn over dressing you, that they were indirectly the land. Another, as in this region, lo administering large draughts of sweet submerge it.

consolation to the distant, toiling misThe result of much of the preaching sionary. at the West, is a fastidious taste in some hearers ; in others, a perfect dis

Poverty of the people. like of all preaching. Another kind of preaching is then wanted; your Society,

You speak of the importance of fosI think, furnishes that preaching. May tering habits of benevolence in my peo

I bave the Lord bless your Society till it is able ple. I endeavor to do so. to supply all the places destitute of preached twice on the subject of Dosuch preaching! The firm entrench. mestic Missions, and have made some ment of Christianity at the West depends ple's poverty should abound unto the

collections, and though I know a peoand will concede that other denomina- into the log cabins of my people, and see

I tions than those that compose your So- the privations to which they subject ciety may do much in forming religious society at the West, but there themselves to secure a few acres of needs to be the stamina of a sounder

land, I cannot press them to give moorthodoxy co-operating with them, else ney when it is almost impossible to be

obiained. We are now passing through the whole structure of society will have to be torn down and remodelled in a few the sickly season, and as is usual we years, like most of the western houses. are pressed with all its inconveniences A solid foundation is wanted to build upon. When that is obtained every thing will not rack, or look piteously, A word to the conscience. as if it asked mercy of the elements to remain in its place. I speak figura

Notwithstanding all the care of the Society tively, but I think I do not speak error

to gain the best information concerning the need of the churches to which it extends and,

it sometimes happens that arsistance is er From Rev. J. W. Smith, Eaton Rapids.tended to churches less needy than many ubo Progress perceptible.

do not ask it. It is seared that there are coo

munities so wanting in the right spirit that The Sabbath school is prospering, they will present an exaggerated picture of

or nonsense.

their feebleness, for the purpose of obtaining money which would send a minister into charitable assistance, and thereby shifting a place never yet blessed with a faithful from themselves the burthen of sustaining and competent ministry, nor made vocal their own privileges. This is most ungene with the high praises of our God? I nous. Instead of asking, “Can we obtain aid feel that I must not after this year. And from abroad ?" the question ought 10 .be, I am constrained to think that many of “ Can we do without it?" We wish that my brethren might adopt the same deevery church receiving help from the A. H. termination. I feel willing to curtail M. S. would agitate this question. If it were country. And if the West is saved

necessary expenses for the good of our faithfully done, we believe many of them from impending ruin, something like this would speedily relieve the Society of the re

must be done by many. If the rich sponsibility incurred on their account. Let will not impart of their abundance sufevery missionary ask himself, “Is it right for ficient for this work, the poor must from me to be aided ? Is it just to the contributors “ their deep poverty abound unto the who cast their hard earnings and gathered riches of their liberality.” savings into the Lord's treasury? Is it kind I am aware that much is done, but to the still newer and more needy communi. your resources need to be increased ties, who cannot gel aid because there is fourfold. The field is wide, but the nothing to give them ? Are my people rob. church has ability to occupy it. It must bing others to relieve themselves ?” And let be occupied. The enlargement of every him put these questions to his people-to the other benevolent effort, as well as the public assembly, as well as to individuals in good of our country, call for many private. No harm would ensue in any case, I stud this fertile vailey with churches

“ more Home missionaries." Who shall while doubtless in some the result would be and Sabbath schools ; who shall fill the an early assumption of the support of their land with Bibles and tracts; who shall own institutions. Read below the feelings pour funds into the treasury of Foreign of one missionary on this subject.

Missions, if no heralds of salvation are

sent to the destitute of our own land ? I am much exercised about the A. h. Iconceive that Home Missions are a most M.S. I greatly desire that you may be important wheel in the blessed maable to thrust forth many reapers into chinery by which the earth is to be rethe wide western field. I was much generated. May God influence the tried by the apparent necessity that this churches to labor, and pray, and give people should draw any funds from the more to enable you to spread the newer fields. I shall not conseni to

means of salvation ! any further call aster this year. And I have been thinking that something might be saved by other brethren who Indispensableness of the stated, living are now receiving your aid. I am fully

ministry. persuaded that many congregations aided might, by greater liberality, sus- || I have learned that in this western tain their ministers, provided the minis- world, the Sabbath school and the ters themselves would urge it as they church will go immmediately into a should, or, if possible, consent to live slow consumption without the living upon a little less than they have for- preacher. The presence, the look, the merly. It appears to me that the pre- voice, the appeal to the conscience and sent exigency demands something of the heart, are indispensable to the this kind.

spirituality and enlargement of the I know that ministers ought to be sus church. While I would encourage all tained comfortably. I wish many of appropriate means to plant and build them could have more than they do. up the church, I would put the living But when I look over the wide and ministry just where the great Head of whitening fields, I cannot but exclaim, the Church puts it, first-it is absolutely how much more are those souls worth indispensable. There is no vitality, than many little comforts I may enjoy! stability, energy or aggression without Can I be duing right to receive that i the living ministry.

Bible societies,

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