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sink within me when I reflect upon the his feelings on the subject. A papal greatness of the harvest, and the small girl said recently to a Protestant lady number of the laborers. How can we by whom she is employed : “I wonder hope that our beloved Zion will arise why our priest does not allow us to under such embarrassed circumstances? read the Bible; he told my father the

other day, he had better sell his Bible, as Signs of better things.

it was not a good book and would in

jure him ?" The lady replied : “ BeTo one observant of the signs of the cause it is probable if you read the times there are some things to be dis. Bible you cannot remain Papists." The covered which are indications for good, il girl then asked with surprise : “Is that and others which often constrain us to the reason ?" cry out, Lord, help! Lord, help! In the

I rejoice that there is some here that immediate vicinity where I have been will read and hear the word of God, devoting my time the past year, there although so opposed, and are feeling has evidently a change taken place in after the truth." One of the most sensithe feelings of Christians of different ble men of that communion, has been communions. To me there appears to

a regular attendant of my meetings in be much less of party feeling and much a neighboring settlement for years. Oemore of a true christian spirit manifest-casionally he has expressed his views ed. This may in some measure have in meeting, and recently led in prayer. been promoted by the uncommon exer- He seems like the noble Cornelius, tions of errorists to sow tares among ready to hear what God the Lord shall the wheat. If the wiles of the enemy speak. He has not entirely left the have the effect to stir up the people of church, but I hope he has been renewed God to a more united and vigorous effort in the spirit and teinper of his mind. in the cause of truth, it may be weli that he has been permitted to assault them. I am persuaded this has been the result to some degree in this vicinity.

Aged disciples, A considerable portion of my time has been devoted to places where there Though not olen, yet sometimes, the fronare no Presbyterian churches formed, tier missionary is called upon to comfort the and never may be. Nevertheless there aged. Is it not a good cause that furaishes is a loud call for preaching in thcm. the means of spiritual consolation to such

I have recently learned that there friends of Christ, in the evening twilight of are a goodly number of members of the their day? Presbyterian church in the county of Van Buren. That county has hitherto

In this church are three aged couples, been wholly passed by in our efforts to of seventy years and upwards, whose build up churches.

history and condition are full of inte

rest. I sent word to the scattered Presbyterians there, that if the Lord will, I

The first couple have long been prowill visit theni in the course of the au- fessors of the religion of Christ. Neartumn. A missionary is much neededly fifty years ago, both of them on the for that county.

same day, on profession of faith, united with the church in K—, N. Y. They

were among the original members that WISCONSIN.

organized this church, and have adora

ed their profession by a godly walk. Papacy and the Scriptures, Both are now confined to beds of sick

ness, from which, probably, they will not The principles of the late bull of arise, until their bodies are taken to the Gregory XVI., concerning the reading grave, and their souls to heaven. of the Scriptures, are carried out by the The second couple were subjects of officiating papal priest here. Though renewing grace during the first year of he does not, to our knowledge, actually my labors here, and cheerfully cooseburn Bibles that he finds among his de- crated themselves to Christ on profesluded bearers, the following will show | sion of faith. As the aged man with with his tottering steps and silver locks, the house of his friends ? O may the came forward and knelt to receive the Lord open the eyes of those who proseal of baptism, a flood of emotions fess to be his, and lead them to take out rushed over me. The long-suffering of of the way every stumbling-block, that God, and his great mercy to that aged the chariot wheels of salvation may no sinner, were manifest; and I felt that longer be retarded ! honor had been conferred on your unworthy missionary in introducing into And is it indeed so? It seems incredible; the church of God those aged and con- and yet from every part of the West we have verted souls.

proofs of the melancholy fact, that the greatThe third couple of about the same est hindrance to the prosperity of religion, is age, were received from a sister church the ungodly living of men who have named at the East. It is a pleasure and a pro- the name of Christ. fit to visit them. Their minds dwell on

This furnishes matter for deep reflection. God and on his truth. Christ and his It ought to alarm the churches, to know that cause are the theme of their conversation.

so many, who once appeared fair and promisI have presented the cause of Home ing, fall away when they move beyond the Missions to this church. It met their reach of a strong christian influence. It bearty response. Their gist, though

should alarm the pastors, and lead them to ask small, was all I could expect in present themselves whether they do their duty in circumstances.

searching and sisting the precious from the

vile; whether their preaching is discriminatReview of labor.

ing, and full of truth; whether there is enouglı

of personal application in their handling of In review of the past

that I

the word of God,
have labored in Wisconsin, I find some
occasions of encouragement. I have
endeavored to preach the Gospel; some
have been offended, and some made

The overflowing scourge. glad. Two churches have been organized in the field of my labors ; Sab

You have doubtless heard much of bath-schools and the cause of tempe- the flood which has swept over the rance have been sustained ; the Bible valley during the last summer. There has been distributed, and general morals remains no record of such a deluge in promoted; I have travelled considerable, the West since the universal catastroand bave distributed more than twenty phe of waters. Multitudes have been thousand pages of tracts, besides some made destitute of home and habitation. bound volumes furnished me by the The rains descended in torrents. The Am. Tract Society.

whole country for a time seemed to be Three years ago this church contain: flooded. Every rill became a river. ed ten members; it now has fifty, Our Every river by its overflowing tide, beprospects are more encouraging than at came ocean of rushing waters. any former period in our history. 1 Many thriving farmers who had come hope the time will come, and believe it from the sterile East to the fertile West, will in a few years, that this church will to make their fortunes, have stood on be able to sustain the preaching of the some eminence they had gained, or, Gospel without missionary aid.

perhaps, on the roofs of their dwellings, not yet razed from off their foundations by the rising element; and beheld their

fences swept off, their promising crops ILLINOIS.

laid low beneath the wasting waters,

and their fruitful fields turned back in The greatest obstacle.

a day to a state of nature. They watchThe greatest obstacle that we are ed the movements of the resisiless in. called to encounter here in efforts to vader, as, like some fabled monster of build up the pure kingdom of Christ, is olden time, he stalked over the plain, to the unholy walk of the professed friends waste and devour. His morning, noon, of Christ. How is Christ wounded in l and evening meals required hundreds VOL. XVII.



of horses and cattle, and sheep and down to the gulf of deepest perdition. swine innumerable. And still his maw " He that hath ears to hear, let him was craving and insatiate. Nune could hear." withstand bis might, or rescue out of his hand. Ah! he was the dread mes. senger of wrath, exhibiting in wonder.

The West as it was. ful majesty the might of Omnipotence. How striking an eniblem this of that

I recently met an aged disciple, who flood which God has declared will ere long overtake the wicked! " The hail well recollects the time when lere shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and were but three Presbyterian and not the waters shall overflow the hiding, the Allegany Mountains. The great

one Congregational minister west of place. And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agree reasts, and "men more fierce and will

West was then the habitation of wild ment with hell shall not stand ; when the overflowing scourge shall pass the large and populous state—ibe

than they.In imagination I bebeid through, then shall ye be trodden down by it. For morning by morning shall it growing towns—the teeming cities, and pass over, by day and by nighi-when the ceaseless tide of immigration rushthe Mighty One shall rise up to exe- ing on to the western ocean; and I cute his work, his strange work, and to could but exclaim—" What hath God bring to pass his act, his strange the eye of man ever behold the like

wrought?" in the age of one man! Did act."

before? Hath the ear ever heard it? “ That awful day will surely come.” Can the annals of history show its pa“ Oh! on that day-that wrathful day, rallel? Is not the past, the precursor What power shall be the sinner's slay ?"

of a coming population, that for multi

tude ehall astonish the eyes of every Should that storm now break upon this beholder; and of events of such thrijigreat valley, what multitudes of sinners ing interest—“At which the ears of of every grade would it sweep down to every one that hears them shall tingle" remediless ruin! O how should every I often think, dear brethren, that you minister and every Christian in this and your associates have taken upon land, hear the voice of God as the voice yourselves a work, from which, for its of many waters-Do with thy might magnitude and responsibility, angels what thy hand findeth to do." O! the night well shrink. But " Let not your tide of infidelity and every species of heart be troubled, neither let it be error which is now rising up, and roll- afraid.” Not only angels, but the God ing its dark waves over these fair of anyels is with you. The cause can plains! Thanks be to Him who still

never, never fail. eth the tumult of mighty waters, these waves may now be stayed, by the pow

Now is the time! er of truth and the energy of the Spirit. God stands pointing his American In looking over this field of labor, and church by the significant finger of his seeing the importance of now bringing providence to this great valley, in the public mind under the control of which are being centered the hopes of religious truth, I often feel as though this nation, and in great measure the I wanted the strength to do the labor of hope of the worlu. And he is saying ten ministers. I am sure I should not to her, “According to thy faith be it want for work. How much easier is it unto thee." By a living faith, shown | now, when society is in a forming by works—“go up and possess the state, to mould its features, than it will land." But it ihy heart shall become be to change them when once formed. faint and thy hands weary, then shall | The metal in a state of fusion is easily your eyes ere long behold with weeping ashioned. Let it congeal, and it will the swelling tide of sin, with resistless require much labor to reduce it to the current, sweeping millions, and tens of same state of fusion again. This ilmillions, and hundreds of millions of lustrates the present and prospective dwellers in this vale, on its broad bosom condition of the West.


From Rev. J. Wood, Litlle Muddy, | the children frequently, both in the Franklin Co.

schools and at the regular hour for

preaching, adapting a sermon to their Grateful acknowledgmont of assist- capacities. Our hope is in the rising

generation, and truly we have here I rejoice and feel grateful to God, something to hope for from them. that the churches had put it in the

I have also given more than usual power of your Society to aid this little prominence to doctrinal preachingchurch of which I am pastor. We as

deeming it necessary in order to give

our younger yet need your help for ourselves, and stability, especially to more for the region around us. We

brethren, who are exposed to "every are alone, and would that the churches wind of doctrine," and to “ the sleight of could know the loneliness of our condi. men and cunning craftiness, wherewith tion. Help, self-denying help is what they lie in wait to deceive.” we need here. There is hard work to be done, and the promise of an immediate harvest is small. The institutions From Rev. S. G. Wright, Slark Co. of the Gospel are to be planted, and igno

Triumph of faith. rance and prejudice overcome by evangelical truth and christian patience. One sister, in the Lafayette church,

I cannot exult in any special mani has recently closed her pilgrimage. festations of God's Spirit. Yet I can Her disease was cancer, and for a year say that he has not forgotten us or left or more, “Not a week passed," said us without some manifestations of his her physician, “that she did not suffer favor. During this quarter, we have more than a martyr at the stake." Yet had ten additions to our church, nine not a murmur escaped her lips. She of whom were added by letter. Two often said, " I fear lest I shall become were also added to the Eight-mile impatient.”

She awaited with compochurch. They were the heads of sure her dissolution, and in her dying a large family. The Lord led them moments, twice opened her eyes upon by a way they knew not. The usual her attendants, with a full smile upon means of grace they did not en- her countenance—seeming to die in joy, yet God could reach them, and we raptures. She was a bright illustration trust graciously accepted them into his of the power of religion to support, unfamily. Since then God has laid bis der prolracted acute pain, and in the hand heavily upon that little church. pangs of dissolving nature. Though He has removed by death the most effi. she suffered, as it were, a thousand cient male meinber. What is our loss deaths, yet she had more real enjoyment we trust is his infinite gain. But the than many who feel no pain of body, and effect it will have upon the church, to whose teinporal prospects are without a me is yet unknown. God can, and if cloud. In the former part of her sickhe sees best will, overrule it for good. ness she had much anxiety respecting They need a minister there to encou- her children, several of whom were rage their hearts. Nearly all in that quite young ; but for several months beneighborhood have been sick. One tore her death, she said her anxiety was large family were all sick at once. I all gone, God would provide for her dear They were so much so that whien one children. of the children, a girl of about twelve,

Her love towards Christians was ardied, not one of the remaining eight in dent, and my occasional visits to her the family were able to attend her seemed to be the richest luxury-a feast corpse from the house.

to her soul. She often remarked, that it seemed to her, Christians had too little

love for one another. Instruction,

She is the fifth member of my little

Aock that have done with my counsels Sabbath-schools have received consi- and prayers, and gone to be with their derable attention from me, during the Lord. I trust that they have found a past three months. I have addressed peaceful homea safe retreat.

I feel constrained to repeat what I" have so often before written, viz., that

GEORGIA. my labor is almost lost by expending it on so wide a field. I am sometimes al.

Our readers are probably aware that there most discouraged, but I cannot make up is, in some sections of the South and West a my mind to relinquish any part of the subdivision of the Baptist denomination disfield. May God, of his infinite mercy, tinguished for its opposition to all organce80 guide his missionaries here, that tions for doing good. A missionary of the they may accomplish the utmost in their Society whose labors bring him in contact power to promote the glory of God in with these people, gives us the following the salvation of souls.



The Baptists here are divided into

two parties, called Anti-missionary and From G. C. Wood, Manchester.

Missionary, or “Hard shell” and Soft Severe a fiction.

shell" Baptists. The missionary party,

as their name indicates, have very In my last report I stated that our much of a missionary spirit, and do fears about a sickly season were begin. much for the spread of the Redeemer's ning to be realized; and the last three kingdom and the promotion of the bemonths have been the most distressing nevolent institutions generally; while ever witnessed in this section of Illinois. the anti-missionary party are violeody Our oldest settlers say that they never opposed to all the benevolent and misknew such a season before. In this sionary enterprizes of the country. place and vicinity, not a family have They have collected their sentiments escaped who have not had more or less to be printed in a volume. Their views sickness; and at Whitehall it has been on this subject are embodied in the 13th equally distressing. Sometimes it was article of their creed, which I copied very difficult to find well persons enough from the manuscript, and is as follows: to administer to the wants of the sick. • We believe that Theological Semina

I know not, however, that these se- ries, Sunday School Unions, Baptist vere chastisements have been the means State Conventions, Missionary, Bible, of quickening God's people to more dili- Tract and Temperance Societies, togence, except in a very few cases, and gether with their whole train of con. only one case where they have been nexions and kindred institutions, are instrumental in bringing the sinner to corrupt, unscriptural, without foundaChrist. Our congregations have often tion in the word of God, and therefore been much smaller than usual, and the improper.” Their practice is in perfect prospect of accomplishing much is very accordance with their creed. "They discouraging: Yet we hope for better manifest deadly opposition to the cause days, and if but a few come out of the of temperance—though many of the furnace purified and refined, the stan- missionary party concur with them in dard of piety will be elevated, and the their views on this subject. Some incause of the blessed Savior advanced. stances have occurred of the excommu. Another thing which has for some time nication of members from the church operated very much against the interests for having joined a temperance society. of religion, is the great political excite- | As I was travelling in C. county, a ment of the day. Many even of the few days ago, I fell in company with a friends of Christ seem to be carried tall athletic man. He was remarkably

talkative, and he threw out among other In most places the cause of tempe- things, some severe reflections on a rance suffers much during political cam- church that was lately established in paigns. And this has been the case in M., whereon, a dialogue took place, of one of the places where I preach. I which the following is the substance. hope, however, that the hydra is slain Question. What is there about that there, a majority of the citizens hav- church that makes you dislike it! ing lately voted to have no grog-shops Answer. Its government is unscrip

tural and arbitrary, its ceremonies are

away with it.

in the village.

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