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Appointments by the Executive Commiltee of the A. H. M. S., from Od. lat to

Nov. 1st, 1844.
Not in commission last year.

Rev. N. Hurd, Turin, N. Y.

Rev. C. W. Treadwell, Moreau, N. Y. Rev. W.C. Boyce, l'nadilla, N. Y.

Rev. E. Coleman, Wayne, Coucord and Columba, Rev. 0. P. Conklin, Dexter, N. Y.

Pa. Rev, Saml. Robinson, Williamstown, N.Y.

Rev. A. McReynolds, Canal Dover, 0. Rev. Luther Conklin, Liverpool, N. Y.

Rev. James Harrison, Dresden, O. Rev. S. H. Williams, Lisbon, N. Y.

Rev. J. A. Davies, Oak Hill, O. Rev. H. O. Scherinerborn, Ticonderoga, N. Y.

Rev. 0. C. Thompson, St. Clair, Mich. Rev. Phineas Robin: on, Wasbmgtonville, N. Y.

Rev. J. G. Kanouse, Salina, Mich. Rev. S.C. Hickok, Coldwater, Mich.

Rev. J. W. Smith, Benton, Mich.
Rev. C. Bradshaw, Salem Ch., Henry Co., Mo.

Rev. Seth Hardy, Owasso, Mich.

Rev. E. G. Howe, Hartland, Ill.

Rev. J. H. Prentiss, Payson, III. Rev. J. N. Lewis, Lisle, N. Y.

Rev. Thos. Cole, Kooxville, III. Rev. E. B. Funcher, McGrawville, N. Y.

Rev. I. B. Rickelts, Osceola and Warbleau, No.

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The Treasurer of the American Home Missionary Society acknowledges the receipt of the

following sums, from October 1st lo November 1st, 1844. NEW HAMPSHIRE

West Haven, Ladies, Cornish, Ladies' Corban Soc., by A. P.


JO 00 Wallace, freight, 3 00 Woodbridge,

28 48 Dorry, Ladies' Benev. Soc., by A. C.

New Haven, North Ch. Rod Soc., of McGregor, freight,

4 00 which $30 is from Timothy Bisbop, East Boscawen, fem. Benev. Soc., by E.

L. M., and $30 is from Wm. Jobozon, Greenough, freight,

3 00 Esq., to const. Mrs. Mary Eliza John Jaffrey, Fem. Beoov. Soc., by Rov. J. D.

son a L. M., by A. H. Maltby, Crosby, freight,

3 00 Mrs. Maria H. Waring, to const. VERMONT

Charles B. Waring a L. M.,

3000 Domestic Miss. Soc., viz: Burlington,

New Milford, Cong. Ch., by G. W.Whit.
Mrs. Eliza W. Buel, to coust. berself,

Rev. John K. Converse, and Mrs. Sarah

New London, Robert Coit, L.D., 100 Converse, Life Members,

90 00 Northfield, Cong. Soc., to coast. Rev. MASSACHUSETTS

Joel L. Dickinson a L. M.,

30 0 Home Miss. Suc., per B. Perkins, Asst.

Norwalk, First Ch., E. Hoyt, by A. E.
1000 00 Beard,

300 Dudley, Ladies' Sew. Circle, by Miss

Redding, bal. of coll., by Rev. D. C.
M. Williams, freight,
5 00 Comstock,

200 Lowell, Appleton-st. Ch., Ladies' Soc.,

Rockville, Female Char. Soc., freight, by Mrs. D. (i. Burnap, freight,

3 00 by Susan B. Talcolt, Paliner, Fem. Benev. Soc.,

10 00 Stamford, by T. Davenport, Pepperell, Ladies' H. M. S., to const.

Stonington, Ladies' Aux., by Miss L a.
John s. Jepniugs, and Mrs. Myron J.

Jennings, of Greencastle, Ind., Life

Members, by Rev. D. Andrews,

60 00 Bronklyn, First Presb. Ch., J. N. Judsou, Phillipston, logacy of the late Rev.

$15; Sab. Sch. Miss. Soc., by Mr.


Sweetser, $29 35,
Joseph Chickering, by H. Chickering, 100 00
Springfield, Ladies' H. M. S., by Mrs. M.

South Presb. Ch., Mon. Con. Coll., by
L. Hixon freight,
2 00 J. A. Davenport,

45 00

300 West Springfield, in part of legacy of

Busti, Cong. Ch., per Rev. L. S. Morgan,

5W the late Rev.J. L. Poigeroy, by Lewis

Canterbury, a friend,

150 00 Strong, Ex'r.,

250 g

Cuttskill, a friend of Missions, West Stockbridge, First Cong. Soc., of

Crown Point, Allen Penfeld, in full to which $5 is from Deac. Leel, by Rev.

const. Mrs. - Herrick a L. M., S. Bryant,

10 00 Durham, Ladies' Char. Soc., per Mrs. CONNECTICUT

Booth, Bloomfield, Benjamin Ely, L. M.,

30 00 East Otto, by Rev. M. Doolittle, Broklyn, Cong Suc., by E Newbury,

Evans, 24 Cong. Ch., by Rev. L. S. Mor. $112 82 ; Ladies, freight, $3,

115 82

gan, Deep River, Ladies' Sew. Soc., by Rev.

Jamestown, Rev. Ephraim Taylor, L. M. F. W. Chapnian, freight,



4 00 Mayville, by Rev. M. Doolittle, Eastbury, Ladies, by A. Snow, freight, 5 00 Miller's Place, L. l., a friend, Fair Haven, Cong. Ch., by Rev. B. L.

New York City, viz:Swaii,

15 00 Central Ch., A. R. Wetmore, Greenwich West, Rev. Mark Mead,

5 00 Mercer St. Ch., Mon. Con. Coll. by R. Fint Cong. Ch., by Rev. S. B. S. Bis.

Lockwood, $23 37; T. S. Nelson, sell, to const B. B Lockwood, L.

$20; W.L. Kinz, $15,
M., $30; Rev. S. B. S. Bissell, 85, 35 00 Spring St. Ch., Mon. Con. Coll., $4;
Stilson Begev. Soc., by Miss S. Lewis, 350 00 Youth's Miss. Suc., by J. J. Linson,
Middletown, Fem. H. M. 8., in part to

$65, const. Rev. Audrow Stone a L. M., by

Tabernacle Ch., an Individual, by Misa E. Colton,

23 00

Rev. J.C. Holbrook, New Haven, West Cons., by A. Town

Sabbath Sch. No.31, by Mr. Lester, gend, Jr.,

Friend. $10; a Lady, $5; Miss M.L. Humphreyville,

25 00

Baldwin, 25 cts.. Milford, 20 Ch.,

25 00

Panama, by Rev. M. Doolittle, Oxford,

25 00

16 OU

$ 37

15 95 10 a 5 00



Peckskill, Payson Presh. Ch., by Rev, D.

Rockville, Ct., F. C. Society, a half barrel,
5 78 by Susan B. Talcott,

35 00 Perry, L. B. Parsons, to const. Philo Par.

Fairfield, Vt., F. M. Society, a box, by Mrs. sons, of Perry, N. Y., and Lewis Par

C. L. Samson,

28 00 sops, of Alton, III., Lifo Members, 60 00 Wading River, L.J., Ladies' Sew. Soc., a Pleasant Plains, Rev. Sherman Hoyt, 3 00 box, by Rev. A. B. Burke. Pleasaot Valley, Mop. Con. Coll., by Kev.

Leverett, Mass., Ladies' Benev. Soc., a
B. F. Wile,

6 87
barrel, hy Francis Frary,

55 63 Ridgebury, Presb. Ch., by Rev. W. Y.

Moravia, N. Y., A. Cady, 175 yards cotton

21 00

cloth. Tribes Hill, Ladies, freight,

1 75 Washington, Ct., a barrel and box, by Mrs. Troy, Van Wyck Wiekes, 15 00 Samuel Leavitt,

93 18 West Oito, by Rev. M. Doolittle,

10 16 Calais, Me., Cong. Ch. and Soc., a barrel, Yorktown, by Rev. J. B. Stoddard, 12 50 by Rev. S. H. Keeler,


South Andover, Mask, a box,

90 00 Caldwell, Presb. Ch., in addition to $52, 53 19 East Boscawen, N. H., a box, by Enoch Middletown Point, Mrs. Parke, 4 84 Gerrish,

44 82 Wantage, First Presb. Ch., by Dr. Tits

Cornish, N. H., a box, by A. P. Wellman, 26 61 worth,

42 00 Dudley, Mass., a box, by Miss Jane Bates, 71 32 PENNSYLVANIA

Palmer, Mass., Fem. Benev. Soc., i barrel, 45 00 Harford, Joab Tyler, to const. himself,

A box, for Rev. Nahum Gould, source and Mrs. Nabby Tyler, Lite Members,

60 00

unknowp. TENNESSEE

Keesevillo, N. Y., Ladies, by Rev. B. W. Bentonville, Presb. Ch., by Rev. J. B.


96 68 Saye,

3 00 Derry, N. U., Ladies' Benev. Soc., a box, Rogersville, Presb. Ch., by Rey, G. A.

by Mrs. Abby C. MacGregor,

72 14 Mathes,

13 33 A box, for Rev. Asa Turner, source unOHIO

known. Dresden, Presb. Ch.,

5 00 Marcellus, N. Y., Ladies, a box, by Rev. Oakhill, Welch Cong. Chhs., by Rev. J.

.!oho Tompkins,

38 50 A. Davies,

3 60 Berkshire, N. Y., Fem. Benev. Soc., a box, INDIANA

by Mary Moore,

49 29 Rockville, Mon. Con, Coll., by Rev. S.

Springfield, Mass., Ladies' Homo Miss. G. Lowry, 10 00 Soc., a box, by Mrs. M. L. Hixon,

88 40 Wabash, by Rev. J. Thomson,

4 50 Peru, Mass., Cong. Soc., a box, by Mrs. ILLINOIS

Ruby H. Kuight,

30 36 Apple River, Presb. Ch., by Rev. 0.

Rockport, Mass., Ladies' Sew. Soc., a bar-

5 50
rel, by Nancy E. Brooks,

70 00 Payson, Cong. Ch., by Rev. J. H. Pren.

Deep River, Ci., Sew. Soc., a box, by Rev. ilss, $4 69; Mon. Con. Coll., $3 16, 7 85 F. W. Chapman,

40 00 Rushville, Rev. H. Bergen,

4 00 Verpon, Ct., it'em. Char. Soc., a barrel, by MICHIGAN

N. 0. Kellogg,

66 27 Augusta, Presb. Ch., by Rev. J. Marsh, 5 00 Jaffrey, N. H., Fem. Benev. Soc., a box, by Bristol, North Ch., by Rev. E. Parker, 1 00 Rev.J. D. Crosby. Corunna, Presb. Cb., by Rev. Seth

Meriden, N. H., Ladies' Benev. Soc., a box, 21 00 Hardy,

3 53 | Tribes Hill, N. Y., Ladies, a burrel, by Rev. Nankin, Ch , $5; Rev. G. Eastman, $5, 10 00 Asa F. Clark,

35 27 Newburgh, by Rev. E. Parker,

I 34 Claremont, N. H., Ladies' Benev. Soc., a Owasso, Presb. Ch., by Rev. Seth Hardy, 1 67

box. by Mrs. Mary F. Lawrence,

52 78 Port Huron, Cong. Cin, by Rev. P.

Springfield, Mass., Ludies' Benev. Soc., a Boughton, 4 50 box, by M. Jerome,

70 00 Tolon's Prairie, hy Rev. A. W. Bushnell, 5 00 Townsend's Settlement, by Rey. E. Par.

Receipts of the Western Agency, at Geneva, N. Y., ker,


from Aug. 5 to Oct. 24, 1844. Rev. J. 4. Mur. S.,

ray, Secretary MISSOURI

Albion, of which $20 is a relic of a deceased Richmond, Individnals, $2 25; I. T.

friend of the donor,

62 72 Stephenson, $2; by liev. E. P. Noel, 4 25




22 75 Caldwell's Prairie, $6 50; Rev. S. Chal


9 00 fee, $2 90,

9 40

Bergen, Stone Church, Delavan, Cong. Ch., by Rev. A. Gaston, 3 48


9 50 Elkborn, do.

1 55 Lisboa, by Rev. L. Bridgeman,

Branchport, L. S. Bonth,

14 00 6 25

Buffalo, Mrs. R. B. Heucork, to const. her Pewaukie, $2 50; Rev. L. Bridgeman, $1 51,

son, Rev. George Heacock, a L. M., 30 00

4 10 Warren, by Rev. L. Bridgeman,

Cauror, A. Hart, Esq.,

10 00 1 75

Castleton, Rev. R. Hurlbut, $5; 0. Whit. Yorkville, by Rev. S. Chatice,

5 60 New England, a friend,

50 00

ney, $3; Joel Whitney, $5: Mrs. C.
Whitney, $5; Mrs. H. Tallman, $2;
Cash, $18 45,

38 45
$4105 39
J. CORNING, Treasurer.

5 00 Chapinsville,

1 62 Donations of Clothing, Sc., with the valuation of

Corning, (a box sont to Micbigan, $55;)

10 00
the donor s.
East Aurora,

2 00 Lowell, Mass., Appleton eh. Ch. and Soc., East Bethany, by R. Peck,

19 50 a box, by Mrs. D. G. Burnap, 60 00 Friendship,

5 00 Brooklyn, Ct., a barrel, by Rev. G. J.


5 50 Tillotson, 58 00 Geneva, G. C. Seelye,

25 00 Ensthury, Cl., Ladies' Sex. Soc., a barrol,

Genon, 1st Presb. Ch., Fem. Sew. Soc., $5; by Aaron Soow,

67 46
Coll., $45 81,

50 81

8 50

Hunt's Hollow, Rev. L. Hamilton, $6 25 ;

rell. $2; Salem-st. Ch., bal. of Colle others, $6 25, 12 50 $2 37,

75 37 Ithaca, T. 8. Williams, 2 quarterly pay

Billerica, Evan. Cong. Soc.,

15 03 ments, $50; J. B. Williams, quarterly

Tisbury, West Cong. Soc.,

16 0 payment, $25,

75 no Bedford, Fem. Char. Assoc., $20 ; Mon. Lakeville, 18 50) Con. Coll., $23 93,

43 83 Lo Roy, Miss Ingham, $11; others, $4 07, 15 07 || Andover, Socieiy of Inquiry in Phillips Lima, liev. Johu Barnard, $5; Abby Bar


46 00 Mard, $5; Coll., $14 85; Ladies' Bible

Woburn, Meeling of General Association, Class, $10; Mon. Con. Coll., $13 98, 48 83 Irvingsvillo. Ladies' und Gent. Assoc., 13 0 Lyons, (box, $120, by Mrs. Spencer, seut to

Erviny, Ladies' and Gent. Assoc.,

12 10 lowa ;) Jesse Smith, to const. Mrs. Emily

Fitchburg, Miss Lucy Davis,

10 00 Smith L. M., $30; Charles W. Smith,

New Orleans, E. G. Ilyde,

33 avails of a little boy's coro plot, 50 cts., 30 50 Lincoln, Rev. Mr. Ne hall's Soc.,

9 35 Ludlowville, 43 00 Milbury, 211 Cong. Soc.,

2 00 Nunda Valley, by Rev. E. Marsh, to make

New tun, East Parish, Mon. Con. Coll., 19 63 Mrs. Harriet Welchman a L. M.,

46 00 Woburn, Mon. Cou. Coll., in Rev. Mr. Ogden, Coll., $10 72 ; Ladies' Miss. Soc.,

Smith's Soc.

30 00 $25,

35 72

Westminster, Rev. Mr. Smith's Soc., 55 33 Ontario, 17 00 Brishton, Kev. Mr. Adams' Soc.,

84 93 Painted Post,

2 00 Franklin, legacy of Mrs. Irene Fisher, 176 57 Parma Center, 5 00 Hopkinton, Ladies' Miss Soc.,

78 81 Prattsburgh, hy Rev. J. H. Downs, 11 00 Walthem, Trinitariau Cong. Soc.,

31 00 Rochester, Brick Church, a young man, in

North Falmouth, Corig. Soc.,

97 00 part to sustain a Missionary, by J. W.

Hadley, leachers in Mount Holyoke Fem. Hatch,

50 00

Sear, $164; pupils in do.. $308 25, 472 25 Skeneateles, (box, $96 14;) Cash,

5 87 Barre, Rev. Mr. Bullard's Soc., South Wales, 5 00 Portsmouth, N. H., David Hale,

5 Victory,

4 00 Essex, North, Aux. Soc., R. Barley, Treas., 164 25 Webster, for the West, $11; Cash, 13 cts., 11 13 Medford, Rev. Mr. Baker's Soc.,

42 10 New tow, East Parish, Ladies' Miss. Soc., 26 16 $772 34 Corner, Mou. Cun Cull.,

15 58 Medforri, John Clough,

5 Truro, Cong. Soc..

4 75 Receipts of the Central Agency, Utica, N. Y., from Quincy, Ladies' Miss. Assoc.,

13 31 Aug. 5 to Oct. 20, 1844. Rev. 4. Crane, Secre- Bradford, Rev. Mr. Muproe's Soc., 94 10 tary.

Hardwick, Coug. Soc.,

4 Carthage, by Rev. N. Dutton,

2 00 Oxford, let Ch. and Soc., $67 90; Ladies' Cincinnatus,

14 25 Sew. soc., $15 10, Glens Falls, of which $30 is to const. Mrs.

North Sewing Circle,

300 Cynthia G. Arms a L. M., 55 71 Whitinville Village, Cong. Soc.,

94 00 Ha nilion, by J. Foole,

14 00 Wreutham, Mrs, Elizabeth Fish, $2; Dom. Keeseville, by J. Mattocks, 13 00 Miss. Soc., $10,

19 00 Lisbon, by Rev. W.L. B.,

150 Exeter, N. H., Edward Crane, Lisie, by Rev. J. N. Lewis,

12 50 Essex North, Aux. .-00., K. Bailey, Treas., 5800 Liverpool, by Rev. A. C. Tutile, 9 50 South Reading, Joseph Hopkius,

3 00 Middlefield Center, by Miss logalls,


31 00 North Rochester, Ladies' Sew. Circle, Middle Granville, 20 50 Lowell, Juhu-rl. Ch. and Soc.,

150 00 Oneonta, by Kev. F. Harrington, 18 75 Tosbury, West Cong. Suc.,

30 Rodinau, by Deac. Lyon,

16 44 Hampden Co., H. M. S., H. Brewer, Jr, St. Lawrence Co., H.M.S.,

18 73

450 00 Salisbury, Coll., $3 47; Rev. B. Foltz, $3, 11 47 Hubbardston, Rev. Mr. Bidwell's Soc., South Granville, 4 22 Hardwick, Ladies' Charitable Soc.,

30 00 Syracuse, Cong. Soc., to const. Rev.

Plymouth, 24 Cong. Soc., Mon, Cou. Coll. 16 00 Charles G. Lee a L. M.,

30 00 Marlborough, Rev. Mr. Day's Soc., Ulica, Friends of H. M., $1 50 ; Mrs. J.

East Medway, Rev. Mr. Hardıug's Soc.,

50 50 Kirkland, $10,

11 50 Buckland, Rev. Mr. Cumming's Soc., of Wampsville,

10 00 which $30 is to court. Miss Ruxana GrisWatertown, First Ch..

57 00 wold a L. M., Second Ch.,

17 30 Beverly, Fem. Miss. Soc., Dane-st. Ch., Whitehall, of which $100 is to const. Den.

E-sex, Rev. Mr. Croweli'. Soc., nis Joues a L. D.,

150 00 A friend, lo court. Rev. Elisha Clearela od Wiufiuld, Mrs. P. Sione, 50 a L. II.,

30 60 Ipswich, Rev. Mr. Fitz's Soc., $519 89 li oucester, West Parish, Annquam, Mon. Cop. Coll.,

800 The Treasurer of the Massachusetts Home Mis.

Weuham, Rev. Mr. Dansfield's Soc., $3974;

Fem. Cbar. snc., $.35, sionary Society acknowledges the receipt of the following sums, from June 1st to Oct. 181, 1844.

Dauverx, South, by Miss Susan Putnam,

Boxford, Kev. Mr. Coggiu's.soc., Essex North, Aux. Soc.,

193 77 Beverly, Washington-st. Ch, aud Soc., Boston, Mrs. Israel Thorndike, $30; Mrs.

Topsfield, Kev. Mr. Lord's Soc., Wadsworth, $1,

3100 Sairin, Crombie-st. Ch.,

30 00 Ipswich, Miss Ann Dane,


Manchester, Rev. Mr. Taylor's Soc.,
Beverly, Gentlemen in Rev, Mr. Abbott's

46 25 Roxbury, John Galliver, $5; a friend, $350,

8 50

* * lo the last ackuowledgment of receipts from Brookfield Assoc., Rev. W. A. Nichols,

Now. Hampshire, the vames uf Mre. A. C. Boute, Treus..

274 00 ) and M188 Jane P. Gerriab, should have been call Boston, a lady, $1; Rev. N. Houghtoa,

ted, aud that of Deac samuel Morrell inserted $50; Rev. Asa Bullard, 8:20 ; Isaac Tir:

L. M., by the First Cb, Concord, N. H.

35 50

57 25 14 45 55 12 31 95 913

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East a higher intelligence, civilization and

refinement; and if these can be sanctified by Sermon of Rev. W. R. De Witt,

the spirit of Christianity, they will bear their D. D.,

benignant influences with them beyond the

Alleghanies, and over the immense masses Before the Philadelphia Home Missionary So. of mind that will people the tributaries of the ciety, May 22, 1844.

great Mississippi.”

The PHILADELPHIA HOME MISSIONARY It is said, with great justice, in the dis- Society is awake to the duty involved in course from which the following extracts are

these suggestions, and is laboring with taken, that “the West must necessarily be, zeal and efficiency in its own domestic field, in some important respects, tributary to the planting churches, and settling pastors, as the East. The natural and artificial channels most effectual means of bringing it into the of communication must bear the products of best moral condition. This is noble. We the West to the Eastern cities, and bear back rejoice to see the same spirit kindling up anew in return those articles of our commerce and in other sections of our eastern States, and our manufactures, that shall minister to the trust it will pervade and bless them all. Our comfort, the refinement and the luxury of the true Home Missionary policy is, to bring every West

. Long after the numerical force of the portion of our“ homestead”-our older settleWest shall far exceed that of the East, will ments—into the highest state of cultivation, the East continue to impress its character on while, at the same time, we do all that in us the West. Here all those arbitrary fashions, lies to make the most distant spot in the wil. which have such a controlling influence over derness to bloom with the rose of Sharon. the intercourse of social life, will originale, and from this they will spread over the en.

Importance and resources. tire land. Whatever type of character prevails here, its impress will be seen, and will The attention of our churches has gradually deepen on the inhabitants of the been, for a long time, so exclusively Great Valley. Commerce will secure to the " directed to the wants of the great West,



and the heathen world, that they have Rastern part of the state,
overlooked the field immediately around
them, and are mournfully ignorant of the

The city and county of Philadel moral wastes that lie neglected almost phia contains a population of upwards beneath their eyes. The truth is, my of two hundred and sixty thousandbrethren, that no part of this Common-rapidly increasing by the constant idwealth is adequately supplied with an flux of foreigners. The last census enlightened, pious, stated ministry; and shows that within that city and the that large portions of it are, at this districts immediately adjoining, they moment, as destitute of the means of have a very large uneducated popula. grace as lowa or Wisconsin.

tion. About one-tenth of the entire

number in the whole State, of those Our state embraces a territory of above the age of twenty, who can nearly forty-seven thousand square neither read nor write, are concentrated miles, and contains a population of in the city and the districts around itabout one million eight hundred thou- principally in the latter. They are sand. Our agricultural districts, many mostly foreigners—and of course udof them the most beautisul and fertile acquainted, in a great measure, with in the world, and all susceptible of a the nature and the genius of our social vastly higher cultivation, can sustain a and political institutions.

The great population much greater than that majority of this population are entirely which now covers them. Our mineral subjected to an influence which is, and resources are literally inexhaustible, and ever has been, the most determined foe no calculations can now be made of to civil and religious freedom. the future extent and importance of our Recent occurrences* have shown mining operations. Our coal will be how easily this portion of that uneducome the food, and our iron the muscle cated population may be organized and of an immense manufacturing interest, employed for the accomplishment of that will eventually spread over our purposes most disastrous and fatal to mountains and along our streams a our liberties. In the city and county dense and an industrious population ; of Philadelphia there is a large proteswhile our mining, manufactured, and tant population unsupplied with pious agricultural products will constantly religious teachers, who, while they feed a commerce whose canvass will preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and whiten every ocean.

seek directly the salvation of men, are

constanıly laboring to promote the inDuring the last ten years, though an telligence and good order of society immense tide of emigration has flowed through all its grades. It is only the from our agricultural districts to the silent and constant influence of such vast West-though our pecuniary em. teachers, carrying the light of truth, barrassments have been unprecedented accompanied with the power of love, in our history—and though a large pub- into every dark habitation, and gatherlic debt has rested upon us, like an in. ing all that come under its sanctify, cubus, paralyzing, to a great extent, our ing power into permanent organized enterprise and industry, yet the increase churches of our Lord Jesus Christ, of our population has been in a ratio that can withstand the encroachments equal to that of any period of the same of Romanism, and bring that popula. number of years since the settlement tion under an enlightened religious inof the Commonwealth ; and there are

fluence. causes now in operation, which, in all Some of the countics immediately human probability, will increase this contiguous to that of Philadelphia, are ratio progressively for years to come. inhabited, for the most part, by the With this large population, with the descendants of the English followers certainty of its rapid increase, and with of Penn. It is an interesting fact, that these sources of national wealth and power, in progress of development, let us look for a moment at our religious

• The Kensington riots occurred on the 7th, 8th, condition.

and 9th of May, in which many citizens werd killed and wounded.

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