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over such an extent of territory. This would have preferred an orthodox, prevents us from associating in prayer learned, and pious ministry; but being meetings, and in other labors for the ex- deprived of such, they have yielded to tension of the Redeemer's kingdom, as the extent of sacrificing their principles, frequently as is desirable, and, added to that they might have a ministry rather the pressing nature of worldly cares ex- than see their children grow up without perienced in all new countries, greatly a Sabbath and a sanctuary. But the kinders the diffusion of the Gospel mass of the people still desire a minis. throughout the community.

try learned, pious and liberal, but orthoThough the mass of our population is dox. so heterogeneous, I have found them generally more accessible to judicious efforts for their good than any commu

VIRGINIA. nity I am acquainted with in the East. Indeed, diversity of languages, and my From Rev. M. Meigs, near Winchesown lack of ability alone,circumscribe my

ter, Frederick Co. labors. I have never met with more uniform courtesy and kindness extended to

A Missionary field. the Gospel minister, apparently out of respect for his office, than among all The State of Virginia has much mis. classes in this community. In regard sionary ground. Few fields of labor, if to privations, I have experienced no any, can be found more needy; and more, all things considered, than is com- missionaries must act rather as pioneers, mon to the lot of those who preach the than expect to enter into other men's Gospel every where, or than is needful labors, made ready to their hands, and to remind me, that “while at home in settle down in the midst of flourishing, the body, we are absent from the long established congregations, with a Lord.”

snug salary, and a prospect of a life of I have already seen enough to con- comparative leisure, or of easy

labor. vince me, that the importance of the Within eight miles of Winchester, West as a field of christian effort, is not through the persevering exertions of an overrated by the churches in the older aged saint, now gone to his rest, a spaportions of our country. Compared with cious and commodious house of worship the last, we are neither infidel nor sec. has been erected; which was opened tarian. The mass of the people possess and dedicated a Sabbath or two before too warm hearts and earnest minds to my arrival, by Brother Boyd, and the be satisfied with the cold, gloomy, ever- venerable Dr. Hill, the former my cochanging teachings of infidelity. They worker in this important field, and the have come to plant and to build, not to latter, long time pastor of the Winchespluck up and destroy: and as infidelity ter church, who several years since reis only destructive, it finds little that is signed his charge, and now labors as a congenial here. The emigrants, almost sort of privileged missionary, without without exception, change their habits fee or reward, wherever Providence after a short residence. In many re- opens a door. spects this change is injurious, but in This church stands in the midst of a others favorable. Prejudices yield to dense agricultural population, among the power of new associations. Soon, whom the Gospel trumpet has scarcely an assimilating process commences, been sounded, except by an occasional and they seem determined to find some itinerant Methodist preacher. To this common ground broad enough for Chris- part of my charge, the Hayfield church, tians from different sections to occupy; I have preached, out of season, as well and thus unite without relinquishing the as in season. Since the date of my fundamental principles of the Gospel. commission, we have held two protracted The very errors, which are current, meetings in this neighborhood ; one at show this general tendency carried out the new church, which was completely to an extreme. These errors are to a filled, while hundreds at the doors and great extent sustained by those who windows were precluded admission; once professed a pure faith, and who the other, in a grove—a custom main



tained in Virginia, from the days of Pre

MICHIGAN. sident Davies. This meeting was full of interest, hundreds from all the neigh. From Rev. S. Hardy, Owasso, Shisboring country being present. At both

wasse Co. these meetings I preached, as well dur. ing the week, as on the Sabbath. In reviewing the year, we find occaQuite an interest is felt in the enter- sion to mourn and lament that so little prise of rebuilding these wastes. All has been accomplished. Still, we renmy preaching appointments have been ture to hope that our labor has not been thronged, and the promise of usefulness in vain in the Lord. We had a season is great.

of interest in the spring, which resulted At Cedar Creek I have preached on in two or three cases of hopeful converfive several occasions. Although this sion. Our Sabbath school, as we are is one of the oldest Presbyterian Church constrained to believe, has been exertes of Virginia, they have enjoyed the ing a salutary influence on the children ministration of the word but once a and youth in this place. A donation of month, till my coming among them.

books for the use of this, and the other Sabbath schools in Shiawasse co. bas been received from the American S. S.

Union; but the reception of the books From Rev. P. Fletcher, Jefferson Co.

is so recent we can say but little re

specting their influence. I have been Wide and important openings.

constrained to ride out three miles part

of the time, to preach to a little church There are many points in the bounds which I have formed at Corunna, our of our Presbytery and Synod, which county seat. That little church feel could be advantageously occupied by I encouraged, and are now anxious to semen of the right stamp-I mean men of cure preaching half of the time. I am a self-denying, self-sacrificing spirit- searching for å minister to take charge who can willingly and zealously labor of that church, and one or two others for the good of those who have never which we contemplate forming very enjoyed enough of the Gospel to appre- soon in the south part of this county. ciate its worth, or to support its minis- The Owasso people wish my services try. Could such men be sent and sus- all the time, and are intending, if the tained a short time, they would not fail, winter should prove favorable for getby the blessing of God, to awaken an ting out timber, to erect a house to meet interest sufficient to insure support and in, in the Spring. In this place there co-operation. I hope that time is not has never been as yet any licensed far distant. At least a brighter pros- liquor-selling establishment. But last pect is dawning upon us.

Spring a man came in and commenced Proposed Homo Missionary effort in he has become convinced public opinion

dealing out liquor without license. But Virginia.

in this place does not favor such busiAt last meeting of our Synod, ness, and consequently is constrained commendable zeal was manifested in to relinquish the traffic. the cause of Home Missions. Nearly fifteen hundred dollars were subscribed on that occasion--mostly by ministers. The plan is to employ an agent who A youthful confensor. shall devote his whole time to destitute places in our bounds--preaching and Our Sabbath school is increasingly holding meetings, and endeavoring to interesting. Many children from Uniinterest people in the support of the mi-versalist families were drawn into it, nistry-visiting the seminaries, for the and such was their attachment that purpose of inducing young men to nothing but absolute compulsion could come over and help us."

event them from altending. The Many portions of our bounds are as Universalists and others became alarmreally missionary fields as any other parted and bestirred themselves to provide of our country.

a substitute. A Universalist Sabbath

school was organized a short time since, | obstacles here, the carnal heart is here, and their children compelled to attend. which is enunity against God. The When they came to return their books, spirit of worldliness—what may proand take leave of their dear teachers, perly be termed idolatry-prevails, and, it was touching to witness the sobs and what is most to be deplored, it finds its tears of the sorrowful little creatures. way into the church of God, and eclipOne of the little girls, the daughter of ses the objects of faith. Besides we a bitter enemy to religion, has, as I am have Campbellism, Universalism and credibly informed, been accustomed to Mormonism here. retire by herself for prayer at conve. In addition to these obstacles, we nient opportunities while in her atten- labor under much inconvenience from dance at the day school. She told a not having a suitable place for public member of our church, a few days since, worship. We have occupied a room that her father punished her when she which was fitted up for the purpose, cried to go to our Sabbath school ; also until recently, when the owner wished when she prayed, if found out, and was to convert it to other uses. We have told that it was wicked. But, said she, commenced the building of a house, but “I must pray for my father, if he does the sickness has prevailed so extensivewhip me." This explained the reason ly, and our means are so limited, that why M. put the question to her teacher nuch depends upon the labor of the once with so much earnestness: " Is it members of the society, and the building wicked for a little girl to pray?" has been at a stand, and will, I fear, be

The Universalists have taken away deferred until another season. These some of our scholars, but they have not causes have operated unfavorably upon diminished the interest of the school ; our Sabbath school, and upon the other our number is larger than it was before. means of grace. Still we are encouragWe devote one half of the Sabbath, ed to look to the Lord and go forward. once a month, to the Sabbath school | This world is given to Christ, and he concert. It affords a good opportunity will possess it from the rivers to the to interest the children, and to make ends of the earth. Truth will prevail. them feel, by our special efforts, that Christ's cause will triumph. We are God is interested in their condition called upon as was the Prophet to prothat the Bible, Sabbath school, and phecy upon the dry bones, and upon youthful piety, will promote their pre- the wind, and we have the same ensent and eterual happiness.

couragement to obey the command of the Lord.

From Rev. A. W. Bushnell, Gales. The good seed germinating. burg

So far as my knowledge extends, Hindrances and hope..

there is in this community a general re

gard for evangelical religion, and a resI regard this field as an important pect for sound morals. All that is done one, though much labor, patience, per- by the Home Missionary Society for this severance and faith, will evidently be state, will ultimately bring forth an required to cause it to bring forth an hundred fold for the general prosperity abundant harvest to the glory of God. of religion and morals in this country. Every thing here is in its infancy. There are many Christians in Michigan The moral vineyard bears a striking who frequently shed tears of joy when resemblance to the natural. Much has they think of the benefactions of the to be done under the anticipation of Eastern churches, by which the preachfuture good, rather than with the ex-ing of the Gospel is secured to them. pectation of such immediate results as And the day will come when many of we see under other circumstances. In the feeble churches, supplied with the this fallen world there are many ob- ministry by your society, will be stacles in the way of advancing the among the inost liberal contributors to cause of the Redeemer. There are your funds.

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it not for the timely aid of your Society,

I see not how it would be possible to Synod of Ohio.

keep these churches together. The From the statements made at the recent voices of thousands from this county meeting of this (New School) Synod we learn, will, we believe, unite with the voices that, at present, it embraces about 30 connties of millions from other parts of our comin its territory, principally in the central the A. H. M. Society was formed.

mon country, in blessing the day when and south-eastern parts of the State. It consists of 53 members and a number of licentiates. It has under its jurisdiction, 5 Presbyteries, and 73 churches. In the Synod there Missionary colportage. are a number of vacant churches, and large and extensive districts of country, unsupplied I have obtained a supply of tracts, by ministers of our order. Three missiona- and I expect soon to get a supply of ries could be prisitably employed immediately, the bound volumes of the Tract Society, in the Presbytery of Marion, with some aid which I shall distribute to the best ad. from the Home Missionary Society. The des. vantage I can. I am surrounded by a titute churches are Liberty, Concord, Brown, community, the largest portion of whom Kingston, Jefferson, Marysville, Newton and

are almost entirely without religious Radnor. In the Presbytery of Tuscarawas

, reading. They do not attend on the from 4 to 6 missionaries are demanded. In preaching of the Gospel, and if they that Presbytery there is but one evangelical to their houses. This I intend to do,

are reached, the Gospel must be taken minister to every 4000 of the population. In the Presbyteries of Athens and Scioto, the places in the country around during the

as far as possible. I preach at several cry is, come over and help us; these with week. At T. Plains, I preach once Licking Presbytery, need at least 6 Mission and sometimes twice a month, to a aries.

good and attentive congregation. There is a church of thirteen members there.

There are tokens for good in that place. Faithful coutinuance.

One man and his wife have recently

renounced Universalism. Their minds We have few cases of seriousness, have been deeply interested. They and the atteodance on the means of have a family of ten children, whose grace, has been as good as could be ex- | destiny will be influenced by the course pected, considering the scattered condi- of the parents. There are other places tion of our congregations. The cause where I preach to good congregations. of temperance is on the advance. An individual, well known in this commu

A dificulty. nity, came to his death lately, by a wound received in falling from a waggon, while The great difficulty is, as some ex. in a state of intoxication. Poor man! press it, “ There are so many religions." he had recently lost a sister, and had Campbellism, Universalism, and even been told that it might be his last warn- | Mormonism, all have their advocates; ing; and so it proved. We meet almost and if we preach the Gospel and sucdaily with little incidents which interest ceed in making a good impression, us, but we do not deem them of suffi- | Satan is ready to come and catch away cient importance to be included in our the word. Still I cannot but hope that report. We still meet with some things the word sown in prayers and tears calculated to discourage us, but when may yet spring up and bear fruit. we consider what opposition the truth has always had to encounter, and especially that this whole field belongs to From Rev. J. Cochran, Charleston, O. Christ, and must one day be his, we feel greatly encouraged, and by the grace of

Biblical instruction. God, we hope never to grow weary in our work.

There are a few who I hope will come Money seems a small thing; but were 1 forward and unite with us at our next

communion season. For the present, 'tion in the churches. Hence I have they appear well; and I cannot but tried to wake up a greater interest by hope that they have been truly born' establishing Bible classes, and, so far of the Spirit. Our meetings on the as could be done, Sabbath schools. Sabbath and on week days, have been Besides preaching two and three times sustained and attended about as former- every Sabbath, I attend and conduct ly, with the exception of the Sabbath eve- two Bible classes, and sometimes three. ning prayer meeting, which has given The labor and toil are great. But I am place to a general Bible class. We are willing to do this, as I feel assured that studying Romans—and it is to me, and it is the only way to insure a permaso far as others have expressed any nent hold for the preaching of the gosthing upon the subject, to them, one of pel of Christ. In this way an interest our most interesting meetings. I am can be created, that could not in any doing what I can to excite and cultivate other. among my people, an interest in study. Great embarrassment is felt in adopting the Bible. With what success, ing a well digested system of Bible class cannot now be decided, though ap- instruction, for the want of books suita. pearances are favorable. I gave a ble for such instruction. I am laboring course of expository sermons upon under great disadvantages myself for the Galatians, last winter and spring, and want of books suitable for a minister's think of soon commencing a similar library, to aid me in preparing for the course upon the 1st Epistle to the sacred desk; but we have the Bible Corinthians. I know not that I can " precious book divine !" and from this, pursue a better plan to excite in my without any other aid, (as I have compeople an active spirit, and also to settle paratively none,) I try to instruct the them as regards regularity and good people, and I am not without assurance order in the church.

that it will be beneficial to many souls. One young man of talent, a lawyer by profession, met me on the side walk a

few days since, and observed that he Eforts at Biblical Instruction. was not aware of there being so many

good things clustered together in the An obstacle which I find here, and Bible as he has found there is, since his one, I think, that prevents the preach-connection with our Bible class. This ing of the Gospel from taking hold on young man of promise is now in the the heart and conscience, is the want daily habit of reading the Holy Scripof a more systematic course of instruc-tures.


Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. the support of Home and Foreign Missions,

she gives more than FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS,

Her six hundred and fifty thousand people are Fruits of cultivation compared with the results of neglect.

doing, at least, five times more, to build up and sustain schools, and seminaries, colleges, and

churches, and ministers in the greatWest, than Perhaps, there is no state in the Union, in Pennsylvania with her one million eight hunwhich, from the beginning, there has been a dred thousand. And is she poor for doing so ? greater expenditure of effort, and of means, to Has her benevolence beggared her citizens ? give to every parish within its bounds, a per. Has it depressed her energies, wasted her remanently settled pastor, than Massachusetts. sources, and paralyzed her enterprise ? ConAnd what is the result? Where Pennsyl-trast her condition with our own, and I leave vania gives ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS towards you to reply. (Dr. De Witt, of Pa.]

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