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Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian || would do for him to put in. “0,” he denominations, with errors and spiritual said, “ that wont buy a Bible, and I desolations over which the heart could want the heathen should have it quick.” not but weep. According to appoint- | After returning from church he said : ment I preached to them the next "I wish there were a contribution every morning, and then, through a storm of day, so I could give all my money—I rain and snow, over a rough and mud- like it.” Dear boy ! at the rate be bad dy road, I travelled twelve miles in two given he would soon exhaust his funds, hours, and met one of my regular ap- for he had already given more than half pointments for preaching, -I was then his money. But his mother had taught six miles from home, to which I return him, that the Lord loveth a cheerful ed the same evening.

giver, and that he would lose nothing

by lending liberally to the Lord. And It is exceedingly desirable that every mis- he was realizing something of that truth, sionary should have all the facilities to be de- for he received, as a New-Year's prerived from books, tracts and Bibles ; since the sent, a Prussian Thaler, (624 cents,) frequency with which he traverses his field, from a friend who knew nothing of his and his knowledge of individual cases, give contribution to the missionary cause. him great advantages for usefulness over the When the church at large shall give as mere transitory colporteur. Assistance of liberally, believing that God will most this kind has been generously furnished by the richly repay those that lend to him, American Tract Society, to the amount of your treasury, dear brethren, will

not $600 or $700 during the first half of the cur- and the desolate places will not call in

be so exhausted as it has recently been, rent year, principally in tracts, and in the rain for help as they too often now do. eastern part of the great field; but the missionaries in the West alone, ought to have throe times this amount.

A lamentable Fact.

The liberal giver.

One great obstacle to the spread of

the Gospel here, arises from the fact, We had a very interesting meeting that so large a proportion of the colomu. of our Juvenile Missionary Society on nity are, or have been, professors of reli. Christmas day. About sixty happy gion. They have heard all, seen all, young faces were assembled at my and as they imagine, felt all of Chrishouse to contemplate the condition of tianity-they are thoroughly Gospel the heathen world, to engage in prayer hardened. They are of every grade, for the benighted, and to look at their from the Judas and Simon Magus aposown obligations to the perishing and to tate, to the Demas outside and inside themselves. The meeting was render- of the church, and the barren fig-tree ed solemn by alluding to the fact that genus of Christians, who while they one bright lad, who had enjoyed the live on the fat the land, are naught meeting a year since, was now sleeping but “cumberers of the ground." It in the cold grave, having been very takes a Christian, and one of Bunyan's mysteriously drowned a few weeks “Great Heart" kind, to stem a tide of since. After the devotional exercises worldliness, like that which here sets a collection was taken of $4,77, for the perdition-wise from January to January, foreign distribution of the Bible. One by day and by night. Thank God, lad, under seven years of age, who con- therefore, that if the West is not the tributed that day from his own little place to multiply converts, it may still funds, of his own accord, 75 cents, and be of vast service to the church as a rewho never paid a shilling for toys or finer's furnace. From the fires in which sweetmeats in his life, on the fast day she tests the moral integrity of the imthat soon followed, threw into the mis- migrant, there will eventually come sionary box two dimes and two balf forth, I trust, a chosen generation of dimes. His father told him, before Christians, men who will be willing to going to church, that one small piece ll follow their Master through evil or through good report. God grant, at come forth as gold seven times purified, least, to cast all the sons of Levi into thoroughly furnished for every good the fire, and keep them there till their work. dross is wholly consumed, that they may

Appointments by the Executive Committee of the A. H. M. S., from February 1st to

March 1st, 1845.

Rev. E. A. Carson, Savannah, Mo.
Rev. E. B. Turner, Cascade, Iowa.
Rev. John Lewis, New Diggings, Wis.
Rev. W. A. Thompson, Bloomfield and Fox, Iowa.
Rev. E. S. Miner, Madison, Wis.
Rev. C. E. Rosenkrans, East Troy, Wis.
Rev. E. W. Howitt, Milton, Wis.
Rev. Alyah Lilly, Lisbon and Pewaukie, Wis.
Rev. T. B. Hurlbut, Vermilionville, III.
Rev. E. H. Hazard, Wadham's Grove, Ill.
Rev. E. E. Wells, Sycamore III.
Rev. Romulus Barnes, Newark, 11.
Rev. John V. Downs, Dundee, Ill.
Rev. Asa Donaldson, Dover, III.
Rev. Silas Jessup, Allany, III.
Rev. Chas. R. French, vicinity of Chicago, Ill.
Rev. E. G. Howe, Hartland, ill.
Rev. E. W. Champlio, Naperville and Plainfield,

Rev. Hiram Wason, Vevay, Ind.
Rev. Samuel D. Smith, Covington, Ind.
Rev. Moody Chase, Parkersburgh, Ind.
Rev.0. N. Cbapin, Brockville, &c., Ind.

The Treasurer of the American Home Missionary Society acknowledges the receipt of the Stonington, Aux. Miss. Soc., by Miss L.

Rev. George Eastman, Nankin and Canton, Mich.
Rev. Norman Tucker, Troy, Mich.
Rev. Charles Kellogg, Richmond, Mich.
Rev. Phinehas Blakeman, McConnellsville, 0.
Rev. Levi L. Fay, Little Muskingum, O.
Rev. H. Lawrence, Brunswick, 0.
Rev. John Moase, Livingstonville, N. Y.
Rev. Felix Kyte, Luinberland, N. Y.
Rev. N. Sumner, Davenport, N. Y.

Not in commission last year.
Rev. John C. Downer, to go to the West.
Rev. B. J. Smith, Moulton and Palmyra, Ala.
Rev. John G. Fee, Cabin Creek, Ky.
Rev. M. Wells, Rochester and Burlington, Wis.
Rev. Hiram Marsh, Pike Grove, &c., Wis.
Rev. Wm. B. Dodge, Millbourne, III.
Rev. H.C. Abernethy, Newtown, III.
Rev. W. E. Chittenden, Belleville, Ill.
Rev. John M. Bishop, Plymouth, lod.
Rev. G. L. Foster, Dexter, Mich.
Rev. James Holmes, Rainbow, 0.
Rev. Erastus Cole, Huron, o.
Rev. Ezra H. Gillett, Harlem, N. I.

following sums, from February 1st lo March 1st 1845.

Domestic Miss. Soc. viz:-
East Poultney, by Rev. I. R. Worces.

3 00 Georgia, Ch. and Soc., by do.

11 25
St. Johnsbury, J. D. Fairbank, by do. 50 00
Windham, Cong. Ch., by Rev. S. Arms, 15 00
Home Miss. Soc., by B. Perkins, Asst.

1000 00 Andover, South Parish, by N. Swift, 145 00 Cummington, Miss Clarissa Briggs,

10 00
Hampshire, Miss. Soc., viz:--
Northampton, Edwards Ch. $84; 8.
Stoddard, Esq., $30,

114 00 Plainfield,

51 73 South Hadley Falls,

114 00 Williamsburgh,

98 44 Treas. of Hainp. M. S.,

21 83 Reading, legacy of the late John Damon,

Caleb Wakefield, Ex'r., by B. Perkins, 1027 82 South Weymouth, Mrs. Eliza T. Loud, $5; Mrs. Ruth White, $1,

6 00 Stockbridge, in part of legacy of the late

Cyrus Williams, by E. Burrell and D.
R. Williams, Ex'rs.,

289 30

Berlin, 30 Cong. Ch., of which $30 is to
const. Timothy Boardman a L. M.,

188 10
East Farms, Ladies' Benev. Soc., by W.

10 00 New-llaven, Officers of Yale College and

Students of the Theological Depart-
ment, of which, $60 is to const. Mre.
Chauncey Goodrich of Malden, Mass.,
and Miss Julia Goodrich, of New-
Haven, Lise Members by their father, 232 00
Ladies' Durand Society, by Mrs. C.

W. Jarman, in full to const. Hon.
Henry Clay of Kentucky, a L. M., 20 00
Mrs. Isaac Mills, a L. M., by John An-

ketell, $30; J. W. Dwight, to const.
Miss Mary W. Dwight, a L. M., $30;
T. Dwight, to const. Mrs. Clarissa
Dwight a L. M., $30,

90 00
New-London, a friend to const. Jacob B.
Gurley a L. M.,

30 00 North Branford,

Ladies' Benev. Soc. by
Miss L. Page, Treas.,

23 00
Norwich, Mrs. Giles Buckingham a L.
M., in part,

10 00

Camden, A. Mix, A. Sheffield, 29 00 Fairfield by Rev. Mr. Corsen,


Floyd, Weleh Ch.,

6 00 Argyle, Levi Hopkins, to const. Mrs.


32 75 Catherine J. Hopkins a L. M., 30 00 Hamilton, 21 Cong. Chi,

8 50 Elizabethtown, Cong. Ch., by Rev. C.

Kingsborough, Uriah Morris Place, L. D. C. Stevens,

7 02 in full, $30 ; Alanson Judson, in part to Jordan, Prerb.Ch., by Rev. A. Judson, 33 00 COBEL. Mrs. Jane Judson, a L. D., $50; New York City, viz

Col. Horace Jones, in part to const. Mrs. Allen-st. Presb. Ch., Mrs. Frost,

1 00

Sally D. Joues . L. D., $50; Charles
Bleecker st. Ch., R. Boorman, $20; A.

Jones, L. D., in full, $25; S. G. Hildreth,
Lamb, $10; L. Atterbury, $10; 48

$10; Mrs. Amelia Potter, 10; Rev. E.
Wall-et. No. 8, $2,

42 00

Yale, D.D., $5; Alanson Hosmer, $5; Dr.
Hercer-st. Ch., Moo. Con. Coll., by R.

A. Ward, $5; D. C. Milis, $5; Dr. J.

21 54 Smith, $5; Darius Case, $1; L. Potter, Pearl st. Ch., Mrs. Leonard Corning,

$3; P. Brower, $3 ; P. Mead, $2; H. J.
to const. Rev. Charles H. Read a

Parsons, $2; H. A. Parsons, $2; W.d.

100 00 Heacock, $2; A. Jones, $2; C. L. Bur. Sixth-st. Ch., J. McComb, $25; W.T.

ton, $2; others, $20 40; to be appropri. Cutter, $5; Mrs. Barclay, 50 cts.; G.

ated in lowa by Rev. E. Yale, D. D., 262 40 Kinney, 85; Y. E. Benton, $2; H.

Leyden, Coll., $8; Rev. R. Kimball, $5, 13 OU)
Griffio, $5; M. Laylord, $1; Mr. and
Lysander, Coll.,

30 00
Mrs. Spaulding, $10; Coll. $29 64;
Mc Grawville,

20 00 in full to const. Rev. llorace Eaton Madison, Coll.,

11 43 a L.M., 83 14 Martinsburgh, by Rev. E. S. Barnes,

7 50 L. B. Ward, $50; Philos, $5, 55 00 Meredith, by Rev. 8. Ellis,

20 00 Nineveh, by Rev. W. M. Hoyt, 10 00 New-Hartford, $1 25; Rev. D. Clark, $5, 6 25 Peru, Cong. Ch., Rev.s. Cook, 10 00 Oneonta, by Rev. F. Harrington,

19 50 Ripley, Cong., $7; Fem. Benev. Soc.,

Oriskany Falls,

16 09 Mrs. Clarissa Adams, Treas., $6; by

Paris Hill, Fem. H. M. S., by Rev. J. G.
Rev. T. M. Hopkins,

13 00

18 00 Western Agency, by Rov. J. A. Murray, 7 00 Poolville, by S. W. Edson,


Richfield Springs, Coll.,

20 00 Mendham, Young Ladies' Sew. Soc., by

Rupert, Vt., bequest of Miss Louisa Shel.
Miss Sarah Babbilt,

30 00
don, deceased, by Rev. David Wilson.

20 00 OHIO

Sackelts Harbor, in full of legacy of the Etna, by Rev. T. W. Howe,

3 72 late Deac. J. W. Brewster, by Jason Mesopotamia, legacy of the late H. T.

Phelps, Ex'r.

3833 63 Looinis, by P. Hitchcock,

259 17 Sauquoit, Coll., $14 63; Fem. H. M. S., $8, Waterville, by Rev. B. Woodbury, 307 Smyroa, Deac. I. Foote,


Steuben, a friend,

1 00 Stoney Creek, by Rev. W. N. Stimson, 2 19 Syracuse, German Cong.,


Ulica, First Ch. Coll., in part,

72 65 Big Rock, English Cong. Ch., $2 20;

Mrs. James Kirkland $10; Mrs. John Welch Cong. Ch., $3 83, by Rev. G.

Holmes, $2,

12 00 Lewis, 6 03 Westernville, by Rev. G. I. King,

49 00 Bloomington, Coll., by Rev. D. J. Perry, 6 50 Westmoreland, by Rev. F. A. Spencer, 24 83 Chicago, 21 Presb. Ch., Mon, Con. Coll., by Rev. M. Hicks, 19 16

$4582 96 Elgin, Mon. Con. Coll., by do,

7 00 Hampshire detileirut, by do.

5 00

The Treasurer of the Home Missionary Society Juliei, 1st Cong. Ch., by Rev. B. W.

of Connecticut, auriliary to the A. H. M. S. Dwight,

12 50

acknowledges the receipt of the following fun! Naperville, Cong. Ch., by Rev. E. W.

from Jan. 1st to March 1st, 1845. Champling

8 94

Pomfret, Gent, and Ladies M. S. Petersburgh, Mrs. Allen, by Rev. A.

$U8 36; Ladies' Char. Soc., $36 64, 9 00

155 00 Bale,

New-London, M., a donation,

35 00 Rockford Cong.Ch., to const. Rev. Lan. sing Porter a L. M., by Rev. M. Hicks,

30 00 | Woodbury, by Rev. I. Churchill, $77 15; Sycimore, Covg. Ch., by Rev. E. E.

a class of Sab. Sch. Scholars by Mrs. M. Wells, 15 00

78 50 Hunt, 1 35; West Suffield, by J. W. Loomis,

33 00 MICHIGANBruce, Cong. Ch., by Rev. S. A. Benton, 26 00 Plymouth Hollow, Benev. Soc., by Rev. H.

5 63 Troy, by Rev. N. Tucker,

6 00 D. Kitchell, Chester, James M. Mitchell,

2 00 WISCONSINGreen Bay, Daniel Butler, by Rev. J.

A friend in 8. to const. Miss Jane K.

25 00 Porter,

30 00

Welch, Northampton Mass., a L. M., IOWA

Enfield, Ladies' H. M. S., by Miss C. R.

9 00 Danville, Cong. Ch., hy Rev. R. Gaylord,


27 68 Solun, Rev. C.R. Fish,

1 00 | Suffield, Ladies' Sew. Soc., by Miss Lucy

King, $10; Deac. N. C. Warren and
$4419 08 Ludy, $2,
Windsor. Mre. Sarah Filley,

25 00 J. CORNING, Treasurer. Vernon, Rockville Society, by G. Kellogg, 369 34

North Haven Ch. and Soc, by Rev. L.


Middletown, Westfield Soc., by I. B. Saw. Receipts of the Central Agency at Ulica, N. Y. yer,

36 35 from Jan. 27 to Jurch 1, 1815.

Stafford, First Cong. Soc.,

Norwich, Greenville Soc., by S. Mowry,

50 00 Borodino, by Rev. J. S. Lord,

12 75

Somers Cb.und Soc., by Rev. J. P. Terry,

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57 19

64 50



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