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cle—and one of increasing magnitude

which may well fill the heart of philanThe circumstances which combine to thropy with deep concern, is the exis. render the moral renovation of our coun- tence of that horrible anomaly in Ameritry a work of continued difficulty, are can institutions, slavery—covering so such as these. First—that hereafter, large a portion of our territory, and enthe increase of our population will go, in thralling more than two and a half mila great measure, to swell the population lions of souls, made in the image of of the West. We cannot expect that the God, in a bondage worse than Egyptian, farms of the East will continue to be that prevents the most direct andeffectual subdivided, and that families will be con efforts for their salvation. But a fourth tent with scanty possessions, when source of difficulty-and one which is boundless and fertile vales invite them developing its influence now more than 'beyond the Alleghanies. Hence, the in- ever-is the tendency of emigration to crease of the people will be mainly in disperse itself over wide and distant disthat part of our territory where the East tricts, instead of condensing on particu. can act on it with the least facility. The lar tracts. Hitherto, the settlement of addition to our numbers will not be our national domain has been immedi'around our older institutions, and amid ately on its western border. For a quarconsolidated society, but away from ter of a century it has advanced cauti. them, where every thing is new, and ously, yet steadily, at the average rate moral influences comparatively feeble. of 30 miles in a year. This regular and Again—the general conviction, pervad- compact movement has made it compaing not only the Church, but also the ratively easy to supply the means of world—not our own nation alone, but grace as they were demanded. But a likewise foreign lands—that now is the change is taking place. The ardor of time to win the control of the West, im- emigration has seized even upon the parts a tremenduous energy to the ef- West, and the pioneer whose plongh forts of all classes who are contending first broke the turf in Indiana or Illinois, for that prize. There, every system is driving his herds on towards the Grand of error puts on its boldest form, Prairie and the Platte Purchase. This and acts out its spirit with the least restless enterprize disregards all privarestraint. From what part of the land tions and transcends all obstacles. It comes the proposition, which lately tracks the long course of rivers, through grated on the ear of the nation, to de- the lonely waste, to their distant springs. prive our army and navy of their chap- It threads the passes, or overleaps the lains ? Where was it, that in open day, cliffs, of the Rocky Mountains. And and in the halls of legislation, the bowie there, the same spirit of achievement knife and pistol did their work of death? which so recently converted the valley It was there, where also the Papacy is of the Connecticut into a garden, and coiling its serpent folds around the limbs, lined the banks of the Merrimack with and poisoning with its pestilental breathi factories, has even now begun to open the life of the infant West. It is there fields and build towns on the plains of where Jesuitism confronts the advo- the Wallamette, and to turn the curcates of a pure faith wherever they turn, rent of the Columbia upon its waterbuying up their embarrassed churches, wheels. It would seem that almost all planting its schools, and rearing impos- parts of our vacant territory are to be ing edifices with foreign funds, and thus settled upon simultaneously; and hence forestalls the possession of the land, the augmented importance and difficulty It is there, too, that the various sects of of the work before us. The tokens of ProtestantChristians are so commingled, a new destiny open upon us, demandyet subdivided, as to expend against i ing more comprehensive plans, and each other much of the strength that grander developements of Christian enshould be employed against the common terprize. The term " Home Missions" foe. And yet, amidst the tremen- must no longer be restricted by its asdous action of these moral elements, sociation with the idea of our immediate is the arena on which our national sal. neighborhood, and the sphere of our doation is to be lost or won. Another obsta- mestic lile; it has a meaning as wide as


the continent, and refers to the salvation || in rebellion and be lost. How will those of souls almost without number. thronging generations crowd after each

other, over the verge of life, into the

eternal world! Wherever there are Relations to the Next century.

combined with numbers, a general dif.

fusion of intelligence and freedom, there It is idle to say, that all this is matter of speculation—that the emergency bition and the lust of wealth. Then,

must be activitythe struggles of amapprehended may never actually oc

what developements will a few years cur-and therefore we may dismiss

unfold, of resources and energy in all solicitude for the result. No man, who does not wilfully shut his eyes in trade! What Joshuas, Howards and

physical improvements, in politics, and on the past, and on the present Washingtons, in benevolence and pasigns of the times, and disregard all triotism, will there be ! what Judases, the deductions of common sense, can Neroes, and Robespierres, in treachery counsel thus. Admit that our Union and blood! These are no mere possimay not continue ; its disruption would bilities; they are approaching history, only increase our work, and call more These millions are coming ; they will loudly for the intensest effort. Admit be here before we are prepared to rethat statistics may err in estimating the

ceive them. future numbers of people in this repub. certain, than that the institutions which

And nothing is more lic—that it is uncertain, whether our will shape their destiny, must be founded successors, a century hence, shall be and bequeathed to them by us. This 250 or only 150 millions; still, in either event, how vast the multitude that generation must make hasie, and have shall 'spread abroad over our territory, and mould them, as

the Gospel ready to take hold of them

as they and what immeasurable interests de

are born. pend on our decision! Although the history of this nation has rendered us familiar with rapid and eventful changes, Encouragement from the past. it is impossible to look back, and trace the increase of population for 50 These convictions constrain the Soyears, and deduce the probable law of ciety to urge the necessity of a speedy its future progress, without a feeling of and generous enlargement of its operaawe. There is something almost ter- tions, and of importunate, unceasing ribly sublime in this multiplication of prayer for that success, which the Spirit being—this silent, steady accumulation of God alone can give. And what aniof masses upon masses of immortal miating hopes do his past blessings warmen! It is as if all the tides of the rant us to cherish! How different our ocean were gathered upon our coast, relations to this work from what they and were advancing to burst in one were when this Society began its exist. vast deluge upon the continent. The ence! Then, the ground which was to fountains of the great deep are broken form the chief scene of its endeavors, up. Day by day, we see the waters was almost wholly unexplored. Then, rise higher, but never ebb. The flood emigration had largely the start of miscovers the eastern plains; it beats sionary enterprise ; and a dark, dense against the breast of the hills; it swells mass of population lay between us and above the mountain tops, and pours in the frontier, through which the influence a thousand Niagaras over into the great of the ministry, the sanctuary and the open bosom of the West. We see it school had yet to be diffused. Now, by' rolling on, northward, and southward, | help from on high, the Society has and westward, sweeping away the fo- pushed through this mass, and has overrests from states and territories yet taken even the van-guard of emigration. unnamed, until, at lerfgth, the turbulent On the extremes of our settlements, waters repose on the bed of a vanquished from Madawaska on the east, and the continent! Every wave of this ocean is | lakes on the north-round about by a tribe of men; every drop is a human Green Bay and the upper Wisconsin, soul-instinct with life-born in sin the new lowa Purchase, and the Mis-to be converted and saved, or to livell souri Territory, whence caravans depart

for Mexico and the Oregon—and down In view, then, of our high calling to the western limits of Arkansas, the and privileges-in view of the cross heralds of this Society have sounded the on which our redemption was achieved Gospel trumpet. And is it for an insti- | -in view of the judgment, to which tution that has accomplished so much, to we are so near- let us awake, and pause now? After having received help || put forth our utmost efforts, with the from God to lay foundations at three thou- courage of men and the faith of Chrissand points, scattered over half a mil. tians. And if the Lord delight in us, lion of square miles-after having its in- he will give us this good land; and will fant arm clothed with a giant's strength, say of it, as of Zion, "THIS IS MY BEST and the enterprises of its manhood FOREVER; HERE WILL I DWELL, FOR I crowned with constant success—is it | HAVE DESIRED IT. I WILL ABUNDANTLS for a Society with such an experience, to BLESS HER PROVISION. I WILL SATISFI hesitate whether it shall rise in its ef. HER POOR WITH BREAD. I WILL ALSO forts, as the duty assigned it enlarges in CLOTHE HER PRIESTS WITH SALVATION, magnitude and import? This must not- AND HER SAINTS SHALL SHOUT ALOUD cannot be. Our work is before us; we FOR JOY." are shut up to it; we cannot escape it in safety if we would. If the Ameri- In behalf of the Executive Comcan Church recoil from this, her heaven- || mittee, appointed mission, it will as really be

MILTON BADGER, rebellion against Jehovah, and as justly incur his wrath, as when Israel, through

CHARLES HALL, cowardice and unbelief, shrank from Secretaries for Correspondence. the conquest of Canaan, and, on its very borders, sighed for inglorious bondage in Egypt.

Eighteenth Anniversary. The Eighteenth anniversary meeting of the American Home Missionary Society was held, agreeably to appointment, on Wednesday Evening, May 8, in the Broadway Tabernacle, New York. It was an occasion of more than usual interest. Those who have been more immediately concerned in the conduct of its affairs, for the past year, received new encouragement to prosecute their labors in future; while on the public generally, the survey of God's Providence in the year just closed, and in the passing aspects of the times, will not fail, we trus:, to impress the importance and efficiency of this branch of benevolent effort.

In our next number, may be expected a detailed account of the Anniversary, and the addresses delivered before the Society, by Rev. THERON Baldwin, of Illinois, Rev. W. M. Rogers, of Boston, Rev. Dr. Stowe, of Cincinnati, O., and Rev. Joun Todd, of Pittsfield, Mass.


Rev. H. N. Brinsmade, D. D., Newark, N. J.

Rev. William Carter, Pittsfield, lu.
Chosen May 8, 1844.

Rev. Joseph S. Clark, Bostou, Mass.

Rev. John P. Cleveland, Cincinnati, O.

Amos M.Collins, Esq., Hartford, Conn.
HENRY Dwight, Esq., of Geneva, N. Y.

Rev. William R. De Witt, D. D., Harrisburg, Pa.

Rev. A. D. Eddy, Newark, N. J.

Rev. Baxter Dickinson, D.D., Auburn Theological

Seminary, N. Y. Rev. Albert Barnes, Philadelphia, Pa.

Rev. E. W. Gilbert, D. D. Newark, Delaware. Rev. Joshua Bates, D.D., Dudley, Mass.

Rev. Wayne Gridley, Clinton, N. Y. Rev. Lyman Beecher, D. D., President Lane Semi

Rev. Albert Hale, Springfield, Iil. nary, Ciocionatti, o.

Eurotas P. Hastings, Esq., Detroit, Mich. Rev. Nathan S. S. Beman, D. D., Troy, N. Y.

Frisby Henderson, Esq., Elkton, Md. Rev. Robert H. Bishop, D. D., Oxford, O.

Rev. L. P. Aíckok, D.D., Prof. in Western Reserve Hon. Benjamin F. Butler, LL.D., New York.

College, 0. Aristarchus Champion, Esq. Rochester, N. Y.

Rev. Mark Hopkins, D. D., President Williams Rev. Calvin Chapin, D. D., Rocky Hill, Cono.

College, Mass. Rev. Thomas Cieland, D. D., Harrodsburgh, Ky.

Rev. Mancius S. Hutton, D. D. New York. Rev. Jobo Codman, D. D., Dorchester, Mass.

Hou. William Jessup, Montrose, Pa. Rev. Samuel, H. Cox, D. D., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Rev. Aratus Kent, Galega, Ill. Hon. William Darling, Reading, Pa.

Joha Kerr, Esq., St. Louis, Mo. Rev. Henry Davis, D. D., Clinton, N. Y.

Rev. Benjamin Labaree D. D. President of MiddleRev. Jeremiah Day, D. D., LL. D., President Yale

bury College, Vt. College.

Rev. Joel H. Linsley, D. D., President Marietta Orrin Day, Esq., Catskill, N. Y.

College, 0. Rev. Justin Edwards, D. D., Boston, Mass.

Rev. Erskine Mason, D. D., New York. Rev. Ralph Emerson, D. D., Andover, Mass. Rev. William H. McGuffy, D. D., President of Rev. Samuel Fisber, D. D., Albany, N. Y.

Athens College, 0. Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen, LL.D. Chancellor Rev. Cyrus Mason, D. D., Prof. in New York Voi. New York University.

versity. Rev. Eliphalet Gillett, D. D., Hallowell, Me.

Rev. Samuel Merwin, New Haven, Cono.
Rev. Joel Hawes, D. D., Hartford, Conn.

Joseph Montgomery, Esq., Phlladelpbia, Pa.
Hon. Joseph C. Hornblower, LL.D., Newark, N. J. Rev. Joel Parker, D. D. Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. Nathaniel W. Howell, LL. D., Canandaigua, Rev. S. L. Pomroy, Rangor, Me.
N. Y.

Rev. Enoch Pond, D. D., Prof. in Bangor Theol,
Rev. Heman Humphrey, D. D., President, Amherst Seminary, Me.
College, Mass.

Jehu Punchard, Esq , Salem, Mass. Hon. Samuel Hubbard, LL. D., Boston, Mass.

Rev. David H. Riddle, D. D. Pittsburg, Pa. Joho D. Keese, Esq., New York.

Rev. F. A. Ross, Kingsport, Tenn.
Rev. Nathan Lord, D. D., President Dartmouth Rev. H. A. Rowlaud. Houesdale, Pa.
College, N. A.

H. H. Seelye, Esq., Geneva, N. Y.
Rev. Thos. M'Auley, D. D., LL. D., New York. Rev. Asa D. Smith, New York.
Hon. Charles Marsh, LL. D., Woodstock, Vt. Rev. Rich. S. Storrs, D.D., Braintree, Mass.
Rev. Thomas A. Merrill, Middlebury, Vt.

Jeremiab Sullivan, Esq. Madison, lud.
Hon. David Lawrence Morrill, LL.D., Concord, John Tappan, Esq., Boston, Mass.
N. H.

Joho Tillson, Esq., Hillsborough, Ill. Rev. Eliphalet Nott, D. D., President Vuion Col. Rev. Jacob Van Vechten, D.D., Schonectady, N. Y. lege, Schenectady, N. Y.

Ambrose White, Esq., Philadelphia, Pa. Rev. Samuel Osgood, D. D., Springfield, Mass. Rev. Charles Walker, Brattleborough, Vermont. Rev. B. M. Palmer, D. D. Charleston, S.C.

Rev. Thomas T. Waterman, Providence, R. I. Rev. George E. Pierce, D. D., Western Reserve Rev. Charles White, D.D. President Wabash Col. College, Hudson, 0.

lege, Crawfordsville, Ind. Rev. David Porter, D. D., Cattskill, N. Y.

Rev. Henry White, D. D. Prof. Union Theol. Sem. James Roosevelt, Esq., N. Y.

New York.
Rev. Samuel S. Schnucker, D. D., Theological

Seminary, Gettysburg, Pa.
Hon. Roger M. Sherman, LL. D., Fairfield, Conn.

Mr. Jasper Corning.
Rev. Thomas Hl. skinner, D. D., New York.
Hon. Johu Cotton Smith, LL. D. Sharon, Conn.

Hon. Lewis Strong, Northampton, Mass.

Mr. Caleb O. Halsted.
Hon. Jacob Siltherland, LL. D., Geneva, N. Y.
Rev. Benjamin Tappan, D, D., Augusta, Me.

SECRETARIES FOR CORRESPONDENCE. Rev. Nathaniel W. Taylor, D. D., Theol. Sem.

Rev. Milton Badger, New Haven, Conn.

Rev. Charles Hall.
Rev. John Thomson, Crawfordsville, Ind.

Rev. Mark Tucker, D.D., Providence, R. I.
Rev. Bennet Tyler, D.D., Theol. Inst., East Wind.

Mr. Christopher R. Robert. vor, Conn. 8. V.S. Wilder, Faq., Bolton, Mass. Hon. Thomas S. Williams, LL, D., Hartford, Conn. Rev. Leonard Woods, D. D., Theol. Sem. Andover, MEETING OF THE BOARD OF


The Board of Directors met on
Rev. William Allen, D. D., Northampton, Mass.
Rev. E. A. Andrews, New York.

Thursday, May 9th, at the Society's Rev. Leonard Bacon, D. D. New Haven, Conn. Rooms, 150 Nassau-street, and appointRev. Alvan Bond, Norwich, Coon. Rev. Zedekiah S. Barstow, Keene, N. H.

ed the following gentlemen members of Rev. Edward Beecher, D.D., Boston, Mass.

The Executive Committee.



Members Er Oficio.
Mr. Jasper Corning, Treasurer.
Rev. Milton Badger, Secretaries for Correspos-
Rev. Charles Hall.

Mr. Christopher R. Robert, Recording Secretary.

Mr. Abijah Fisher,
Rev. Absalom Peters, D. D.
Rev. William Patton, D. D.
Rev. William Adams, D. D.
Rev. Edwin Hatfield.
Mr. Willian M. Halsted.
Charles Butler, Exq.
Mr. George Hurlbut.
Dr. Alfred C. Post.

Assistant Treasurer.

Mr. H. W. Ripley.

Appointments by the Erecutive Commillee of the A. H. M. S. from April 1st to May 1st,

1844. Not in commission last year.

Rev. W. Waith, Cberry Creek, N. Y. Rev. G. L. Foster, to go to Michigan.

Rev. L. Morgan, Busti, N. Y. Rev. John Cross, Lamoille, Jil.

Rev. Geo. Hornell, White Lake, Ill. Rev. S. Y. Garrison, Blue Lick, Ky.

Rev. S. Carey, Kensingtou, Mich. Rev. R. R. Snow, to go to Wisconsin.

Rev. G. S. Johnson, Swan Cr. Pike and Amboy, 0. Rev.0. W. Norton, Roscoe, III.

Rev. M. M. Post, Logansport, Ind. Rev.J. P. Foster, Oconomowoc, Wis.

Rev. Marcus Hicks, Northern Ill. Rev. L. Rood, Franklin and Caledonia, Wis.

Rev. Wm. Chamberlain, Alton Presb., III. Rev. L. A. Skinner, Lodi, N. Y.

Rev. Samuel Payne, Yellow Spring, lowa. Rev. P. L. De-St-Croix, Horoby, N. Y.

Rev. Jobn B. Sage, Bentonville, &c., Tenn. Rev. Benj. Marvin, Constable, N. Y.

Rev. C. Washburn, Bentonville, Ark. Rev. J. N. Lewis, Newburgh, N. Y.

Rev. Thos. Jones, Grass Lake, Mich. Rev. Benj. Lockwood, Jersey City, N. J.

Rev. A. W. Bushnell, Comstock, Mich.

Rev. Elias Cbild, Clinton, Mich.

Rev. C.G. Clark, Webster, Mich.
Rev. M. Huggins, Havanna, N. Y.

The Treasurer of the American Home Missionary Society acknowledges the receipt of the

following sums, from April 1st to May 1st, 1844. MAINE

Hampton, and Richard S. Storrs, Jr., Missionary Society,*

6236 06 of Braintree, Life Members, by W. Augusta, by Rev. Dr. Tappan,

5 00

100 00 Falmouth, 2d Church, Lud, and Gent.,

RHODE ISLANDthrough Fem. Miss. Soc., by Rev. A.

Missionary Society,*

293 17 Cummings,

16 00 Providence, Royal Chapin to const. bis NEW HAMPSHIRE

son Walter B. Chapin a L. M.,

30 00 Missionary Society,*.

4911 27 CONNECTICUT Keene, Mre. Abigail Kingsbury, L. M., 30 00 Missionary Society,*

4378 41 VERMONT

Clinton, Benev. Assoc., by S. L. Stearns, 38 00 Missionary Society,*

4042 65 Colebrook, a friend of Missions to const. Bennington, Mrs. Polly Roach, by Rev.

Mrs. Phebe Doming a L, M.,

30 00 E. W. Hooker,

10 00 Darien, Cong. Soc., by Rev. E. D. Kin. Fairfield, B. Nelson, $3; D. Morse, $1, 4 00 ney,


Essex, legacy of the late Mrs. Huldah Missionary Society, * 9182 87 Harvey, Ly H. R. Harvey, Ex'r,

50 Do. by J. Punchard, Treas, 390 00 Greenwich, Isaac Lyon,

15 00 Do. by B. Perkins, Asst. Treas., 1000 00 New Haven, West Consoc., by A. Town. Hampshire Miss. Soc., by E. Williams,

send, Jr., Treas., Derby Ist Cong. Soc. Treas., of which $90 is from the Home

to const. Rev. George Thatcher & Miss. Soc. of South Hadley, to const.


100 00 Ezra Allen, John W. Duolap, and Hi.

Milford, 1st Cong. Soc., to const. S. A. ram Smith, Life Members,

200 00 Marehall a L. D. $107 33 - Home North Brookfield, Lad. Soc., by Miss 8.

Miss. Soc., $15 42,

122 75 P. C. Snell, 6 00 Prospect,

9 36 Stockbridge, in part of legacy of the

New London, 1st Cong. Ch., by A. Otis, late Cyrus Williams, by E. Burrall

$137 99 ; Sew. Soc. $35; a Lady, $1, 173 99 and D. R. Williams, Ex'rs,

295 24 Norwich, 2d Cong. Ch., in full of Coll., Sturbridge, Cong. Ch.and Soc., of which

by W. Williams,

50 50 $30 is from Mrs. Elizabeth Merrick, to

5ib Cong. Ch., by C. Clark,

63 00 cunst. Mrs. Laura N. Brown, of Madi.

Lad. H. M. S., by Mrs. L. C. Birge, to son, Ind., a L. M., and the balance to

const. Rev. Alvan Bond and Rev. const. Ephraim M. Lyon, James Cha.

Willard Cbild, Life Directors, 200 00 pio, and Richard Arnold Life Mem.

Somers, Cong. Soc., by M. Woodward, bers, $154 35; Friend, $100, by Rev.


52 06 D. A. Austin, 254 35 South Coventry, Mrs. L. T. Booth,

10 00 West Springfield, in part of legacy of

South Woodstock, Lad. II. M. S., to the late Rev.J. L. Pomeroy, by Lewis

const. Mrs. Frances Mary Lyman a L. Strong, Ex'r., 675 00 M., by Harriet A.


30 00 Williston Seminary, to const. David M.

West Woodstock, Cong.Co., by Rev. B. Kimball and Russell M. Hoyt, of East * The sums marked thus, (*) have been expended by the respective Societies during the your.

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