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Page Principles of interpretation to be followed in the exposition of the prophecy, in each of its parts

221 Classification of the events, predicted in the first half of

the first member of the first general division.... 224 Reasons for excepting the two first of these classes from immediate consideration....

225 Time of the first instance of the fulfilment of any of these predictions, the most important, why


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First of the signs of the third class; nation stirred up against nation..

229 (Note. Illustration of the prophecy by the fact..

234 Date of the first instance of the fact, why to be more parti

cularly determined..... First example of the event predicted, at Alexandria in Egypt ....

234 Second example, at Seleucia on the Tigris

238 Third example, at Jamnia in Palestine ...

240 Other examples, between the delivery of the prophecy, and the time of the end.....

242 Preservation of the Jewish inhabitants in what quarters; and how to be probably explained)

246 Second of the signs of the third class; kingdom stirred up against kingdom ..

235 (Note. Tranquillity of the times at the birth of Christ, and after, up to what period. ...

249 Matters of fact, answering to the description in the prophecy)

251 First of the signs of the fourth class ; earthquakes

250 (Note. Ominous character of earthquakes.

254 Judæa liable to earthquakes

256 Recorded instances of earthquakes, answering to the prophecy)....

257 Second of the signs of the fourth class ; famines .

255 Third of the signs of the fourth class; pestilences

260 (Note. Conjunction of famines and pestilences in other instances

ibid. Instances of famines or times of dearth, for the period embraced by the prophecy

261 Sabbatic years among the Jews of this time, what


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Page Instances of mortalities or pestilences, for the same period 263 Famine during the siege of Jerusalem, a part of what) 264

Signs of the fifth class ; troubles

261 Signs of the sixth class. Fearful occurrences to be distinguished from fearful sights....

264 (Note. Instances of signs from heaven, in comets or eclipses

265 Signs among the Jews, of either description, before the

266 History of Jesus or Joshua, the son of Ananus...... 268 Alleged affection of the spring of Siloam, before and during the siege of Jerusalem)



Second half of the first member of the first general division 266 Signs, affecting the believing part of the same community,

and running parallel with signs affecting the unbelieving.....

270 Probationary character of the former, answering to the penal character of the latter

271 Classification of the new series of signs ..

272 Connected as cause and effect, in every instance but what. 273

First sign of the second series of signs; rise and progress of persecution

274 Fulfilment of the prophecy by the event

ibid. Second sign of the second series ; taking of offence by many

276 Cause and nature of the event predicted

ibid. Illustrated by the parable of the sower...

ibid. Final end of the prediction, to account for what.. ibid. (Note. Proof of the effect from the event)

277 Third sign of the second series ; rise and agency of false prophets

ibid. This effect the consequence of what ..

ibid. Prediction fulfilled in what description of historical characters....

278 (Note. Proper sense of feudonpoputns, or false prophet.... 279 General proofs of the fulfilment, from the Acts and the Epistles)...


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Page Extent of the predicted propagation, what

300 (Note. Method observed in the propagation of the Gospel,) 301 Final end of the propagation, “ for a testimony unto the Gentiles,” what

302 Necessary that the propagation of the Gospel should be as extensive as what

ibid. (Note. Extent of the Dispersion in the ancient world.) ibid. (Note. Persecution of the Gospel at all periods, between the

time of the prophecy and the time of the end, mainly the work of the Jews ...

306 Instrumentality of the Jews in originating the calumnies against Christianity

311 The Christians or Nazarenes publicly cursed in the synagogues of the Jews ..

312 Treatment of the Christians by Barchochab

ibid. Disposition of the Jews towards the Christians in later times)


Second member of the first general division; and its parts 307 End and object of the first, what..

312 Peculiar significancy of the event possessing this relation to the fact of the mapovola

315 Practical directions connected with its recognition

316 Nature of the event possessed of this meaning and signification

317 (Note. Reconciliation of the Gospel accounts in the description of the event in question.

318 Holy ground, to be understood of what.....

319 Precept, connected with the recognition of the sign, Let him that is reading understand it

320 Reference to Daniel in the phrase, Abomination of desola

tion, a reference to the sense, not to the words.. ibid. Scriptural meaning of an abomination

321 Further meaning of an abomination of desolation

ibid. Roman military ensigns such abominations

ibid. Inference from these premises, of the general import of the prediction

322 Occasions for and on which Jerusalem was placed in the

situation in question, between the prophecy and the time of the end


Page Reasons for excluding the first

324 Reasons for excluding the third and fourth

325 Reasons for considering the second the only one which could have been intended....

ibid. Meaning attached to the abomination of desolation by the interpreters of antiquity....

330 Ecclesiastical tradition of the migration of the Hebrew

church before the war, and the cause to which it was due .....

331 Pella, where

333 Constitution of the Hebrew church, favourable to such a migration)


of its parts

Substance of the particulars of the first part

319 Substance of the preceptive part

328 Injunction to pray that their flight might not take place on a sabbath, nor in the winter

330 (Note. Proof that such a prayer was probably granted, in each

334 Proof of the same thing, with what further sense of the words, μηδε εν σαββάτω) ..

336 Substance of the prophetical part. First, the nature, intent, and purpose of the days to follow

335 Final end of the days of vengeance, that all things might be fulfilled which were written

339 Secondly, promised abridgment of the days in question 340 (Note. Abridgment, properly to be understood of what pe

riod in the duration of the war, and of what effects

within that period .. Specification of some of the means of this abridgment, first

with respect to the duration of the siege of Jerusalem 343 Secondly, with respect to that of the war)

345 Grounds of the abridgment, or why it should be necessary, and for whose sake it should be granted

341 Third particular; description of the days, and their effects, why so minutely given

350 Historical exactness of this description ..

351 First of the effects, famine and the sword

ibid. Second of the effects, captivity and dispersion

352 (Note. Illustration of both from history


.... ibid.

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