Understanding Islamic Law: From Classical to Contemporary

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Hisham M. Ramadan
Rowman Altamira, 2006 - Всего страниц: 219
Understanding Islamic law is crucial not only for Muslims, but for non-Muslims who work with Muslims in legal contexts as well as for anyone wanting to understand the role of Islam in the world today. For unlike western legal systems where religious and legal spheres are kept separate, Islamic law is all-encompassing, directing all human actions. Legal scholar Hisham Ramadan brings together articles to give an excellent overview of the formation of Islamic law and its role in contemporary Islamic and Non-Islamic states. Following an overview of Islamic Law, chapters cover Islamic criminal law, International Humanitarian Law, contract law, & family law. A concluding essay offers an explanation of the legal value of Islam and appendices include original Islamic legal documents from Muhammad's time until today.

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Islamic Law An Overview of Its Origin and Elements
On Islamic Punishment
Humanitarian International Law in Islam A General Outlook
Principles of Islamic Contract Law
Marriage Divorce and Inheritance in Islamic Law
Gender Equality in Islamic Family Law Dispelling Common Misconceptions and Misunderstandings
Islam as Intellectual Property My Lord Increase me in knowledge
Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights 21 Dhul Qaidah 140119 September 1981
The Constitution of Medina 622 CE
Commentary on the Constitution of Medina
About the Editor and Contributors
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Hisham Ramadan is a visiting professor Michigan State University College of Law and is the author of Reconstructing Jury Instructions in Homicide Offenses.

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