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e. Workers from the territory of the military commander Serbia.


Regarding the Treatment of Pregnant Foreign Workers and Children Given Birth to by the Same in the Reich

Particular attention is drawn to the directives for the treatment of such children in circular No. 186/43 and 10/44 of the NSDAP Reichsleitung Head Welfare Office (with enclosed extract from the decree of the Reichsfuehrer SS and Chief of the German Police-S-IVD-377/42 of the 27th July 1943). The procedure for an application for abortion is once more explained below:

1. The factories report all cases of pregnancy to the competent Labor Office.

2. The Labor Office reports the case to the Youth Office [Jugendamt] in order to establish paternity. If the sire is a German or of related (Germanic) race, the Youth Office reports the case to the Health Office [Gesundheitsamt].

3. The Health Office carries out an examination to determine health and hereditary health and submits a report (with photo). The Health Office passes the matter on to the "Commissioner of the Reich Commisar for the Consolidation of German Race."

4. The latter makes his findings according to the directives of the Reichsfuehrer SS. The Race and Settlement chief deals with the racial investigations.

5. If the investigations show that the progency will be racially satisfactory and hereditarily healthy, they will, after birth, go to homes for foreign children, to be looked after by the National Socialist Welfare Organization (NSV), or will be looked after by families.

6. In negative cases, the children will be lodged in Foreign Children's Nurseries.

7. The Commissioner of the Commissar will inform the following authorities of the decisions:


The competent Youth Office

The Gau NSV Office

The Labor Bureau

I request the Kreisleiters to record immediately through the usual channels, in conjunction with the. Kreisobmann of the German Labor Front and the Kreis peasant leader, all cases of pregnancy which have already occurred and all children already born. An examination, in accordance with the new directives, of

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all children of foreign female workers who were taken under the care of the NSV before the issue of the new instructions is also

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Gauamtsleiter of the Bureau for Racial Policy.
Gauamtsleiter of the Bureau for National Health.
Gauamtsleiter of the Bureau for the Peasantry.
Gauamtsleiter of the Bureau for National Welfare.
Gauamtsleiter of the Bureau for Questions of Race.
Gau Women's Leadership.

Gau Labor Office, Baden/Alsace.

Kreisleiters, Baden/Alsace.

Kreisobmaenner of the German Labor Front.

Kreis Peasant Leaders.

Commander of the Security Police and SD, Strassbourg.

Head of the Office of the Commissioner of the Reich Commissar for the Consolidation of German Race, Strassbourg.

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Waldshut... Nil return

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Molsheim. Nil return

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Gau Baden, Kreis Leadership Villingen, The Kreisleiter

To the NSDAP Gauleitung Baden

The leader of the Gau Staff Office


Re: Employment of Foreigners. Circular letter No. 79/44 secret

An exact statement on the cases of pregnancy that have already occurred is no longer possible, as these cases have not been registered at any office. As far as I could find out up to now, there have been about 21 pregnancies, of these 4 abortions are said to have been carried out, during which 2 of the women died. Of the remaining 17 births, 5 were stillborn. Welfare by the NSV has not taken place anywhere.

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Subject: Employment of foreign labor.

I send below the report due on the 1st May 1944 of the pregnancies of foreign female workers which have occurred up to now in the district area.

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For your enthusiastic letter of September 22, I thank you heartily. I was quite particularly pleased about it. This wonderful campaign in Poland was a grand opening for this hard and


decisive struggle and has brought about for us an unusually favorable point of departure politically as well as militarily. The most difficult part for the people as well as the Army is naturally still ahead. But the Fuehrer and his associates are full of the greatest confidence; for the sanctimonious British will not succeed in throttling our economy, and militarily we are without worry. Decisive is the will of the people to stick it out, and this the many strong-willed and devoted men who are today at the head of the districts and in other responsible posts will take care of. This time we will show that we have the better nerves and the greater unity. That you, Police President, will contribute your weighty share to keeping the Czechs at it and to not letting them perk up, of this I am convinced.

I was very pleased about the high recognition granted the troops of the Ostmark (Austria) for their courageous behavior. The youngest of the fourteen officers who were awarded the Ritterkreuz personally today by the Fuehrer was also an Austrian, a Lieutenant Scholz.

Thanking you once more heartily for your words of appreciation which exceed by far my modest contribution in the shadow of the powerful personality of our Fuehrer.

I am with Heil Hitler

Enveloped addressed to:

Police President

Dr. Karl Schwabe

Bruenn (Moravia)

Police Presidency.


Extract from Admiral Assmann's Headline Diary

12-14 May 1943.

[Sheet 318]

Report to the Fuehrer in person. The Fuehrer does not share the Duce's opinion that Sicily is the enemy's next objective. (Anglo-Saxon order which has been found indicating Sardinia and the Peloponnesus).

C. in C. Navy does not believe that the Italian supreme commanders (Duce, Supreme Command, Naval Command) have fully understood the Idea "stress on supplies" including increasing the capacity of the ports for unloading. He underlines the

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