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registers were in a state of disgusting disorder. More than 6 electors were not struck off although their names had been specially passed on to the election office at 6 Predigerstrasse for striking off. Two fellow Germans, "Trefz, Steigerstr, 2 and Jenny Thaeumer, 17 Steigerstrasse, ground floor" were not entered in spite of being passed on and a personal report. In another case, the following three 100 percent Jews were entered on the election register:

1. Felix Meyer, 1 Pfoertchenstr, Erfurt

2. Wife Meyer, 1 Pfoertchenstr, Erfurt

3. Erna Schenker, nee Sachs, Milchinselstr, 20.

The wife of the 100 percent Jew Bielschowski, 8 Augustapark (nee Wolff-Malzwolff) who was dragged along just before closing time of the plebiscite, voted "No" as can be proved.

That "No" votes were recorded in the Steiger quarter was obvious in view of the general attitude of the people listed on sheet 1, but that, after our Fuehrer has been more than 5 years in government, 100 percent Jews are today still on the voting register is clearly due to the fact that it is not the conscientious National Socialist workers who sit in the responsible positions in the municipal administration. A change in the occupants of these positions is in the interests of National Socialism and has nothing at all to do with official positions, which is the general attitude. The time has now come for doing something here particularly and for personal appointments on filling these important offices at the statistical department and its branch offices to be looked upon only in accordance with real performances at last. At the office of registration of the population, changes might also be very nec


SD of the Reichsfuehrer SS

Subsector Erfurt, Thuringia, Weisensee branch office

To the Erfurt branch office

Subject: Plebiscite of the 10.4.1938.

No previous reference.

On the 10th April of this year the inhabitants of Dielsdorf went to the plebiscite and only the farmer Georg Hoenig, 39 Herrenstr, Dielsdorf, did not. He was asked to come to the plebiscite but he

remarked: "If I had wanted to vote I should have been there long ago."

On Good Friday, the 15th of this month, the anger and illhumor of the inhabitants of Dielsdorf showed itself in the form of two placards on every lamp post.

The original of one follows; a copy of the other is inclosed.
Hoenig was a member of the Party until 1934.

2 inclosures.

[signed] WEINGART

(A poem is inclosed referring to his graft, corruption, profiteering from the State, and now turning against the State as its enemy.)

Witterda, 12.4.38

Subject: Unfavorable remark by a farmer in Witterda. On the 6.4.38 propaganda material was distributed here by Party members. At one farm the dealer in textile fabrics Hirschfeld, from Bleicherode, happened to be there on business. The farmer took the propaganda material and said to the dealer: "I'll put this straight where it belongs," and took it to the lavatory. The dealer has told of this but not named the farmer, as it concerns a good customer of his.

In view of the recorded "No" votes-I assume that it is the farmer who recorded the "No" vote-I request the SD to take the matter in hand immediately, and to see to it that the dealer Hirschfeld is interrogated and forced to name the farmer. To the Gispersleben branch office.

[signed] MASSINO [?]

Gebesee, 22nd April 1938

SD of the Reichsfuehrer SS

Subsector Erfurt, Thuringia, Weissensee branch office

The married woman Lydia Gresser, nee Kraft, living at 28 Horst Wessel Strasse, Gebesee, states:

I have been buying petrol for our car from the motor car workshop of Bender & Weissenhorn, 31 Erfurtstrasse, Gebesee.

On Easter Monday I paid for the petrol that had been supplied during the preceding week. Weissenhorn expressed his surprise at the small quantity. I told him that it would get less still, we would now have to buy petrol somewhere else as well. When he continued to ask me why it was that he should no longer supply all the petrol, I said to him that I, and my husband also, had had our attention drawn by various persons to the fact that we should


no longer buy anything from him, as he had voted "No" at the plebiscite. Here in Gebesee it is common knowledge that Weissenhorn is said to have voted "No."

[blocks in formation]

I can swear in court to the statement made by me.
Read, approved and signed


SD of the Reichsfuehrer SS

Subsector Erfurt, Thuringia, Weissensee branch office

To the Erfurt branch office

Subject: "No" voters in Weissensee. Plebiscite on the 10.4.38. Reference: See previous report

Inclosed you will find the personalia cards of the 7 "No" voters. They were detected as follows:

Before the elections, Party member Paul Fritsche of Jakobstr, Weissensee, Thuringia, compiled a list of all persons suspected of being likely to vote "No." On the day of the election everyone listed was handed by a specially selected election official a voting slip that had been marked by embossing a number with a ribbonless typewriter. The number of this voting slip was entered by the election official after the voter's name on the above mentioned list. When the voting had finished, the voting slips were gone through and all slips with embossed numbers were sorted out. By comparison with the list, the attitude of the person under surveillance could then be checked precisely.

The names of the "No" voters were reported to the competent collaborator by the above mentioned Party member Fritsch. [signed] Weingart

SD of the Reichsfuehrer SS

Subsector Erfurt, Thuringia, Weissensee Branch Office

To the Erfurt Branch Office

Subject: Reichstag election and plebiscite on the 10.4.1938.
No previous reference

The factory worker Kirschner of Vippachedelhausen was dis

missed by the Rheinmetall-Borsig Company in Soemmerda on the 20th of this month at the instigation of the Weimar sub-prefect, because, at the above mentioned Reichstag elections, he was the only inhabitant of the village of Vippachedelhausen to vote "No." [signed] Weingart

Gispersleben, 28.4.38

SD of the Reichsfuehrer SS

Subsector Erfurt, Thuringia, Weissensee branch office

To the Erfurt Branch Office

Subject: Election and plebiscite on the 10.4.38

No previous reference.

Inclosed you will receive some statements from Soemmerda for your information and further utilization.

Subject: Plebiscite on the 10 April 1938. No previous reference.

The laborer Otto Wiegand of 17 Erfurter Strasse, Soemmerda, had to be requested four times to record his vote on the day of the election and finally only voted under force. The above was a member of the former international association of Jehovah's Witnesses. His personalia are as follows:





Date of birth:

Place of birth:



Number of children:

Wiegand, Otto

17, Erfurterstrasse

7 October 1900


Dissident (left the church on 6.2.1937)

Married (to Ida nee Raenke, born 22
Aug. 1904 in Soemmerda)

Moved to Soemmerda on the 22nd November 1922 from Kulitz.

Subject: Plebiscite on the 10.4.38. No previous reference.

The married woman Frieda Schreiner, nee Troester, of Soemmerda (Salzmannstrasse 5) did not vote in spite of repeatedly being invited to do so. The above is a fanatic member of the former international association of Jehovah's Witnesses.

The husband, who has the same opinions and who was recently involved in criminal proceedings because of them, recorded his vote. To be sure this was probably exclusively for fear of renewed arrest.


The wife's personalia are as follows:




Date of birth:

Place of birth:




Schreiner nee Troester, Frieda

5 Salzmannstrasse

2nd March 1897


Christian free

Married (to the master bricklayer, Paul

Schreiner, born 21 Sept 1895 in Leubingen)


Moved to Soemmerda on the 5th June 1930 from Leubingen, district of Eckartsberga)

Extract from the "Thuringer Allgemeine Zeitung" 11 April 1938

The avowal before the world:

The united German Yes: 99.08% !

99.75% in Austria! The Fuehrer's thanks: "It is the proudest hour of my life." Gauleiter Sauckel: "Never before has any people thus demonstrated its unity."

[blocks in formation]

99.29% Yes in Erfurt

Voting cards

Total of people entitled to vote

[blocks in formation]

Yes votes

[ocr errors]

No votes

Void votes


Examination of Witnesses

Provincial Court for Criminal of Vienna VIII


On the 7th of June 1946
Judge present: [illegible]
Court Reporter [illegible].

Criminal Proceedings

The witness is warned to speak the pure truth to the best of his knowledge and conscience in answer to the question put to him, to hide nothing and to give his testimony in such a way that he can, if necessary, confirm it on oath.

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