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The fact is that the bus in which the inmates of the asylum were removed was parked not in the market square but in the courtyard of the Ottilienheim. It was perhaps psychologically

wrong to make two bus trips on one day.

It is correct that all asylum inmates attended communion on the previous day. If a causal connection between this action and the removal of a section of the inmates of the asylum is denied, then such a description does not do justice to the facts. With regard to the events, I held a meeting of members in Absberg on Saturday the 1st of March, and during the course of my statements also inquired into the happenings. Here also I could not ascertain that any party members wept or misbehaved in any other way during the removal of asylum inmates. In any case, it was shown that much ado has been made about nothing here. In this connection it might be worth remarking that repeatedly the endeavor can be noted to take asylum inmates who must be regarded as individual payers home now. Now and again it is attempted to explain this intention with the fact that the labor of the person concerned is required. This is of course only an excuse. It is desired to prevent a development being carried through that every sensible person can but welcome.

2 enclosures.

Heil Hitler.
[signed] Gerstner


11. Kreisleitung Ansbach. 6.3.1941. Kreisleiter.

Ansbach, 6 March 1941.


To the NSDAP Gauleitung Franconia Gau Staff office, Nurnberg. re: Removal of inmates of the Bruckberg institution. The Ortsgruppenleiter of the Bruckberg Ortsgruppe, Party member Reuschel, gives the following report:

"The news of the removal of some of the inmates of the Bruckberg Institution has caused the greatest unrest among the population of Bruckberg, which was further increased by the fact which I heard for the first time to-day, that some of the inmates to be removed came into nearly every house to say good-bye. (Those concerned were those who, in the opinion of the inhabitants "are still sane"). One might almost believe that it is a question here of a "farewell carried out on orders", but I am informed from reliable sources that the inmates felt of their accord that it was their duty to say goodbye, and that probably

one copied the other. Apart from the fact that one recognizes clearly in this case how far the simple German is receptive to the solution of this question of hereditary disease, I was asked my own opinion for weeks before from all sides and what attitude the Party takes up in this matter."

Ortsgruppenleiter Reuschel is furthermore of the opinion that he should speak about the removal of the inmates, if possible at the next meeting of members, in order to give the facts and above all to squash the rumors that have arisen that the inmates would very soon be put out of the way, done away with or poisoned.

I, however, am of the opinion that it continues to be better not to talk about this matter at all and I would ask you to notify me accordingly if you hold different views.

As I judge the situation, a certain amount of unrest will naturally continue to arise which will be specially fostered by the Churches. The more reserve the Party shows towards such attacks, the sooner will calm be restored here too.

Heil Hitler
[signature illegible]

[Handwritten note in Sellmer's writing]

The Kreisleiter

Party member-Wolf was informed by telephone on 7.3. Nothing is to be announced officially. The Org.Rt. [i.e. Organizationsleiter] is to be informed.

[S. 7. III.]

(The case of Marie Kehr and her sisters)


Nurnberg, 27.11.40. Schweppermannstr.44.

To the Provincial Mental Home.

Sonnenstein/near Pirna/Elbe.

Marie Kehr. [Stamped]: Kreisleiter advised

I have received your letter of 22.11.40 and have taken cognizance of the death of my sister Christine Ortmann. My brotherin-law, Herr Hans Lindemann, whose wife, Ottilie Lindemann, nee Ortmann-who has also died there is also a sister of mine, will communicate with you about the dispatch of the urn with the mortal remains.

I request that the personal affairs of the deceased be placed at the disposal of the NSV [National Socialist Welfare Organization].

The unexpected deaths of both my sisters within a period of


two days appear most improbable to me. Their illnesses were fundamentally different, the difference in their ages amounted to nine years.

You must realize that one is bound to draw certain conclusions if one receives news of the death of both one's sisters on the very same day, and nobody in the world can persuade me that that is just a coincidence. I should regain my peace of mind only if I knew for certain that a law of the Reich makes it possible to release people from their incurable maladies. This is obviously a blessing both to the sick persons themselves and to their relatives, and a great relief for our Reich and people.

I should be very grateful to you for the transmission of this order which gives the authority for the release of these sick people.

I myself and my family stand solidly behind the 3rd Reich and would certainly not oppose this decree, as I have had to watch the misery for a great many years myself, and on innumerable occasions my sole wish was that both my sisters might soon be released from their great suffering. I cannot believe, however, that this secret wish of mine should have come true within a period of two days


* *


Extracts from an article in "DIE LAGE" of the 23rd August 1944 entitled The Jewish Problem in Hungary

[blocks in formation]


It was a matter of course that the German offices in Hungary did everything possible after March 19th to eliminate the Jewish element as rapidly and as completely as was at all possible. In view of the proximity of the Russian front, they commenced with the cleaning up of the northeastern area (North Transylvania and the Carpathian province) where the Jewish element was the strongest numerically. Then the Jews were collected in the remaining Hungarian provinces and transported to Germany or German controlled territories. 100,000 Jews remained in the hands of the Hungarians to be employed in labor battalions. By the appointed day, the 9th July, the Hungarian provinces were without any Jews. Here remarkable consistency and severity were used in the shortest possible time. An important prerequisite for the success of this action was the fact that the measures against the Jews met with the full consent of a majority of the Hungarian people. It must, it is true, be stated in limitation that numerous Jews were not affected by the measures because of the

Hungarian Jewish laws being used as the basis for the qualification of "Jew." Thus, for example, all Jews are exempted who are married to non-Jewesses or who received high decorations during the Great War. Up to the 9th July, approximately 430,000 Jews from the Hungarian provinces had been handed over to the German authorities. The handing over takes place on the Hungarian national frontier, up to which the carrying out of the measures against the Jews, and with it also the responsibility for it, is a matter for the Hungarians.

Difficulties over the Deportation of Jews from Budapest

As the last stage of the measures against the Jews, the Jews from Budapest were to be deported. It is a question of approximately 260,000. But in the meantime pressure from enemy and neutral countries (Hull, the King of Sweden, Switzerland, the Pope) had become so strong that those circles in Hungary that are friendly to the Jews attempted to influence the Hungarian government to prevent any further measures against the Jews and particularly their being handed over to German authorities. The Hungarian gendarmes who had been ordered to Budapest for the purpose of deporting the Jews were withdrawn again. * *




12th APRIL 1933

Extract from

Investigation of the Nazi Terror
Special Correspondent's Report

BEATINGS IN "BROWN HOMES" IN AND AROUND CASSEL [From a Special Correspondent in Germany.]

April 11th

The inquirer by digging only an inch below the surface, which to the casual observer may seem tranquil enough, will in city after city, village after village, discover such an abundance of barbarism committed by the Brown Shirts that modern analogies fail.

The Brown Shirts in their totality are the instruments of a Terror that although wanton is systematic-wanton in the sense that unlike a revolutionary Terror it is imposed by no outward necessity, and systematic in the sense that it is an organic part of the Hitlerite regime.


I, CHARLES ERIC WAKEHAM of Caversham Park, Reading in the County of Berkshire, HEREBY MAKE OATH AND SAY as follows:

(1) I am the acting Director of the Monitoring Service of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

(2) It was the function of the said Monitoring Service to monitor and record broadcasts emanating from any part of the world during the War 1939 to 1945, and particularly broadcasts emanating from enemy owned or controlled stations. Such broadcasts were recorded and immediately transcribed from the said recordings by monitors expert in the language of the respective broadcasts.

(3) The document exhibited hereto contains extracts relating to the sinking of the "Athenia" which were broadcast from the German stations mentioned therein on the days and at the times also mentioned therein and which were recorded and monitored by the said Monitoring Service.

SWORN at 4 Chandos Street, Cavendish Square in the County of London this 18th day of June 1946.

[sgd.] C. E. WAKEHAM

Before me, HARPER, a commissioner for Oaths.

Extracts from German Broadcasts on the Sinking of the "Athenia" ZEESEN IN GERMAN: 4.15: 6.9.39.

* * * After Germany's rehabilitation in connection with the Czenstochowa allegations, the German Press refutes accusations of the British Press that the German submarine had sunk the "Athenia". Churchill, as one of his first actions, order "Athenia" to be sunk in order to stir up antiGerman feeling in the USA. ZEESEN IN ENGLISH 21.15: 6.9.39.

In the United States it is affirmed no protest to be lodged about Athenia. All circumstances surrounding sinking very mysterious, Britain trying to make it second Lusitania case. Churchill took over Admiralty and departure was delayed several hours. Out-of-the-way route taken. Several Scandinavian ships sighted. British destroyer squadron in neighborhood. USA Govt. had proof that no German warships or mines were in vicinity, when "accident" occurred prepared by British Admiralty.

British propaganda disappointed as expected to make Roosevelt drop neutrality declaration and signing of embargo. American scepticism not only based on reports but on proofs. Dismal failure to lure Soviet Russia into British spider's web compels Britain to look for other victims and fools.

After USA won war for Britain with their money in 1918

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