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The Position
The Judgment
The Decision

The Order

Technique of Special Task Service

The Sequence of the Special Tasks
Cordoning off & Security

The arrangement of all kinds of Special Task exer-

4. Plan for Alarm and Training

5. Training men to march


What has the Medical Officer to say to consistent march-training?

6. Accommodation, bivouac and camp

Possibilities for accommodation

Local accommodation

The Bivouac

The camp

Measures of the health service

E. Formation of the Service during attack. 1. Bearer of the Service

The troupe
The Squad

The attack

2. Duty-days-Duration of Service

Training plan for the SA Sport-badge association 3. Appliance of training during actual attack (full day service)

F. Supplement


I. Decree by the Deputy Fuehrer of the 29.3.36 over the

carrying out of Party parades

II. Expedients for training in terrain


Map indicator


III. Additional training

What does the S.A. man have to know of war materials

and gas mask?

Gas mask 30

The People's Gas mask (1937 (G.M.37))

First aid for accidents

IV. Details for social welfare

Reference chart for the welfare officer

Details and regulations for conditions in the S.A.

V. Summary for the location of important decrees, published in the "Verordnungsblatt" of the highest S.A. leadership


[1.] Public Prosecution at the Provincial Court

Munich II.

To the State Ministry of Justice.

Munich, the 2 June 1933.

Subject: Deaths of prisoners in protective custody at the concentration camp of Dachau.

In accordance with my instructions, I had a lengthy discussion on the 1 June 1933 with the Police Commander Himmler in his office at the Police H.Q. Munich about the incident at the concentration camp Dachau, which I have already reported to the Ministry of Justice separately; in particular, I told him briefly, with the aid of the photographs from the investigation files, about the Schloss, Hausmann, Strauss and Nefzger cases of which he appeared to have been advised already. I pointed out that particularly the four abovementioned cases-in view of the result of the findings to date-offer good reason for cogent suspicion of serious punishable actions on the part of individual members of the camp guard and of camp officials, and that both the Public Prosecution and the Police authorities to whose knowledge these incidents have come are under the obligation, under the threat of heavy punishment, to carry out the criminal investigation of the abovementioned incidents without consideration for any persons whatsoever; I requested the Police Commander Himmler to assist me in this task as much as possible. I stated that I was arranging for a preliminary legal investigation to be proposed and carried out with regard to the four cases mentioned, and that I would apply for a legal warrant of arrest-because of the danger of things being hushed up—against the persons who were cogently suspected of punishable participation in these cases. I declared further that I would employ the only officials suitable for the further necessary investigations, namely, those of the Criminal Department of the Police H.Q. Munich.

At my request the Police Commander Himmler agreed to issue an order to the effect that no difficulties were to be put in the path of myself and the examining magistrate during the investi


gation in the camp of Dachau, and that all requested information was to be given; he also stated that he had naturally no objections to my other intentions regarding the investigation of the individual cases.

The Oberstaatsanwelt [Provincial Court Public Prosecutor] [Signed] Wintersberger.

[2.] Public Prosecution at the Provincial Court, Munich II.

To the State Ministry of Justice,

Subject: Deaths at the concentration camp of Dachau.

Pursuant to telephone instructions, four dossiers of the Public Prosecution, Munich II, regarding the deaths at the concentration camp of Dachau of the prisoners Schloss, Hausmann, Dr. Strauss and Nefzgar, who were in protective custody, (G 851, 924, ff 33, G 866/33, G 927/33, G 928 ff/33) were sent to the State Ministry of Justice on 2.6.1933. Should the dossiers not be required at present, I would request the return of these files for the purpose of examining whether the decree of 2.8.1933 regarding the granting of immunity from punishment has to be applied.

For the Oberstaatsanwalt [Provincial Court Public Prosecutor]

3. [In handwriting]

By order of the Ministry of the Interior For the attention of Ministerialdirektor Gareis or his representative.

Subject: Application of the decree of 2.8.33, regarding the grant

ing of immunity from punishment.

The four dossiers were handed to the Minister of the Interior for decision on 21 June 1933. I request their return in the near future for the purpose of applying the decree granting immunity from punishment.

I. Dr. Wendler of the Political Police, in whose possession the dossiers are, promised immediate return of the dossiers today on the occasion of a personal discussion on another matter.

M. 23.9.33.

By order, Widmann
Signed, Lechner.

II Spoke personally with Oberfuehrer Heydrich on 9.10.1933. He will endeavour to procure the dossiers.

[blocks in formation]

No receipt of the four dossiers is recorded here. In spite of thorough investigation, nothing could be found out about the location of the dossiers. I shall, however, continue the inquiries and communicate immediately if the occasion arises.

[Handwritten notes]

By order [Signed] Heydrich

Dossiers reported on various occasions with the Political Police Offices, who have promised that they will be received by the Ministry of the Interior.



1. Reported the matter to the Minister. Submit again in two months.



Landesgerichtsrat Dr. Stepp has been requested to arrange for inquiries to continue, and to report about their result.



The matter was discussed with the OSTW [Provincial Court Public Prosecutor] at the Provincial Court Munich II. He will endeavour to procure the return of the missing dossiers with the

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help of Landesgerichtsrat Dr. Stepp who has been appointed Chief of the Bavarian Political Police in the meantime. Munich, 18 January 1935.

[Docs. 5-8

Two letters from the Public Prosecutor, Provincial Court, Munich II and two affidavits re the death of Hugo Handschuch, a prisoner in protective custody, at Dachau camp. (recapitulation in Doc. 10).]


Gestapo-Regional State Police H.Q. Duesseldorf.
Received: 17th May 1943


Berlin Nue 89 911 17.5.43 11,45 Tess

the Regional Commanders of the Security Police and of the S.D. Oslo, the Hague, Paris and

the Commissioner of the Security Police and of the SD Brussels.

the Regional and Subregional State Police H.Q.s Kiel, Schwerin, Stettin, Koeslin, Schneidemuehl, Frankfort/Oder, Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, Leipzig, Weimar, Magdeburg, Halle, Brunswick, Kassel, Frankfort/Main, Cologne, Duesseldorf, Dortmund, Muenster, Hannover, Wilhelmshaven and Bremen, Hamburg.


Subject: Dispatch of prisoners in protective custody to the concentration camp Neuengamme.


Previous correspondence: none.

In order to prevent unnecessary transport detours, I request that in future only the concentration camp of Neuengamme be given as the destination of transports of prisoners in protective custody who are to be sent to the concentration camp of Neuengamme, and not the Regional State Police H.Q. Hamburg and such like, and that the form accompanying the transport be filled in accordingly. The passing of these transports through the Police prisons of the Subregional HQ. Hamburg is not practicable owing to the continuous crowding of these police prisons and in view

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