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I confirm receipt of your letter of 1.6.43.

1. I give permission for 8 criminals condemned to death in Auschwitz (8 Jews of the Polish resistance movement who have been condemned to death) to be used for the experiments.

2. I agree to Dr. Dohmen carrying out these experiments at Sachsenhausen.

3. Like you, I am of the opinion that a real combatting of infectious jaundice would be of untold value.

[Sgd.] H. Himmler. 2) SS Obergruppenfuehrer Pohl, Berlin Copy sent with a request that note be taken.

[Initial] SS Obersturmbannfuehrer.

[blocks in formation]

Subject: Fuehrer's order of the 1.3.44.
Ref: Your letter of the 10.3.44 diary No 1888/44 Top Secret.

Dear Comrade Brandt,

In accordance with orders, I got in touch with SS Brigadefuehrer Professor Dr. Brandt and informed him in Beelitz on the 31st March about the research work conducted by SS Haupsturmfuehrer Professor Dr. Hirt. On this occasion I handed to him the plan for the treatment of L.—Damage worked out by Professor Hirt, a copy of which I enclose for you for presentation to the Reichsfuehrer SS if the occasion should arise.

Professor Brandt tells me that he will be in Strassburg in the
first week in April and that he intends to discuss details with
Professor Hirt then, after which he will contact me again.
I will keep you informed continually.

With best wishes,
Heil Hitler.

[signature illegible).

Copy The Reichsfuehrer SS

Field H.Q., the 10.7.1943 1.) Chief of units for combatting partisans. 2.) Higher SS and Police chiefs in the Ukraine. 3.) Higher SS and Police chiefs in Russia, Central Sector.

1. The Fuehrer has decided that the whole population has to be evacuated from partisan-ridden territories of the northern Ukraine and of the central Russian sector.

2. The whole male population fit for work will be directed to the Reich Commissar for the Employment of Labour according to regulations which are yet to be laid down, but under the conditions of PWs.

3. The female population will be directed to the Reich Commissar for the Employment of Labour for work in the Reich.

4. Part of the female population and all children who have no parents will be sent to our reception camps.

5. The evacuated territories are to be taken over and run by the Higher SS and Police chiefs-as much as possible in accordance with an arrangement still to be made with the Reich Minister of Food and with the Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories; they are to be planted partly with Kok-Sagys and as far as possible agricultural use is to be made of them. The camps for children are to be established on the edge of these territories, in order that the children may be available as labour for the cultivation of Kok-Sagys and for agriculture. Final proposals are to be submitted to me as soon as possible.

[signed] H. HIMMLER 4.) SS Obergruppenfuehrer Berger 5.) SS Obergruppenfuehrer Backe

True copy:

initialled: (illegible]


[In pencil]IIc/5

Oranienburg, 21 February 1940. The Reichsfuehrer SS The Inspector of the Concentration Camps File Ref. 14a 12/L/Ot.

To be Registered [initalled] HH [Himmler]

Subject: Prison camps within the area of the Higher SS and

Police Chiefs. Ref: RF SS, Personal Staff, diary No. Top Secret/694/40

Wa/Kp. of 1.2.40. Enclosures: — 3 —

To the Reichsfuhrer SS and Chief of the German Police
Berlin S.W.11

Copies to:
1) S.S. Gruppenfuehrer Pohl

(with 9 enclosures)
2) S.S. Gruppenfuehrer Heydrich

(no enclosures)

In the above mentioned decree, the Reichsfuehrer SS ordered that the following prison camps be inspected to determine their suitability as concentration camps:

1. Police prison in Welzheim.
2. Transit camp (Dulag) in Kislau

(both in the area of the Higher SS and Police Chief South

West) 3. Frauenberg (nr. Admont) camp

(in the area of the Higher SS and Police Chief Alperland) 4. Sosnowitz (East Upper Silesia) camp. 5. Auschwitz (Upper Silesia) Camp

(Both in the area of the Higher SS and Police Chief South

East) The inspection has been carried out. The result was as follows: (1) Welzheim.

Welzheim is not a concentration camp but has since 1934 been a house prison of the Gestapo in Stuttgart, which it comes under. The designation "Concentration Camp" must have been given to it by mistake.

It is unsuitable for use as a concentration camp. (2) Kislau.

Kislau is a prison camp of the Reich administrator of justice, supervised by the judiciary and directed by a prison director. It can take 600 prisoners. Up to the beginning of the present war, foreign legionnaires were also sent to the camp by the Karlsruhe Gestapo (against reimbursement of costs); at the moment there are still 7 legionnaires at Kislau. As a concentration camp existed near Kislau in 1933/34, the present judicial prison camp is still erroneously described as a "concentration camp."

Kislau, a former hunting lodge, is unsuitable for use as a concentration camp.

(3) Frauenberg (nr Admont).

Frauenberg is a labour camp set up by the provincial welfare union of Styria for shirkers and drunkards. It consists of five wooden huts and can take 300 prisoners.

The labour prisoners are exclusively Styrians who are paid for their work by the Provincial Welfare Union of Styria during their time in the camp (27-57 pfennig an hour, less food).

The SA (about 20 men) do the guarding. The labour prisoners are employed in two quarries and on building roads. Not far from the camp there is a stretch of moor of about 25–30 square kilometres (it is said to be up to 25 metres deep). The whole place is now state property: formerly it belonged to the Admont foundation.

In its present form and without big additions, Frauenberg is unsuited for use as a concentration camp.

(4) Sosnowitz in Upper Silesia.

Sosnowitz has only been set up provisionally as a temporary transit camp for emigrating Jews; at present it contains 300 Jews. The religious community of Sosnowitz sees to the feeding of these Jewish emigrants. The factory room, the floor of which has been covered with straw for this purpose, has no fittings of any sort, no water and no cooking facilities and can be used neither as a concentration camp nor as a quarantine camp.

(5) Auschwitz in Upper Silesia.

Auschwitz, a former Polish artillery barracks (stone and wooden buildings) is suitable as a quarantine camp after some sanitary and constructional shortcomings have been eliminated. A detailed report has been submitted to the Reichsfuehrer SS and Chief of the German Police, Gruppenfuehrer Pohl, Gruppenfuehrer Heydrich and the Reich doctor SS. The constructional and hygienic investigations which are still necessary in Auschwitz are being carried out at the moment. When the negotiations begun by the Chief of the Security Police aimed at getting the Wehrmacht to hand the camp over (as has already been reported, there is still a construction company in the camp) are terminated, I shall immediately get it going as a quarantine camp. I have already made the necessary preparations for this.

(6) Stutthof.

A detailed report has been submitted to the Reichsfuehrer SS regarding the taking over of the camp of Stutthof near Danzig as a State Concentration Camp. SS Gruppenfuehrer Pohl and SS

Gruppenfuehrer Heydrich have recommended that it be taken over.

I have submitted the data regarding the camps in the area of the Higher SS and Police Chiefs Warthe and Rhine, which I am not to inspect, to SS Gruppenfuehrer Pohl, with the request for his opinion as to whether he is interested in these camps. After looking through the reports, it seems to me that these camps do not come into question as concentration camps.

[Signed] Gluecks

SS Oberfuehrer. [Rubber stamp]

Personal Staff, RFSS Enclosures
Received: 22 Feb 1940
Diary No. 732 top secret (initials)
To: Reichsfuehrer


To the Reich Plenipotentiary for the Consolidation of German
Folkdom, SS Himmler, Chief of the Police,

[Initialled] H.H. [H. Himmler] I beg you to give your attention to the following statements. I have asked Professor Hoehm to hand this letter to you and have thus selected the direct path to you in order to avoid the slower official channels and to eliminate the possibility of an indiscretion, bearing in mind the enormous importance, under certain circumstances, of the idea submitted.

Prompted by the thought that the enemy must not only be conquered but exterminated, I feel obliged to submit the following to you as the Reich Plenipotentiary for the Consolidation of German Folkdom:

Dr. Madous is publishing the results of his research into sterilization by medicaments (I enclose both works). In reading this article, I was struck by the enormous importance of this medicament in the present struggle of our people. Should it be possible to produce as soon as possible, as a result of this research, a medicament which, after a comparatively brief period, would cause an unnoticed sterilization in individuals, we would have at our disposal a new and very effective weapon. The thought alone that the 3 million Bolsheviks now in German captivity could be sterilized, so that they would be available for work but precluded from propagation, opens up the most far-reaching perspectives.

Madous discovered that the juice of the plant Caladium Segui

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