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*3855-PS Circular from Kaltenbrunner, 5 April

1944, giving instructions on treat-
ment of bailed-out enemy flyers.

(USA 806) ............
*3877-PS Teleprint letter from von Schirach to

Bormann, 28 May 1942, concerning
assassination of Heydrich and rec-
ommended action for retaliation

against England. (USA 865)
*3914-PS Excerpts from notes on Reich Defense

Committee meetings of 17 September
1940, 26 November 1940, 5 April 1941
and 14 October 1941, concerning man-
power situation and employment of
prisoners of war and Jews. (USA

*3943-PS Excerpts from “Reports from Occupied

Eastern territories", May 1942, June
1942, January, February, March and
April 1943, concerning operation of
Security Police and SD against Jews

and guerillas. (USA 864) ....
*D–855 Extract from "The Development of the

Naval Budget 1930-1939" on Ship

Construction Plan. (GB 461)
*D-912 Extracts made by BBC of Berlin broad-

casts relating to the sinking of the
Athenia. (GB 526)






8. Aggression against Poland, Danzig, England

and France (Vol. I, p. 673).
*1776-PS Memorandum of Jodl, 30 June 1940,

concerning continuation of the War

against England. (GB 494)
*4041-PS Posters pertaining to shooting of per-

sons as reprisal measures which Ger-
man authorities made public in War-
saw during occupation of Poland.

(GB 556)
*D-722 Affidavit of Walter Giese, 19 February

1946. (GB 479) *D-851 Note from Albrecht to Secretary of State,

3 September 1939, with enclosed









memo regarding unlimited U-boat

warfare against England. (GB 451) *D-852 Memorandum on conference with Sec

retary of State von Weizsaecker, 25
September 1939, on question of naval

warfare. (GB 469)
*D-853 Report by Under Secretary of State,

Woermann, 27 September 1939, on sea

warfare. (GB 470).. *D-877 Prosecution comparison of documents

798-PS and Raeder 27. (GB 464)...... *D-879 Extracts from Admiral Assman's Diary,

10 October 1939. (GB 482)
9. Aggression against Norway and Denmark (Vol.

I, p. 733).
C-119 Special instructions issued by von Falken-

horst, 13 March 1940, on the attitude
to be adopted in the occupation of Den-

mark and Norway
*D-547 Various communications and orders, Sep-

tember 1943, regarding deportation of
Jews from Denmark and release of in-

terned Danish soldiers. (GB 488)........ *D-582 Report, 2 February 1945, concerning re

sistance in Norway and recommenda

tions for combatting same. (GB 491) *D-722 Affidavit of Walter Giese, 19 February

1946. (GB 479) *D-843 Telegram from Oslo to Reich Minister

and Secretary of State, 28 March 1940.

(GB 466) *D-844 Telegram from Stockholm to Foreign

Ministry, 4 April 1940. (GB 467) .... *D-845 Telegram from Stockholm, 5 April 1940,

regarding German military preventive

measures in Scandinavia. (GB 468).... *D-846 Telegram from Copenhagen, 26 Septem

ber 1939, regarding sinking of Swedish
and Finnish ships by German sub-

marines. (GB 452)
*D-847 Telegram from Copenhagen, 26 March

1940, regarding sinking of Danish
ships. (GB 453)













*D-879 Extracts from Admiral Assman's Diary,

10 October 1939. (GB 482) *D-919 Extracts from War Crime Trial, Oslo,

Case MTB 345. (GB 533)
10. Aggression against Belgium, the Netherlands,

and Luxembourg (Vol. I, p. 760).
790-PS Memorandum, 4 May 1940, regarding

conference between Under Secretary
of State Gaus and the chief for Foreign
Affairs concerning the White book Bel-

gium Holland
II. Aggression against Greece and Yugoslavia (Vol.
I, p. 775).
C-60 Order, 24 March 1941, of the High Com-

mand signed by Jodl, authorizing re-
connaissance and attack against all
naval forces (including Greek forces)
within Greek territorial waters sur-

rounding island of Crete
12. Aggression against the USSR. (Vol. I, p. 794). ,
389-PS Order of Keitel, 16 September 1941, con-

cerning Communist insurrections in

the occupied areas
1032-PS Memorandum by Braeutigam, 10 June

1941, regarding the position of Chief
Commissars in the occupied bastern

*3876-PS Various reports from Heydrich in 1942

giving summary of activity of "Ein-
satzgruppen” of Security Police and

SD in USSR. (USA 808)
*3943-PS Excerpts from "Reports from Occupied

Eastern territories”, May 1942, June
1942, January, February, March and
April 1943, concerning operation of
Security Police and SD against Jews

and guerillas. (USA 864)
*3952-PS Extract from testimony of Walter

Funk, 19 October 1945, regarding war

with Russia. (USA 875) *D-722 Affidavit of Walter Giese, 19 February

1946. (GB 479) *007 Letter from Himmler to Higher SS and








Police Chief, 7 September 1943, re-
garding destruction of Ukraine. (GB

13. Collaboration with Italy and Japan and Aggres-
sive War against the United States; November
1936 to December 1941 (Vol. I, p. 840).
*D-872 Extracts from War Diary of German

Naval Attache in Tokyo, 1941. (GB

*D-880 Extract from interrogation of Admiral

Erich Raeder, 10 November 1945, con-
cerning an OKW Directive about co-
operation with Japan. (GB 483) ........



X. The Slave Labor Program, the Illegal Use of Prisoners of War, and the

Special Responsibility of Sauckel and Speer Therefor (Vol. I, p. 875).
*345-PS Telegram, Rosenberg to Lammers, 20

July 1944, concerning recruiting of
youthful Russians, Ukrainians, White
Russians, Lithuanians, and Tartars.
(USA 869)

336 *580-PS Letter from Reich Ministry for Occupied

Eastern Territories, 6 March 1942, re
Recruiting of civilian workers from
occupied Eastern Territories. (USA

347 884-PS Memorandum by Warlimont, 12 May

1941, regarding Treatment of political
and military Russian officials

352 *1137-PS Report on the activity of the Office of

Hauptbannfuehrer Nickel in the Reich
Ministry for Occupied Eastern Terri-
tories, 19 October 1944. (USA 870) ....

356 1201-PS Memorandum 20 February 1942 on

Lecture of Ministerial Director Dr.
Mansfeld, Deputy General for Mobili-
zation of Labor on general questions
regarding the mobilization of labor

361 1263–PS Memorandum by Warlimont 15 October

1942, with appendices, regarding
Treatment of enemy sabotage troops....

362 *1265-PS Directives, 13 and 15 October 1942, re

garding treatment of prisoners of war







with particular reference to reprisals,
shackling and sabotage units. (GB

487) .....
*1266-PS Directive by Canaris, 13 October 1942,

and memorandum by Lehman 15 Octo-
ber 1942, on Treatment of prisoners of
war with particular reference to re-
prisals, shackling and sabotage units.

(GB 486)
1290-PS Report by Sauckel to Hitler regarding

Slave Labor program for year ending

31 March 1943
*1296–PS Report by Sauckel, 27 July 1942, con-

cerning employment of foreign labor
in Germany from 21 March 1942 to

27 July 1942. (GB 325)
1342-PS Memorandum by Henning, 13 January

1943, concerning the second Sauckel
project and a directive by Weigand, 16
January 1943 regarding establishment
of screening commissions for Sauckel

project for January March 1943
*1452-PS Memorandum of conference of Milch,

Witzell, Leeb, 23 March 1942, in

Speer's office. (USA 903) 1764-PS Memorandum concerning Sauckel labor

projects in France
*1975-PS Order concerning the introduction of

compulsory work in the Occupied
Eastern Territories, 19 December

1941. (USA 820)
*3857-PS Memorandum of Reich Protector in

Bohemia and Moravia, 25 November
1939, concerning employment for stu-
dents from closed Czech universities
and use of Czech workers who entered

Reich voluntarily. (GB 524)
*3858-PS Report from Dr. Dennler, senior gov-

ernmental counsellor in Prague, 21
November 1939, to Under Secretary of
State concerning employment of stu-
dents from closed Czech universities.

(GB 523)
*3859-PS Letter from von Neurath to Lammers,






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