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*3855-PS Circular from Kaltenbrunner, 5 April

1944, giving instructions on treat-
ment of bailed-out enemy flyers.

(USA 806)
*3877-PS Teleprint letter from von Schirach to

Bormann, 28 May 1942, concerning
assassination of Heydrich and rec-

action for

for retaliation
against England. (USA 865) ....
*3914–PS Excerpts from notes on Reich Defense

Committee meetings of 17 September
1940, 26 November 1940, 5 April 1941
and 14 October 1941, concerning man-
power situation and employment of
prisoners of war and Jews. (USA

*3943–PS Excerpts from “Reports from Occupied

Eastern territories", May 1942, June
1942, January, February, March and
April 1943, concerning operation of
Security Police and SD against Jews

and guerillas. (USA 864)
*D-855 Extract from "The Development of the

Naval Budget 1930–1939" on Ship

Construction Plan. (GB 461)
*D-912 Extracts made by BBC of Berlin broad-

casts relating to the sinking of the
Athenia. (GB 526)






8. Aggression against Poland, Danzig, England

and France (Vol. I, p. 673).
*1776-PS Memorandum of Jodl, 30 June 1940,

concerning continuation of the War

against England. (GB 494)
*4041-PS Posters pertaining to shooting of per-

sons as reprisal measures which Ger-
man authorities made public in War-
saw during occupation of Poland.

(GB 556)
*D-722 Affidavit of Walter Giese, 19 February

1946. (GB 479) *D-851 Note from Albrecht to Secretary of State,

3 September 1939, with enclosed


941 971







memo regarding unlimited U-boat

warfare against England. (GB 451) *D-852 Memorandum on conference with Sec

retary of State von Weizsaecker, 25
September 1939, on question of naval

warfare. (GB 469)
*D-853 Report by Under Secretary of State,

Woermann, 27 September 1939, on sea

warfare. (GB 470).... *D-877 Prosecution comparison of documents

798-PS and Raeder 27. (GB 464)...... *D-879 Extracts from Admiral Assman's Diary,

10 October 1939. (GB 482).
9. Aggression against Norway and Denmark (Vol.

I, p. 733).
C-119 Special instructions issued by von Falken-

horst, 13 March 1940, on the attitude
to be adopted in the occupation of Den-

mark and Norway
*D-547 Various communications and orders, Sep-

tember 1943, regarding deportation of
Jews from Denmark and release of in-

terned Danish soldiers. (GB 488)........ *D-582 Report, 2 February 1945, concerning re

sistance in Norway and recommenda

tions for combatting same. (GB 491) *D-722 Affidavit of Walter Giese, 19 February

1946. (GB 479) *D-843 Telegram from Oslo to Reich Minister

and Secretary of State, 28 March 1940.

(GB 466) *D-844 Telegram from Stockholm to Foreign

Ministry, 4 April 1940. (GB 467) ...... *D-845 Telegram from Stockholm, 5 April 1940,

regarding German military preventive

measures in Scandinavia. (GB 468).... *D-846 Telegram from Copenhagen, 26 Septem

ber 1939, regarding sinking of Swedish
and Finnish ships by German sub-

marines. (GB 452)
*D-847 Telegram from Copenhagen, 26 March

1940, regarding sinking of Danish
ships. (GB 453)








969 1015




*D-879 Extracts from Admiral Assman's Diary,

10 October 1939. (GB 482) *D-919 Extracts from War Crime Trial, Oslo,

Case MTB 345. (GB 533)
10. Aggression against Belgium, the Netherlands,

and Luxembourg (Vol. I, p. 760).
790-PS Memorandum, 4 May 1940, regarding

conference between Under Secretary
of State Gaus and the chief for Foreign
Affairs concerning the White book Bel-

11. Aggression against Greece and Yugoslavia (Vol.
I, p. 775).
C-60 Order, 24 March 1941, of the High Com-

mand signed by Jodl, authorizing re-
connaissance and attack against all
naval forces (including Greek forces)
within Greek territorial waters sur-

rounding island of Crete
12. Aggression against the USSR. (Vol. I, p. 794)..
389-PS Order of Keitel, 16 September 1941, con-

cerning Communist insurrections in

the occupied areas
1032-PS Memorandum by Braeutigam, 10 June

1941, regarding the position of Chief
Commissars in the occupied Eastern

*3876-PS Various reports from Heydrich in 1942

giving summary of activity of "Ein-
satzgruppen” of Security Police and

SD in USSR. (USA 808)
*3943-PS Excerpts from “Reports from Occupied

Eastern territories", May 1942, June
1942, January, February, March and
April 1943, concerning operation of
Security Police and SD against Jews

and guerillas. (USA 864)
*3952-PS Extract from testimony of Walter

Funk, 19 October 1945, regarding war

with Russia. (USA 875) *D-722 Affidavit of Walter Giese, 19 February

1946. (GB 479) *007 Letter from Himmler to Higher SS and






941 1270


Police Chief, 7 September 1943, re-
garding destruction of Ukraine. (GB

13. Collaboration with Italy and Japan and Aggres-

sive War against the United States; November
1936 to December 1941 (Vol. I, p. 840).
*D-872 Extracts from War Diary of German

Naval Attache in Tokyo, 1941. (GB

*D-880 Extract from interrogation of Admiral

Erich Raeder, 10 November 1945, con-
cerning an OKW Directive about co-
operation with Japan. (GB 483)



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X. The Slave Labor Program, the Illegal Use of Prisoners of War, and the

Special Responsibility of Sauckel and Speer Therefor (Vol. I, p. 875).
*345-PS Telegram, Rosenberg to Lammers, 20

July 1944, concerning recruiting of
youthful Russians, Ukrainians, White
Russians, Lithuanians, and Tartars.
(USA 869) ...

336 *580-PS Letter from Reich Ministry for Occupied

Eastern Territories, 6 March 1942, re
Recruiting of civilian workers from
occupied Eastern Territories. (USA
821) ...

347 884-PS Memorandum by Warlimont, 12 May

1941, regarding Treatment of political
and military Russian officials

352 *1137-PS Report on the activity of the Office of

Hauptbannfuehrer Nickel in the Reich
Ministry for Occupied Eastern Terri-
tories, 19 October 1944. (USA 870) ....

356 1201-PS Memorandum 20 February 1942 on

Lecture of Ministerial Director Dr.
Mansfeld, Deputy General for Mobili-
zation of Labor on general questions
regarding the mobilization of labor

361 1263–PS Memorandum by Warlimont 15 October

1942, with appendices, regarding
Treatment of enemy sabotage troops....

362 *1265-PS Directives, 13 and 15 October 1942, re

garding treatment of prisoners of war







with particular reference to reprisals,
shackling and sabotage units. (GB

*1266–PS Directive by Canaris, 13 October 1942,

and memorandum by Lehman 15 Octo-
ber 1942, on Treatment of prisoners of
war with particular reference to re-
prisals, shackling and sabotage units.

(GB 486)
1290-PS Report by Sauckel to Hitler regarding

Slave Labor program for year ending

31 March 1943
*1296-PS Report by Sauckel, 27 July 1942, con-

cerning employment of foreign labor
in Germany from 21 March 1942 to

27 July 1942. (GB 325)
1342-PS Memorandum by Henning, 13 January

1943, concerning the second Sauckel
project and a directive by Weigand, 16
January 1943 regarding establishment
of screening commissions for Sauckel

project for January March 1943
*1452-PS Memorandum of conference of Milch,

Witzell, Leeb, 23 March 1942, in

Speer's office. (USA 903) 1764-PS Memorandum concerning Sauckel labor

projects in France
*1975-PS Order concerning the introduction of

compulsory work in the Occupied
Eastern Territories, 19 December

1941. (USA 820)
*3857-PS Memorandum of Reich Protector in

Bohemia and Moravia, 25 November
1939, concerning employment for stu-
dents from closed Czech universities
and use of Czech workers who entered

Reich voluntarily. (GB 524)
*3858-PS Report from Dr. Dennler, senior gov-

ernmental counsellor in Prague, 21
November 1939, to Under Secretary of
State concerning employment of stu-
dents from closed Czech universities.

(GB 523)
*3859-PS Letter from von Neurath to Lammers,

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