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damental law of the Hitlerite Reich was racial legislation. His personal activity in Poland contributed to the extermination of numerous Poles. He boasted about it all in his paper.

Frick was a Party member from 1925 on. He became a Reich Leader and afterwards Reich Director for the elections from 30 January 1933 up to 20 August 1943. He was Chief of the service. for the annexation of Austria to Germany, for the incorporation of the Sudetenland, Memel, Danzig, the Eastern Territories, Eupen Malmedy and Moresnet. Moreover, he was Director of the Central Office for the Protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia, the Government-General Lower Styria, Upper Carinthia, Norway, Alsace, Lorraine and all the other occupied countries. He was Protector of Bohemia-Moravia for more than one year.

He was Reich Minister of the Interior since the assumption of power, a member of the Defense Council. Being elected to the Reichstag in 1924, he posed anti-Jewish laws. Strictly obedient, he became several times the spokesman for the political thought of the organization. He declared among other things:

"In National Socialist Germany, the direction is in the hands of an organized community, viz. the National Socialist Party. This latter represents the will of the nation. The policy adopted by the Party in keeping with the vital interests of the nation is at the same time the policy adopted by the country.” (3258-PS)

It is he who appointed Himmler. He is responsible for the anti-Jewish legislation and finally he had sterilization applied to the descendants of colored soldiers. Moreover he caused the lunatics reputed to be incurable to be killed.

Streicher entered the party practically as soon as it was formed. He engaged in unrestrained propaganda against the Jews in his speeches as well as in his writings and he incited the German people to persecute and to exterminate them. He has been a Gauleiter. He does not reject anything that has been done. He stated :

"When one has known the Fuehrer as I have known him in his deepest personality as I have, and when I later learned from his testament that he knowingly gave the order to execute the Jews, well I declare that this man has a right to do so."

Funk entered the party in 1931. He had the golden badge bestowed on him. He was the head of the Reich's press, Secretary of State for propaganda. Finally he succeeded Schacht in the Ministry of the Interior in 1937. He became Plenipotentiary General for Economy and President of the Reichsbank in 1941. In 1932 he was acting as middleman between the Fuehrer and certain heads of the German industry. He took part in the meeting of the industrialists on 20 February 1933 organized by Goer

ing in order to obtain the political and financial support of industry for the realization of the Nazi program. He stated on 4 May 1946:

"As State Secretary for propaganda I have a formal responsibility. I have of course favoured propaganda as did all those who found themselves in a position of importance in Germany, for propaganda filled and permeated the nation's spiritual life.”

He asked that the Jews be excluded from important positions. He issued decrees for the realization of that idea. He has received the deposits made by the SS of gold and valuables taken from the victims of mass exterminations. Finally, he built up the war economy and signed the secret law of 4 September 1938.

Doenitz was Commander-in-Chief of the Germany navy. He succeeded Hitler with Seyss-Inquart as Foreign Minister. He was a recipient of the golden party badge. His adherence to the criminal policy of the system is indisputable. In a speech he said:

"The officer is a representative of the state. The ridiculous babble about a non-political officer is plain nonsense.”

He recommended the use of labor from the extermination camps in order, he said, to increase output by 100 per cent. He proclaimed submarine warfare without restrictions and ordered his sailors “to be hard”, and not to effect any more rescues. He approved and extolled massacres of communists.

Raeder was Commander-in-Chief of the German navy before Doenitz. He was present at Hitler's conferences in which the latter revealed his plans. The texts were noted down in passing. He placed the navy at the Nazi regime's service. He conducted the clandestine rearming and contributed in preparing the aggression against Poland, against Norway.

His contempt for international Law is well known. It is enough to quote the memorandum of 15 October. (UK-65.)

Schirach was a party member from the age of 18 years on. He joined it in 1925; leader of the Hitler Youth from 1931 to 1940, Gauleiter of Vienna up to the capitulation, he was one of the essential parts of the machine. He admits that as Gauleiter of Vienna he united in himself the powers of the State, of the city and of the party. It was he who shaped the German youth in accordance with the party's ideology and he has claimed the responsibility for the consequences of this exclusive formation. He allowed Himmler to recruit SS among the Hitler Youth.

From 1943, as he himself admits, he knew of the treatment inflicted on the Jews, but long before that he had taken a quite clearly defined stand as to this question and had conducted an active anti-semitic propaganda.



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Sauckel joined the party in 1925. As Gauleiter of Thuringia, and Plenipotentiary General for labor commitment, and honorary Obergruppen-fuehrer SS, he held a quite select situation in the State-Party machine.

A fiery propagandist, he delivered more than five hundred speeches all of them devoted to the development of Nazi ideology. He approved the idea of extermination and said:

"Concerning the extermination of asocial element, Goebbels finds that the idea to exterminate them by work is far the best." (682-PS) Again he stated :

* The Fuehrer stated that we had to revise our school conception about the migration of people * * it is the Fuehrer's wish that a hundred years from now 250 million people of germanic language be settled in Europe." (025-PS)

He took personally an active part in the preparations for the exterminations and he declared the following on this subject the 28 May 1946:

“One can only obtain results in production by employing labor economically.”

Not counting the millions of citizens of other countries, he forced nearly two million Frenchmen to collaborate in the war by their toil. To recruit them he used force and the intervention of the police, the SS and the Army. In document 827-PS he states :

"I have charged a few intelligent men with special executive missions for the workers under the direction of the supreme chief of the SS and of the police. I have armed and trained a certain number of them, and I must ask the Armament Ministry for the necessary munitions for these men

Such a declaration reduces to zero the insinuation of Speer's counsel that the French population accepted willingly their forced labor in Germany.

Alfred Jodl was chief of the operations staff of the OKW. He had the entire confidence of the Fuehrer to the same extent as Keitel. He participated in the drafting of the successive plans of aggression. Encouraged to serve Hitler by the presence of such conservatives as Neurath, Papen, Schacht, at Hitler's side, he transmitted the 22 March 1943 order concerning the expulsions of the Jews from Denmark and their internment in Germany. He also insured the execution of Hitler's order concerning the annihilation of commandos of 18 October 1942.

He participated in the discussions which led to the measures against flyers who had been forced down. He signed the notice of the High Command of the Army concerning the fight against the guerillas, notice which contained regulations contrary to the rules of humanity. Von Papen prepared Hitler's accession to power.

The constitution of his Cabinet on 30 May 1942 was contrary to the normal procedures of parliamentary institutions. On 2 June he ordered the dissolution of the Reichstag and at the same time gave free course to Hitler's terrorism. On the occasion of an interview with Hitler in June 1932 he said:

“I have accepted the demands of Hitler—Namely the right of the SS and SA to wear uniforms." At the same time Papen had no illusions as to the consequences for his party of the Hitlerian disturbances which he had himself released. But he preferred Hitler to democracy. After the elections of 30 July he endeavored to induce Hindenburg to tolerate Hitler and he succeeded in doing so during the month of November.

He permitted the invasion of the public functions by Nazis.

Sir David Maxwell Fyfe reminded us of Von Papen's vindication of National Socialism in Essen in November 1933.

With regard to the racial problem, Von Papen took a very favorable attitude in his speech at Gleiwitz in 1934. I quote:

“Surely nothing can be said against racial research or against the care given to the race all of which has tended to safeguard the characteristics of a people as much as possible

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We all know what this care consisted of.

Papen served the Party-State administration with utter servility until the capitulation, and his activity was not interrupted, neither by the assassination nor the imprisonment of his collaborators and friends, of which the State and Party were guilty.

Seyss-Inquart became a member of the National Socialist Party on 13 March 1938. He occupied various positions within the core of the party or in the state civil service, and finally became Assistant Governor of Poland, then Reich Commissar for the Netherlands. He declared, and I quote from document 2219-PS:

“I attach myself with indomitable tenacity to the goal in which I believe: the greatest Germany and the Fuehrer.” (Excerpt from a letter of Seyss-Inquart to Goering on 14 July

1939, 2219-PS) In a speech of January 23, 1939, he said: 744400—47—14

* *



* * the task of a generation, that is to say the vital force of a people, is considered by us as the creation and the security of the Lebensraum of the cultural and economic blood of that nation * And he also said in a letter to Bormann of 20 July:

* as the task of a whole generation, the entire territory of the Vistula and not only the present gain in the East should be settled by Germans * * * the present Slovakia, the present Hungary, the present Roumania, must be reorganized. The situation appears to me to be ripe

* I believe that we should obtain in a short time a single German administration for this entire territory.

Seyss-Inquart endeavored to realize the great political idea of the party: conquest of space at any price. He used all his resources for the annexation of Austria, of which he was a native. He admits that he worked for 20 years to realize the idea of the Anschluss. And we have the proof of his collusion with Konrad Henlein for the reunion of the Sudeten territory with Germany. Finally, in Holland he bound that country politically and economically to the Reich. Furthermore, he is personally responsible for the systematic pillage suffered by Holland, for the deportation of part of the population and for measures which provoked famine. · Speer became a member of the Party in 1933.

He was appointed by Hitler's personal architect, and in this capacity he came into very close contact with the Fuehrer. As chief of the Todt Organization from February 1942 on, munitions Chief in the Four Years Plan since March 1942, Minister of Munitions since September 1943, he was one of the high ranking officials both in the State and in the Party. Speer exploited more than a million men in the Todt Organization, and in 1943 more than 50,000 deported Frenchmen in the territory of the Ruhr alone. He is responsible for the maltreatment of foreign workers in German factories, particularly in the Krupp plants. He employed more than 400,000 war prisoners in the armament industry. His delegates were authorized by the OKW to go to the camps and to select skilled workmen. He exploited the labor of the concentration camps, more than 32,000 men, as he himself admitted. He visited Mauthausen and shared the responsibility for the deportation of Jews into special working camps, as well as the 100,000 Hungarian Jews who were assigned to aircraft factories.

Von Neurath, who had been Minister for Foreign Affairs since 1932, remained in this office when the Nazis seized power in 1933. He continued occupying this post until 1939 and was, together with his services, gradually absorbed in the growing State Party

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