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policy was a crime" (Tr. p. 10295) and that Auschwitz "is the greatest and most devilish mass murder of history." (Tr. p. 10293).

57Testimony of Frank. "*** I myself have never installed an extermination camp for Jews or demanded that they should be installed, but if Adolf Hitler personally has turned that dreadful responsibility over to these people of his, then it must be mine too." (Tr. p. 8099).

58 English transcript p. 13116.

50 Hitler, "Mein Kampf”. “In regard to this point I should like to make the following statement: "To demand that the 1914 frontiers should be restored is a glaring political absurdity that is fraught with such consequences as to make the claim itself appear criminal. The confines of the Reich as they existed in 1914 were thoroughly illogical ***. We national Socialists must stick firmly to the aim that we have set for our foreign policy, namely, that the German people must be assured the territorial area which is necessary for it to exist on this earth ***. The territory on which one day our German peasants will be able to bring forth and nourish their sturdy sons will justify the blood of the sons of the peasants that has to be shed today". (GB-128, Tr. pp. 2281–2).

Hitler, "Mein Kampf" (GB-128, Tr. p. 2285).

Hitler, "Mein Kampf". "The soil on which we now live was not a gift bestowed by Heaven on our forefathers. But they had to conquer it by risking their lives. So also in the future our people will not obtain territory, and therewith the means of existence, as a favor from any other people, but will have to win it by the power of a triumphant sword." (D-660, GB-128, Tr. p. 2278).

02 English transcript, pp. 6068-9.

03 English transcript, p. 6071.


Affidavit of Schnitzler, 10 November 1945 (EC-439, USA-618, Tr. pp. 282,283, 2532.

5 Letter from Krupp to Hitler, 25 April 1933, with enclosure (D–157, USA-765, Tr. pp. 299, 5124).

Krupp speech, "Thoughts about the Industrial Enterpriser," January 1944. *** I have already often repeated orally as well as in writing, and today I also want to restate to this group that, according to the terms of the Dictate of Versailles (Diktat) Krupp had to destroy and demolish considerable quantities of machines and utensils of all kinds. It is the one great merit of the entire German war economy that it did not remain idle during those bad years, even though its activity could not be brought to light for obvious reasons. Through years of secret work, scientific and basic ground work was laid, in order to be ready again to work for the German Armed Forces at the appointed hour, without loss of time or experience." (D-317, USA-770, Tr. p. 289).

07 The Fifth Day of the Party Congress, from Voelkischer Beobachter, Munich (Southern German) Edition, Issue 258, 14 September 1936, (2283-PS, USA-337, Tr. p. 255). The Social Life of the New Germany with Special Consideration of the German Labor Front, containing principal parts of two NSDAP orders directing seizure of unions in 1933, pp. 51-54 (392-PS, USA-326, Tr. p. 1600). Organization Book of the NSDAP, the NSBO, p. 185 (2271-PS, Tr. p. 255). Affidavits of Josef Simon, Chairman of German Shoemaker's Union in 1933 (2335-PS, USA-749, Tr. p. 255). Affidavits of Lorenz Hagan, Chairman of Local Committee, German Trade Unions, Nurnberg (2334-PS, USA-238, Tr. p. 1405). Affidavit of Mathias Lex,


deputy president of the German Shoemakers Union (2928-PS, USA-239, Tr. pp. 1405, 2258). Affidavit, 17 October 1945, of Gustav Schiefer, Chairman of General German Trade Union Association, Local Committee, Munich, 1933 (2277-PS, USA-748, Tr. p. 255). Death certificate, Flossenburg Concentration Camp, concerning union leader Staimer and official letter to his wife, 22 December 1941 (2332-PS, Tr. p. 255). Death certificate, Flossenburg Concentration Camp, concerning union leader Herman, and official letter to his wife, 29 December 1941 (2333-PS, USA-744, Tr. p. 255).

National Socialist Party Correspondence, release of 2 May 1933, p. 1 (2224-PS, USA-364, Tr. pp. 1662-4). Voelkischer Beobachter (People's Observer) Munich edition, 17 May 1933, Fuehrer Edict, p. 1, (1940-PS, Tr. p. 255). The German Labor Front, Nature, Goal Means-Official publication of the German Labor Front, footnote on p. 11 (2275-PS, Tr. p. 255).

Law concerning trustees of labor, 19 May 1933, 1933 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 285 (405-PS, Tr. p. 255).

Speech by Ley published in Forge of the Sword, with an introduction by Marshal Goering, pp. 14-17 (1939-PS Tr. p. 255).

"Minutes of second session of Working Committee of the Reich Defense held on 26 April 1933 (EC-177, USA-390, Tr. pp. 1699, 1727).

Minutes of conference of sixth session of Working Committee of Reich Defense Council, held on 23 and 24 January 1934 (EC-404, USA-764, Tr. pp. 291, 5124).

73Directive from Blomberg to Supreme Commanders of Army, Navy and Air Forces, 24 June 1935; accompanied by copy of Reich Defense Law of 21 May 1935 and copy of Decision of Reich Cabinet of 12 May 1935 on the Council for defense of the Reich (2261-PS, USA-24, Tr. pp. 277, 292).

Memorandum report about the Four Year Plan and preparation of the war economy, 30 December 1936 (EC-408, USA-579, Tr. pp. 279, 281, 287, 5874, 6083).

Report on state of preparation for war economic mobilization as of 30 September 1934. (EC-128, USA-623, Tr. pp. 295, 2537).

Law against Economic Sabotage, 1936 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 999. "Affidavit of Puhl, 2 November 1945. (EC-436, USA-620, Tr. pp. 255, 2535).

75 Minutes of meeting of council of ministers on 27 May 1936. (1301-PS, p. 15, USA-123, Tr. p. 299).

Excerpts from Diary kept by General Jodl, January 1937 to August 1939 (1780-PS, USA-72, Tr. pp. 556, 1157).

Notes on a conference with Hitler in the Reich Chancellory, Berlin, 5 November 1937, signed by Hitler's Adjutant, Hossbach, and dated 10 November 1937 (386-PS, USA-25, Tr. pp. 336, 735, 2137).

File of papers on Case Green (the plan for the attack on Czechoslovakia) kept by Schmundt, Hitler's Adjutant, April-October 1938 (388-PS, USA-26, Tr. pp. 735, 741-748, 760-765, 769-776, 793, 789-807).

Excerpts from Diary kept by General Jodl, January 1937 to August 1939 (1780-PS, USA-72, Tr. pp. 556, 1157).

File of papers on Case Green (the plan for the attack on Czechoslovakia) kept by Schmundt, Hitler's Adjutant, April-October 1938) 388-PS, USA-26, Tr. p. 744).

Sd Documents found in official Navy files containing notes year by year, from 1927 to 1940, on reconstruction of the German Navy, and dated 18 February 1938, 8 March 1938, September 1938. C-23, USA-49, Tr. p. 449).

"Germany neither intends or wishes to interfere in the internal affairs of Austria, to annex Austria, or to unite with Austria." Berlin, May 21, 1935, Voelkischer Beobachter, May 22, 1935. "Immediately after the Anschluss, I informed Yugoslavia that the frontier in common with that country would henceforth be regarded as unalterable by Germany and that we wished to live with her in peace and friendship." Berlin, Oct. 6, 1939, Voelkischer Beobachter, October 7, 1939. "I have given binding declarations to a number of states. None of these can complain that even a trace of a demand contrary thereto has ever been made to them by Germany. None of the Scandinavian statesmen, for example, can contend that the German Government or that German public opinion has ever made a demand which was incompatible with the sovereignty and integrity of their state." Berlin, April 28, 1939, Voelkischer Beobachter, April 29, 1939. "We have given guarantees to the states in the West and have guaranteed to all contiguous neighbors the inviolability of their territory as far as Germany is concerned. That is not a phrase; that is our sacred will." Berlin, September 26, 1938, Voelkischer Beobachter, September 27, 1938. "Without taking the past into account, Germany has concluded a non-aggression pact with Poland. This is more than a valuable contribution to European peace, and we shall adhere to it unconditionally. We only hope that it will be renewed and continued uninterruptedly and that it will deepen the friendly relations between the two countries. With the understanding and heartfelt friendship of genuine nationalists, we recognize Poland as the home of a great and nationally conscious people." Berlin, May 21, 1935, Voelkischer Beobachter, May 22, 1935. "Germany has steadily given her assurance, and I solemnly repeat this assurance here, that between ourselves and France, for example, there are no grounds for quarrel that are humanly thinkable." Berlin, January 30, 1937, Voelkischer Beobachter, January 31, 1937.

SS Notes on conference between Goering, Mussolini, and Ciano, 15 April 1939 (1874-PS, USA-125, Tr. p. 929).

SONote for Reichminister, 26 August 1938 (TC-76, GB-31, Tr. p. 980).


Speech of Fuehrer at a conference, 23 November 1933, to which all Supreme Commanders were ordered (789-PS, USA-23 Tr. pp. 275, 931).

"Minutes of conference with Goering at the Air Ministry, 14 October 1938, concerning acceleration of rearmament (1301-PS, USA-123, Tr. pp. 295, 296, 299, 200, 2555, 2556, 2558, 2559, 5126). Notes on conference with Goering in Westerland on 26 July 1939, signed Mueller, dated Berlin, 27 July 1939 (R-133, USA-124, Tr. p. 928).

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Minutes of conference, 23 May 1939 "Indoctrination on the Political Situation and Future Aims." (L-79, USA-27, Tr. pp. 359, 403, 930).

03 Minutes of Second Meeting of Reich Defense Council, 23 June 1939 3787-PS, USA-782, Tr. pp. 6406, 6167, 12875-12886).

4Minutes of conference, 23 May 1939, "Indoctrination on the Political Situation and Future Aims." (L-79, USA-27, Tr. pp. 359, 408, 930).

D5Letter from Frank to Goering, 25 January 1940 (1375-PS, USA-172, Tr. p. 1273).

Thierack's notes, 18 September 1942, on discussion with Himmler concerning delivery of Jews to Himmler for extermination through work (654-PS, USA-218, Tr. pp. 1350, 1950). Letter from Minister of Justice

to Prosecutors, 1 April 1944, concerning Poles and Jews who are released from Penal institutions of Department of Justice (701-PS, USA-497, Tr. p. 1940).

Directive of 27 April 1943 to Commanders of Concentration Camps, regarding executions of prisoners (1933-PS, USA-459, Tr. p. 1844).


96 Copy of telegram from Mueller to Himmler, 16 December 1942, concerning recruiting Jewish labor (1472-PS, USA-279, Tr. p. 1454). Mueller's order, 17 December 1942, concerning prisoners qualified for work to be sent to concentration camps (1063-D-PS, USA-219, Tr. p. 1354).

"Speer's conference minutes of Central Planning Board, 1942-44, concerning labor supply, P. 36 (R–124, USA-179, Tr. pp. 1286, 1293, 1309, 2939). 100 Report signed by Doenitz, 1944, giving support to Navy and Merchant Marine. (C-195, GB-211, Tr. p. 2709).

101 Speer's conference minutes of Central Planning Board, 1942-44, concerning labor supply (R-124, USA-179, p. 32, Tr. pp. 1293, 1286, 1309).

102Memorandum of 15 September 1941 from Canaris to Keitel concerning an OKW Order regulating the treatment of Soviet prisoners of war (EC-338, USSR-356, Tr. p. 4441).

10 English transcript, p. 6016.

104 Examples of violations of International Law and proposed counter propaganda, issued by OKW, 1 October 1938, (C-2, USA-90, Tr. p. 2959).

105OKW circular entitled Direction of War as Problem of Organization, 19 April 1938 (L–211, GB-161, Tr. p. 2397).

100 English transcript p. 5786.

Report by Raeder to Hitler, 16 October 1939 (UK-65, GB-224, Tr. p. 2734).

108 Extract from Befehlshaber der U-bootes; Secret Standing Order No. 154 signed by Doenitz. (D-642, GB-196, Tr. p. 2663). Operation Order "Atlantic" No. 56 for U-boats in Atlantic, 7 October 1943 (D-663, GB-200, Tr. p. 2666).

100 English transcript, p. 6069.

110 English transcript, p. 5843.
"English transcript, p. 6050-6052.

112Extracts from testimony of Goering: "As soon as we had come into power we were decided to keep that power under all circumstances *** we could not leave this to the play of coincidence by way of elections and parliamentary majorities*** (Tr. p. 5824). "The Laender Parliaments * * * I considered entirely superfluous *** I could not understand why so many different authorities should exist which, with their unnecessary frictions, discussions, arguments, could only prevent constructive work *** A further point in the strengthening of power was the elimination of the Reichstag as a parliament *** In some cases we suggested to the former parties they dissolve themselves, because they had no purpose, and those who would not dissolve themselves were dissolved by us." (Tr. p. 5828). “* * Towards the further strengthening of power, those laws were established which *** did away with the so-called freedoms *** (Tr. p. 5829). (See also Tr. pp. 6049, 6051.) Frick accurately predicted the Nazi method of dealing with political opponents when he declared to an opposing member of the Reichstag in 1932, "Don't worry, when we are in power, we shall put all of you guys into concentration camps." (Affidavit of Gerhart H. Seger, L-83, USA-234).


English transcript, p. 6054.

115 English transcript, p. 5860.

110 Stenographic report of the meeting on The Jewish Question, under the Chairmanship of Fieldmarshal Goering, 12 November 1938, (1816-PS, USA261, Tr. p. 1440).

117Memorandum, 19 November 1938, concerning meeting of Reich Defense Council (3575-PS, USA-781, Tr. p. 6406, 6157). See also Tr. p. 5846. For similar reasons Goering preferred the destruction of Jews rather than of their property (1816–PS).

118 English transcript, p. 13706.

110 Other factors were not overlooked. One of the reasons for von Neurath's selection as Foreign Minister at the beginning of the Nazi regime was his excellent connections abroad. (Tr. p. 6024).

120 Hitler's speech to Commanders-in-Chief, 22 August 1939 (1014-PS, USA-30, Tr. p. 377).


"Affidavit of Alfred Helmut Naujocks, 20 November 1945 (2751-PS, USA-482, Tr. p. 1907). Likewise, Jodl noted in his diary a few weeks before the planned invasion of Norway that the Fuehrer was still looking for an excuse for the operation (1809–PS, GB–88, Tr. p. 1088, 2403).

122 Case Green with wider implications, report of Intelligence Division, Luftwaffe General Staff, 25 August 1938. (375-PS, USA-84, Tr. p. 752). 123 Minutes of conference, 23 May 1939, "Indoctrination on the political situation and future aims." (L-79, USA-27, Tr. pp. 359, 408, 930).

124 Goering has accepted responsibility for the Nurnberg Laws, which he signed (Tr. p. 5871), for the Austrian Anschluss (Tr. p. 5895), and for the use of prisoners of war in armament industries (Tr. p. 6219). Von Schirach has admitted responsibility for the training of the Hitler Youth: "It is my guilt that I educated the German youth for a man who committed murders million-fold: I believed in that man. That is all that I can say as an explanation for my attitude. But that guilt is my own, my personal guilt. I had the responsibility for the youth. I carried the authority of command; and so I alone carry the guilt for that youth." (Tr. p. 10295). Frank has admitted, "I feel a terrible guilt within me." (Tr. p. 8092).

125Goering blamed persecution of the churches on Himmler and Bormann. (Tr. p. 5856.) Schirach blamed extermination of the Jews on Hitler and Himmler: "The murder was ordered by Adolf Hitler *** he and Himmler together committed that crime, which of all times is the darkest spot in our history. It is a crime which is shameful to every German." (Tr. p.


120 Final argument of Dr. Stahmer, counsel for Goering. (Tr. pp. 12973, et seq.)

127"The Nazi Plan," excerpt of script of a motion picture composed of captured German film. (3054-PS, USA-167, Tr. p. 1264).

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128 Goering testified: "No, I did not want any war (Tr. p. 6087.) Ribbentrop testified: "The Fuehrer has-and then I have upon his orders, and I believe I may be a good witness for it myself-always tried to solve these problems in a diplomatic way." (Tr. p. 6826.)

120 Goering testified: "to set aside Versailles, the State had to be strong,

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